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On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of our school, there was an outpouring of love and gratitude from our students. We’d like to share their thoughts and happy feelings, as they mean a lot to each and every person here at Al Salam. It’s amazing to see how much they remember of their early days in school, and how that has impacted their view of school life. These glowing tributes are a testament to the fact that Al Salam lives its motto: Every child is special. How else could the school continue to live on in the hearts of the countless students who have studied and made this school what it is today? Enjoy the nostalgic journey down memory lane through the eyes and hearts of our very own students!

One of the most significant memories of my life is my school life. The freshness of my memories since the day I entered Al Salam still lingers in my mind and I will always cherish them till the last breath of my life.

AL SALAM. A – Stands for ARMOUR – an armour that I can use for whatever battle I will be facing in my coming days. L – Stands for LINKAGE – an outlet that will link me to an outside world through the best education that all my teachers have shared with me. S – Stands for SUPERB – magnificent teachers that I had both in the past and now, excellent teaching strategies and very good teaching facilities of the school. A – Stands for ATITIUDE – giving me the chance to develop my inner talents through different student activities, through the talented teachers and facilities that have kept us involved in different co-curricular activities and outreach programs. L – Stands for LIGHT – enlighten my mind especially when lessons are hard enough to understand. A very heartwarming and refreshing approach of the teachers every time lesson starts. A simple way of dealing with the students makes me feel better and motivated to go to school every day. A – Stands for ABODE – my ‘home sweet home’ in which I feel comfortable as I enter my classroom every day. A school building in which you will not feel bored, a welcoming atmosphere through the best efforts of all the people involved, the smiles on their faces and polite manners every time I approached them. M – Stands for MEGA – an excellent leadership by the Headmistress and Management team of Al Salam guiding all of us into excellence and on the right path. So, whoever I was before, I am today totally transformed. Wherever I go in the future depending on the chosen profession that I will pursue after leaving Al Salam, I’ll be strong and confident, because of Al Salam. I’m proud to tell the whole world that I am a special student of Al Salam Private School, Dubai. With lots of love! Afra Abdulla Alfalasi, 10A

We’ve finally come to the much awaited silver jubilee of our beloved Al Salam Private School. From its humble beginnings in a villa in Hamriya, the school has now grown to a modestly- sized building with state-of-the-art facilities. All through the remarkable journey of this institution, one person has worked with single –minded diligence and perseverance: Mrs Sue Johnston, the captain of the Al Salam ship. She has been nurturing and caring for this institution with love, as a gardener cares for his plants. Personally, I owe much to this school; as this is where I learnt many things; the most important being loyalty, honesty and the power of friendship. I’m sure many others have passed through Al Salam’s hallowed halls with similar experiences of gratitude to share. My days…and years at Al Salam shall always be cherished!

Anand G Mathew, 11 A

My first year at Al Salam was in Year Three. I still remember the first lesson that day; it was Arabic. I remember that the class was arranged into teams and each had about three to four tables put together. It was awkward at first but later I made many friends. Everyone was nice: the helpers, the students and the teachers. Thanks to everyone, I have become what I am now! We went on a number of trips but there is one I remember above all. It was our trip to the Dubai Police Dog Training Centre. They asked for volunteers to show how the police dogs are trained and so I volunteered and I wish I never had! They made us pick a bag each, and in one of these bags there was a drug. Unfortunately, it was in my bag, and when the dog began sniffing the bags it realized that my bag was the ‘one’. As soon as it came close, I panicked and started running as fast as I could, with it was chasing after me. If the policeman hadn’t stopped the dog only God knows where I would have been by now! I wanted to cry at that moment but my friends were laughing and the teachers were scared. It was a very frightening experience but fun as well, and I learned first- hand how important and smart police dogs are.

