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Applied Science Teachers in Charge of Subject: Mrs Cogan

Entry Requirements: GCSE Science at grade C or higher (or Btec Science Merit) is required.

Course Details: This course follows a balanced programme covering biology, chemistry and physics. It will allow you to study how science is applied to many different types of professions and industries. The focus of the course is scientific usage concentrating on how scientists and others use science in their work. During this course you will be given the opportunity to visit scientific workplaces and meet people who use science on a daily basis. You will also learn how science contributes to our lifestyle and the environment in which we live. AS units

Investigating Science at Work Energy Transfer systems Finding out about substances

A2 units

Planning and carrying out a scientific investigation Controlling chemical processes Sports Science



67% Coursework

33% Exam


67% Coursework

33% Exam

Career Options:

This course is excellent for gaining ideas about employment opportunities in science as well as good preparation for courses in Higher or Further Education. Universities recognise the value of this qualification in relation to science and it supports any vocational based science career e.g. nursing, midwifery, science technician, forensic science.

4 Applied Science  

67% Coursework 33% Exam 67% Coursework 33% Exam Exams/Coursework: Entry Requirements: Teachers in Charge of Subject: Mrs Cogan Career Option...

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