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"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.� - Martha Graham

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Strength & Beauty Trends in Weigh loss The Life-Saving benefits of Alternative Health

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The Art of Selling Yourself Staying Connected Foreseeing the Future of Technology: w/ Forensic Analyst, John Sullivan

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Editor’s Take I am so grateful for the sporadic mishaps and cross hairs I have found myself in, in the past. Once I moved past the initial jolt of the unfamiliar and understand the reason for the chaos, it has made me appreciate many the things that would normally be considered throw-in-the-towel moments. I will admit that it is so easy to see for others when you are in the observation mode, as I am very often. So when it is time for me to move in another direction, beneficially, I may not always see it, especially when I am focused on completing a project. When it comes to facing obstacles, I have always believed that most setbacks have amazing comebacks. I love to see what people can do when obstacles turn into opportunities placed before them. At least, that is my interpretation. Optimistic in nature, many of us will understand that an obstacle may be an opportunity to think differently about so many things; who you are and what your role is in world. This may seem grandiose to most. But consider the effect of the stories you read or see everyday that cause you to act or have a reaction. Some of us may be pushed to the limits; while some of us may get temporarily derailed and accept it as a message to prepare for the best rather than the worst. I always prepare for the best, even when I get the worst. Rather than go into my many obstacles, or have what some of call a pity-party; I would rather celebrate my many random issues as successes. This issue is dedicated to those who choose to take a chance and embraced who they are now, rather than who they hope to be and embracing the obstacle for what it truly is; an opportunity.



The Future of Whirlpool

Now that women are multitasking outside of the home. Easier options to cook and manage the house are welcome additions!

Control Your appliances With Your Smart phone ? So you have a million things to do on your list and you don’t know where to to start; which shouldn’t be such a stretch since that could be said about most of us. Imagine how simple your life would be if you had a way to simplify your daily to-dos while alleviating the need to do other unwanted chores.

“We are excited to debut concepts that explore how technology in the home can help simplify everyday tasks,” said Monica Clark, senior manager PR and brand experience, Whirlpool brand. ● No more clearing out the soiled food because you will get reminders on your smart phone. ● No more forgetting items on your shopping list or sending someone back to the store because you forgot to get an item on your list for dinner.


● And how about your fridge giving you notice when something is going to spoil? Whirlpool realizes that families do more in the kitchen than cooking. For many homes the kitchen is the meeting place, homework space and hub for various projects and games that brings family and friends together. How would you like more of that quality time? Or to rid yourself of have-to's and enjoy more family time? Whirlpool has thought of that. This year they are also introducing their time management concepts. You will receive notice on your smart phone when the dish washer is done and also when your laundry needs to be moved. Whirlpool has developed the WashSquad Laundry app that makes family laundry tasks a friendly game of competition. With technology that helps consumers juggle stain-solving tricks, and de-coding clothing fabric care labels doing the laundry is as easy as, manipulating the smart phone.

The Kitchen of OUR Future And OUR Future is NOW!

Maintain your new appliance and your hectic schedule a little better. Avoid running back and for the to see if that outfit you wanted to wear today is ready. Your new energy efficient washer and dryer will let you know.

Are you redecorating? Bored with the look of your washer and dryer?Whirlpool introduce its Whirlpool® Duet® Laundry Designs. Now you can change the look of their appliances as often as changing your seasonal wardrobe.

Enjoy smooth sounds from your refrigerator with the CoolVox™ sound system, including Harman/Kardon speakers, connects with any Bluetooth® enabled device, bringing entertainment to your kitchen moments.

Whirlpool® Interactive Cook top Whirlpool has designed a multi-purpose digital cooking surface that serves as an interactive hub for your kitchen. Your interactive and household setting are projected to your safe-to-touch cook top for easy access to everything you need. Download new recipes or pull up your favorite. Your new cook top will also let know when you have the items you need for your recipe by staying connected to Whirlpool® Connected Suite, appliances designed to make your life easier. View your social media updates and manage your social calendar all while you talk to your friends or family on your cook top hub’s phone system. All on one surface that can be activated with the touch of a finger or the sound of a voice. Whirlpool Brand Showcases “Your Future in Focus” at CES 2014 - Whirlpool Brand Explores A Connected World Where Appliances Anticipate and Understand Needs of Families. For more information on Whirlpool Brand, please visit or find us on Facebook at Additional information about the company can be found at Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of approximately $18 billion in 2012, 68,000 employees and 65 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. Whirlpool Brand is committed to advancing technology in ways consumers want and need it, creating simple solutions that optimize productivity and efficiency in the home.


