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Heritage February 1st, 2013

Rabi ul Awwal 20th, 1434

Al-Rahmah School Technology Drive Faisel Maniar-­‐Technology  Committee  Chair  ARS  Board  of  Education  

Editorial Al-Rahmah School is among the oldest Islamic schools in the US. We have a long history of getting together and have built this great institute. This is the time to celebrate our heritage and how far we have come. At the same time we need to reflect on our future vision and come up to par to the current needs of Islamic education. In this edition of Heritage you will see the new 25yr logos. You will also see more contributions from our students, especially high school girls. They will be insha’Allah more and more involved in the upcoming editions and will become the voice of Heritage in the near future. Jazak Allah Khair, Zoobia W. Chaudhry (Editor)

“We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.” – David Warlick. As an Information Technology professional, I have seen and experienced firsthand the means by which information is consumed and processed, and how it has evolved over the past decade. We have entered a time where most children have held an iPhone in their hand far earlier than holding their first crayon. The Digital Age has not only changed the way we do our jobs, but has provided an abundance of new methods to inspire and educate our children. In keeping with the theme of providing excellence in education, the AlRahmah School Administration and Board of Education has launched a technology drive to help us equip each classroom with the latest in computing and smart board technology so that our teachers can have innovative and interactive tools at their finger tips for effectively reaching our children. The proposal, available at, will Insha’Allah add another dimension to the learning experience for our students. Our humble request is for each Al-Rahmah School parent and community member to take part and support the Al-Rahmah School Technology drive. With 100% participation from the ISB/Al-Rahmah family, we can Insha’Allah achieve our goal very quickly. Please visit to support our Technology proposal today!

Upcoming Events PTS Reading Night Feb 15th 6-8 p.m. Where: School Gym See details on page 2

Spelling Bee Feb 23


School wide spelling bee competition

Arabic Bee th

Feb 27

School wide Arabic spelling bee competition

Science Fair March date TBD Middle and high school science fair

Spring Break Mar 29th – Apr 5th School reopens April 8th


Principal’s Corner


Remembering Sandy Hook Kids th

As-Salaamu-Alaikum, We are at the end of the 2nd quarter of our school year. Students and staff have settled in after a very busy first five months. Alhamdulllilah, we now have 295 students enrolled with enquiries being made weekly if not daily for possible new enrollees. All three levels of the school have grown since last school year with noticeable increases in middle and high school. There were a few initiatives started this year such as two sections of middle school math which is proving to be beneficial, because it allows students, who are ready, to do more advanced study in math during middle school. In addition, our high school students have moved into their newly renovated building and we are looking forward to gaining new spaces next year for middle school. As we approach the third quarter, please be reminded that we must continue to communicate for the good of the students. Most problems at school can be solved by teachers and parents sitting down together to talk, and then come up with solutions to classroom and school-wide issues. Please know that parent communication is always welcomed. Teachers are free and encouraged to meet with parents any day at their prep periods, with or without appointments. However, it is advised, for best results, to schedule appointments through the school secretary for the mutual convenience of parents and teachers. Sometimes, there is a need for parents to express concerns to the Principal/Administrator. Feel free to call, send emails, or make an appointment to talk in person. Unannounced visits are also welcomed from 8:00 to 9:00 most mornings and between 2:00 and 3:30 most afternoons. Lastly, please be direct in communicating with teachers or the Principal. Please come to talk as soon as there is a concern, and don’t wait until situations get worse or become intolerable. We are here to serve the needs of our parents and their children, but we will be hampered in carrying out our duty if the lines of communication are not kept open. May Allah bless us all to continue working together in the best interest of our children. Sr. Laura AbdurRahman

Daniyah Imam-­‐  6  grade  

We the students of Al-Rahmah School remember the tragic event that took the lives of the innocent children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. On Friday, December 14, 2012, a city in Connecticut, Newtown, a school by the name of Sandy Hook Elementary School faced a terrible tragedy. This tragedy was a mass shooting at a school, which was one of the worst mass shootings in the history of the United States. It was not just any shooting, but a shooting that took the lives of so many innocent young children and some teachers. Mainly, they were kids. It troubled us, to see how many innocent young children’s lives were lost. The teachers risked their own lives to protect their students. It was terrible, and devastating. It is mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Al-Ma’idah (ayah 32) that: “killing one innocent person is regarded as equivalent to killing all of mankind.” In such an incident, as a Muslim, we have to run for safety, of course, but we have to make Dua’ as well. Since Allah is ALMÂNI: The Preventer of Harm and AL-MUHAYMIN: The Protector, it is none other than Him who determines whether or not safety is an option. We should recite Ayat ul Kursi and make Dua’ if there is any harm. We should make Dua’ to Allah (SWT) to keep us safe, and to help us lead a life in which we worship Him alone (Ameen).

13 Orphans  in  13  Countries   Helping  Hand  is  aiming  to  help  create  a  better  future  for  orphans  across   the  world  with  the  help  of  Al-­‐Rahmah  students.  Month  long  campaign   rd ends  on  Feb  3  with  a  closing  event  in  the  school  gym.    

