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No. 27 • October 2011

Contents Cheasing’Up: cheese technology revolution from IDI .................................... 1 New texturisers for baked goods and ice-cream ............... 2 When nature bring colour to life! ........................... 2 Organic Gum Acacia ................ 2 Positive EFSA opinion on olive extract .............................. 3 New BENEO-Technology Center ...................................... 3 New burst release innovation from TasteTech ..... 4 Seeds, flakes, flours & fruits .... 4 Greener REBATEN stevia ......... 4 Natural sweetness exclusively from fruits ............. 5 New improver in LCI range dedicated to Danish pastry ..... 5

Cheasing’Up: cheese technology revolution from IDI The innovative technology, nominated for FI Excellence Award, offers many benefits like simplified process, no acid whey production and reduction of recipe and operational costs IDI identified considerable constraints related to traditional cheese production and made it a priority to develop a new technology and new proteins able to turn into successful endproducts, offering cheese producers new alternatives to fulfil their needs. IDI now revolutionises the world of cheese with their technology without whey separation: cheasing’up. This innovative process can be used to produce a wide range of cheeses: hard cheeses, soft cheeses, fresh cheeses and also processed cheeses.

Gelatins with convenience ...... 5 Freeze-drying technology for natural ingredients ........... 6

Cheasing’up brings many advantages to the cheese production process. Its logistical flexibility avoids the processing of by-product and reduces the number of manufacturing steps: no curd cutting, no draining and no brining for certain products. Beyond the flexibility of the technology, gains on operational costs and investments can go up to 60% compared to a traditional installation. IDI’s R&D team is available to help customers develop recipes and formulations according to specifications, such as the availability of raw materials and in compliance with customs duties. Nominated for innovation award IDI is with Cheasing’Up in the final three, running for The Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award in the dairy category. The Fi Excellence Awards recognise individuals and businesses for their exemplary work and contribution to the industry. The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who will evaluate the entries on their ability to demonstrate and drive innovation. The Fi Excellence Awards will take place on November 29, 2011, at the Novotel Convention & Wellness Roissy CDG hotel in Paris, France. IDI - 3C7

A world of plant extracts ........ 6 The egg powder specialist ...... 6 Healthiness + tastiness = support for consumer well-being ............................... 7 Agar-agar ................................ 7 New Springer® yeast-based natural cheese flavour ............. 8 The Food Team ........................ 8

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No. 27 • October 2011


New texturisers for baked goods and ice-cream Fiberstar introduces a new line of Citri-Fi® and hydrocolloid based products at Fi Europe 2011 Fiberstar is pleased to announce a new addition to their product line for Food Ingredients Europe. As a result of a strategic alliance with the Gum Technology Corporation, Fiberstar has developed a new line of Citri-Fi® and hydrocolloid products for use as texturisers in the food industry.

The new texturisers will increase moisture retention, extend shelflife, and improve yield, texture and mouth-feel in baked goods. In frozen novelties such as ice-cream and sorbet, the new ingredients reduce ice-cream ice crystallisation, impart a creamy texture, and improve yields and aeration. The Citri-Fi® and hydrocolloid based ingredients can replace up to 50% of the egg in cakes to reduce costs by 20%. A variety of new applications and more product details will be presented at Fi Europe and in the coming months. To learn more about these new products please attend Fiberstar’s 25 minute presentation on Tuesday November 29 at 17.00 in the seminar theater of hall 4.

When nature bring colour to life! Sethness-Roquette introduces a new range of products at Fi Europe 2011 Created in 2004 from a joint-venture between two specialists in their fields, Sethness-Roquette has grown up to become a leader on the European market for caramel colour and burnt sugars. Sethness-Roquette’s range of caramel colours and burnt sugars offers a wide variety of colours, from light yellow tones to dark brown, to the food and drink industry. Its state-ofthe-art facility and recently installed extra production lines, dedicated to newly developed products, focus on efficiently producing caramels of very high quality.

