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No. 20 • October 2009

Contents Coming up: FI Europe 2009 .. 1 Toasted wheat bran: a natural choice for fibre enrichment ........................... 3 News in brief ......................... 4 Unipektin - “weltklasse” gums and pectins .................. 5 Offering the best of nature .. 6 IDI SAS: for every need, an appropriate dairy ingredient ............................. 7 New caramels from Sethness-Roquette ............... 8 Egg powders for the food industry and Egg Yolk Phospholipids for infant formula ................................. 9 The Alsiano Food team ....... 10 Who’s who? - Katarina Furin ....................10

Coming up: FI Europe 2009 Don’t miss out on this year’s biggest event for the European food industry from 17-19 November, which is much more than “just” an exhibition Food Ingredients Europe 2009 (FIE) in Frankfurt, Germany, is your chance to learn about the latest trends and developments and to solidify business relationships. This year, over 1,100 exhibitors are expected at the Frankfurt Messe exhibition centre including 120 first time exhibitors with products covering nearly every ingredient category, from beverage to bakery, confectionery to supplements, and all points in between. Furthermore, FIE will for the second time be joined by Natural Ingredients, a growing exhibition focused on the naturals industry.

is your chance to feed both your mind and body as you take advantage of the latest in-depth market analyses from the Nielsen Company and ING over an excellent breakfast. Taking place on the first and second day of FIE from 9:15 to 10:00, the FIE Breakfast Briefings provide in-depth market analyses, discussion sessions and interactive Q&A opportunities, around the megatrends impacting on the industry. Places are limited to 60 delegates per briefing and there is a participation fee.

FIE 2009 focus This year, the exhibition will focus on industry trends, including sodium, sugar and fat reduction, cost control via global sourcing, product reformulation, satiety enhancers, texture enhancers, and “Food +”, the emerging industry category referring to supplements, vitamin additives and the like. There are numerous new initiatives at the exhibition this year, including free lunchtime demos and breakfast briefings, making FIE 2009 more than “just” an exhibition.

Publisher: Alsiano A/S Circulation: 1200 copies Editor-in-chief: Katarina Furin Coordinator, text, layout: Dorthe Andersson FoodNews is published four times a year and distributed to customers and other interested parties. Reproduction of articles appearing in FoodNews requires prior consent of the author. Alsiano is not responsible for the content of articles written by external authors.

Free lunchtime demos Come and enjoy a feast of creativity at FIE this year and leave Frankfurt with a fresh way of thinking about product innovation. A selection of the foremost industry experts will be lined up at FIE to change the way you think about your role as a product developer. Attendance to all sessions is free and you don’t have to pre-book, just turn up at 12:30 on each day of the show at the Seminar Theatre Hall 9.1. The sessions last 30 minutes. Breakfast briefings Another new initiative at this FIE will be the 2009 Breakfast Briefings. This


Other events Among the other events at this year’s FIE are the New Product Zone, which will put spotlight on the newest and most innovative products on the market, 30 minutes sessions free to attend, the FIE & NI Conference, and the award show on 17 November where the 2009 Food Ingredients Excellence Awards will be given in various categories along with the Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award as the overall winner of the Fi Excellence Awards. (continues on page 2) >>

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Meet Alsiano’s suppliers at FIE 2009 At FIE, you will have the opportunity to meet the following Alsiano suppliers: Alland & Robert - 8/C59 ALLAND & ROBERT is a worldwide leading company for Gum Acacia (Arabic), Gum Karaya and Shellac. Thanks to 2 spray-drying facilities with 11,000 tons capacity, Alland & Robert is able to produce high quality standard (e.g. ISO & BRC) Gum Acacia grades. Beneo-Orafti - 9/D16 BENEO-Orafti is the world leader in the production of chicory ingredients: Orafti® inulin and oligofructose. These are natural ingredients to make well-balanced food products that stimulate digestive health and make you feel good. Beneo-Remy - 9/D16 BENEO-Remy is a world market leader in the production and sales of rice derivatives like starches, flours, proteins. Our product portfolio also includes stabilised rice bran and Nutriz, a rice concentrate used in non-dairy drinks and desserts.