Doha, 11B

When I first came to Al Salam I had big hopes and dreams as this was the place I was going to spend my final years of high school before moving on to university. I expected that like all schools there would be some students who'd be mean but on the contrary, everyone was nice to each other, which was something new for me. I wasn’t expecting to get to know most of the kids until the end of the first week but I made a number of friends on the first day itself! I thought that the teaching here would be like it was in my old school - directly from the textbook which is a pain in the head, but most teachers only referred to their book and taught us themselves, making sure we wrote our own notes from our understanding of the topic. I didn't encounter any ‘strict’ teacher as most of them were very well-mannered and polite. Finally, after a few weeks, I realised Al Salam was a school meant for me; it had a great environment, well-behaved students, amazing teachers and a curriculum that was easily understandable. What more can I say? Al Salam is a great school. It’s only my second year here, so let’s see what surprises it has in store for me!

Syed Bilal, 10A

I don't remember much of my first day of school, considering it was about 7 years ago, when I was in Year 4, but the one memory I do have is of thinking the school was 'HUGE'. The first person I met was Mrs Sue and I remember how sweet, kind and welcoming she was to me. She helped me to my class and assigned some students to show me around. Another of my earliest memories is of Mrs Amanda talking to a boy about his behaviour, which made me behave whenever she was around, but later I learned how fun and kind she is. I don't remember much of my first day of school but at the end of the day, I was stunned beyond belief at how kind-hearted the teachers were. They were and still are the best teachers ever in the best school ever!

Hanna, 10A

Fatma Ali Nasser, 10A

Twelve years ago, a little girl walked into Al Salam. She was crying because she was afraid; everyone was so big and tall while she was so tiny. Then there came a lady with a face of light, who bent down and patted her on the back saying, "There is no need to cry. You are at home." Twelve years later, I'm still in Al Salam and the only difference is I no longer cry because I know that I am at home.

I have changed schools multiple times but Al Salam is the school that made me stay. My first day at Al Salam was amazing. All the students were friendly to me and treated me nicely, I finally felt that school was actually a second home. On my first day I met my best friends Jazil, Basil, Ruhaab and Ahmed Jamal. They showed me around the school, telling me where to go and who to talk to if I had any trouble. The teachers were also nice to me and their teaching was simple yet very understandable. All in all my first day at Al Salam was one of the best days of my life since Al Salam is the best school I attended in my life. I hope it only changes for the better.

Mohamed Hazem, 10A

My first day of Year 4 in a new school was rather odd, really. I was really scared of what was going to happen because of my past experiences, which weren’t all that fun. So I just took a deep breath and took my first steps into my new school. I tried to keep a low profile so nobody would notice me or bully me. The fact was that I was shy as well. When I finally reached my class, I found that the class teacher, Mrs Sadaf, was an amazing teacher. She, too, was new at the time. She helped me when I needed it. A boy greeted me as I walked in. I won't say who he was, but he was one of my first friends; a quiet but amazing person to hang out with. Later on in the year, I realized everyone in class was my friend. All of them treated me like someone they had known for a long time. The periods went one after another and there wasn’t a single period without a smile on my face. This school really is my second home with all my teachers and friends. The first day in my new school was one of my best and I will never forget it. Ruhaab Sheikh, 10A

At the age of 4, I do not quite remember my first impression of the school, or at the time, kindergarten. I can only recall minor flashbacks, yet I can tell by numerous old KG photos that my stay for a year at Al Salam was enjoyable. I will never forget my teachers, friends I've made and countless joyous occasions I have encountered in the school. One of the few things I have noticed is that although small, Al Salam stood out for its very family-like behaviour. In the first grade, I had shifted to another school nearby, but I could tell even then it was not the same. Even though it was only for a year and I was at such a young age, you could tell that I felt homesick. Returning in Grade 2 made me feel as though I had returned home.