Thanks to its newly implemented R&D department, Sethness-Roquette will introduce at Fi Europe 2011 a new range of products adapted to the specific evolution of the industry. Learn more about Sethness-Roquette and their products at Sethness-Roquette - stand 1D67

Fiberstar Inc. is the manufacturer of Citri-Fi®, an all natural food ingredient derived from orange pulp. Food manufacturers use Citri-Fi® to improve their products’ profit margins, quality, texture, nutrition and label declarations. CitriFi® delivers these benefits because of its impressive functional properties that can be used to manage moisture, partially replace oil, fat, egg and meat, replace synthetic ingredients, enhance texture, and thicken and stabilise food emulsions. Fiberstar - 2F49-1 (USA pavilion) Seminar theater of hall 4 on 29/11 at 17.00

Organic Gum Acacia With a production capacity over 11.000 Mt of spray dried Gum Acacia (Arabic), Alland & Robert is a leader in the world of natural gums. Alland & Robert are ISO and BRC certified, and a careful selection of batches is made before they are processed. Recently, Alland & Robert has also launched organic grades of Gum Acacia reinforcing their sustainable activities in the harvesting areas. Alland & Robert - 3G63



No. 27 • October 2011


Positive EFSA opinion on olive extract The positive opinion from EFSA on polyphenols in olive has confirmed the results of many years of research on olive science and specifically on olive polyphenols Visit the Grap’Sud booth at Fi Europe 2011 and learn more about their EFSA approved OLIVEX olive extract with a guaranteed content of polyphenols and their other products for the food and nutraceutical industry. In April 2011, the European authorities EFSA published a positive scientific opinion on olive polyphenols. It concerns polyphenols from the olive fruit, the olive water, olive oil, fruit extract or leaf extract since they are standardised by their content of Hydroxytyrosol and derivatives. The experts propose the following formulation of the claim: “consumption of olive oil polyphenols contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage”. The condition for the use of this claim is

to consume at least 5 mg of Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol per day, which corresponds to around 100 mg/day of OLIVEX ref PHO6. Grap’Sud product range Grap’Sud is specialised in the manufacturing and sales of grape by-products for various industries: wine making, food and nutraceuticals. A wide range of products is offered:

• Wine making: Tannins, rectified must concentrate The three main brands under which the products are offered are exGrape, OLIVEX and OLEOGRAPE. Grap’Sud - 1D64

• Foods: Natural colouring, wine extracts, grape juice concentrates, grape sugar • Nutraceuticals: Polyphenols from grape (grape seed extract, anthocyanins, polyphenols with a guaranteed content in resveratrol from grape, etc), but also olive polyphenols and since recently olive/grape polyphenols.

New BENEO-Technology Center BENEO to strengthen chain of expertise for customers at FI Europe At this year’s Fi Europe in Paris, BENEO – one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients – will demonstrate its continual commitment to support customers in all phases of product development by announcing the creation of its BENEO-Technology Center.

The BENEO-Technology Center brings together BENEO’s long-standing food application and technical expertise to enhance and encourage product innovation. As such, it will complement BENEO’s chain of expertise providing customers with specialist advice to tackle technical questions in product development and formulation. The foundations for this were laid in 2009 when BENEO founded the BENEO-Institute, which offers guidance and thought leadership in nutrition, health and regulatory affairs. Additionally, BENEO developed its expertise to provide customers with dedicated consumer and market insights,


going so far as developing product and marketing concepts to demonstrate the benefits of BENEO’s functional ingredients. Highlighting one of the areas of expertise covered by the BENEO-Technology Center, Rudy Wouters, Vice President Food Application Technology and Head of the BENEO-Technology Center, will be speaking at the Fi Europe conference on the topic of creating texture and creaminess in reduced-fat food products.

BENEO - 4B12



No. 27 • October 2011

New burst release innovation from TasteTech At Fi Europe, microencapsulation specialist TasteTech showcases new innovation that ensures an intense flavour release of flavours and sweeteners TasteTech, specialist manufacturer of controlled release flavourings and ingredients, will be showcasing a burst release innovation at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris.