By James Mash

Many successful individuals admit that success is a combination of factors. One important factor is being organized. Arguably, hard work and consistency are viewed as the main keys of success, however, it is difficult for your hard work to pay off if you are disorganized. So remove the distractions in your life. There are very few disorganized, successful individuals in the world, if any. For those of us who cannot afford a personal assistant to keep us on track, we must understand why being organized is crucial for improving your overall success in life. Here are 8 reasons that challenge you to get organized fast to improve your chances of success in the future. This is one of the most important reasons why you should consider getting organized now. Get rid of the clutter in your vocabulary and every facet of your life. This will make it easy to find things when you need them. Eliminate the stress created when you can’t find important things. Lower those stress levels and live a more relaxed life that allows you to think clearly and plan your future better. Organized individuals are efficient. When you know exactly where you should be and what you should be doing, you tend to be more productive. Think and plan ahead. They also delegate duties well because they make decisions faster. You’ll have more time to reflect and plan for success. It is very hard to succeed in life if you rarely have time to think and plan. Also, having more time gives you a clear mind triggering creativity which is very important when pursuing success. Success is all about perception. You have to be in the right mind frame to be able to deal with all the obstacles that are presented on the road to success. Being disorganized disorients you. Your surroundings play a key role in determining your mood. When everything is in place, you tend to feel better. A good mood will help you maintain a positive outlook which is very helpful when pursuing success.


Consider what you can’t live without

When you have people that look up to you or depend on you, you tend to be motivated to do better. Being a role model also instills a sense of responsibility. If you have friends, family members, children or relatives that look up to you understand the impact your life has on them. Successful individuals are usually responsible in all aspects

Donate or trash any unnecessary things Organize your areas by your activity Try not to spend - use what you have

Live in a cleaner environment, and boost your health. Organized environments also need to be clean. Getting organized means a person can schedule time to work out as well as eat healthy. Good health gives you all the energy you need to pursue your dreams relentlessly.

available to help you stay organzied Decorate a shoe box for storing keepsakes

Labels are lifesavers

Organized individuals give better business impressions than those who are disorganized. You will definitely have a hard time attracting business and succeeding in life if your office always looks cluttered, if you are late for meetings, and when you can’t find important things, like business cards. An organized person portrays the best professional and personal standards. Spend less, save more. Invest. You must avoid impulse buying by planning ahead before shopping. Go for quality, cost, and items that have mutual uses. Being disorganized is a barrier that holds you back from achieving your dreams. Organized individuals always find creative ways of eliminating unnecessary tasks and achieving more at the end of each day. Give yourself enough time to work on all the goals you have set. Set new goals with the confidence that you can achieve them. If you are keen on becoming successful in the near future, get organized first.


© Beauty Extraordinaire 2014

Great Face Starts with great skin care Mrs. Downtown Las Vegas, Amanda Martinez is not only a multitasking mama, she also happens to be an ambitious entrepreneur, with her own line of facial products. Always looking for her best bet options, Amanda worked for TRUMP, Inc. straight out of cosmetology school. Providing service for some of the most influential faces gave Amanda a quick understanding of giving great face. Striking out on her own as a freelance make-up artist allowed Amanda to work with a wider varieties of skin types. What she learned was nothing short of miraculous. That miraculous discovery made her a better makeup artist and cosmetologist. Once she understood the habits of her clients she could give them the supplies they needed to simplify their make-up needs. Why would you ever need to cover up perfection? After determining the most common of skin issues she decided to build a brand that helped to reveal the best surfaces for her work. “The make-up I apply looked so much better when the skin underneath was care for.” says Amanda. While specializing in makeup and skin preparations, Amanda also adds color matching, eyelash application, hairstyles, up-dos, wedding makeup to list of specialties. Her all-natural skin care line, available exclusively, to her most treasured clients is now available to you. To find out more about special discounts and packages connect Amanda Martinez online at


INTERVIEW SUCCESS First impressions are made in the initial 10 seconds. Just like with any competition interview this is your chance to present yourself; taking care of business. It is a chance to make a positive impression about you. How would you make your interview a success? You have to discover what the organization does, what an individual in your position could be doing, and if the organization has development potential.