No. 20 • October 2009 Protein Concentrates) - and functional systems for a wide range of applications. See also page 7 for a more about IDI’s products. Innophos - 9/C72 Innophos features “reduced sodium” products at FIE. Easy to formulate, CAL-RISE® directly replaces SAPP 28 with zero sodium. Curavis® So-Lo 93, low sodium meat and poultry blend, has 93% less sodium, excellent binding qualities and good flavour. VersaCAL® Clear, highly soluble calcium phosphate for clear beverages, fortifies with a clean taste.

EPO - 8/Q5 EPO, established in 1933, produces high quality botanical extracts obtained from 450 different plants and is particularly specialised in standardised dry extracts.

Lesaffre Human Care - 8/E39 Lesaffre Human Care develops and sells nutrition and health ingredients derived from yeast to dietary supplements, nutrition and functional foods businesses. Among the main health areas are: gut health with probiotics, anti-oxidative properties with selenium-enriched yeasts and glutathione.

Evonik Industries - 8/C49 Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group from Germany which operates in three business areas: chemicals, energy and real estate. The business area Chemicals of Evonik, which is active in the attractive field of speciality chemicals, holds top positions world wide. Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world.

PB Gelatins - 9/D9 With an annual capacity of approx. 43,000 tonnes, PB Gelatins, is a key operator in the world of gelatin. In addition to its regular high quality gelatins for photographic, pharmaceutical, and food industries, PB GELATINS has developed a wide range of unique products: Cryogel cold soluble gelatins, Instagel instant gelatins, and Solugel collagen hydrolysates.

IDI - 8/C6 IDI SAS is specialised in manufacturing and developing functional and nutritional dairy ingredients for the worldwide food industry. IDI offers a wide range of dairy powders, proteins - MPC & MPI (Milk Protein Concentrates & Isolates), WPC (Whey

Roquette - 9/B10 Roquette is a private family business with 75 years’ experience. World’s leading polyol producer, Roquette, is also a key player in the global starch sector. The Roquette Group develops along two strategic axes: vegetalbased chemistry; nutrition/health.


Read more about what to experience at Roquette’s stand on page 6. Seppic - 9/H11 SEPPIC develops and promotes a wide range of innovative ingredients for human nutrition, dietary supplements, dietetic foods and functional foods. The product range comprises natural extracts (antioxidants...), mineral salts and coating agents. Setexam - 8/E45 Since its foundation in 1960, Setexam has been leader in the production of different grades of agar-agar extracted from seaweeds. At FIE, Setexam will introduce the new grade of Quick Soluble Agar: Gelagar, and a special new grade of organic agar, ‘Naturagar’, extracted from specific wild gelidium crops and complying with EU and NOP regulations. Sethness-Roquette - 9/B15 Bring colour to your life with the full line of caramels of SethnessRoquette! Sethness-Roquette is a perfect combination between the great experience of Sethness Products Company in the US, one of the largest caramel colour manufacturers in the world, and the quality of raw materials from Roquette - the second largest starch derivates manufacturer in Europe. Read about their new caramel line on page 8. WestHove/Limagrain - 8/K40 WestHove/Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) are cereal experts and have developed their expertise in 5 markets: snacks, breakfast cereals, bakery, convenience food (meat products, ready meals, drinks, baby food, dietetics) and non food applications. For innovative and authentic solutions to your issues!

