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Health and well being Health – NHS Direct online health advise. – good health advice for students, written by doctors. – health advice for travelling abroad. Sexual health – Brook – free advice on sexual health and contraception – Family Planning Association - information, advice and support on all aspects of sexual health, sex and relationships and emergency contraceptives – Cheshire gay, lesbian and bisexual charity giving support, information & advice. Alcohol and drugs – national drugs helpline Drinkline Helpline: 0800 917 8282 Subject of violence - Victim supportline 0845 3030 900 - provides a range of specialist services for women and girls that have been raped or experienced another form of sexual violence Good mental health - get help, advice & support with anything that’s causing you stress, hardship or embarrassment - Cheshire charity, based in Congleton, dedicated to improving the health, in particular the mental health, of young people. - counselling service for children and young people. - promotes the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people. – helpline number 08457 909090 - Self-injury guidance and network support. Stress management Helpline no 01708 765200 emotional support & info on exam stress - useful exercises and information on a range of issues including stress. – stress tests, relaxation techniques - general info – NHS site with games theme. –Texas University website with good stress relief techniques. Revision tips

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