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Alsager Sixth Form

Sixth Form Prospectus

‘A good school with outstanding features’ OFSTED 2009


Welcome to Alsager Sixth Form Thank you for expressing an interest in Alsager Sixth Form. Alsager School has a strong academic tradition and achieves outstanding results, and our Sixth Form builds on these excellent foundations we have developed in Key Stage 3 and 4. We provide relevant, stimulating and varied learning opportunities in preparation for the world of higher education and work. Our results are well above the national average; year on year over 50% of our results are at A* - B grade. Any student that works for their best possible results will get them at Alsager Sixth Form. Teaching in our Sixth Form is of the highest quality and students enjoy some state of the art facilities too. For example, every student is offered their own notebook and our new Performing Arts building is truly cutting edge. We believe that every student deserves an opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Learning takes place within a caring and supportive framework. We are proud of our academic record but also take great pride in the level of individual support we give to our students. In the Alsager Sixth Form we offer a curriculum which encompasses a blend of experiences to suit individual needs and aspirations. Employers and Higher Education Institutions demand a wide range of skills including teamwork, communication and leadership. Our Sixth Form prepares all students for the challenges associated with university, work and further training. We welcome students who are determined to work hard and succeed. We very much look forward to working with you closely over the next two years.

Richard Middlebrook Headteacher

Dear Students and Parents It is our hope that by reading this prospectus you will be given a real feel and understanding of the excellent learning environment you will experience if you choose to study here in September. From our perspective as students, we can certainly verify the praise you will hear when referring to the Sixth Form. Alsager’s reputation as a school of excellent academic achievement speaks for itself. It is a challenging and stimulating environment, where you are encouraged and supported in achieving your own personal goals. As well as developing your academic skills, the Sixth Form also moulds you into a well-rounded, confident adult. The facilities available when you become a student are of a remarkably high standard. These include amenities such as the Learning Resource Centre (which is now available during most study periods), the Common Room and state-of-the-art Workroom. Many opportunities exist throughout the year to engage in personal development, involving participation in charity events and workshops with outside organisations such as the Police, Health Services and Higher Education institutions. The Sixth Form balances personal and academic development, independent and teacher supported study, hard work and freedom. If you are motivated and determined to put effort into your studies then we very much look forward to seeing you in September. Yours Sincerely,

Jimmy Newman and Kate Bryan Head Boy and Head Girl


Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

Student Voice As a Year 13 student at Alsager School in 2010-11 I was on the Student Leadership Group. After finishing my A-Level examinations, I was offered the job as Student Voice Co-ordinator. Opting for a deferred, 2012 entry to Chester University, I accepted the job offer and have enjoyed my time working here. My duties range from leading assemblies in both the High School and its partner primary schools and managing the Student Leadership Group, a council made up of Head Boy, Head Girl, deputies, four college links and a PINC Advisor. Aside from that I continue to help to organise tournaments and events for the primary schools in the Alsager Community Trust and run extra-curricular activities for the school. Also I have attended Trust Forums to get the student voice heard; including discussions with Governors and Head Teachers from the town’s primary schools. My time as a student at this school and Sixth Form was brilliant, my time as a member of staff is equally enjoyable, albeit a little unusual at first. I learnt new skills, undertook my first full-time job and embarked on a new project for myself, Alsager School and it’s Sixth Form.

Dan Hancock Student Voice Co-ordinator

Student Voice

Our Sixth Form offers...

‘The curriculum is adapted well to the needs of students who join the Sixth Form. A broad range of additional activities contributes well, both to the students’ personal development and their enjoyment of life in the Sixth Form.’ OFSTED 2009

High quality learning and teaching and a strong track record of academic success. Superb facilities including a lap-top computer for every Sixth Form student and a dedicated Sixth Form study centre. Excellent student support to help every student achieve their very best. A wide range of courses including A-Levels and BTECs and the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification. A superb range of subjects are offered ranging from Fine Art to Politics. A full list of the courses is available on our website. This year we are excited to be offering additional subjects such as Spanish, BTEC Media Studies and Photography. A comprehensive enrichment and extension programme to prepare students for life beyond the Sixth Form including Key Skills for Leadership programme.

Monitoring and assessment of progress During the course of each academic year there are 4 assessment points when students ‘ progress is assessed against their target grades. If students are not on target they are offered extra support, advice and guidance by means of the ‘Back on Track’intervention programme.

“Everyone was really welcoming here and I settled in very quickly! I am really enjoying this year and I’m so glad I came here!” “One of my favourite things about the Sixth Form is that everyone here wants to learn and succeed which makes the environment in lessons more positive.” “The Sixth Form have been so supportive in guiding me through my UCAS application. I have had great support from all of my teachers through the confusing process of applying for university!” “The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The upper Sixth Formers have been helpful with informing us on how to manage our work load.”

What our students say

What our students say

Outside the classroom We encourage our students to become involved in the life of the Sixth Form and in the school as a whole. Beyond the classroom students can become involved in the Sixth Form Council and the Student Leadership Group. They can also undertake charity work and participate in numerous visits both at home and abroad. Sixth Form students are also actively involved in supporting pupils in the lower school and working with the four school colleges. The Sixth Form offers a detailed Enrichment Programme preparing students for adult life. Issues covered include personal safety, driving skills and university application procedure. Students also have access to the sporting facilities at the on-site Leisure Centre. Our students have access to many opportunities to study and explore beyond the classroom. In recent years students have visited New York, Prague, the French Alps, Berlin, Venice and Barcelona.

Outside the classroom

Contacts This prospectus only gives a glimpse of what life is like at Alsager School...many more details which will be important to you, including our full range of Post 16 courses, are covered on: We try hard to keep the website up to date - you’ll often find it worthwhile checking it before ringing school. Other ways of keeping in touch are: by post: Alsager School Hassall Road Alsager Stoke on Trent ST7 2HR by phone: 01270 871122 by fax: 01270 871139 or by

Sixth Form Prospectus  

Alsager School Sixth Form Prospectus

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