TasteTech TasteTech was incorporated in August 1992 and commenced trading in November that same year. Together with a number of colleagues, Roger Sinton set up TasteTech to develop microencapsulation techniques and quickly became pioneers in the field. All equipment was designed in-house and built locally to meet specific processing requirements. During the last 19 years, the team has helped solve countless food processing and manufacturing problems for its customers.

At their manufacturing plant in England, TasteTech has developed and trialled a process of uniting sweetener, flavourings and colours to produce small particles which burst with your chosen flavour when chewed. The shearing action and readily dissolved particles ensure an intense release of the flavour and sweeteners chosen. Developed over 18 months, the novel delivery system can incorporate any combination of encapsulated sweeteners, acids and flavours for both burst and sustained release, providing a multi-functional, visually appealing product. TasteTech is confident that many of their customers both in the UK and overseas will be very excited to trial this in their own applications. Dr Gary Gray, Technical Manager for TasteTech, says: “This technology and process can be integrated in multiple sectors including chewing gum and confectionery. At Fi Europe, we will be show casing peppermint breath fresh tablets, and we welcome people to come and sample this burst release innovation.”

Seeds, flakes, flours & fruits Specialised in the work of seed, Flanquart has developed a broad line of goods and carry out all sorts of mixtures starting from the various raw materials. Flanquart / Praliflor - 4D68

TasteTech is proud to design and develop products with customers in a wide variety of applications including bakery, confectionery, chewing gum, beverage and sports nutrition to ensure that the end result is one of maximum satisfaction for both their customers and the end consumer. TasteTech invites people to visit their stand (1B61) throughout Fi Europe to sample this innovation for themselves. Alternatively visit www.

For 3 years, TasteTech has successfully maintained British Retail Consortium (BRC) grade A status for its quality management systems and processes. This is in addition to holding both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. Today, TasteTech supplies its products to over 30 countries world-wide and continues to focus on growth through research and development. TasteTech - 1B61

Greener REBATEN stevia Seppic is pleased to announce that 2 of their main stevia grades, REBATEN 97% and REBATEN 80% are now going to be produced with bioethanol. These versions will be available in November 2011. In addition, Seppic has launched a new polysorbate Montanox 80 Food Kosher. Seppic is a recognised expert in health product formulation and supplies high


value ingredients for nutra/food applications. Their wide-ranging line of products include, among others, exclusive active ingredients with demonstrated nutritional and health benefits, stevia – the natural high intensity sweetener, SEPIFILM coating solutions for tablets, and its latest revolution SEPICOAT. Seppic - 3C51


No. 27 • October 2011


Natural sweetness exclusively from fruits Nutritis offers a diverse line of natural fruit sugars including low glycemic index variants and organic grade Nutritis is a leading manufacturer of natural sugars extracted exclusively from fruits. Nutritis processes fruits such as apples, grapes, peaches, nectarines and melons and offers extremely purified fruit based sweetened solutions that won't impact finished products quality whatever the criteria considered: texture, visual aspect and/or flavour profile. The FructiSweet Original® range will allow for specific claims related to one given type of fruit whereas the FructiSweet® line is a customised range of products in terms of sugar profile.

Next to these 2 product ranges, the FructiLight® product is an even more innovative product. FructiLight ® exhibits the lowest glycemic index (GI) amongst all calorie sugars available on the market, thus allowing food manufacturers to develop more healthy, nutritional and functional food products. Looking for organic neutral, pure and userfriendly fruit sugars? - ExGrape® Sugar BIO is the solution you need! Nutritis - 1D75

New improver in LCI range dedicated to Danish pastry Obtain crispier finished products with good volume The sweet and flaky Danish pastries originating from Denmark and the Scandinavian countries have become popular worldwide, although their form and filling vary from country to country. With their thin and consis-

tent flaky pastry, these products must be crispy and voluminous! Available in a wide variety of forms, they are usually filled with cream, cinnamon or jam. Bolstered by a profound knowledge of different types of flour and their interactions with ingredients and processes, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has developed a “Danish Pastry” improver specifically for these products, and the new product, Amel Danish Pastry, will be presented at the FIE trade fair in Paris Amel Danish Pastry provides good volume and crispier finished products. The new improver is clean label, thus satisfying the expectations of consumers and manufacturers. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients - 3E25


