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Mike Fantastic are a 5 piece electro-pop outfit hailing from the surrounding areas of Cardiff, Wales consisting off Owen Sheppard (Vocals), Michael Rudge (Keys/Electronics), Olly Howells (Keys/Electronics), Matthew Birch (Bass Guitar) and Luke Welsby (Drums) After being together for just one month they embarked on their debut performance on Britain's Got Talent performing a brand new track, a creative image in front of a 3,000 strong audience and judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. Piers and Amanda clearly loved the song and the image, whilst Simon said change the name, lose the glasses and image, but the song was great and this secured Mike Fantastic a well deserved three yes's into the next round. We are lucky enough to have had a exclusive interview with Owen Sheppard who fronts "Mike Fantastic". Who are Mike Fantastic? How did the idea come out to put the group together? We were all school friends from comprehensive age and we have all been in punk and metal bands before. So not only did we know each other from school we knew each other from the local alternative music scene too. It was your very first gig performing in front of 3 judges and a 3,000 strong crowd, later to be broadcasted on national TV - were you nervous or excited? For the 2 to 3 months leading up to the performance we were very, very excited. However, on the actual day of our audition when we saw all the people arrive we began to realise the sheer enormity of what we were about to do. Basically, we were sh*tting our pants when we went on stage. I have always been a drummer and this is the first band I've fronted, so especially for myself it was very nerve wracking. The audience loved your track "Lights Off" - what was the inspiration behind that song? I think the hook speaks for itself - it's a sexual connotation. However a couple of people have picked up on the fact that there might be an unintentional message for being eco-friendly and "turning off your lights". This is something we are definately not against pursuing. In fact we are currently in talks with a few energy companies about using our single as a soundtrack for an advertising campaign. As this was your first gig and the band had only been together for one month, how on earth did

you perfect the song so well. Was there much rehearsals done beforehand? We basically spent the month leading up to the performance rehearsing our arses off. There's video evidence of this on youtube and a couple of funny clips of us messing up an sketchy moment in rehearsals. We were practising most days from about 6 - 11, perfecting a two minute performance so things did get a bit tense at times. Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden clearly loved the image and the track. Simon loved the track but wanted you to change the name, lose the glasses and the image? Are you gonna act upon his advice? in a word, no. We are sticking to our guns on this one, if Simon doesn't like my birhg tjeans he can kiss my skinny purple bum, the fans love our crazy fashion sense. Also, why take fashion advice from a man who's pants are so high he's giving himself a wedgy? Do you agree with Simon's comments? I agree that our song is good. I don't agree that the name or the fashion sense is holding us back quite the opposite. Personally, for me I like the image and your style, I believe it strongly reflects what you're representing within your music. Thanks, that's exactly why we do it. The music is bright, colourful and most certainly memorable. So hopefully in our tight pants and bright t-shirts. However, it is very difficult to present a unknown act (especially a band) to present the audience with an unknown song. Did you consider this to be a huge gamble? We did, however since we wrote the song for a uni project nearly a year ago, we have had very positive comments about it. So we were pretty confident that the song would do well. It most certainly paid off. You are probably one of a handful of bands that have ever attempted this and the audience loved it. How did that make you feel? It made us feel amazing, I think too many muscians are over protected of their so called "integrity". People need to let go their egos and open their eyes to the opportunities that are around them. That's what we did and it's worked out well for us. Was there a buzz of excitement with the band backstage after the debut performance? Yes, definitely. I'm pretty gobby as it is anyway so after such a massive performance you literally couldn't shut us up. We all went out that night dressed as Mike Fantastic. We got a few looks.... What is the overall ambition of "Mike Fantastic" in say a couple of years time? Hopefully, a few albums under our belt, a few number ones, music videos and obviously a guest verse from Snoop Dogg (that's when you know you've made it)

I wish you and your band the very best of luck with Briatin's Got Talent and most certainly "Mike Fantastic" will have a prosperous future. Thank you very much indeed

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==== ==== Top Best Selling of Fiverr - All in One Packages by Mike Morgan.! ==== ====

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Top Best Selling of Fiverr - All in One Packages by Mike Morgan!

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