Adela Ansara, 10A

In life you always will need someone to help you when you fall. We in Al Salam have some special people who truly help us. The amazing thing is that they are actually called helpers. Our helpers have helped us grow and learn just as much as our teachers have helped us learn and grow. Fatma Ali Nasser, 10 A

Ah… I still remember the first day of school, my dad had taken the wrong route to school and instead was taking us to work with him(I think he forgot we were in the car). So I reminded my dad that school wasn’t along this route, and he replied by saying, “Oops! We were going the wrong way.” As expected, we were late to school on the first day! The first thing I did was to keep my head down when trying to find the class 3A. I was having horrible luck locating the class and went to the first teacher I could find. I asked Mrs. Sadaf, “Um…. do you know where 3A is?” and she replied, “It’s right behind you.” I walked into class wondering how I couldn’t find something that was right behind me! As I entered the class I was greeted by Mrs. Sonia. With that, I sat down on a chair all alone, but then Ahmad walked up to me and asked if he could sit next to me. And from then on ... I think you can guess the rest. I honestly think no other school is as caring as Al Salam.

Syed Jazil, 10 A

I remember when I first entered my class room on my first day at Al Salam Private School. I was obviously very nervous sitting down with my head down on realizing that everyone was staring at me. After around 10 minutes of nervousness, Mrs. Sue entered and asked if there was anyone who was new. I was the only new student. I raised my hand and she looked at me and said to the class “You all need to be very watchful, because I know she is very intelligent.” I felt like a star, even though I didn’t know how she knew me. Mrs Sue made my day. Areeba Rizvi, 10B

Having spent almost 13 exceptional years in Al Salam, there are many great moments to look back and laugh about, but one precious memory that is dear to my heart, which took place in recent years is when my class of 2012-2013 9B had won both ‘Assembly of the year’ and ‘Class of the year’ awards, two years running. We hope to keep that streak alive in the coming years too. I particularly enjoyed the pizza party we had after that – It’s a memory that I hope to cherish forever.

Funmi, 10 B

I have been to only two schools in my life. My previous school was huge in terms of size and facilities, but it failed to give me a sense of belonging. In Al Salam however, everybody feels a sense of belonging. It’s like being part of a big family where everybody knows everyone else. I still remember walking into the school campus filled with thoughts of insecurity and fear. Soon enough, they were replaced with a sense of pride and respect for all that Al Salam represents. I have made friends who will last a life time and teachers who I will look up to and hold in high esteem all my life. Mrs Sue, our Headmistress, is a role model, a truly altruistic person who has given her life to bring out the best in many generations of students. In all sincerity, I can say that Al Salam has indeed prepared me for a successful life ahead.

Verdah Faisal, 10 B

I've been in Al Salam Private School since the past one year only. I joined in Year 9 and I had absolutely no idea about the school, but when I entered the class, I found a loving teacher, Ms Neetal and friendly classmates who soon came up and talked to me. They were all nice and I grew to like my class, 9B which went on to win the ‘Best class of the year’ award. I'm really thankful to all my teachers who helped me improve in everything! Besides academics, the school has a fun side too and we did interesting activities such as watching a theatre performance of the Shakespearean play "Romeo and Juliet"at the Madinat Jumeirah. The most remarkable event throughout the year was the class assembly in which I was a main character. Our class practised a lot for it and together we were able to make it ‘the best assembly of the year’. Rahaaf Sheikho, 10B

There are so many events that have left a lifelong impression on my mind; one particular instance is my graduation ceremony at the end of Year 6. I felt elated to wear the graduation cap and gown. The rendition of “Reach for the stars” by my class is still echoing in my mind. It was an amazing experience! Shiza Athar, 9 A

Al Salam has given me a treasure trove of wonderful memories. One of my favourite events has been the ‘Teachers’ Day’ celebrations of 2013. Everyone truly enjoyed the day. For once, the students did all the hard work and got a feel of the depth and range of a teacher’s responsibility. Looking forward to more fun events at Al Salam. Nia, 9 A

