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Al-Rahmah School Newsletter Jumada Al-Awwal 1433 A.H

Shaheer Imam wins Baltimore Spelling Bee


“Claim Your Heritage”

Zoobia Chaudhry

Al- Rahmah School held its 3rd English Spelling Bee on Feb 18th, 2012. Winners from the school English Spelling Bee went on to participate in the Baltimore Spelling Bee. The 7th Annual Baltimore Spelling Bee was held on Saturday Mar 17th at Towson University with our third grade student Shaheer Imam winning 1st place overall in the competition and Danyah Imam securing 5th position. Shaheer was among the youngest students at the spelling bee, which featured competitors from third to eighth grade. Shaheer, age 8, correctly spelled the word 'fuselage' in the 17th round to claim the title and earn a seat at the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition on May 30th and 31st, 2012.

I recently attended a lecture by Dr. Augustus White, first African American department chair at Harvard. He started his talk with a thought, which resonated with the audience a great deal. He said the best way to achieve your dreams in life is by claiming your heritage. For most of us living away from our home country, we tend to lose our heritage and try to adapt the ways, which seem easy and take us farther away from our heritage. Al-Rahmah school is exactly the place after our homes where we can teach our next generation this lesson. As Al-Rahmah School continues to grow and strive to improve the standards of education as well as the wholesome experience for our kids, we parents need to get involved more than ever before. PTSA is trying to streamline the parent volunteer program for the school so we can help the management to build even a better environment for our kids to dream big and prosper InshAllah. Zoobia W. Chaudhry Editor

Up Coming Events Sports Day May 10th

Sports Day at AlRahmah School with a rain date of May 17th. It will be an all day event with volunteers needed from 7:30am until 3:00 pm.

Year Book Coming in late May 40-page yearbook is being compiled for the whole school. Presale cost 25$, after sale 30$.

Interfaith Collaboration Next Quarter

Interfaith collaboration of Middle School with St. James Academy.

Career Day

Tera Nova

April 30th – May 4th April 30th – May 4th Career day is planned for 8th through 11th grade. Format to be decided.

Standardized test for all grades.


Principal’s Corner Dear Parents, We are now more than halfway through the school year. There are many things to celebrate. Our students continue to excel, with seventy-eight 4th -11th graders making the 2nd quarter merit and honor rolls. In addition we have witnessed two exciting spelling bees, one conducted in English and the other in Arabic. There are several more student contests and events to come. Namely: • The 3rd through 11th grades science fair • The Islamic Studies Competition • The Qur’anic Recitation Contest • Field Day It is important that all parents visit the school’s website and keep up with events. Each month for the remainder of the year will feature important events. With teachers and administrators being so busy this time of year, it is asked that parents schedule appointments rather than making impromptu visits seeking to have conferences. Registration packets have been sent home with students. If you did not receive one, please contact the school office immediately. Spaces in classes for next fall will be at a premium. Remember early registration for continuing student’s ends on April 13. After this date open registration begins and already new parents are seeking admissions. At this time, I would like to remind parents how important it is to provide a regular time and space at home for children to study and complete homework. Many students are not realizing their full potential as students because of inadequate study and neglect of homework. Lastly, a note on discipline at school: Because we are rapidly approaching the end of the term, it is expected that all the students know and respect both classroom and school rules. Therefore students who disrespect or break rules at this point will be disciplined without leniency. The administration thanks the parents for their helpfulness and support. Jazakum Allahu Khairan, L. Abdur-Rahman, Principal


Interaction with People from Different Countries Danyah Imam Fifth grade

Where are you from? Pakistan, India, Morocco, Egypt, England, these are all countries. But they are just some of them. Many people live in many endless countries all over the globe. Some people came from a specific country, but they live in another. Either way, they all have different cultures, customs, traditions or religions. This is what makes everyone special. Countries where they came from can each have different languages, but in other countries where they live, they have the same language (such as in the United States and Canada. They both speak English.). If most of your ancestors came from a specific country, you will most likely be from there. Countries also have different traditions, customs and cultures. It would be of no use if a country has only one tradition, custom, or culture. People have many ways to believe in God. We can’t go up to them and say that they are worshipping God in a wrong way. People have the right to worship anyway they want. Besides, you have no right to judge people by their religion, culture or custom. Do you have a friend who has different culture, custom, or maybe even religion? In that case you are very fortunate. Why? Many people can be very choosey and want to have a friend from exactly where they came from. Even though that is fine, if you have a friend with different customs, you will learn a lot of information about a different culture, which happens to be a whole lot different from your own. In my point of view, that is a big advantage. Our world needs to interact and be friends with other people around the globe. We should not be criticizing others about how they live. We need to be more social and more accepting. We can be a lot better nation if we do.

Claire's Deserts Fundraiser Winners Results compiled by Sr.Shaista Abassi We raised a total of $1859.75 • First Place winner: Jenna Awadallah Kg A Amount Raised: $944.70 • Second Place: Rameez and Tahseen Howard (5th Grade Boys and 2nd Grade A): $ 568.75 • Third Place: Fatima Williams (6th Grade Girls): $ 316.90

1816 Woodlawn Dr. Gwynn Oak (Baltimore) 410-298-3900 2



Q’s Reviews

Parent to Parent Lubna Nabulsi -Parent of Emily and Judy Nasser 2nd grade A & B.