Food Ingredients Europe Natural Ingredients 17 - 19 November 2009 Tuesday 17 November 10.00 - 18.00 Wednesday 18 November 10.00 - 18.00 Thursday 19 November 10.00 - 16.30 Messe Frankfurt Hall 8.0 / 9.0 / 9.1


No. 20 • October 2009


Toasted wheat bran: a natural choice for fibre enrichment Cruskea from Munari is a clean label extra fine toasted bran that has been pre-processed to overcome the traditional drawbacks known from conventional bran. The result is an excellent fibre source not only well-suited for baked goods but also for a range of other foods

By Emanuela Munari, Sales & Marketing Manager, Munari F.lli SpA. Cruskea is a line of innovative extra fine toasted wheat bran from the Italian company Munari F.lli SpA. that specialises in functional cereal products. Bran is probably one of the best known fibre sources. However, conventional bran can be difficult to incorporate in sufficient quantity in e.g. baked goods as the final product tends to become heavy, compact and non appealing. Further, it usually needs fats and sugar/aromas for improving texture and taste. This can be overcome by Cruskea toasted wheat bran, which has undergone a pre-process resulting in bran that is soft and melts in the mouth.

High absorption capability: laW +124% vs. 83% for traditional bran

Low fermentability: -13% bowel fermentation gas compared to traditional bran

Neutral taste

High processability

Nutritional advantages Cruskea toasted wheat bran provides a high stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract and no feeling of abdominal heaviness. Results of clinical tests made by the University of Padua and the Hospital of Arzignano have shown that, when eaten with a variety of foods in the maximum recommended dose of 30g a day for one month and as part of a normal diet, it is effective in the clinical resolution of constipation problems and the normalisation of the discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome. The Total Dietary Fibre (TDF) content in Cruskea is 47.50%, of which 93% is insoluble (IDF). With respect to the effectiveness of dietary fibre in the stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract, insoluble fibres are the most effective.

Properties A special process gives Cruskea toasted wheat bran its unique properties: •

High water retention capability with an RI of 53.5% versus -3.06 % for traditional bran


Advantages for the food industry Bran is a natural fibre source that is well known by most consumers. Thanks to the special pre-processing, Cruskea can offer the following advantages to the food industry: • •

High rate of inclusion is possible: 4-60% Close texture after baking

Reduces viscosity of dough

Reduces stickiness of dough

Increases crispiness but keeps resistance > less fat required

Gives baking stability – no spreading, no shrinking in the oven

Gives stability to after-baking characteristics and shape

Reinforces ground nuts/almonds taste and performances when required, resulting in potential costs and calories cut-down

Gives baked goods a good colour (continues on page 4) >>


No. 20 • October 2009


About Munari F.lli

>> Applications

Cruskea toasted wheat bran gives plenty of creative freedom. Apart from bread and fine pastries, the bran is well suited for: • • • • • • •

Yoghurt Fruit compotes, jam and purées Soups Ice cream Tasty whole grain products Tasty fibre-rich products Functional food

Innovative areas where bran has not been used yet

Cruskea toasted wheat bran is clean label. Apart from Cruskea, Munari also offers conventional toasted bran, which is available in 2 different particle sizes (medium and coarse). The toasted bran is heat treated for longer shelflife, better taste and aroma, and low moisture content. Article 172

News in brief Alsiano Food introduces two new suppliers

New inspiration guides

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperation with the Swiss supplier of thickeners, Unipektin Ingredients, and the Italian supplier of functional cereal products, Munari F.lli.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched two new leaflets on our range of fibres and organic products.

Thanks to the cooperation with Unipektin Ingredients, Alsiano can now offer an even wider range of thickeners including pectin, which will strengthen our product portfolio for the fruit processing industry in particular. Our cooperation with Munari will strengthen our profile in the bakery industry, since we are now able to offer a broad range of specialities like toasted bran, enzymatic malt, etc.

The leaflets are available as pdf and is a supplement to the already existing 8 inspiration guides on dairy, confectionery, snacks, meat and poultry, fish, drinks, convenience food and bakery.


Munari F.lli is an Italian based company supplying functional cereal products to the food industry. The Munari mill started business in 1751 and has from then on to the present day been handed down directly to nine generations within the family. Thanks to continuous adaptation and increased milling capacity, Munari has expanded notably over the years and has become a leading supplier of special ingredients. The current line of products ranges from flours for bakeries and sweetmeats to heat treated flours, semi-processed flours for special breads, to toasted bran and malt products. With regard to malt products, Munari offers both an enzymatic malt flour/powder and a roasted deactivated barley malt flour.

