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FoodNews No. 29 • July 2012

Contents Nutricorn Nuts, for reconciling health and pleasure ................................ 1


Nutricorn Nuts, for reconciling health and pleasure

Organic rice extract and rice concentrate clean labels and natural functionality ......................... 2

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has developed a toasted corn germ that combines pleasure and health with its nutty flavour - a great alternative to hazelnuts

Ingredients for gluten-free success ................................... 4

By Dr Walter Lopez, Marketing Executive, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients

Synergized® organic whole food powders ....................... 5

Nuts are interesting ingredients: thanks to their tasty, nutritional and clean label aspects, nuts can be used in many applications. However, nuts are one of the major allergens in Europe and have limited shelf life due to the high risk of lipid oxidation. These facts combined with the high cost of raw materials such as hazelnuts and almonds and the sharp price fluctuations, founded the idea to develop Nutricorn Nut: a cost saving and nonallergenic ingredient with maximum flavour.

Hydro-Fi - the next generation of texturisers ..... 6 TM

Rooibos - still boosting with goodness ...................... 7 The Food Team ..................... 8 New supplier of gum arabic ............................ 8

Nutricorn Nuts are natural toasted corn germs sieved through a specific process. The nutty taste and smell and the specific and controlled particle size make it an ingredient that can substitute nuts in a broad range of applications: • pastry applications - e.g. biscuits, cookies, etc. • bread - e.g. topping or inclusions

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• cereal bars • breakfast cereals • coating for frozen fish, chicken or potato products Nutricorn Nuts are easy to use and can for instance be included in sweet baked products and laminated dough from 5-10% without changing the behaviour of the dough.

Nutricorn Nuts - advantages Cost saving in recipe and price stability during 12 months: Nutricorn Nuts are 3 times cheaper than the average of nuts. Furthermore, nuts’ prices fluctuate widely from crop to crop. With Nutricorn Nuts, the price is stable at least for one year. Positive nutritional impact: Nutricorn Nuts contain twice less fat than hazelnuts and walnuts and less calories, but are richer in fibres and in minerals. (continues on page 2) >>

No. 29 • July 2012



Organic rice extract and rice concentrate – clean labels and natural functionality RIBUS natural ingredients ranging from dough conditioners, processing aids to anti-caking agents and flavour carriers provide solutions for conventional, natural and organic products by improving costs, efficiency and labels Nu-BAKE® – the Baker’s choice

ral functionality. The entire rice crop is thus utilised, and that is true sustainability.

Nu-BAKE® is a patented hypoallergenic extract from rice bran that delivers functionality and a clean label. This natural processing aid dough conditioner effectively binds oil and water and provides emulsification and texture enhancement. Its ability to enhance texture, mouth-feel and moisture retention makes Nu-BAKE® an ingredient of choice for gluten-free bakers.

RIBUS ingredients are 100% natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic and can be used in conventional, natural and certified organic products. The product line comprises: By Ribus, Inc. Founded in 1992 as a specialty ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS, Inc. supplies natural and organic rice ingredients to food, nutrition and beverage companies around the world. Utilising its patented technology, RIBUS is committed to being the best supplier of high quality specialty rice ingredients helping their customers provide clean labels for the endconsumer.

• Nu-BAKE® for bakery applications • Nu-RICE® for emulsifying and extrusion processing • Nu-FLOW® for anti-caking and spice • Nu-FLAC® for flavour carrier and tablets / supplements

(continues on page 3) >>

Green & sustainable RIBUS uses by-products from the rice production moving grain fractions from the rice crop to the top of the food chain as ingredients with natu-

>> Suitable for nuts allergy sufferers:

By using maize grain as raw material, nut allergens are not present in formulations, and it is possible to avoid contaminating facilities with nuts. Original taste and crunchy texture for innovation and differentiation. Processability: As it contains less fat, Nutricorn Nuts allow a better behavior on the online production. Article 218

Nutricorn Nuts













Dietary fibre















Sodium (mg/100g)





>> Benefits

• Replaces soy lecithin / monoglyce rides • Extends shelf-life • Improves freezer life • Crumb softening • Improves water retention • Reduces stickiness • Reduces oil uptake (frying) • Gluten-free • Allows for oils to replace hard fats

