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Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. -Sun Tzu (Wu)Link building and strategic link building are two different entities. The former is just plain creation of links in order to generate back links while the latter is knowing where should one put the effort for maximum return. It speaks about establishing a ready for action position in the online marketplace that exists by now. Reality is this: people get disappointed with the drop of links and traffic---disappointing because you have gone through a lot of hard work yet rewards do not come as expected. With this kind of experience, there is a need for you to step back a bit and ponder on these... Start by pondering on your definition of the online marketplace which goes on like this: potential customers do search on Google when they look for an answer to their problem, they will do a search on Google, scan directories, read articles and product reviews, creep around discussion groups and evaluate competitors. The sites that your potential customers use to do this make up the online marketplace around your industry then are the sites that your potential customers use to associate with. Next thing is to understand your marketplace. Know what they need and look into their interests. By doing so, you will know where to go around the market and how to do things in order to gain success. Then, develop a good content. Place your thoughts into words and make sure that they are good enough, not only for competition but mainly to attract readers. The rest will just follow. Upon creation of valuable contents, look at media sites, issue online press releases and look into non-media sites. And by doing so, never forget to monitor and evaluate everything. What one should know about monitoring and evaluation is to understand what should be measured. Things like: How much increased traffic comes from links? Which links bring the most traffic? How much does your search engine traffic? How much your sales increase as a result? Link creation is made not just to gain back links. One should understand that strategy and tactics make a difference especially when you do not want your efforts to be gone into waste. And to be more knowledgeable with this matter, continue to search for more methods on how you can promote and improve your online business.

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==== ==== Top Best Selling Strategic Link Building by PeterGarety! ==== ====

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