PTS UPDATES   Reading  Night  Feb  15th,  2013   PTS  is  hosting  an  exciting  event;  Reading  Night  with  children’s  book   author  Julie  Samia  Mair.  She  will  be  featuring  two  of  her  children   books,  insha’Allah   • Amira's  Totally  Chocolate  World   • The  Perfect  Gift   The  event  is  geared  towards  the  elementary  school  children  with  the   older  children  taking  part  in  organizing  and  as  reading  buddies.   Some  activities  include  a  book  swap  table,  jumping  to  rhymes,   making  a  paper  star,  making  a  book  label  and  creating  a  family  book.     J.  Samia  Mair  is  a  freelance  writer  whose  work  has  been  published  in   magazines,  books,  and  scientific  journals.  She  writes  in  several  genres,   including  children’s  fiction,  short  stories,  essays,  book  reviews,   scientific  articles,  and  poetry.  

PTS monthly meetings are held on first Wednesday of every month (Time varies) 2



Al-Rahmah Café gets a Make Over


Pictures by  Amna  Ali  –  9  grade  

Interview with the new cafeteria manager - Br. Mahmood Sajjad th

Interviewer: Ijaz  McCallum  –  10  grade  

What do  you  think  is  your  responsibility  as  cafeteria   manager?   To  create  balance.  We  want  to  make  sure  that  we   provide  high  quality  service  in  addition  to  good  and   nutritious  food.   What  are  you  excited  about  most?   We  have  great  equipment  and  very  hardworking  staff.   We  just  have  to  train  ourselves  so  can  deliver  food  that   serves  everyone.     What  changes  have  you  already  made  and  what   changes  do  you  plan  to  make?   I’m  not  only  balancing  the  taste,  food  and  the  nutrition;   I’ve  also  better  organized  our  storerooms  to  account  for   the  inventory.  I  met  with  the  vendors  and  I  told  them   what  our  expectations  are.  Mashallah,  we  have  our   menus  printed  and  we  are  uploading  all  the  menus  on   ISB  website.    

Can you  tell  us  about  your  background?   I  have  been  involved  in  the  hospitality  business  right   after  college  since  2001.  In  addition  to  running  hotels,  I   worked  as  corporate  trainer.       Do  you  have  any  background  in  Health  and   Nutrition?   Yes,  I  have  also  completed  two  years  program  at  the   Institute  of  Integrative  Nutrition.  I'm  a  certified  health   coach  by  the  American  Association   of  Drugless  practitioners  and  fully  authorized  to  council   and  coach  students,  couples  and  anyone  who  needs  it.       You  seem  to  be  very  passionate  about  food,  what  is   the  reason  behind  that?   I  became  passionate  about  food  when  I  was  diagnosed   with  diabetes  8  years  ago  and  was  about  230lbs.    I   reduced  my  weight  naturally  with  food  and  lifestyle   changes.    Alhumdullilah,  it  worked  and  I  was  convinced   that  I  could  help  others.    

ISB Feature

Jazak Allah  Khair  for  taking  the  time  to  talk  to  us,  we  are   looking  forward  to  seeing  exciting  upgrades  at  the  Café.  

Building our relationship with the Quran

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan; Shaykh Omar Suleiman; Dr. Altaf Hussain; Ustadh Wisam Sharieff; Dr. Arif Hussain. These are just some of the nationally recognized scholars who have visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore over the past two months for one primary reason – reminding us to build a relationship with the Quran, the last revealed word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Whether it was Ustadh Wisam advocating Quranic literacy, Ustadh Nouman presenting a linguistic tafseer through ‘Story Night’ or a group of scholars led by Shaykh Omar who spoke at the annual youth conference titled ‘From Darkness to Light’, the Al-Rahmah Quran Academy Board is working hard to cultivate an environment where the love of Quran becomes deeply rooted with all members of our community. Our visiting scholars have eloquently reminded us of the deep importance in connecting with the Quran. These connections can come in many forms; from attending a tafseer (Quran commentary) class to reflecting on an ayah (verse) during your morning jog or work commute. We all need to take a few minutes out of our hectic lives to connect with our creator. What better way to do that then reflecting over His words? As we enter the New Year and look forward to the warmth and beauty of the upcoming spring season, let us take heed to our beloved Prophet’s (may peace and blessings be upon him) supplication: “O Allah, make the Quran the Spring of my heart, the light of my chest, the remover of my sadness and the reliever of my distress.” The Al-Rahmah Quran Academy holds weekday Quran reading/memorization classes and weekend tafseer classes in English, Urdu and Arabic. For more info, please email 3



1001 Inventions:  The  Enduring  Legacy  of  Muslim  Civilization   Middle & High School Field Trip


Zahar Mir – 9 Grade

Muslims have made contributions to the world, that are still appreciated and used today, in some of the most technologically advanced societies we know of. The 1001 Inventions exhibit is dedicated to help spreading this message. During this field trip, middle and high school students learned that while most of the modern world was suffering from the loss of knowledge in a period, which we now call the Dark Ages, the Muslim Ummah was excelling in vast areas and subjects. Contrary to popular belief, Ibn Firnas was the one who built the first airplane. Muslims also invented the scalpel, bone saw, forceps, and other modern medical tools. When the word "philosophy” is mentioned, Aristotle comes to mind, we don't think of Ibn Rushad and Ibn al-Haytham, both accomplished philosophers. The Muslims assisted the world from "The Dark Ages" to the "Golden Age".

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The Al-Rahmah School Newsletter - Heritage  

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