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Meet us at Foodexpo 2018 We love to snack and so do your customers! Come by our stand at Foodexpo and taste fruity snacks and a delicious soy-free alternative to meat The largest food fair in the Nordic countries, Foodexpo 2018, takes place from 18 till 20 March in Herning, Denmark. Come and meet Alsiano and get a taste of some of the solutions we offer. During recent years, focus on betterfor-you foods and natural foods has become huge. Freeze-dried is a healthy alternative to more processed ingredients providing totally authentic flavour, clean ingredient declarations, high intensity natural colours, and much more. Freeze-dried ingredients holds lots of possibilities for delicious foods bursting with flavour and are excellent for e.g. cereal bars, confectionery, breakfast cereals, and snack foods. Come by stand M9780 and taste our heavenly delicious snack balls, fantastic chocolates and lovely infused water.

Vegan and vegetarian products got a serious breakthrough during 2017 and are expected to continue booming. We offer a broad line of wheat based ingredients that with its neutral taste, 60% protein content and meat-like fibre structure are ideal for vegetarian and vegan food products. Stop by our stand and taste our delicious and mouth-watering vegetarian “pulled pork� sliders. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand.

Stand M9780

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The challenges of blue Natural food colouring is no longer a future trend but an actual reality. Blue has been one of the most challenging colours to master, but an excellent solution has been found in a tiny organism In the world of 100% natural food colouring, blue has been one of the most challenging colours to master, with irregularities in both shading and stability, depending on the application. For this reason, synthetic Brilliant Blue was still used in 67% of food and drink launches from 2014 to 2015 including blue or green. As the uptake and harmonisation of natural food colours gain ground, manufacturers are looking for innovative blue solutions with a large geographic footprint. Colours available only in certain regions today, could thus gain worldwide regulatory status in the near future. Blue, combined with yellow, also opens the door to natural greens – another important colour for the food and drink industry.

The wonders of blue spirulina Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae (Arthrospira platensis), originally discovered in the alkaline lakes of South America and Africa. It was traditionally part of the Aztec and Kanem diets in centuries past. As modernity arrived and natural habitats disappeared, spirulina fell somewhat into oblivion until a gradual renaissance over the last 3-4 decades. Today, Spirulina is grown and harvested in sustainable aquatic farms across the world.

The microalgae family counts around 40,000 strains. These tiny organisms have been around for millions of years, evolving into robust and adaptable species that rely on sunshine and a relatively limited amount of water to thrive and rapidly multiply. Spirulina has a great water-soluble phycocyanin pigment that gives it a vibrant blue colour. The original biomass is water extracted and filtered, resulting in an aqueous extract that holds the bright blue colour. Spirulina is gently processed to respect the raw material and the environment and ensure a superior blue colour extract. Cold extraction and concentration also work to preserve the colour intensity. The aqueous extract is standardised to guarantee consistency and stability for industrial applications and may finally be dried, providing both powder and liquid concentrates. Combined with a natural yellow such as Safflower or Turmeric extract (curcumin), it produces shades of green; and with a red such as Black carrot, it produces shades of purple, making it perfect for confectionery. Spirulina is also suitable for colouring bakery decoration, confectionery coating, ice-cream and water ice, and instant drinks. 2

The use of Blue Spirulina has taken off in a big way in recent years, and it is especially popular in applications such as confectionery and ice cream. Spirulina’s well-deserved reputation as a vibrant, versatile and clean natural colour has been steadily growing. Mintel research estimates that new product launches containing Spirulina extracts rose by 80% between 2014 and 2015. Continuing its leadership in the uptake of innovative natural colours, nearly 80% of the new products containing Spirulina were launched in the European region. In Europe and Scandinavia, Spirulina benefits from a colouring foodstuff classification.

Naturex’s VegeBrite ranges

offer various shades of colouring foodstuffs and are produced exclusively from concentrates of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and algae, using a gentle and simple process.

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Meat-free solutions from Loryma: the success is in the mix Formulate vegetarian and vegan products with the right texture, taste and stability using Trutex® Delicious vegetarian “pork”, “beef”, “chicken”, ”seafood”, cold cuts and even “bacon” – anything is possible! Loryma has long-time experience with development of plant-based solutions and offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan solutions with the right taste, texture, and stability. Revolutionising the production of vegetarian and vegan products, Loryma’s systems with Trutex® textured wheat protein ensure optimal shape, colour and texture. Trutex® provides the end product with a significant percentage of valuable protein and ensures a meat-like texture in the production of vegetarian beef, chicken and fish. Trutex® can also be inte-

grated in the manufacturing of muesli, cereals, salty snacks and sweets. Loryma can formulate new vegan and vegetarian product ideas for you and with you, and support you through to full market rollout. Product development is the core of Loryma conceiving innovative concepts and customerspecific products. Loryma provides continuous and professional support, from the first idea to the finished product.