Never smoke or beverage liquor previously your interview. The odor is solid, and the smell will accompany you for quite a while.

Bring additional sincere duplicates of your resume. Print your hard duplicate continues on 100gsm-weight paper, either white or ivory accessible at any office supplies store.

Adornments like shoes, talk volumes with initial introductions. Picked several tasteful pieces. On the off chance that you have pierced more than barely your ears, take all the rings off and abandon them at home.

Be respectable, clean, confident, and slick. Guarantee that you dress for the position you are petitioning. Be prompt! It is great practice to arrive 10 minutes before the interview. On the off chance that you are running behind, stop and make a telephone call! Tell the questioner that you will be late, ask if that is suitable with their timetable. On the off chance that it is not suitable, re-plan! When you arrive, apologize abundantly! Be gracious and average. Incorporate the people who won't be talking with you, i.e. the receptionist. A great impression passed on to the questioner will just work in your support.


Check your breath. Convey with you constantly a fresh breath mint. Determine you don't bite on it throughout the interview. It is presently your turn: Questions You May ask in the interview: Keep in mind: an interview is a two way transform. This is your turn to toss the baseball. At this point you have done your homework. You think about the position, the organization and the individuals in your future livelihood circumstance. Continuously have faith in yourself and trust the procedure! I wish you good luck in your pursuit of employment! ~


Judge; (noun and verb) form an opinion or conclusion about. synonyms: form the opinion, conclude, decide; consider, deduce, gauge, estimate, guess, surmise, conjecture; regard as, look on as, take to be, rate as, class as; (Wikipedia/google)

Judges are looking for more than just a beautiful face. The judges also seek excellent social skills, poise, and abilities to answer challenging questions. They make each decision on the basis of these parameters. Therefore, winning a beauty pageant or competition is not an easy task. When participating in a beauty pageant or competition, you must be aware of the standards, rules and regulations of the competition. Your objective is to impress judges. Think about your uniqueness and try to balance your individuality with the norms of competition. Your aim is to stand out. However, it must be for the right reasons.

competitors with good sportsmanship. When you are on the stage, making eye contact with your judges is essential. However, you should not stare them down. At the same time, you must connect with your judges throughout the pageant competition. Besides physical beauty, the pageant judges also look for inner beauty of the contestants. The next most important thing is confidence. You must have confidence in yourself. Be proud that you have worked hard for your position in the beauty pageant. If you can express your self-esteem during the competition, your judges will surely sense it. And try to smile or smirk, always, even when you’re trying to disguise your distress.

your opinion on questions regarding recent happenings in the world. Reading newspapers or watching world news carefully may be of great help to your during stage interviews. Some questions may be about yourself, and your lifestyle. It should be easy to answer these questions. The best way to be prepared is to be honest. Programmed answers or responses can be painful to watch when it is not a sincere answer. So, you must be well prepare to answer all types of questions‌.in your own words.

Wherever you place, accept your title with grace. You can never lose in a competition you are passionate about, being your best in. You are amazing the Whether dining in a restaurant or hangway you are. You just may not have ing out in a hotel lobby you must behave been what the judges were looking for, in the way you would want to be seen on You must leave your worries behind, if at the time. But you may be the next stage. Judges are always watching, and you have any. Your feet may hurt, or your legs may be tired. If you are the girl time. No one is perfect. We all have you never know where they might be. room for improvement. So, hold your who can smile gracefully through all of tears back and keep your head up. And that, you will definitely place high with If your goal is to win the crown you consider the loss as a learning experithe judges. should treat other contestants respectence. If you can do that, you could win fully. Judges are familiar with the actions Also, you may want to have basic knowl- the crown next time.~ behind the scenes. So, you must also edge on current affairs. Judges may ask develop the ability to speak about your




By Charlet Crouwcamp The Olympic Games is one, if not the most prestigious sporting event known to athletes across the globe. Competing at this event carries a certain respect which cannot be compared with anything else. Every four years millions of people tune in to watch how strengths and endurance of their favorite team or athletes are matched against each other, while the competing athletes focus on taking the gold medal. It goes without saying that in order to get there it takes one hundred percent determination and zero percent luck. When anybody qualifies to compete at the Olympics, they can be considered among the best in the world regardless of taking home a medal. This is probably the one place where all the athletes are winners, yet the lingering gold remains enticing. If you were to ask any gold winner if the road was easy then expect to get a short answer to your question. Reaching a point where you can call yourself the best in the world is exactly the opposite of easy. It takes sacrifice, pain and failure. However, it also leads to endurance, strength, confidence and great satisfaction.