Al Salam Private School provides a well secured environment where everyone is ready to help you. It’s the best place to make friends and bond with wonderful teachers. The teachers are very supportive; they have literally become my second set of parents. Today, I’m proud to be a part of the silver jubilee celebrations of the school. East or west, Al Salam is the best! Rimaz Rizmi, 9 A

It was just another Thursday for everyone, but for me, it was probably the scariest yet most exciting Thursday ever. That was the day when Year 8A had their assembly in front of the whole school. I was nervous because I thought I might forget my lines, but my amazing and supportive friends and teachers helped me through it. It might not have won the best assembly of the year award, but for our class, it was the best assembly of the century! Mory, 9A

In the summer of Year 6, I kept thinking to myself what the teachers in high school would be like. I thought that they were just like those strict teachers on TV wearing scary glasses and holding a metal stick. As soon as I stepped into class for our New Year in Year 7, it was a scary feeling, but as each teacher came in they were very welcoming. When I got home and thought about the day, I felt happy because it reminded me of the good old days in Grade 6. There is a saying that goes “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family “. However, I have chosen Al Salam Private School as my family. Aaliyah, 9 B

My first day at Al Salam was indeed a memorable one. The teachers and students made me feel absolutely at home; and to this very day Al Salam has been nothing but more than home for me! Arooba, 9 B

People always say, “Home is the place where we want to go to and run away from.” When I wake up in the morning, I wish school didn’t exist. But if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have anything to be proud of or have the people we trust right now. Al Salam feels like home. But with rules. From teachers who are like our second parents and the students who are like our family. I’m just really happy my parents enrolled me here. And when everything is done, I know this will be the place I will miss the most. Donya Naseri, 8A

I have been in Al Salam since KG 2. I started to walk my path, through the halls of love, greatness, learning and emotions. I was still a small bird hoping for something great. I was found by my teachers, weak and raw. As I walked more and more, I found I wasn’t raw anymore! I felt as if I was on cloud nine. It was a beautiful feeling. Everyone helped me come up, not go down. They were very helpful, they gave me love, warmth and affection. They made me feel at home. I love all the teachers especially the one and only, our Headmistress, Ms. Sue, who made my life better. She’s the master of all love and happiness. I love her. She helped me get my award in Grade 7 and helped me become who I am now, a lion full of courage; but before I was a weak bird. I give my thanks to Ms. Sue and all my teachers. Thank you! Nada Mohammad, 8B

Al Salam Private School is a very caring school. They take care of every single problem you have and make it comfortable for us to study and do other things. I have never spent more than a year in any school, but in Al Salam, this is my fifth year! I am honored to be studying in this wonderful school. The teachers here provide for your every need and treat you equally. I enjoy being in class, because the teachers here are not only teachers, they are friends as well. They honestly make studying fun. Everyone here is amazing. All the students are friendly and no one is ever left out. I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave this school. Graduating here is my dream. I’m genuinely happy to be here. Sadaf Shafiee, 8B

Al Salam is like my second home. I love being in this school because everyone treats me and others as special students. I have never felt incomplete or been considered unequal. Since KG 1, I have been loved and cared for by my teachers. They are my second mums. I have spent a lot of precious time in this school and had the best memories with my friends and teachers. I have been taught a lot by my teachers and they took good care of us. My principal, Ms. Sue, has done a lot to make the school a great place where children feel comfortable and find it a fun place. I don’t know how to thank my school for giving me such good memories for being kind, polite and fair with me. I will just say thank you for everything. Tayba, 8B Well, to me, Al Salam has been my best friend. The kind teachers are my loving mothers and fathers. My years in Al Salam have been, simply put, a dream come true. The teachers are very understanding, the coordinators do their very best to make us feel comfortable. My friends and I laugh and play in lunch time and during class. We get a good education at Al Salam. Thank you Al Salam. Thank you. My life is now, from a nightmare, changed into a lovely dream. Anonymous Being in Al Salam private school is not a small thing. It’s the best school I have ever been to. I have been in Al Salam for the past six years. What I like about my school is that it’s bully free and it’s easier to make friends. If we ever have problems we can ask our teachers for help. I have enjoyed every year here. I hope that my experiences in this school will remain the same because I don’t want to go to another school. Affan Dar, 7A My journey in Al Salam started eight years ago, and it has been the best journey ever. I have made friends and have good teachers, who are very kind and helpful. I had and have a good reputation, all thanks to my teachers and friends. According to me, ‘everyone’ in this school means a lot to me. I have good grades and a good reputation. Having this opportunity to join Al Salam is something really good because as far as I know, most of my relatives have been in this school or nursery, and some still are. I have heard a lot about this school, good mostly. If there is a better school than Al Salam, name it. Because in my opinion, Al Salam is the best school ever! Abdullah Abdul Rahim, 7A