Benefits of meat-free solutions with TruTex® • High protein content • Meat-like fibre structure • Outstanding appearance • Authentic taste experience • Optimal texture • Freeze-thaw stable • Raw materials from sustainable regional agriculture • Production with conventional equipment

Alsiano has opened office in Jutland We are pleased to announce that we have opened an office in Agro Food Park in Århus, Denmark. We believe in local presence and have therefore taken this step to be closer to our


customers in Jutland. Besides our headquarters in Birkerød north of Copenhagen, Alsiano also has offices in Sweden and Finland.

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Cereal ingredients, natural source of taste and colour The broad range of ingredients of the Cereal Experts, Limagrain Céréales Ingrediénts offers an array of opportunities to add colour and taste to your baked goods Cereal and grain ingredients remain the natural Clean Label option to innovate and conceive star products! For over 30 years, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has not only invested to create new cereal varieties but also developed its technological capability and cereal processing tools. Milling, grinding, heat treatment, formulation, mixture and toasting processes allow LCI to develop the natural Taste & Colour ingredients of the future! Depending on your needs, LCI offers a wide range of ingredients for all formulations and tastes:

Toasted ingredients such as Nutricorn is a toasted maize germ, without oil removed, made from Limagrain Grain varieties. Its “hazelnut” taste makes it ideal to replace nuts for nutritionally denser products (fibre, magnesium, protein) but also for really original toppings! Toasted Brokenwheat is a broken toasted wheat with strong flavour and visual potential. Specific developments are also possible.

Pulses are the new stars of our diet. Balanced and rich in proteins, they bring new and natural colour to formulations. The LCI range is stabilised and treated thermally for easy formulations, to reduce bitterness and increase shelf life. Different grades are available! Make your choice between westhove Faba bean, westhove Chickpea, westhove Green lentil, westhove Red bean and westhove Yellow lentil. Special flours are able to change your products, with native flours (gluten-free maize flours and semolinas, barley, oats, rye, spelt, wheat…) as well as functional flours such as LimaLin Gold CL (yellow linseed flour naturally rich in omega 3), or concentrated sourdough flours (deligerme made from fermented and dehydrated fresh wheat germ or deliseigle made from rye) or masa flours to give a “TexMex” option or tasty sprinkling flours for pizza or breads. Stabilised wholegrain flours & fibres from buckwheat, barley, maize, oats, rye and wheat.


For topping and inclusions, consider seeds (buckwheat, blue poppy, brown or yellow linseed, millet, sesame, sunflower…), flakes (barley, malted wheat, oats, rye), Broken wheat (toasted or not) and Nuttimalt (malted broken wheat). Welcome to a world of natural flavour!

New: westhove yellow lentil flour Limagrain introduces a new supplement to their non-bitter pulse range: westhove yellow lentil, a wholemeal flour made from yellow lentils and stabilised using the hydrothermal Farigel® treatment. It is a natural source of protein, fibre and minerals and it is therefore excellent in e.g. snacks, providing a higher nutritional value, whilst containing only natural ingredients. Clean label and free from all major allergens, westhove yellow lentil can easily be used in bakery, extrusion, tex mex products, and crackers.

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Organic vegetable proteins Pevesa Biotech launches organic plant based proteins and hydrolysates for special and general nutrition as well as sports nutrition In recent years, the demand for highquality, high-protein, organic label and healthy food products has been growing. Consumption of plantbased proteins such as rice and pea, gluten-free, allergen-free and nongenetically modified is therefore increasing. The same applies to the organic version of vegetable proteins whose consumption grows every year as consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly and natural products, free of pesticides and artificial additives.

Organic plant based proteins and hydrolysates perfect for beverages and fruit bars. Pevesa biotech holds an organic certification for rice and pea proteins and hydrolysates and manufactures a wide range of organic ingredients for baby food, senior nutrition, general nutrition and sports nutrition. Furthermore, Pevesa Biotech has developed some final product prototypes:

• an organic functional drink, low in calories, with natural fruit, antioxidants and enriched with organic plant based hydrolysates. • an organic protein bar with fruits, cranberries, chia seeds and organic rice protein.