No. 20 • October 2009



Unipektin - “weltklasse” gums and pectins Alsiano has entered into cooperation with the leading Swiss supplier of thickeners, Unipektin Ingredients, whose product range comprises a broad line of gums and pectins Unipektin Ingredients is part of the privately owned company Unipektin with headquarters in Zürich and production plant in Eschenz, Switzerland.

Unipektin Ingredients offer gums for the following applications:

Product range Unipektin Ingredients manufactures locust bean gum, tara gum, special guar gums and blends and can moreover provide xanthan gum, konjac gum and other hydrocolloids along with pectins from Vigido – a joint venture between Unipectin Ingredients AG and Pectine Industria S.p.A. These natural additives are sold worldwide under the trade names VIDOGUM, VIDOCREM, VIDOGEL and VIDOPECTINE and are available to product developers as a comprehensive product line that can:

• • •

Give premium products the final finish Provide cost-effective solutions for price-sensitive markets Provide customised solutions to shorten development time

Culinary: Mayonnaise, dressings, sauces, soups, ketchup, marinade, pasta, frozen food Meat: Sausages, patties, tumbled products, surimi Dairy: Dairy spreads, dairy desserts, fruit quark, milk shakes, milk rice pudding/custard, yoghurt drinks, flavoured milk, sour cream, whipped cream Fruits: Fruit preparations, soft drinks, fruit desserts

20 years of experience with pectins Unipektin Ingredients partner in Vigido, Pectine Industria, has been producing pectins since 1990. The joint venture started this year and is, with a capacity of 2500 tons/year, one of the top 5 pectin producers world-

wide, and can moreover count in know how obtained from 20 years of experience with pectins. VIDOPECTINE is the trade name for the high-quality pectins manufactured at Pectine Industria’s state-ofthe-art factory in Sicily, mainly on fresh citrus peels. All pectin products are rigorously controlled, standardised and tested using specific application test methods. Unipektin Ingredients offers a full range of pectins. The VIDOPECTINE product range is designed for all major food applications from jam and jellies, to dairy, beverages, confectionery, and bakery, etc. Unipektin Ingredients is competitive not only due to a lean organisation, but also to an excellent and safe raw material situation ensuring availability of products to deliver the requested volumes. Article 173


No. 20 • October 2009



Offering the best of nature Trustworthy renewable sources and sustainability; satiety and digestive benefits; fibre and balancing sugars and fats; cost savings - these are just some of the key words and concepts in play at Roquette’s FIE 2009 stand. Stop by the “taste space” - where recipe preparation and tasting sessions will run throughout the day - and taste the best of nature! ety and digestive benefits. Roquette’s NUTRALYS® vegetable proteins will naturally have an important role to play in satiety mechanisms as well. Balancing sugars and fats In the context of nutritional profiles, the properties of SweetPearl™ maltitol, NUTRIOSE® soluble fibre , ingredients produced from peas (PEA FIBER and NUTRALYS®), GLUCIDEX® 1 maltodextrin, CLEARAM® and CLEARGUM® modified starches, are indispensable balancing certain nutrients such as sugars and fats. By Roquette Nutrition Business Unit More than ever, consumers’ expectations are focused on the health and nutrition aspects of food. Likewise, taste, quality and nutritional profiles, along with the supply of competitive and innovative ingredients, plus sustainable development, are major strategic challenges for the food processing companies. In order to cope with these, the companies need reliable and experienced partners such as the Roquette group. FIE 2009 will be the opportunity for Roquette to present these companies with a selection of ingredients produced from renewable raw materials that are capable of providing the urgently needed response in an innovative, effective and sustainable way. Satiety and digestive benefits With the backing of finished product studies and concepts, these ingredients, such as NUTRIOSE® fibre, offer fresh prospects in the fields of sati-

Fibre enrichment Because fibre is so essential to the consumer (as demonstrated by a recent survey*), Roquette will propose an original means of fibre enrichment for all the food products and beverages typically consumed during the day: a simple innovation for effective and economical fibre enrichment, with dramatic growth potential. Cost optimisation “Do better with less”: This is a motto that is all the rage at present. With this in mind, Roquette will put the emphasis on numerous solutions for: •

Replacing gum arabic, gelatine and also animal and vegetable proteins with more economical high-quality alternatives.