I’ve been in Al Salam for four years and I’m very happy to be here. Why? This is because we have such kind loving teachers who care for us. When I think of my sisters bothering me at home and my mum shouting, ‘’Do your homework!’, ‘Eat your food!’, ‘Go to bed!’ it makes me sad. When I come to school however, my teachers and friends cheer me up. How can I forget my beautiful and caring Headmistress, Mrs. Sue. Just hearing her name makes me happy and when I look at her I feel as though my mom is standing in front of me. I like her a lot. My kind teachers from Year 4 have taught me a lot. In my old school, I was a really bad student, but now I’m very good and I study hard. Ms Sue, I know you will be reading this and I just want to say, you’ve made this school, not just a school but a family. Arisha Asif, 7A

My first year in Al Salam was in third grade. As I entered the school building, emotions of fear and anxiety rushed in; the teachers and students were all strangers to me. As soon as I entered my class, the teacher introduced me to my classmates and designated a seat for me. I started crying shortly afterwards but I blamed it on a stomach ache. Nevertheless, the teacher was there to comfort me and to my surprise some students comforted me as well. All feelings of nervousness disappeared, thanks to them. It didn't take long for me to fit in and make friends and so I am more than proud to call Al Salam my second home.

Laila Zaidan, 11A

Al Salam. This school has made me the person I am today. It is what has made me confident and capable of telling between right or wrong. Our teachers aren’t just our teachers. They’re family, and it’s amazing how they can influence us so profoundly. To me it doesn’t matter what others say about their schools, or teachers, because I say that our teachers, are hands down, The Best, and our school is The Best! I remember all the moments I’ve had with my teachers, such as the trip to the NASA space camp in the USA: I was feeling a tad down, missing my parents back home, and Mrs Matthew came to me and made me feel better. Mr Shaju was always looking out for us, making sure we were all safe! Then came the trip to France where Mrs Sheila and Mrs Nima took care of us as though we were their own! Indeed, we have fantastic teachers such as Mrs Sunita! She’s brilliant at what she does, and has her ways of keeping us up during class with her meaningful quotes. I’d love to write about all my teachers, but that would take all day and night, there are just too many amazing things about them. It all started when I was in Year 9. I was admitted into hospital because of my diagnosis. I wasn’t able to attend school for a couple of months, and to be honest, I didn’t know how my teachers and Mrs. Sue would react to this. I thought they wouldn’t know how everything went downhill for me, that they might be angry or even disappointed. It never occurred to me that they would know what I was going through, so I was kind of scared of their response. I was surprised to get letters and cards not just from the teachers who taught me, but also from the teachers who hadn’t, the management team and Mrs. Sue. All of them wished me good days ahead and assured me that they would keep me in their prayers. They told me that they were always there if I needed anything. They only wanted me to get better, and they all cared. This is when I realized that all the teachers working in Al Salam do care for us, and want the best for us. I am really thankful to have my teachers and Mrs. Sue. Al Salam is truly my second home.

