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Tel : 04 2581986 Fax : 04 2581985 Mobil : 00971508055923 E.mail : : 96294 Dubai 00971503868945 Instagram : pools303


Our Company is a commercial company with a main office in Dubai dealing in landscape, fountain equipment, swimming pools , water falls and lakes constriction and equipment, ozone air & water purification, pool maintenance, chemical supply, fish pond filtration and disinfection, water fall, floating fountains. We have after 8 years of activity to our credit major supplies installation of fountain , swimming pool/ filtration equipment! projects in U.A.E

Our Team : Eighteen peoples working as a team and the involvement of employees in the continuous quality improvement process ensure that the company’ s goals for quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are met. These are achieved without relinquishing our commitment to health employees And safety of our and the environment. We believe that good design allied to the right product is the key to a beautiful garden. You can be .assured that you will find the right product that works in harmony with your outdoor space, and that the transformation of your garden will be straightforward and satisfying process.

Our company can give you complete Design, Supply of Materials Supervision, Installation and Commissioning of landscape, swimming pools & fountains of any size and shape.

About Our Business Our core focus is landscaping, pool construction, lakes, fountains, water falls and maintenance for both commercial and residential customers. Our work is top quality and our prices affordable. We employ an Easy administrative process that helps you make quick decisions and helps us get on with the transformation of your garden straightaway. Each member of our team is driven by a single philosophy, complete customer satisfaction. We are available at any time of the day. All you have to do is call us and we'll be there to help you with your inquiries and requests.

Construction We have the ability to provide all types of construction for swimming pools, fountains, waterfalls, lakes, ponds and pantries. From demolition and remodeling of existing space, to new space construction covering both interior and exterior work. We do rough-in as well as finishing construction of commercial spaces. with our resources no job is too big or too small.

Plumbing Our staff provides all plumbing services from repairs, plumbing fixtures, leaking pipes, mechanical piping, air/water/gas piping, we can meet all your plumbing needs.

Electrical We provide full service on all electrical landscape projects. Our teams handle power distribution, lighting, motor controls, data and communications lines. From changing a light switch to full electrical installation Blue Beach is a reliable resource for all your electrical needs.

Masonry Our masons can meet all your masonry needs. We provide a full range of services including flat work, foundations, brick and block work, repairs and new construction.

Wooden decking Services :    

Wooden pool decks. Wooden Jacuzzi decks. Wooden pergolas decks. Wooden handrails decks.

Wooden deck numerous timber species :  Saligna  Rhodesian teak.  African mahogany.  African rosewood.

Irrigation System Serves : Keep your entire property looking its best. Choose from a full range of lawn maintenance services, including lawn mowing, irrigation, fertilization, pruning, edging and mulching.             

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance Services Lawn Fertilization Weed Control Tree and Shrub Care Disease Control and Prevention Garden Bed Edging Mulching Irrigation Services Ornamental Pruning Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups Snow and Ice Removal Mulch Installation

Some of consultants and contractors who were co-operated with them.



Arch Dome consulting engi.

Bin suroor Int.Con. llc

Tel :042698700 Fax : 042697372 Dubai.

Spectrum – Dubai

Tel :042944008 Fax : 042944009 Dubai.

Ural building contracting

Tel :043356330 Fax : 043356331 Dubai.

Tel :065630114 Fax : 065630117 sharjah.

Al.Rais engineering consultancy

Space horizon building cont.

Tel :042833044 Fax : 042833008 Dubai.

Tel :042699612 Fax : 042699613 Dubai.

Proarc architects&engi. consultant

Emirates sas cont. com.

Tel :067446633 Fax : 067446611 Ajman.

Tel :043989879 Fax : 043982744 Dubai.


Al Sarh

Tel :042950218 Fax : 042954631 Dubai.

Tel :

Argos H&G Tel :042899450


Al Zamalek Fax : 042899455 Dubai.

Grase Tel :

Fax :

Tel :067423706 Fax : 067443394 Ajman.

Meraj Fax :


Mazaya Tel :065737782 Fax : 065737781 Sharjah.

Rimal engi. consultant Tel :042681116 Fax : 042681188 Dubai

C. C. Lootah Tel :042950218 Fax : 042954631 Dubai.

Al mulla engi. Consultancy Tel :042690170 Fax : 042690173 Dubai.

Tel :

Fax :


Indust Tel :042950314 Fax : 042954342 Dubai.

Construction tech Tel :067446455 Fax : 067446451 Dubai.

Al ahmadya Tel :043994160 Fax : 043994166 Dubai.

Millennium Tel :043376060 Fax : 043376065 Dubai.

Tel : 042581986 Fax : 042581985 Mobile: 0508055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Our scope work     

Swimming pools construction. Waterfalls & lakes construction. Soft landscape. Gardens & pools maintenance. Irrigation systems.

Some of our projects - 1

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects - 2

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects - 3

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects - 4

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects – 5

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects – 6

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Some of our projects – 7

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Propose Pools

Tel 042581986 mobile: 050 8055923 E-mail : E-mail :

Tiles design

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