Quratulain Asad 11th grade

Do you love reading but don’t know what book to choose? Read Quratulain’s best picks and reviews for Middle and High School books. All books can be found in Al Rahmah School Library in the YA section. This month the three favorites are: Out of my Mind, Sharon M. Draper A book like no other. Out of my mind explores the emotions of a character that otherwise no one could have guessed. Told in a way that makes a person think about and appreciate what they have. This is a must read! A Curse Dark As Gold, Elizabeth Bunce A Curse Dark As Gold spins fairytale and reality together. However, it is not your normal fairytale with the prince coming to the rescue. Charlotte uses her bravery and intelligence to save what is most dear to her. I would consider this a book that could be read over and over again. Life As We Knew It, Susan Beth Pfeffer Life as we knew it tells the frightening tale of a girl through her diary entries. Faced with things that she would otherwise have never thought of, Miranda copes with the ending of life, as she knew it. She however does not lose hope, and this is why readers will not lose hope.

Technology Coin Drive Coin drive has been pushed back due to Claire’s Gourmet Fundraiser. A proposal will be generated, prior to beginning the fundraising efforts to determine the targeted amount by the technology committee

Field Trips Elementary School: Science Center Middle School: Amped Up! Family Amphitheatre High School: CCBC

Word of the Day Nebulous [neb-yuh-luhs] adjective

1. hazy, vague, indistinct, or confused: a nebulous recollection of the meeting 2. cloudy or cloudlike.

Arabic Spelling Bee Results Arabic Spelling Bee was held on Tuesday February 28th, 2012. High School students tied for first place: Nesreen Sawwan & Ammara Maqsood Middle School: Alzariyat Abdallah 4th grade winner: Rasha Zablah

Al-Rahmah….It’s a great school! I have been a member of the Al-Rahmah community for about 20 years. My family and I moved to Catonsville and we were happy to know that we moved less than 2 miles from the Masjid. We were pleasantly surprised! As newcomers to Baltimore, we were very excited to have fallen on such a treasure. Al-Rahmah, over the years has been there through thick and thin, through happy days and sadder days. It has provided us with resources, support, and far and foremost a great place for our children to learn and grow. My nieces and nephews attended Al-Rahmah School, back when it was only an Elementary School, my sister had also taught as a teacher at the school, and now my children are attending. We started in Pre-Kindergarten and we are now in Second Grade. There have been many trials and tribulations along the way, but every year, at the end of the school year, when all the children come in their best clothes and show the community what they have accomplished that year, I am filled with pride and I am overjoyed at what my kids know and what skills they have attained that year. Every year there are new programs, new ideas, and new and improved facilities. We now have a laboratory, a gym, and a cafeteria. We have Spelling Bees, Quran Competitions, and now Sports Day is coming up. Not to mention the excellence in academics and in Islamic and Arabic Education. The teachers and staff are very dedicated, I see it every day. Most importantly, I know my children are in good hands, with caring staff, dedicated teachers, excellence in academics, and high expectations in conduct and behavior. Al- Rahmah Staff, teachers, PTS, and board of directors, you have brought the school to a high performing level. Al-Rahmah is a Great School!

PTSA Updates •

Money was raised for sports day through bake sale.

PTSA will InshAllah be publishing three Newsletters every academic year. We received an encouraging number of submissions from parents and students, please keep the word count to 250.

Please submit your suggestions for the name of Al-Rahmah Newsletter at

To receive updates on PTSA, please send an email to PTSA at

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If you have not received a printed copy of Newsletter in the mail, please update your contact information in the school office (for actively enrolled students only). 3



Science Fair

Sr. Takia Lyles

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, Al Rahmah School presented its Annual Elementary, Middle and High School Science Fair. This event was coordinated first and foremost by Sr. Akram, Sr. Mehnaz, Sr. Shasti and myself. This year’s Science Fair proved to be one to remember. It was a wonderful and suspenseful assembly. Many parents were in attendance, which showed great support for our students’ efforts. The program opened with Quranic recitation by 4th grader Ilyas Tahari and 5th grader Hamza Talbi. After which Sr.Donna gave opening remarks. Our guest speaker was Dr. Wilson, who had much to say about the creativity of our students. The assembly ended with the long awaited trophy presentations. All of the project entries were unique and well developed. Consequently we had an excellent group of judges that were knowledgeable in the area of science. Our remarkable and diligent judges included: Dr. Wilson and Br. Haffiz from The SEMA Program, Br. Shahid Abassi, Sr. Qurat Mir, Br. Attauallah Khan, Nimra and Aqsa Jamil, and Adam Butt. We humbly thank them for their unselfish time. May Allah award them for their efforts. Due to the overabundance of stellar projects, we were blessed to give out more than forty-eight trophies. The Science Fair Committee would like to extend the highest thanks to the parents that stayed up the long nights and gave of their patience to help their children. Lastly but most importantly, we would also like to congratulate and thank all the students that participated in the 2012 Science Fair. Inshallah we all look forward to what the students have in store for us next year as the “Future Scientist of America.”

Publication Committee Zoobia W. Chaudhry (Editor) Laura Abdur-Rahman Donna Khan Lisette Abdiruhman Karen Ebrahim 6631 Johnnycake Road, Baltimore, MD 21244 410-719-0921

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Spring Newsletter 2012  
Spring Newsletter 2012  

Shaheer Imam wins Baltimore Spelling Bee