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What is your most vivid childhood memory? When I was young, my father and I would go to the airport in Cologne and watch the planes. There, I saw a jet for the first time and was very impressed. This fascination has remained alive ever since. As a child, flying always meant freedom to me.

Did you always want to take over the family business? In my youth I wanted to become a pilot, but then I started working at RIMOWA and never stopped. So now I am a private pilot and part of the family business.

To promote the vintage-style 1950 limited edition luggage collection a couple of years ago, you flew a vintage JU52 aircraft across the Atlantic—how did you do it and where else have you taken it? It was a dream of mine to be able to fly across the Atlantic. With nearly 100 hours of flight time, my crew and I flew through Germany, England and Scotland and over Iceland. We then continued our flight over Greenland, where we were low enough to see the whales jumping through the icy waters. Our journey continued down through Northern Canada, down and across the USA and back up through Canada before returning on a similar path. It took a lot of organization and a great team of people, but we pulled it off. JU52 is a big part of RIMOWA’s history, because the cases with the grooves were inspired by the structure of the airplane.

If you could travel with just one RIMOWA piece, what would it be and why? I would choose the Salsa Deluxe 3 Suiter, my favorite piece, because it’s very convenient and provides plenty of space. I think that traveling today, especially for business people, is hectic and the time factor is very important.

What do you pack?

Photos courtesy of Rimowa

I only pack things that I really need.



QUEST Magazine Issue 3  
QUEST Magazine Issue 3  

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