Gabby Douglas is known as a gymnastic prodigy. She literally made history by becoming the first African-American women to win gold at the


Olympics in addition to being the first American to win gold in the individual all-round and team competitions. The fact that this all happened at the same Olympic is quite amazing because she is only 18 years old. Although her journey has reached a very high peak, she had to climb a very large mountain. At the tender age of 8 Gabby won the level four all-round gymnastics title at the Virginia State Championships, four years after she started training. When she was 12 she made her debut on the national scene at the US Classic, earning 10th place in the all-round rankings. The Visa Championships saw her placed at 16th, which meant she didn't qualify for the Junior Women's National team. What followed in 2009 kept her from competing in several events and caused her to miss the Cover Girl US Classic that year. This was due to a fracture in the growth plate of her wrist. Competitions came and went where she placed well in some and not so well in others. Her biggest challenge came when she was 14. In order to train with the well-known coach Liang Chow she had to move to Iowa, leaving her family and friends behind. Although she believed in herself regardless of the coach, she decided to . From there she went from strength to strength, finally reaching the 2012 Summer Olympics where she made her concrete footprint. Gracie Gold is another good example of hard work. Born in 1995, this ice-skating icon got her first taste of high rankings at the 2010 U.S. Championships after reaching 4th place on the novice level. With a lot of inspiration she entered the following season on the junior level, but ranked 6th at the Midwestern Sectionals, costing her a place in the National Championships. Her journey doesn't differ much from Gabby Douglas in regards to taking extreme measures in order to win. Gracie started to make use of a sport psychologist in 2012 to change her focus and to re-structure her program. This would also mark the year when she became the World Junior silver medalist. Two years later she reigned as the U.S. National Champion and a bronze medalist in the team division at the Olympic Games.

Courtesy of - Arielle Gold, Alexandra Fitch, Audrey Mc Maniman_photo by Julian Finney

Arielle Gold started her snowboarding career at age 7 after being inspired by her brother. Only at the age of 15 did Arielle start to make waves at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games. She earned silver medals in slope style and half pipe. In a very short time she turned it into gold at the FIS Junior World Championships. Her year ended with some less successful rankings at 4th place at the Sprint U.S Grand Prix and the Burton U.S Open. It has to be said that she was competing with some of the toughest competition available. In 2013 she came back with more determination than ever, taking podium positions at most of the events she entered. The Grand Prix in Copper might not have been her best moment, but a week later she became a FIS World Snowboarding Champion. From that point on there was no stopping her and currently she forms part of the Pro U.S Snowboarding team. These three extraordinary ladies all have the same things in common. Their determination to get better and better has formed a corner stone in their training and practice sessions as proof by their individual results. What they also have in common is failure. They know what it feels like to lose, and yet it seemed to only throw more wood in the fire and keep moving forward. Though we rarely get to see them slowed up, broke down or the internal struggles they faced their successes are just as important as the real obstacles they had to overcome. Parents and athletes alike all come to a point when they ask whether it's all worth it. Do the sacrifices justify a place at the Olympic Games? Ultimately one has to realize that it's not about the gold medal, but the challenges that took us there. A journal kept by an athlete who started from scratch and finally ends with an Olympic Medal will show an enormous amount of growth, both physically and mentally. There is no greater satisfaction than to break the barriers, especially those created by ourselves. In life, we have to keep reaching higher and higher, otherwise we will always wonder. In the end it's all about achieving our dreams. All the athletes who have stood on podiums at the Olympic Games will no doubt agree that all the blood, sweat and tears made every second ~



HEELS By Sourav Ganguly

Every woman desires to have a collection of different heels in a variety of styles and colors. Even though they look classy and give elegant appeal to the personality, bearing the pain of heels for more than an hour usually becomes the problem that not all women are able to cope with. Many women have already adopted the “grin and bear it” attitude, choosing the love for stylish shoes over the desire to be comfortable. So how can you make the whole experience comfortable for your feet and soul?

