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What is The Best Way to Learn Chinese so you can Speak Chinese confidently and naturally?

According to Lin Ping, teacher on the popular new Online Course the best way is to learn Mandarin Chinese online is with Rocket Chinese Premium, an Amazing Interactive Course that is Dynamic, Comprehensive, and Proven to Work. Why do most people struggle to learn Chinese? “because, as hard as you try, without good feedback your Chinese pronunciation is never going to be quite right...” How Rocket Chinese gets over this problem is by .. “allowing you to record yourself speaking and compare the way you say things with the way a Chinese native speaker does With our fantastic voice mapping technology you can record and repeat until your voice map matches that of the native host. That's when you know that your pronunciation is spot on”

Is it worth the effort to learn chinese? Absolutely - whether you are traveling to a Mandarin-speaking country, have Chinese-speaking family, friends or work colleagues, you will enjoy learning this beautiful language with us - You will learn to speak Chinese naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works, with 31 Language & Culture Lessons that feature hundreds of Rocket Record words and phrases, writing, videos, quizzes and more.

Here is what some students are saying – 1. “Not only does the style of teaching make sense, but it's easy to follow and it’s actually pretty fun..” Stephanie Miller - USA. 2. “It is an excellent program - it is very simple, it's very quick, you can listen on your way to work” Joseph Seward California, U.S.A “Expect to learn quickly and without the stress of failure..” Mark Waddell, Auckland, New Zealand 3.

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