No. 29 • July 2012 Applications • Extrusion / emulsification applications • Cereals/snacks - e.g. extruded flakes, puffs, pellets, sheeted products • Pasta – rice, fortified, fresh / frozen • High protein / high fibre products / bars • Spreads • Sauces • Replace Mg Stearate in tablets

Nu-FLOW® – anti-caking aid Nu-FLOW offers producers an option to replace synthetic processing aids (silicon dioxide) with a natural and certified organic ingredient. This “rice concentrate” can eliminate synthetics, providing traditional functionality and a clean label. Nu-FLOW can be specially formulated and optimised to meet customers’ needs and specific particle sizes. Benefits • Clean label “rice concentrate” • Natural / certified organic • Reduces impact on colour • Free flow – no max use rate • Export friendly – no e-number

Applications • From frozen to fresh and mixes • Sheeted products – e.g. crackers, toaster pastries, cookies, etc. • Batters – e.g. muffins, cakes, brownies • Dough systems / breads – e.g. doughnuts, pizza, laminates • Replacement of trans fats (oil + water + Nu-BAKE)


Applications • Spice / seasonings (pure, blends) • Powder blends – gravy, sauces, beverages • Fruit / honey – pieces / flakes, powder, puree • Tableting – capsules, powders

Nu-RICE® – processing aid Nu-RICE is a patented hypoallergenic extract from rice bran. This natural processing aid helps hydrate and emulsify ingredients to create easier and faster processing. Benefits • Increases output / reduces cost • Manages bulk density • Reduces oil / water uptake • Emulsification • Replaces soy lecithin / monoglycerides • Gluten-free


Nu-FLAC® – for flavours Nu-FLAC is a flavour carrier that replaces maltodextrin and other carriers as a non-soluble plating substrate. The ingredient is hypoallergenic, nonGMO and organic. Benefits • Clean label “rice concentrate” • Replaces Maltodextrin • Natural – certified organic • High in fibre • Export friendly – no e-number Applications • Beverages – tea bags • Moist to powder – flavours, soy sauce, oleoresins • Supplements and powders – plating substrate Article 219



No. 29 • July 2012

Ingredients for gluten-free success Alsiano offers a wide range of gluten-free flours, grains and stabilisers for manufacturing delicious gluten-free products with good nutritional value There is an increasing demand for gluten-free foods due to a rise in the number of persons diagnosed with gluten allergy and celiac disease, and due to the fact that still more people choose for other reasons to follow a gluten-free diet. Given the increased focus on healthy living, consumers of gluten-free products are also requesting more varied gluten-free products and in particular products with better nutritional value. The gluten-free bread made from gluten-free starch with xanthan or guar gum added to improve texture, which is practically stripped from any kind of nutrition, is no longer valid. The gluten-free consumer wants quality, variation, naturalness and products that can contribute to good nutrition.

Since gluten imparts important properties to e.g. baked goods, it can be very challenging leaving out ingredients containing gluten and still achieve a tasty, appealing and nutritious product. Alsiano offers various ingredients – even clean label – with functional properties that can overcome this challenge. Below is a list of the ingredients that we offer for formulation of gluten-free products like baked goods and extruded and emulsified products such as pasta, sauces and breakfast cereals. The gluten-free line Thanks to our suppliers, we are able to offer a broad line of naturally glutenfree ingredients ranging from flours, grains to starches, stabilisers and improvers – conventional and clean label. Part of the line is also organic. Article 220

Our gluten-free ingredients Bob’s Red Mill • Quinoa flour* • Amaranth flour* • Coconut flour* • Flaxseed meal* • Golden flaxseed meal* • Brown rice flour* • White rice flour* • Teff flour • Teff whole grain • Sorghum flour • Millet flour • Almond meal/flour • Oats, rolled (guaranteed gluten-free)

Munari • Buckwheat meal

BENEO-Remy • Rice starches, native** • Rice starches, modified • Rice flours** • Rice proteins • Rice syrup • Remy-LiVe stabilised rice bran/ germ

Ribus • Nu-BAKE rice bran extract for bakery applications* • Nu-RICE rice bran extract for extrusion and emulsification* (see page 2 for more information)

Fiberstar • Citri-Fi - provides strength and structure lost when gluten is removed from baked goods. Holds moisture to improve texture and mouth-feel.