Sure, they are strict at times, and they have all the right to be! Our batch was always a handful, and still is, but at the end of the day, we’re always grateful to them for helping us achieve whatever we have. I’d like to thank Mrs Sue for providing us with a school like Al Salam. Without this, and without her, none of this would have been possible. Without our school, we would’ve never gotten the honour of being students of such wonderful teachers. Thank You! Abshar Shezan, 11A

Marium Ashraf, 11B M

I remember in Year 9 we formed a business for a project. We were competing to see who would raise the maximum amount against our rivals, 9B. We raised a total of about 600 dirhams and won with a difference of around 50 dirhams. We went crazy with all the sales. Some of us even dragged people along with us to coax them to buy our products. I came a bit late after it had all started. I took a box full of goods and went around asking/persuading/ forcing people to buy but didn’t really manage to sell much. After all the sales had ended, Amal and I started counting the money. We had raised about 594 dirhams. Some of us put in donations to bring the total to a round figure of 600 dirhams. There had been a bit of an argument the previous day that we weren’t to sell the same things as the other group and they gave us a list of things which we weren’t to sell; I personally thought we wouldn’t be able to sell anything, but we got through and won at the end. Ruhaab Sheikh, 10A

In Year 1, I got admission into Al Salam and was really pleased to be in a really colourful and happy environment. When I actually got into class, I felt as though I was in danger because there was a huge teacher standing in front of me! Well, I eventually got over that fact and sat down next to another student who was new. As the class progressed, the teacher kept asking me questions over and over, and I know that sounds annoying but honestly, that made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence. I didn't have any issues with my friends or the teachers from that day onwards! Safi Nabil, 11B

When people ask me "Tell us about your past experiences in Al Salam," I usually find it difficult as I have had a number of memorable experiences along my journey in school. One incident that stands out in my mind and that I really appreciate is what the school did for us when we had a field trip to a factory. Sadly, the factory was closed but the school didn't want us to feel depressed so they cheered us up by taking us to the beach and buying us ice creams. Fatma Ali Nasser,10A

Many events took place during my stay in Al Salam during Grades 2 to 5. Yet one particular embarrassing story takes the trophy. It was during Grade 3, on Arabic Day. I was instructed by one of the teachers to rush up to the 3rd floor to find a helper who could assist us for the day's performance in the current multi-purpose hall. Never declining an opportunity to go off on an adventure and explore the school, I accepted and set off to the 3rd floor of the school, which at the time was not fully furnished. I did not know the way and began walking in circles searching for a helper whom I could approach for assistance. Soon, after losing my way and ending up completely lost, being the child that I was, I sat and cried in a corner, thinking I would be stuck up here forever. Luckily for me, Mrs. Sara (who till this day still has to cope with me and teach me Arabic) found me and brought me back downstairs. I'm not quite sure she would remember this, but I for one will never forget it! Adela Ansara, 10A

I think one of the main things that make the school as special as it is, is its staff. Apart from a few, I've had the pleasure of learning from pretty much all the teachers I've had. I can even remember many helpers, in class or in the halls, always hard at work and ready to help. I am currently in Year 10, and I must say, the work done by teachers and helpers is truly amazing. I feel special that many teachers and helpers I've had in the lower years still remember my name and the memories we've shared. Adela Ansara, 10A

I guess that the best memory I have about our school is the day we had a carnival, in 2008. That was one of my favourite days at school. Students participated and took time to help collect money for charity. It was a lot of fun because not just the students, but also teachers and parents had loads of fun. There were draws with good prizes and lots and lots of games. I also remember that we had to buy tickets and for every ticket we could play a game to win a prize. There were songs being played on request and it was an amazing environment to be in. Syed Jazil, 10A

During my school years at Al Salam I’ve had many memories but I am going to mention one hilarious memory that happened in Year 6. It was nearly the end of the year and all of my friends gathered together in the basketball court. We were all excited about the summer, and gathered around one friend, teasing him. It started off as joke but we ended up in Mrs. Amanda’s office. This is a memory I will always remember from my school years. Many incidents are deeply fixed in my memory since then, and I will always cherish them. Saif Jehad, 10B