Increasing production yields.

Improving the texture and stability of finished products.

* Consumer survey conducted for Roquette by Cegma Topo in June 2009 in France, Italy and the UK.


The Roquette Group: Roquette is a private family business with 75 years of experience. It is the world’s leading polyol producer and a key player in the global starch sector, with 6,000 staff operating from 30 locations. Its turnover is more than 2.5 billion euros (2007), and every year it processes 6 million tonnes of renewable raw materials (maize, wheat, potato, peas and soon micro-algae) in a range of over 650 starch-derived products for human and animal nutrition, and for the paper/board, pharmaceutical/ cosmetology and biochemistry industries. To strengthen both its independence and leadership, while at the same time innovating and diversifying, the Roquette Group has chosen to develop along two strategic axes: vegetalbased chemistry and nutrition/health. Roquette is carrying forward a fundamental strategy of sustainable innovation that involves designing and developing ingredients, products and applications that help meet and reconcile today’s environmental, economic and societal challenges.

Gustatory pleasure is the overriding priority for any Roquette solution. Visitors will be able to come to their own conclusions at the «TASTE SPACE» on stand B10 where recipe preparation and tasting sessions will be organised throughout the day. Article 174

Meet us in Hall 9 / stand B10


No. 20 • October 2009


IDI SAS: for every need, an appropriate dairy ingredient Cheese production without whey separation, replacement of egg yolk in cold emulsified sauces, and functional solutions for the meat industry – IDI covers a wide field skin, vegetable fat, etc.) up to the rate of 1/15/15 instead of the usual rate of 1/8/8 (1 kg of PROCHEF® MD / 15 kg of water / 15 kg of fat


Leader in the development of functional ingredients, IDI is the partner of numerous food-processing industries worldwide. Here are a few examples of the broad range of functional dairy ingredients that IDI offers: Cheasing’Up: cheese production without whey separation In order to meet the demands of food manufacturers in terms of process simplification and production costs reduction, IDI has over the years developed a strong expertise in a new and innovative technology for cheese production without whey separation - Cheasing’Up. This technology offers many advantages for the producer, such as: • • •

No whey treatment 100% yield Less production steps compared to the production of traditional cheese Cost savings

IDI has developed a wide range of ingredients, enabling the production of different types of cheese thanks to the Cheasing’Up process. PROMILK® ingredients are specifically developed for the following applications: • • •

Fresh cheese: quark, fresh cheese, cream cheese Soft cheese: feta, burgos Spreadable processed cheese: processed cream cheese, etc.

Stabilisation of reformed meat type like Nuggets, Merguez sausages, Mortadella, etc.

Enhancement of water binding properties, reduction of meat content

Besides, this product range brings texturizing properties to different products of cooked meat, keeps their juicy character and enhances their taste.

Thanks to their functionalities, PROMILK® ingredients enable IDI to provide specific textures and make tailor-made products. PROCHEF MD for cooked meat PROCHEF® MD (Meat-Delicatessen) ingredients are solutions made of dairy proteins and adapted to different types of cooked meat (fine meat paste and Mortadella, ham and poultry, steak and chicken nuggets, etc.). By replacing caseinates and other ingredients traditionally used, IDI offers functional solutions meeting the demands of the market: •

Production of emulsions from different type types of fat (chicken


PROCHEF DR for cold emulsified sauces PROCHEF® DR (Dressing) is an innovative solution to replace the egg yolk in cold emulsified sauces (mayonnaises, dressings, etc.). PROCHEF® DR solutions enable the user to limit the drawbacks related to the use of eggs in the process. The storage is easier as the products can be stored at room temperature, and thus the quality of raw materials. These solutions can also be applied to low-fat mayonnaises (at 50% and 20% fat), as well as in low-fat salad dressings (at 20% fat), bringing texturizing properties, creaminess and replacing the equivalent functionalities of egg yolk. Article 175