Gelatins with convenience PB Gelatins is a leading manufacturer of regular gelatins (from pork and beef orgin), cold soluble gelatins (Cryogel® and Instagel®) and collagen hydrolysates (Solugel®). The company is a worldwide player with production facilities on 4 continents and will be enlarging its production capacity further by the end of the year with two more plants in Brazil and China. As a market leader in cold soluble gelatins, PB Gelatins offers simplicity and convenience in preparations with its Cryogel® and Instagel® products. Their range of Solugel®, collagen hydrolysates, has particularly interesting health effects. PB Gelatins - 3C33


Freeze-drying technology for innovative natural ingredients Chaucer launches new range of freeze-dried ingredients with a wide range of application opportunities During Fi Europe 2011, Chaucer Foods will be unveiling its Co-FD range of fruit, vegetable and yoghurt-based inclusions. Co-FD is an extension of the freeze-drying technology utilising its property to combine and stabilise a wide range of natural ingredients. With Co-FD it is possible to produce freeze-dried combinations of fruits and cereals that maintain the high intense colour and authentic flavour of the original fruit, but at the same time provide a light-eating crispy texture. Co-FD products are highly versatile and have a wide range of applications: • Co-FD products can be used in cereal bars adding colour, flavour and overall interest. • Co-FD fruits enhance the visual appeal of breakfast cereals such as muesli. • Co-FD fruits can be used in chocolate to add visual interest and a crunchy texture. • Co-FD products make great fruity toppings for yoghurt and icecream.

• Co-FD products can be added into healthy snacks Co-FD products maintain the long shelf life and low water activity of their pure freeze-dried alternatives but offer at the same time improved handling characteristics (less hygroscopic). Sizes of pieces can be tailored to individual applications. “Freeze-drying technology is a great process for producing authentic, high quality natural ingredients” says Richard Brewer, Group Marketing Manager of Chaucer Foods. “Our goal has been to extend the boundaries of the technology to produce innovative new inclusions to enhance our customers’ products”. Chaucer Foods - 4F7

The egg powder specialist Pulviver offers instant egg powders that make dispersing, whipping or binding much easier Pulviver (formerly Belovo) is a pioneer in the application of instant powder and has also developed a unique procedure for the drying and agglomeration of powdered egg albumin, which very few companies offer. Today, their egg yolks, albumin and whole egg powders enjoy an international reputation and are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. Pulviver offers a broad range of both instant and non-instant egg powders. Pulviver is part of the Lodewijckx group. At pan-European level, Lodewijckx SA is making a name for itself as a preferred supplier, working only with top-quality eggs and products.

A world of plant extracts Vidya Herbs identifies itself as an organisation that consistently delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life in respect of health. With their wide variety of products and access to the rarest herbs around the world, Vidya Herbs successfully provides 100% natural high end products and ingredients for food, nutraceuticals, and cosmetic applications.


No. 27 • October 2011

The talented R&D specialists of Vidya Herbs constantly strive to provide research studies to help rejuvenate human life and inspire healthy lifestyle. By applying the potent Ayurveda with innovative technology, they are focusing on providing their customers with newer and effective solutions for products that benefit consumers’ needs. Vidya Herbs - 3E97B


Product range Powdered egg white: • Regular (EAP-R) • High Whip Instant Extra (EAPHWIE) • High Gel (EAP-HG) • High Gel Instant (EAP-HGI) • Super High Gel (EAP-SHG) • Super High Gel Instant (EAP-SHGI) Powdered egg Powdered egg yolk: • Regular (EYP) • Retorting (EYP-MRT)

