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As a hobby RC vehicles have always been very popular. This is a pastime which can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. Many dads love to enjoy time playing outside with their RC car or helicopter while spending quality time with their children. If you are into flying RC helicopters then you are going to just love this Syma s107 Review. First off what is so cool about this helicopter is that it has two main rotors stacked on top of one another. They actually spin in opposite directions and this helps to reduce the torque. This also goes a long way in increasing the stability of the helicopter. This stability factor is what makes the Syma s107 perfect for the newcomer to flying RC helicopters. The Syma s107 is available in a variety of colors, but due to its popularity you may have a hard time finding the color of your choice! So start searching today for the best prices and color available. The remote controller which you get with this product has three channels. This simply means that you will get less interference from other RC users nearby. Inside your box you will also have a USB cable which allows you to recharge your helicopter in about thirty minutes when you plug it into your PC. Once the unit is fully charged the light will turn a bright red. After the battery is fully charged it is best to wait around 15 minutes before flying your Syma S107 helicopter, as this allows plenty of time for the battery to cool down. Your alternative option for recharging your battery is by using the remote. This will take 6 AA batteries, so if this helicopter is a gift, it would be nice to include batteries as well. The newest version of the Syma s107 is very light weight as it now has an aluminum frame. Being constructed this way is perfect as it makes this helicopter virtually indestructible. Great for children or the beginner to flying RC helicopters. Flying time for the Syma s107 is around 8 minutes with a thirty minute charge. The helicopter can fly in six different directions. Up and down, back and forward and can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise. As with any type of good product on the market there will be some sites which are attempting to sell fakes. By doing your research and reading several Syma s107 Review sites you won't have any problems in learning how to identify the original product from a fake. Some signs of a fake Syma s107 are with the rotor blades looking different and the outlet plug being round when it should be square. There will also be a warning label on a true s107 model, the fake models only have the word 'warning' written on it.

Overall this Syma s107 review found that this product is more than worth its price. It is highly recommended for the novice to RC Helicopters and would make a perfect gift for a child. It is definitely a hobby that the entire family can enjoy and spend some quality time doing together.

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==== ==== AMAZON (#1) Best Selling Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Yellow by Syma ==== ====

The Complete Syma s107 Review  

AMAZON (#1) Best Selling Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Yellow by Syma