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Psychology Teacher in Charge of Subject: Mrs Camm

Entry Requirements: A grade B GCSE in both Science and English is preferred

Course Details: Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. AS Level:  

Module 1: Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Research Methods Module 2: Biological Psychology, social Psychology and individual differences.

Assessment is through short structured questions. A2 Level:  

Module 3: a variety of interesting topics including Biological Rhythms, Relationships and Eating Behaviour. Module 4: Psychopathology (Phobias), Psychology in Action (Addictive Behaviour) and Research Methods.

Exams/Coursework: AS

100% Exams


100% Exams

AS Two 1 ½ hour exams A2 Two exams, one of 1 ½ hours and one of 2 hours

Career Options: Previous students have gone on to a variety of University courses, e.g. Psychology, Law, Medicine, Business, Media, Criminology, Sports and other Social Sciences. It is also a useful preparation for Nursing, Social Work and Teaching.

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