No. 20 • October 2009


New caramels from Sethness-Roquette Sethness-Roquette has inaugurated its new fully automated production equipment with production of a new range of E150a caramels and aromatic caramels By Franck Bollengier, Sales Manager, Sethness-Roquette SETHNESS-ROQUETTE, the European caramel colour leader, is diversifying its range by putting a new range of caramels of the E150a type and aromatic caramels on the market. To this end, new fully automated production equipment has just been installed in the ultra-modern factory located in Merville (Northern France). This industrial facility, the biggest on its market in Europe, is supplied in a direct line with carbohydrate sources by the neighbouring Roquette factory, a global specialist in the production of products derived from starch. These new ranges of caramels will make it possible to offer competitive products on the market, perfectly tailored to the increasingly specialised needs of customers who are ever more demanding in terms of quality and service.

What is E150a caramel colour? How is it made? Definition: E150a caramel colour (‘class I’) is obtained by controlled heat treatment of carbohydrates. In order to promote caramelization, acids, bases and salts can be used, with the exception of ammonium compounds and sulphites (CASE No: 8028-89-5 / EINECS: 232-435-9).

During the caramelization process, the product reaches a temperature of over 160°C and becomes pasty before, at the end of the process and after cooling, becoming a highly fluid product and attaining the desired technical properties (colour, specific gravity, pH, viscosity etc.). Applications and labelling The applications and examples of uses of E150a caramel colour are diverse and varied. Its neutral to slightly negative ionic charge makes it perfectly stable in the following products, to name just a few: • • •

Alcohols and spirits Confectionery Ice cream

In the labelling of the finished product, E150a caramel colour should appear on the list of ingredients as colouring: E150a or colouring: plain caramel

What is aromatic caramel? How is it made? Definition: Liquid or solid with a pale, dark brown colour, obtained exclusively through the controlled action of heat on food sugars. The main use of aromatic caramel is the flavouring of foodstuffs. Low quantities of or-

Contrary to the other caramel colours E150b, E150c or E150d, caramel colour E150a is not produced using ammonium or sulphite ions. However, in order to offset the absence of the caramelization promoters - ammonium compounds and sulphites - it is necessary to increase the heat exchange. This has thus led to the development by SETHNESS-ROQUETTE of reactors specifically designed at the heating and agitation level to intensify and fully master the delicate process of sugar caramelization.


New: caramel guide To help you find the caramel best suited for you application, Sethness-Roquette has made a caramel application guide. Please contact Alsiano for more information.

ganic acids can be added during the manufacturing process in order to promote the hydrolysis of the sugars. The natural acidity of the caramel may be neutralised after caramelisation (Standard NF V00-100). The presentation and the name of caramel may refer to the original raw material if it constitutes the only carbohydrate used. Produced according to processes similar to those of the E150a caramels, the sugar caramelization process for aromatic caramel cannot be done in the presence of bases. However, small quantities of organic acids can be used such as citric acid, in the same way as housewives or confectioners add a touch of lemon juice to their caramels so that they remain liquid and in order to activate the browning process. (continues on page 9) >>


No. 20 • October 2009


Egg powders for the food industry and Egg Yolk Phospholipids for infant formula BNLfood, leader within egg science and technology, offers a broad line of egg powders for the food industry as well as a new range of Egg Yolk Phospholipids for use in infant nutrition By BNLfood BNLfood is a group of international companies, producing and marketing food ingredients, health eggs and egg derived nutraceutical ingredients as well as egg chemicals. During the past 40 years, the company has, under the name Belovo, built a solid international reputation in egg science and technology, and Belovo egg ingredients are distributed in more than 60 countries all over the world. Among major recent successes recorded by the company are the international launch of Columbus eggs and the launch of OvoLife egg yolk phospholipids. Columbus egg is a highly nutritional egg which stands for a return to the original wild-type fatty acid balance in human nutrition. It represents one of the most important advances in recent years in the egg industry towards improving the nutritional quality of eggs. OvoLife brand covers all phospholipid fractions of egg yolk and finds applications in • • •

