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I dream of bein g a visionary, to come up with things people wants to see before they even know they want to see them

Roudha Al Sabousi, An Emirati artist born in 1990. Roudha is a passionate art enthusiast. Her zeal for art is often exhibited by her vivid photographs and lucid drawings. She loves to express her graphic designs and visions through various illustration-based drawings. Roudha dedicates her spare time in community service by volunteering at various charity events. Roudha’s charm and fondness for vibrance and elegance is often depicted in her work and actions.


KHASHMK Project About KHASHMK KHASHMK is an An interactive cultural campaign that aims to ra i s e t h e awa re n e s s o f t h e importance of preserving the Emarati dialect


Brand Logo Full Colour CMYK

Primary Colours

White on Pink ED1D7E

White on Black

Black on White



Campaign Teaser

Brand Application (Graphic Tees)


Brand Application (Twitter account)

An interface where people can communicate with us, share thoughts and discus issues.

Brand Application (Comic strip sneak peak)

“Gasser Eldoob� is a series of c omic stories raised in the local dialect. Telling stories and comic situations with an Emarati look and feel and with Emarati heroes

EDGE Branding About EDGE EDGE is the senior student exhibition from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, Dubai

EDGE Tickets & Other application (Exhibition Logo, Posters, VIP invitations and Evites)

Cards Project About the Project Around the globe designers ar e working to develop sustainable solutions to product packaging. They strive to cr eateless waste and “wow” people with the designs they put on the shelf. For this project, we have contributed to this initiative by creating an environmentally conscious and r eusable package: a deck of car ds. This imaginative and collabor ative project isn’t just fun and games. It was an opportunity to showcase our individual expressiveness in card form by developing our illustr ative, typographic, and conceptual skills within packaging design.



Contact Information

Roudha Alsabousi +971551949553

Roudha Al Sabousi Portfolio (Graphic Design)  
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