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Bachelor of Architecture Selected Work 2017 2019



Personal Information

Academic Achievements

Digital Skills


Sarah Aktham Al-Qaysi

Dean’s List Scholarship

Fall 2016

Adobe Illustrator


Dean’s List Scholarship

Spring 2018

Adobe Indesign

Dean’s List Scholarship

Fall 2018

Adobe Photoshop



Autodesk Autocad


Honour Clubs


Tau Sigma Delta


American University of Sharjah Bachelor of Architecture (2016-Present)

Architecture Honour Club

Autodesk Maya Grasshopper Microsoft Office

Al Zuhour Private School


High school Diploma (2009-2016)



Analogue Skills


Hand Drafting


Lasercutting Physical Modeling - Casting Verbal Presentation Woodshop




Sanctuary - Work in Progress -


Deira Design Incubation Center


Artist In Residence Studios


Architectural Detailing


Behavioral Construct

1 Sanctuary - Work in Progress -

This project is an opportunity to explore new alternatives that uncover and re-integrate a relationship that has been lost in translation: humans- architecture- nature. The program is thermal baths embedded within the mountains of Limah that best describes the idea of remoteness and isolation from the city. The project looks at structure as a dynamic, performative, spatial and material component of architecture. This proposal is still a work in progress and under the process of development.

Limah - Oman

Exterior Render


Section AA

Section BB

Ceiling Render

Interior Render

Site Plan

Process Models

Physical Model

2 Deira Design Incubation Center

The DEIRA: Design Incubation Centre provides space for artisans that are interested in investigating and developing craft based businesses associated with trade & the local Souks around Dubai’s Deira District. The “incubator” is a business model that facilitates novel ideas relative to modes of production, product & craft generation. It contains offices, meeting rooms, exhibition space, retail, coffee, working / lab spaces. The project is best described as an infill project on a small land in the heart of Deira.

Deira - Dubai

Ariel Render


Site Analysis

Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Wash on coping Reglet Drip Gravel layer 10 mm Batt insulation

In situ concrete

Aluminum pipe - louver 20 mm Aluminum pipe - vertical structure 20 mm

Floor ďŹ nish 8 mm Rigid insulation Steel angle Bolt connection

Double pane glazeing with air gap for insulation

Structural mullion Steel braceing

Scale : 1:50

Slab on grade Gravel layer Vapor barrier



Drainage pipe


Lean concrete

Scale : 1:10

Wall Section ARC 331 I Sarah AlQaysi Fall 18


Wall Section

Section AA

Section BB

Exterior Render

Interior Render

3 Artist In Residence Studios

The project requires designing an artist’s residence in the Heart of Sharjah. The program of the project includes gallery spaces to exhibit the art installation designed by the artists occupying the space. The private areas includes accommodations for two artists for the duration of six months. The idea behind the project is to create a space that allows the artists to communicate with each other and with the public without compromising the artist’s own privacy.

Sharjah Art Foundation - Sharjah

Exterior Render

View from the courtyard

ARC 202 l GEODE l Prof. Erdman l Sarah Al Qaysi

Stereotomic System

Geode studies the contradiction of levity and gravity which is experienced as the disintegration of a folded mass to create a ďŹ ligree with various light and dark architectural conditions. Integrating the preexisting coral wall on the site within the project emphasizes the idea of the folding and reects aspects of the regional vernacular architecture. The design also responds to the site contextually in the shape, size, and the use of courtyards typical to this area of Sharjah. Similarly, spaces articulate the various functions of living and integrate art pieces with the pattern of daily life. In addition, reinforcing the concept of the disintegrating material, consecutive living spaces are eliminate physical boundaries. This has the effect of heightening the seamless transition from dark space to light space. Creating different circulation paths across the consecutive living spaces and program for different occupancy groups, maintains privacy. Privacy was also achieved by locating the more open and public spaces on the ground oor and separating them from the more private work spaces. Moreover, light was used as a mean of hierarchical differentiation with more light spaces being important, including the studios and the gallery. Finally, integrating various design principles led to the translation of the concept to an architecture that gives visitors and artists a unique experience.

Tectonic System

Exploded Axonometric

Exploded Axonometric

Designated site

Regulating Lines from the urban context intersecting on the site

Using regulating lines to determine the form

Vertical ciculation


Public gathering

Connector between the two wings



Generative Diagrams

Generative Diagrams

Site Plan

Site Plan l Scale 1:700
















Ground Floor Plan

Section AA


Ground Floor Plan l Scale 1:100

Section AA l Scale 1:100

First Floor Plan

Section BB

First Floor Plan l Scale 1:100

Section CC l Scale 1:100

Section CC

Exterior Render

Eastern urban approach

Interior Render

Studio interior shot

4 Architectural Detailing

The project is set to design a tectonic system consisting of a footing and a floor and the connection between them. The aim of this project is to understand the nature of connection between two systems that work together to form a whole. The challenge of this project is to make it using recycled and reused materials and transform them into a footing - floor system. The drawings represent our proposal of a footing made of recycled concrete supporting a rammed earth floor.

Footing and floor detail drawings - In collaboration with Julia Fhaili and Gheed Ashoor

Rammed Earth Compressed in Lifts 1. Rammed Earth Compressed in Lifts

Plywood Board 22cm


Steel Screw

1. 2cm



Timber Beam

5cm O.C


Steel Nut 2. Steel Bolt 30cm

Steel Plate 14.5cm

Concrete Footing




Connection Details ARC 382|Gheed|Julia|Sarah

Rammed Earth Floor

Steel Reinforcement

Plywood Base

Steel Plate

Timber Beams

Concrete Footing

JGS|A3 Axonometric

ARC 382|Gheed|Julia|Sarah

5 Behavioral Construct

The project requires designing a 1:1 Behavioral Construct using 2 x 2 compression parts and tension cables with a maximum span of 1.2 meters. The design is developed to be able to support a single point load of 100 kg. The main aim behind the project is to understand the flow and distribution of forces through a vector-active system from the receiving of the force to the transferring through the components to the discharging of the force to the ground.

1:1 Physical model - In collaboration with Amal Salloum and Raneem Haykal

1:1 Construct

ARC 342 I 1:1 Construct I P 1.3 Truss Analysis I Prof. Faysal Tabbarah I Sarah Al-Qaysi I 68989


ARC 342 I 1:1 Construct I P 1.3 Truss Analysis I Prof. Faysal Tabbarah I Sarah Al-Qaysi I 68989

Profile for Sarah Al-Qaysi

Architectural Portfolio 2017-2019  

Architectural Portfolio 2017-2019  


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