Infant nutrition: Ovolife-ARA Adult nutrition supplements: Ovolife-CLA Elderly dietary supplements: Ovolife-DHA

>> (continued from page 8)

Applications and labelling Aromatic caramel is used for giving a caramel flavour to the finished product, and the applications are very diverse in many food sectors. It is also used in pet food, as it can increase the appetency factor. On the labelling of the finished product, aromatic caramel should appear as a:

BNLfood offers the following Belovo egg products for the food industry:

Whole egg powders Whole Egg Powder WEP: well suited for applications in industrial bakeries Whole Egg Powder WEP-R: a regular whole egg powder for classical applications in food and especially in the industry of crackers, cookies and pasta where the rising qualities are not absolutely essential.

Egg albumen powders Regular EAP-R: for all applications where egg albumen is required. Instant High Whip EAP-HW re-hydrates easily, produces no lumps and no dust. It exhibits very good whipping properties (mainly used in bakery/pastry products (biscuits) as well as in confectionery. High Gel EAP-HG: is used as a binding agent with a much better gel strength than fresh liquid egg white (mainly used in meats, fish and potato mixes)

Instant Super High Gel EAP-SHG: re-hydrates easily, produces no lumps and no dust. It is used as a binding agent with a much better gel strength and water binding capacity than fresh liquid egg white and EAPHG at the same pH. Is mainly used in vegetarian formulations such as fish and meat analogues (surimis).

Egg yolk powders Egg Yolk Powder EYP: can be used as a substitute of fresh egg yolk in formulations where emulsion, colour, texture and mouth feel characteristics are important. Mainly used in mayonnaises, dressings, sauces, Spanish bread, croissants. Egg Yolk Powder Retorting EYPMRT: well suited for emulsions processed industrially at high temperature (sterilisation, retorting, pasteurisation) and under high mechanical shearing. Article 176

Instant High Gel EAP-HG: re-hydrates easily, produces no lumps and no dust. It is used as a binding agent with a much better gel strength than fresh liquid egg white at the same pH and used in meats, fish and potato mixes. • • •

caramel (sugar used, water), or aromatic caramel (sugar used, water), or sugar used caramelized, water

Other designations have been used in different countries, like for, instance in the UK; burnt sugar, caramelized sugar, caramelized syrup; in Germany: karamell, karamellzuckersirup; in Italy: caramello, zucchero caramelato;


in Spain: caramelo aromatico, caramelo. However, if it is used to colour the finished product and if it complies with the purity criteria of E150a caramel colour, it should be declared on the list of ingredients as a: • colouring: E150a or • colouring: plain caramel Article 177


No. 20 • October 2009


The Alsiano Food team convenience food - drinks snacks & pellets - confectionery

key accounts

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Who’s who? - Katarina Furin With the employment of Katarina Furin as sales manager at the beginning of this year, Alsiano Food has gained a force with broad experience within the Nordic food industry. Katarina is a B.Sc. in Chemistry, and has moreover a diploma in Marketing. Her long career in the food industry started at Svenska Sockerbolaget, where she took part in the development of the beet fibre

“Fibrex”. After gaining a diploma in marketing at Lund University School of Economics and Management, Katarina moved to Wasabröd, where she worked with the establishment of a catering division. After several years in the food production business, Katarina changed track but continued her career in the food industry, working at a Swedish supplier of food ingredients.


During her 20 years with this company, Katarina worked with most of the segments within the food industry with emphasis on the bakery and milling industries. She will thus be well-known to most of our Swedish customers. Katarina lives in Malmö, is married and has two kids. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music and is an instructor at Friskis & Svettis sports club.

FoodNews October 2009  
FoodNews October 2009  

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