I have been in this school since Kindergarten and I have many memories, some happy, others sad, exciting, miserable and embarrassing. No matter how good or bad they might be, I will never forget them because each memory has taught me something and some are the reason I smile every day. One of my most embarrassing moments was in Year 2. It was Recycling Day and each of us had to get a newspaper or an empty plastic bottle for recycling. Since I had forgotten to get one, my friends told me to drink up my juice so I could recycle the plastic bottle. I drank the contents of the bottle but drank so quickly that I couldn’t handle it and threw up on my friends’ shoes in front of the entire class. I was so extremely embarrassed that I started crying, which probably made things worse. Even though I cried then I can laugh about it now!! Alwed Al Falasi, 10A When I was in Year 6, I used to get lollipops for my friends and myself. During the break I was having my lollipop while playing hide and seek with my friends when suddenly out of nowhere someone pulled the lollipop out of my mouth from behind me. I shouted and turned ... and saw my lollipop in Mrs. Sue’s hand! It was quite embarrassing for me as I shouted at her unknowingly but then she laughed and warned me not to bring lollipops to school again. Kimiya Khezri, 10 B I joined Al Salam nine years ago, back in 2004. Since then, my personality has developed positively and I have made many new friends. I have crossed many obstacles in my life with the help and support of my teachers, my Coordinators and my Headmistress. “Every child is special” is not just a slogan here but truly means that every child is special in his or her own way. Here, you learn how to respect other people, make new friends but most importantly, learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. You learn to look at the positive aspects of things but also think about negatives. I’m proud to say I am a student at Al Salam Private School where we stay together as a family, no matter what. Emir Awchi, 10B I remember we had a trip to Al Ain in Year 6, for two days and one night and it was and will forever be the most phenomenal trip since I was with all my friends. My room mates were Mohamed Ahmed and Nasser; I remember shooting toy guns with Mohamed Ahmed during our free time in our room while Nasser watched us and laughed at us. We went to the zoo; it was crowded so it took time to enter the zoo. In the zoo, we saw a large variety of animals from monkeys to tigers. The main attraction was the white tiger but we never got to see it as it was asleep. Later, we went to a dinosaur show which was quite boring and crowded. We were all quite tired due to boredom. We finally left the zoo and went back to the hotel and the next day we went back to school.

In May 2012, our class 8B won the 'Best Class of the First Term' award. It was quite10B shocking, Yousef Magdy, to be frank, considering our class was a nightmare...or so we thought. After the assembly, where we got our certificate, we were all very excited and talked nonstop about it. None of us had expected to win this award which led us to take it quite lightly; we thought the only reason we won was because we weren't as mischievous as the other classes but we were wrong. According to the teachers, we won because we were the best class and that made us very proud. Getting that award was a very happy and inspiring moment which pushed us to win the award the year after that as well. Mariam, 10B

Two years ago in 2011 our school took us on an international trip to France, which is by far one of the greatest trips in Al Salam history! (I think everyone who went on that trip would agree) It was incredible mainly because we were able to travel abroad and experience a new culture in a new country. I remember when all of us girls would meet up in one room, stay up late and share horror stories. We were in the middle of a spooky story when we heard a horrendous bang! We screamed and scrambled to hide behind each other, even falling off the bed to the floor with fear in the process. We later found out that the noise was one of our friends who slipped and fell in the bathroom. Fortunately, no one got hurt and we carried on having a good time. Tanya Raad, 10B

I have been a student of Al Salam since nursery and I have many wonderful memories here. One of the best was our Al Ain trip. All my best friends were there with me and we enjoyed every bit of time together. As we reached Al Ain, we went to Al Ain Mall. We had lunch there and did some fun activities. Then we went to the zoo! It was the funniest time ever as most of the animals were taking a nap. My friends and I went to a shop and bought fake snakes, which glowed at night. We enjoyed scaring our teachers and our classmates with them. At night, we had dinner at the hotel and later went back to our rooms. Wanting to make the most of our trip however, my roommate and I decided to go to our friends’ room and enjoy our time. Next day, we packed our bags and were ready to head back to Dubai.