Know Your Personal Foot Type

Avoid Thin Soles

It is important to know your foot type to understand the needs of your feet. The best way is to see a podiatrist. Alternatively, you can also use home tricks to know if you have a high-arch foot or flat-ffoot. Wet your foot and step on a piece of construction paper to leave an impression. The impression will show you how flat or arched your foot is. Knowing your foot type will help you buy the right shoe type, which will automatically aid in pain relief.

This is different than thin heels. Thin soles are more likely to give you pain at the bottom of your feet because you are not getting support for your arch as you walk. You need a thicker sole if you want to prevent such pains. Thick soles absorb the pressure when you’re walking, making the whole experience much more comfortable.

Make Sure You Get the Right Shoe Size The mistake that most women commit when buying heels, is purchasing the wrong size. Remember, your foot size changes throughout your life. It is important to have your feet sized once a year, especially after having kids. Get your feet measures before making the purchase which should include both width, and length. This is very important to make sure that you are able to maintain a good balance, especially when wearing pointed heels like stilettos.

Consider Thicker Heels Again, thin heels and stilettos are a big NO if you want shoes for daily wear. Pointed heels cause the foot to wobble around. If you are wearing heels on a daily basis you might want to consider going for platforms or wedges. Stilettos are best used for special occasions.


Take Breaks Take off your shoes at regular intervals throughout the day and stretch your toes and ankles as often as you can. This will help to ease the pain and also keep your feet healthier. Wearing heels for a longer time can also obstruct the blood flow, if they are too tightly fitted.

Try Heels with More Coverage on the Top The more coverage your shoes give, the better it is for the health of your feet. It has been observed that highheel boots are much easier to carry, as compared to the ones with less or no coverage on the top. If you’re prone to friction and blisters, you should always go with maximum coverage. Lastly, over-the-counter products like foot pads and metatarsal can help you with walking, as well as posture. Make sure the pads are made of silicon to provide steady comfort to the foot. Also, having the right posture will help you ease the pain too. Instead of slouching, it is better to have extended spine posture when walking in heels. Try to distribute your weight evenly on both the toes when walking in heels. All these tips will help you get rid of discomfort and pains caused by heels. © Foot Petals 2014 Collection via Magic Market Week - Inserts. © Kguzel Wearing-high-heels © Dterope -

Shoe Designer Benjamin Adams, born Adam Benjamin was raised learning the family business of shoe manufacturing. Inspired to produce a more luxurious bridal shoe, Adam embellished the once plain and traditional bridal shoes his family’s company produced. Best known for his bold and blingy bridal collection, Adam continues to expand his sophisticated shoes line while grabbing the attention of stylist celebs, like; Joan Osborne, Emmy Rossum, Kelly Pickler, Patricia Arquette and Tatyana Ali.


Ashhlan Gorse wearing Benjamin Adams ‘Astor’ At the NBC Golden Globes


STRENGTH & BEAUTY?? (Challenging Yourself to Do and Be Anything, YOU Want) By Brittany Williams

I am a competitive person and rarely shy away from taking on a new challenge. I love the stage, I love fitness and sports. With a couple of national pageant titles under my belt, fitness competitions felt like a natural fit for me. To be honest, going from tomboy to college athlete and ending up a certified personal trainer, fitness competitions should have been the more natural route before beauty pageants. Fortunately, that’s just not how it happened, but it all seems to have worked out pretty well for me. Just like in pageantry, preparing for a fitness competition requires a lot of focus and willpower. While you are only preparing for one area of competition in fitness as opposed to 3 or 4 in a typical beauty pageant (interview, on stage question, swimsuit, gown) anyone could truly argue that fitness preparation is more physical (obviously), and mentally taxing. While I did not win my first competition, the sense of accomplishment and pride that I had reached my destination at the 2013 NPC Las Vegas Classic, was beyond satisfying. The NPC Las Vegas Classic is a very highly competitive event. With the perk of competing in a national competition, many competitors travel from all over Nevada to take the coveted state title. After finally understanding how to prepare for beauty pageants to , for the first time, I came out of a competition without the prize. However, I felt the most pride and accomplishment that could never be replace by a trophy. I officially felt like a Bad A-- B----- (shut yo mouth). Seriously! Preparation for this type of competition typically begins 3-6 months out. I only started going Next time I hardcore about 2 months out. will plan it better. The fact that I am a fan of the gym, it wasn’t so bad… in the beginning. In general, my routine consisted of 5 or 6 days a week in the gym, 2 times a day. The morning session was weight training, in which I isolated individual muscle groups and worked them to exhaustion. Biceps and Triceps one day, chest the next day, then to back, shoulders, hamstrings and glutes. The Quads got their own special love and attention. After weight training came cardio. Cardio is my favorite part, but a very necessary evil. (Intervals of 45 to 60 minutes on the treadmill or the stairs) As if that wasn’t enough, the evening session (yes, evening!) consisted of another 45 to 60 minutes of cardio. Interestingly enough, although I ran track in college, I actually never really liked running for too long at one time. This was a much different type of training than I would normally do. To keep it interesting without getting bored, I typically do circuit training or boot camp style of training. For me this is more efficient and effective for maintaining or kick starting any fitness routine. It also provides you with the wonderful effect. This is a great thing because you are essentially burning more calories hours after your workout it done. It can be an intense workout, but it does the job very well. But for these purposes, I had to do it the long and hard way. All these hours in the gym can get you a little sore, but it hurts so good. Pushing through the pain on days that you feel like you can barely walk is quite a feat. But it’s that