Unipektin • Guar gum • Xanthan gum *Organic **Organic grade also available



No. 29 • July 2012


Synergized® organic whole food powders Synergy Production Laboratories™ offers a broad range of organic whole food ingredients packed with valuable phytonutrients for beverage and food bar applications By Synergy Production Laboratories

The Synergized® brand protocol

Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL), USA, is a grower, processor, formulator and supplier of certified organic and ethically wild-crafted, concentrated bioactive ingredients.

The Synergized raw materials brand protocol was developed by the founder of SPL, Mitchell May. “Synergized” equates to demanding standards in all aspects of production from heirloom seed selection and organic cultivation, proprietary freezedrying and CO2 cold-temperature drying to state-of-the-art, natural processing, rigorous QA and QC testing, and Ultra Fresh Packaging technologies. All Synergized processes optimise and retain the bioactive potencies of fresh-processed plant materials.

Thirty years of research and the creation of its innovative, proprietary technologies and groundbreaking raw materials have made SPL a trendsetter and have yielded an array of organic, fresh freeze-dried and CO2 low-temperature dried whole-food ingredients. SPL’s Synergized brand provides a sophisticated range of whole-food ingredients packed with highly valuable phytonutrients and rich in healthenhancing colourful pigments.


Product range

SPL's extremely versatile Synergized ingredients are ideal for powdered drink mixes, smoothie mixes and food bars. They can also with success be incorporated in ready-to-drink beverages. Article 221

• Fruit and berry powders/juice powders - fresh freeze-dried or cold-temperature dried • Pure grass juice powders – e.g. oat, kamut, wheat, barly, alfalfa CO2 low-temperature dried • Sprouts - more than 20 varieties including broccoli - fresh freezedried • Vitamin C 20% - e.g. organic acerola and wild crafted camu camu • Vegetable powders/juice powders – e.g. red beet, spinach, parsley, etc - fresh freeze-dried or specialty-dried • Super food blend – organic blend of 29 expertly blended ingredients including vegetables, fruits, sprouts, algae, mushroom, grass juice, herbs and enzymes • Aquatic Greens - e.g. chlorella and spirulina

SPL is directly responsible for more than 2,000 acres of organic agriculture/ aquaculture, with over 4,000,000 kg of certified organic and freshly harvested raw materials and well over 300,000 kg of its Synergized® certified organic finished ingredient powders distributed globally each year. © 2012 Synergy Production Laboratories



No. 29 • July 2012


Hydro-FiTM – the next generation of texturisers Fiberstar, Inc. has in collaboration with Gum Technology created Hydro-Fi® – a brand new line of texturising ingredients combining Fiberstar’s unique citrus fibres with Gum Technology’s highly functional hydrocolloid based stabiliser blends Fiberstar and Gum Technology have formed a collaboration to create Hydro-Fi, which is a new range of texturising ingredients for the food industry. Launched at the Food Ingredients Europe 2011 show in Paris, France, Hydro-Fi ingredients combine Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi citrus fibre with Gum Technology’s Coyote Brand hydrocolloids. The Hydro-Fi ingredients have been designed to provide innovative solutions for specific challenges in food formulation. For example, HydroFi has been formulated to replace 50% of the eggs and reduce costs in cakes. In reduced fat ice cream and sorbet, Hydro-Fi reduces ice crystallisation, improves texture, increases overrun and delays melting. Hydro-Fi can also provide superior functionality to sauces and improve yield in meat products.

Hydro-Fi™ for partial egg replacement Improve product formulation and shelf life with Hydro-Fi CXA-0823. This next generation texturiser increases moisture retention, extends shelf life, and improves yield, texture and mouth-feel in baked goods making it an ideal solution for partial egg replacement in cakes. With its unique combination of citrus fibre and hydrocolloids, Hydro-Fi CXA-0823 balances cost and product improvement.

