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Avatar is one Titanic of a blockbuster. James Cameron really knows how to shoot for the moon. And, the controversy that he's stirred up in the process has turned into the ultimate ad campaign template for any movie. When you are raising enough hackles of so many interest groups with their own private agendas, it's all good for the bottom line, to put it mildly. The movie's plot features the high-tech greedy bad guys versus the good, much less wellequipped, but beautiful commoners as they fight for their stunningly gorgeous environment resulting in the invaders' overthrow and destruction. Symbolism abounds, and the movie is a great mythical nod to many of our global ills facing mankind today. Destroying anybody and anything in its path in the name of obtaining precious and profitable natural resources is the rule of the day on Pandora, just as it is here in America and around the globe. Come to think of it, didn't we invade and destroy a country recently just to get the oil? During the movie, I was amused by the music. It almost appeared to be erupting into "My Heart Will Go On," then suddenly veered away for enough measures to remain original. But suddenly, I felt as though the soundtrack from The Lion King was beginning to make its presence felt. A very interesting mash-up from movie hits past. Whenever I go to see a movie with the family on the big screen, I am reminded why I bother. It is such a great escape, and despite rising prices, especially for your 3D goggles, it's still a good bargain for a few hours of get-away-from-it-all entertainment. While HD TV makes movie viewing better than ever at home, you still can't beat the popcorn-riddled confines of the theater. And yes, it wouldn't be the real deal unless some guy sitting next to you goes into frequent coughing jags. No matter, the Dolby Digital takes care of most of that. But, what Avatar brings more than anything else I can think of, is the obvious entry into 3-D movie entertainment on a broad scale. The movie trailers before the film began were in 3-D, with an onscreen reminder to "put your 3-D glasses on." I'm sure we'll soon be able to buy our own glasses in all sorts of styles and colors, maybe even prescription 3-D glasses from your optometrist. Any way you look at it, Avatar is a stunning spectacle. I was almost disappointed when my 3D glasses quit working as I left the theater, only to remember that life actually IS in 3D all by itself.

Grant Brad Gerver is an entrepreneur and creative consultant for Filibi, an online classified and coupon advertising site and free home business paying 70% commissions to its members. He's also a YouTube blues singer-songwriter and guitar player (gbgerver) who performs with The Buzzard Brothers. Additionally, Grant writes political humor, thousands of bumper stickers, and humorous movie reviews. He has also worked with various companies as a product-naming

specialist. He's a retired elementary school teacher and published children's author who works in the health care field.

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