“good pain” that you hear about. It is a real thing. The real challenge, coming from a foodie, was the dreaded, 4 letter “D” word. Diet! That wasn’t so bad either… for a while. My daily consumption included foods like; 4 oz. of chicken breast, 10 asparagus spears, a cup of spinach, 4 oz. of Tilapia, blah, blah, blah. Yeah… it got old. That was pretty much what I ate for a couple months, 6 times a day (Ok, I might have cheated on a meal or 2). Along with a variety of supplements to provide some of the nutrients that are missing from my very simple menu, that is pretty much it. With those key nutrients missing, particularly those wonderful carbohydrates, energy gets depleted pretty quickly, so irrational grumpiness begins to find itself as a normal part of day to day activity. I have a pretty high tolerance for discomfort and mental fogginess, but this was on another level. I felt like my body and brain went a little coo-coo, but that is also when I saw results. Thank goodness something came out of it. After the competition, I was given constructive criticism that I appreciated from people who have been in the industry for a while. For this particular competition, I was “too hard,” meaning too muscular for the division that I was in. I entered the ‘Bikini Completion’, turns out my physic would have done better in the ‘Fitness Competition’. I found out with a bit more work I might have placed higher in the ‘Fitness Competition’. I could have balanced my upper and lower body more proportionately. Since, I ran track in college and was a jumper, there were lots of squats and lunges done in my lifetime. My lower body is much more developed than my upper body. I was told by a judge and pro that if I could build my shoulders and arms a little more I would be very successful in ‘Fitness’. Do I want to do that? Honestly, I don’t really know. I absolutely think that I looked awesome on stage and I love my body. Who knows…..I could have done well in the fitness competition as I was this time. The point is; I could bust my butt even more than I did to make changes based on someone else’s opinion and still come out without that trophy. Just like any other competition that is subjective (and perhaps a little political); you never know how it is going to turn out. It is important to be honest about your purpose and goals for competing. Are your reasons healthy? Is it a personal goal or challenge? Are there opportunities that will help propel your career? By keeping that in mind, you can remain mentally strong and push through many difficult moments, and relish in your success, win, lose or draw. In every competition, there are judges with varying points of view, experiences and ideas of “perfection” or what’s “ideal”. Know YOURself and what is important to YOU. Prepare in a way that you will be satisfied with your personal results and how your body looks. If it works out, that’s great. If not, you still come out the winner in the end, because you did something. If you know you look good, and better yet, truly feel good about yourself, take that invisible trophy and congratulate yourself on a job well done. And don’t forget to celebrate with a big, cheesy, greasy pizza and a glass of wine like I did. Cheers! (Like me on Facebook Brittany the Queen B Williams, Twitter @BfabYOUlous)~


in Weightloss

Weight management is a problem facing many people in the world and no one is spared, even children. The two severe weight management problems are overweight and severe obesity; both of which are associated with serious health problems. If you are suffering from these problems and you have made a decision that 2014 will be the year when all these changes, then you are about to find out the top ten weight loss choices for 2014.

by: Doreen Osuo

If you want to lose weight and be healthy in the year 2014, you do not have to perform those difficult, painful and labor-intensive workout routines. Adopt the habit of walking or riding a bicycle to work instead of taking a cab and using the staircases instead of the lift if your office is located on the upper floors of a building. Another option is to make a workout plan of taking a 30-minute walk or a jog each morning most of the week. Both will be effective.