Mohamed Salah, 10B

I believe that Al Salam has consistently become bigger and better over the last 25 years. It was pleasure learning from all our teachers under the supervision of Mrs. Sue who was always kind enough to offer any help if needed. I will always miss and love Al Salam. Zainul Abedin, Alumni Although I was not in Al Salam for very long, I had a great sense of belonging. Many of my best friends are from Al Salam, and the time I spent here has contributed greatly to who I have become and will become in the near future. Ii would like to extend my best regards to all my teachers and school faculty, especially Mrs Sunita for her great words of wisdom, Mrs Sue for her love and kindness which made me feel comfortable through the academic year I spent in AlSalam, and you, Mrs Mathew for guiding me. I have a vision that you will have a great Founders Day!! M. Amin Hamidavi, Alumni I could not witness the love of Al Salam the way my fellow class mates did because I was not there from KG but I can say this proudly: I appreciate Al Salam more than anyone in the school. My class mates always received love from Al Salam so they had no idea what it is like to be in another school. Al Salam is the school that provides a second chance for those people who deserve it. Being a person who was expelled from his previous school for aggressive behavior, I had no hopes of getting into a school such as this, but I was given another chance. This does not mean the school accepts just anyone, it means the school has a heart that trusts people, and eyes that can see what other schools do not. I was fortunate to spend 3 great years in Al Salam. I miss each and every one. Oh, and one last thing, if the students think they can get away from Mrs Viji when they haven't done their homework...they’re mistaken. Love and miss you all. My regards to Mr Taher, Ms Sadaf and the lovely Mrs Sue. Mohammad Muneeb, Alumni Our school days ...the most amazing days of our lives when there was no responsibility of the real world but only the huge tension of completing homework in a given period of time. Al Salam is my second home, as I studied here for the past 15 years. Each time I remember my school days, I cherish each and every moment spent there. School days were the best days of my life. Happy Birthday to Al Salam on completing 25 years. :) Ayesha Riyaz, Alumni

"The idea of 'home' is very subjective. For some, it's their family. For others, it's a peaceful library or a soccer field. For me, home is, quite simply, Al Salam. It is hard to feel completely at ease in a place, but no place is safer, warmer or more loving than Al Salam. I have spent my childhood within its walls, I have had amazing experiences with its amazing people, and I became who I am today because of Al Salam's caring atmosphere. At Al Salam, I was accepted because of my eccentricities, not inspite of them. It is rare to find an institution so devoted to shaping its students into such wonderfully well-rounded individuals. I'm so lucky to have been a part of the Al Salam family - not only because Mrs Sue's smile brightened the hallways each morning, but also because my teachers and classmates made school fun, rather than a chore. Happy Founder's Day, Al Salam. I have only been gone for a few months, but I already miss you." Noorhan Sami, Alumni

Happy 25th anniversary Al Salam - the school that made me who I am today! This isn't just a dramatic play of words, but is as meaningful as it sounds. Al Salam shaped me significantly. My caring teachers did not view teaching as an occupation but something more than that; a cherished vocation. Their approachable and guiding natures are the reasons I now benefit from critical thinking and wise decision making. In Al Salam I also made friends who created a borderless community and welcomed me. Making these friends, and interacting with my teachers and Al Salam's loving Headmistress changed my destiny for the better; it has helped mould my future. I thank you for devoting your time and effort selflessly and helping me. I apologize for not realising this wonderful school's priceless and exceptional value until I had left it. My sincerest apologies to all those I didn't give the best of treatment to. Have a great day Al Salam! Omar Al Awamry, Alumni

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