FTNF & Provenance flavours Add premium and authentic taste to your natural products with Ungerer’s wide range of FTNF and Provenance flavours With the ever increasing trend of better for you products made with only natural ingredients, so does the need for clean label solutions, which has become a key factor in the buying decision for today’s consumer. The desire for naturalness is closely linked to the current trend of a healthy lifestyle. 5

Ungerer Limited offers a wide range of FTNF (From the Named Fruit) and Provenance flavours, which are natural concentrates of the flavour from a specific source. These clean label flavours are excellent for premium, clean label food and beverage products. The flavours enhance and stabilise the authentic taste and aroma >>

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Natural source of ascorbic acid AcerobakeTM from Naturex is an effective and clean label alternative to ascorbic acid for flour Naturex offers a natural source of ascorbic acid for the bakery market, produced from sustainably harvested raw materials. AceroBakeTM is an acerola cherry juice powder standardised to naturally occurring ascorbic acid. This natural clean label ingredient is an effective solution for bakery matching the performance of conventional ascorbic acid (E300).

bic acid is at its highest levels. Using HPLC, Naturex analyses ascorbic acid levels in every batch of incoming juice concentrate to ensure compliance to their strict raw material specifications. The ascorbic acid content of all batches of finished product is further analysed after the drying process and a guaranteed level reported on certificates of analysis.

AcerobakeTM is sourced from leading suppliers of acerola-derived ingredients. To ensure consistent levels of ascorbic acids, the acerola cherries are carefully harvested when the content of the naturally occurring ascor-

To promote sustainability, Naturex’ suppliers have planted 250,000 trees in the sourcing area in the northeast region of Brazil. 20% of the total farmland is dedicated to the preservation of native flora.

AcerobakeTM is available in three variants: AceroBakeTM A17 standard product, 17-19% ascorbic acid AceroBakeTM A34 carrier free and lower usage rate, 32-36% ascorbic acid Organic AceroBakeTM A16 16-18% ascorbic acid

Ungerer FTNF flavour range 95/5

>> of the product and are therefore of-

ten used in products where the natural and complex taste of fresh fruits and berries is lost during processing. Ungerer’s Provenance and 100% range can be declared as “extracts”.

Blood orange Cucumber Grapefruit Hibiscus Lime Mango Passionfruit Pear

Pineapple Pomegranate Raspberry Watermelon




Lime Lemon Pink grapefruit White grapefruit Mandarin Peppermint Spearmint Tangerine Orange

Tahitian lime Mexican lime Spanish Lemon Sicilian Lemon Argentinean Lemon Brazilian Orange

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New caramels with fruity notes Caramel and fruits are a delicious combination in Sethness-Roquette’s new clean label Carafruit® range which also includes a caramel based on 100% fruit sugar Nowadays, consumers are looking for a healthy and environmentally friendly diet. As a responsible supplier, Sethness-Roquette has developed innovative products to meet the consumer demand for organic, natural and no-added sugar products. Sethness-Roquette now launches their newly developed range of caramels Carafruit® which are caramels produced with apple, pear or orange juice concentrates. These fruits match perfectly with caramel resulting in gourmet, balanced and flavourful caramels. A caramel made from 100% natural sugars extracted from fruits with no other sugar added completes the Carafruit® caramel range. These

caramels will perfectly suit your icecreams, desserts, yoghurts and bis cuits bringing a nice fruity note to your applications. The Carafruit® caramels are of course all “clean label”.

also bring aromatic notes. This Burnt Sugar is suited for soft drinks, confectionery and bakery, beers or balsamic vinegar.

Organic aromatic caramels & burnt sugar In addition to the new Carafruit® range, Sethness-Roquette also offers two certified organic ranges: organic Aromatic Caramel offering caramelised cane sugar notes which will perfectly suit milk desserts, custards, ice-creams and biscuits among other things. Organic Burnt Sugar providing a range of colours from yellow to brown depending on the dosage can

Alsiano is BRC certified supplier We are pleased to announce that Alsiano achieved the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Certification in June 2017. We are proud of this achievement which demonstrates our commitment to provide the Nordic food industry with products and services of the highest quality. 7

Thanks to the BRC Certification, our customers can rest assured that Alsiano is in compliance with the Global Food Standard. We are constantly monitoring and continuously improving product quality, food safety, and legality, and a system for corrective and preventive actions has been implemented.

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Foodnews no 1/18  

Newsletter about food ingredients for the Nordic food industry.

Foodnews no 1/18  

Newsletter about food ingredients for the Nordic food industry.