3. Lifestyle Change

Most of the following techniques are natural, nontoxic and are deemed effective; based on customer reviews and feedbacks. It is also good to mention that the techniques are among the most popCertain lifestyles are harbingers of doom when comes to weight ular trends in the weight loss and fitness industry. gain. Excessive intake of alcohol, binge partying and the like usually lead to very fast gain in weight. This is because all the alcohol you consume is ultimately converted to fat and stored under your skin, in your belly and in the walls of blood vessels. These have Obviously. One of the most implicated catastrophic effects. causes of obesity and overweight is unIf you are an addict, you may find changing this lifestyle difficult. healthy diet rich in empty calories and bad fat called cholesterol. Unless you are suffer- The good news is that there are places where you can find help such as alcoholic anonymous or behavioral therapy offices. Make ing from compulsive overeating, it is within the decision to quit and walk the talk. your power to change your eating habit to avoid unhealthy foods such as those highly refined, processed, high-calorie and saturated with cholesterol. If you are addicted to much sweetMake sure that your diet consists of foods ened foods, the miracle berry from rich in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetaWest Africa will be your way out. bles, cereals and grains. Also, make sure Known scientifically as Synsepalthat you eat lean protein and vegetable fat um dulficum, this Miracle berry has as these have very low levels of cholesterol. the capability to bind to the taste If you are not sure about the healthy foods buds responsible for the sour taste to include in your diet, it may be necessary and stimulate those responsible for to talk to a nutritionist or a dietitian. sweet taste. In so doing, you will be able to enjoy those foods that are sour or bitter such as Brussels sprout and green beans because you will perceive them as sweet.

1. Adopt a Healthy Diet

4. Miracle berry

2. Effective Workout Plan

Your reason for weight gain could be because lack of physical activity. With proper exercise and healthy diet, it is possible for you to shed excessive pounds you have always dreamed of. Most overweight people find it difficult to work out and usually give up and drop the exercise plan after just a few trials.


The berry works whether it is taken as a fruit or as tablet. Because of its effect of sweetening bitter foods is a double-edged sword in that it can help you lose weight while at the same time cause you to overeat if you do not watch the quantity of food you take. You have to be careful when using miracle berry.

5. The Venous Factor

8. Green Coffee Bean Extract

The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system tailor-made for the female body. This means that it is exclusively for women who want to lose weight. The system has taken a completely new approach to weight loss in women. This is because it does not used diet restrictions, calorie counting and difficult workout routines. If you have been trying to lose weight to no avail, there could be genetic source to your problem and this is what venous factor will eliminate.

Green coffee bean is not green but it is the coffee bean that has not been roasted. The reason why the natural weight loss product is great is the fact that roast coffee usually used as beverage does not contain enough amounts of the active ingredient necessary for weight loss. Green coffee retains much of the chlorogenic acid, which has beneficial effects of reducing the risks of heart disease, diabetes mellitus and weight loss.

9. HCG Diet

6. The Paleo Diet Another weight loss technique in 2014 is the paleo diet which is based on what our ancestors, people of the Stone Age used to eat. Researchers realized that changes in our eating habits and the advancement in technology leading to unhealthy processed foods. The foods included in the paleo diet are very rare and ancient so you may need to consult an expert to help you know exactly what they are and how to prepare them.

7. South Beach Diet Yes, Still Popular! Developed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist, this is the best diet to adopt in 2014 if you want to lose weight to protect your heart from cardiovascular disease. This weight loss program or technique focuses on improving on the levels of cholesterol and insulin and therefore fat and carbohydrate handling of your body. With Southern Beach, you will not go wrong in your quest to have a healthy weight and a perfect look in the year 2014.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone; a glycoprotein composed of 237 amino acids. HCG interacts with the LHCG receptor of the blastocyst and promotes the maintenance of the corpus luteum during the beginning of pregnancy. When considering the HCG diet the program limits you to 500 calories a day for 8 weeks while taking HCG, either by getting a shot or by taking a “homeopathic� product, such as oral drops, pellets, or sprays, which you can buy at the store. None of this is approved by the FDA for weight loss. The shots themselves are legal, as long as a health care provider gives them to you. (They're approved to treat fertility issues.)