Pulviver - 2D59-09


No. 27 • October 2011


Healthiness + tastiness = support for consumer well-being Offering reliable, nutritionally balanced, sustainable and tasty food products is a real challenge. At Fi Europe 2011, Roquette will be presenting advances in every food application field While recognising the technological and economic constraints encountered by food producers, the Roquette development teams have dedicated the unique properties of their vegetable proteins, fibres, sugar substitutes and starches to the creation of new recipes – recipes (with supporting evidence!) which they are keen to share with visitors to Fi Europe. Gustatory pleasure and creativity These are the common denominators of all the Roquette solutions and will this year be represented on Roquette’s stand by a two-star French chef: Marc Meurin. He will be eager to tickle visitors’ taste buds and natural creativity. By exploiting the gustatory, nutritional and technological qualities of NUTRALYS® pea protein, NUTRIOSE® cereal fibre and SweetPearl® sugar substitute, Marc Meurin will revisit some of his menus’ sweet and savoury recipes.

bodied mouth-feel imparted by NUTRIOSE® fibre in water-based flavoured drinks with no added sugar. Plant-based More than ever before, people are feeling good about foods derived from plants. For Fi Europe, Roquette is developing sweet recipes incorporating its NUTRALYS® pea protein: panacotta and ice cream that are 100% plant-based - and 100% delicious. “Custom-made” expertise Dairy, meat and cereal products, confectionery, beverages, sauces and soups - for each field of application, Roquette is ready with specific solutions and “custom-made” expertise. Backed up by application-specific

skills, the Roquette development team will be ready to demonstrate its support for visitors’ development projects. Please note that a selection of Roquette experts will be giving presentations at Fi Europe’s conferences: On 29 November (Module 1B) Valérie Le Bihan will be sharing Roquette’s ingredients experience in the “low sugar“ domain, and on 1 December (Module 10A) Marine Pochat and Audrey Taffin will offer some solutions for developing foods aimed at weight control satisfying both the consumer and the food producer. Roquette - stand 1H15

Textures Visitors will discover not only new recipes for sauces and culinary products, but also macaroons made with a new starch obtained from the yellow pea. Neutral in taste, this ingredient delivers much soughtafter texture and economic advantage. Roquette will also share with beverage producers the results of a sensory survey confirming the full-

Agar-agar Since its foundation in 1960, Setexam has specialised in the harvest of seaweeds and the manufacturing of agar-agar. Available in many grades, the agar-agar food grade is widely used all over the world as a jellifying and a thickening agent in bakery, pastry, confectionery and milk products. Setexam - 2D51


No. 27 • October 2011



The Alsiano Food team Key accounts, snacks - food service

Bakery - convenience food fine foods - confectionery pet food - meat - fish

Dairy - ice cream fruit preparations

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Food Technologist Area sales manager

Food Technologist Area sales manager

E-mail: Tel. dir.: +45 8230 0014 Mobile: +46 7678 781 78

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Sales support

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Food Ingredients Europe 2011 Natural Ingredients 2011

Bente Mørkøv Ølgaard Logistics assistant

Venue: Paris Nord Villepinte

E-mail: Tel. dir.: +45 8230 0001

Tuesday 29 November 10.00 - 18.00 Wednesday 30 November 10.00 - 18.00 Thursday 1 December 10.00 - 16.30

New Springer® yeast-based natural cheese flavour The new natural ingredient from Bio Springer enables formulation of nonanimal cheese-flavoured foods During the Fi Europe exhibition, Bio Springer, the leader in yeast-derived products, will present Springarom® 7012 CH, a yeast-based natural flavour. This natural ingredient allows the formulation of non-animal cheese-flavoured food products. It develops a rich, umami, and heat-stable flavour in products such as soups, sauces and convenience foods. Springarom® 7012 CH is suitable for lactose intolerant persons and vegans. Its labeling is “yeast extract, natural flavour”, according to EU regulation 1334/2008/ EC.

Springarom® 7012 CH has been developed by the brand new Culinary Centre opened late 2010. Located in France, the Culinary Centre translates the global expertise of Bio Springer into the local needs of its customers.

• Springer® yeast extracts • Springalys™ autolysed yeasts

Bio Springer provides savoury yeast products for soups, sauces, seasonings, convenience foods, snacks, meat products, and culture media for fermentation industries. Its ranges of products include: • Springaline® dried inactive yeasts • Springarom® flavours



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