Hydro-Fi™ for reduced fat ice cream & sorbet Increase consumer appeal of frozen desserts, while saving costs with Hydro-Fi. Hydro-Fi TGC-1110 combines the proven power of Citri-Fi® with hydrocolloid stabilisers from Gum Technology reducing ice crystallisation and improving mouth-feel and yields in reduced fat ice cream and in sorbets. Key benefits include: • Reduces ice crystallisation for smooth texture • Creates smooth, creamy texture with the mouth-feel of a full fat product • Prevents separation of solution before churning • Increases melting time compared to negative control Hydro-Fi TGC-1110 also enhances sorbets: • Creates a smooth creamy texture • Produces a higher yield • Reduces size of ice crystals • Increases melting time (continues on page 7) >>

Proven key benefits include: • 50% egg replacement, without the need for extra emulsifiers • Substantial cost savings over full egg control recipe • Improved moisture retention, with increased shelf life (over 10 days) • Enhanced texture, mouth-feel and crumb structure • Comparable cake rise and browning to full egg control recipe


New Hydro-FiTM for guar replacement With the cost of guar rising to historic heights due to increased demands by the oil drilling industry, it has become necessary to re-evaluate stabilising systems containing guar gum. Fiberstar and Gum Technology have developed a new Hydro-Fi variant that incorporates citrus fibre, xanthan and tara gum. This new Hydro-Fi is cold water soluble like guar and like guar, it synergises well with xanthan. By adding a little citrus fibre to xanthan and tara, the moisture control is improved while getting the benefit of adding "fibre" to the ingredient label and - most important – Hydro-Fi can offer cost savings in different applications. Please contact Alsiano for more information.


No. 29 • July 2012


Rooibos – still bursting with goodness Afriplex offers a broad line of rooibos powder extracts for ice teas, fruit juices, yoghurts and confectionery By Nadia Schoeman, Marketing Coordinator, Afriplex After years of developing African indigenous plant extracts, one of Afriplex’s biggest passions remain ROOIBOS - solely because we recognise its potential and believe in its efficacy. The unique combination of taste and aroma, antioxidant capacity and antiinflammatory properties scream out POTENTIAL! Rooibos is successfully used in ice teas, fruit juices, yoghurts, confectionery and cosmetics. Afriplex is attending to customers’ specific needs by offering a range of Rooibos powder extracts including Novel-T Rooibos PE, Rooibos pH adjusted PE, Aspalathox PE and a variety of Rooibos Instant products developed with healthy convenience in mind. Since Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, it can be consumed at any


Hydro-Fi™ for meatballs Experience higher yield and improved meatballs with Hydro-Fi CCX-1028. When used in meatballs, the Citri-Fi citrus fibre in combination with hydrocolloid stabilisers provide a significantly increased yield and enhanced texture and mouth-feel.

time without experiencing caffeine's stimulant side effects. That is important when considering the benefits it has for pregnant women, children and caffeine-sensitive drinkers.

It is evident that Rooibos remains a powerful plant. It is well-known by some and foreign to others, but the fact remains: It is still bursting with goodness! Article 222

Key benefits for meatball applications include: • Increased yield compared to negative control • Enhanced texture - juicy meatballs with good bite profile • Resilient to freeze/thaw cycle – maintained moisture and no graininess

Hydro-Fi™ for sauces Enhance the taste and functionality of sauces with Hydro-Fi CXA-1024. This texturiser is specifically designed to solve the formulation challenges associated with sauces. Combining the proven benefits of citrus fibre and hydrocolloid stabilisers, Hydro-Fi CXA-1024 offers significant advantages for the functionality and the organoleptic properties of sauces.


Key benefits for sauces include: • Good cling properties • Even suspension and emulsification • Creamy mouth-feel • No separation on freeze/thaw testing Article 223

No. 29 • July 2012



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New supplier of gum arabic Alsiano has entered into cooperation with Warm Seas Agribusiness We are pleased to announce that we have entered into cooperation with the Sudan company Warm Seas Agribusiness (WSAB). WSAB, established in 1999, is the second largest supplier of processed gum from Sudan and offers gum arabic in many different grades. The company is located in the Kordofan region which accounts for 60% of Sudan’s total production of gum ara-

bic. Currently, WSAB has a production capacity of 6,000 tons and is working on expanding the capacity to 10,000 per year. Based on consistent deliveries of high quality gum, the company has earned a highly valued position in the market. Thanks to the cooperation with WSAB, Alsiano can offer a wide range of gum arabic of high quality.


FoodNews July 2012  

Newsletter about ingredients for the food industry

FoodNews July 2012  

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