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One of the best things about an African safari is that no two game drives are alike. You never know what you are going to see, and for that reason, it is easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to go on every game drive to get the maximum wildlife experience. It’s a rush to see the Big Five. Owners Nicholas Nerge and Fabia Bausch at Chem Chem Safari Lodge have taken the idea of a traditional safari and turned it on its head, offering, instead, what they call the “slow safari.”

The concept was born out of a deep passion for the African bush. The idea is simple. At its core, it is a chance to experience Africa in its purest and most raw form through the five senses and beyond the confines of a four-wheel drive vehicle. You get out of the vehicle to walk among giraffe and track the wildlife by their tracks and spoor. You slow down for a real sensory experience, using sight, smell and sound to discover something about nature—and maybe even a little something about yourself. Beyond that, it is a completely private, intimate experience, tailored for you to get the most out of your African adventure. While seeing wildlife is a large part of an African safari, at Chem Chem Safari Lodge, it isn’t the only focus. You are encouraged to appreciate your surroundings through a variety of experiences. Game drives are just a portion of your adventure. Watch zebra and giraffe graze in the distance while you laze about in the small bush pool. Or visit a local Masai village before returning to camp to dine underneath the stars. With 4,000 hectares of private wildlife conservancy to explore, you’ll be glad you’re taking a slow approach and pacing yourself. Our lives are busy enough as it is. Why not slow down and take the time to truly experience and appreciate all the African bush has to offer?

Photos courtesy of Chem Chem Safari Lodge



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