10. Intermittent fasting One of the best techniques in weight loss is to use intermittent fasting. IF involves periodically going without food for a given period of time, usually 20-36 hours. This has many benefits not limited to weight loss. Considered the simplest form of detox this lemonade diet is very alkaline. You also stand to gain from other physical, mental and life span benefits. Many regimes are available to choose from but it may be more rewarding if you were to plan for your own regimen. Always consult your doctor before you start a new health or diet plan.~


and age, there were any doctors who viewed their patients as people instead of dollar signs. Then, I met Dr. Sowmya Sridharan of Las Vegas Homeopathy. Dr. Sridharan is a homeopathic doctor residing right here in the city of sin. Homeopathy is a natural alternative system of medicine that is safe and effective in the treatment of most disorders. Homeopathy treats the cause, balances each cell in the body to function optimally and has no side effects. Treating not only the physical body, homeopathy attends also to the mind in a holistic and individualized approach to heal each patient’s personal needs. One attribute that makes Dr. Sridharan unique from conventional medical doctors is that she does not just treat disorders and symptoms in patients. Rather, she guides them on how to be healthier individuals and implement lasting dietary changes which is the cornerstone of great health. When is the last time your conventional medical doctor warned you against eating genetically modified food? How about being cautious of vaccines or prescription drugs? Has your doctor educated you on drinking clean water free from fluoride and chlorine or to limit your consumption of processed foods? Probably not.

Photo by Christos Patronas of Behind the Neon Photography

I had a chance to speak with Dr. Sridharan recently about some of these issues surrounding healthcare, diet and nutrition. When asked about conventional doctors and medicine and how they treat patients, Dr. Sridharan said, “Conventional doctors do not look for the cause of diseases, they treat only the symptoms. Conventional medicine does not concentrate on one of the most important factors in any illness, nutrition and diet. The treatment is also the same for everyone without considering the individuality of the patient or their situation, life style or the cause of the disease.”

For me, it's reading uninteresting magazines to kill the thirty minutes I'm about to spend in the waiting room. Then, it's being moved into a smaller waiting room for fifteen minutes followed by being charged $75 for five minutes of face time. Last, but not least, it's going home with the feeling that the issue I came in for is no better than it was the day before. For a long time, I had a bad opinion about doctors. It seemed that all doctors were in the business of managing sickness instead of improving health. And, let's not forget that it is a business. I wasn't sure if, in this day


Homeopathy treats the body as a whole. This is why most prescription drugs have a galactic list of “side effects”. (Is suicide really a worthy side effect of an “anti-depressant” drug?) Dr. Sridharan's explains that drugs act on your whole body. The effect that we desire in the particular organ is called the effect and the effects in other organs are called the side effects. A treatment should help the body become strong and combat the illness, not make it weak and dependent. Prescription drugs do not treat the cause of the problem, but just masks the symptoms. Prescription drugs, even correctly prescribed, are one of the top causes of death in the United States.? Sadly, most medical schools provide doctors with almost no training in nutrition. A diet consisting of organically grown food, with limited amount of processing, is key to having optimal health. But, for most doctors, this fact of life is not good for business. Fortunately, for us in the Las Vegas Valley, Dr. Sowmya Sridharan bases her practice of helping her patients adapt healthier lifestyles. The majority of Americans base their entire diet on foods that come in a package or box. These type of foods (with rare exception) have no life. We are literally eating dead foods. Although, they are obviously edible, our bodies don't recognize these products as actual food and are extremely difficult for the human body to digest. When I asked Dr. Sridharan to explain this further, she said, “Processed foods are those that don't spoil easily and are far from the source it [originally] came from. Simply stated, foods come from the Earth and processed foods come from an industry. Processed foods do not spoil because even bacteria, virus and fungi do not want to eat them because they can't break it down.” We also face the alarming reality that are food is being genetically modified with little to no regulation. These mutated foods, better known as GMOs, are created when scientists take DNA from bacteria and artificially insert them into plants, like corn and soy, to make them resistant to massive amounts of herbicide or make them produce their own insecticide. Conventional science still refers to 95% of DNA as “junk DNA”; all while new discoveries regarding genetic coding and DNA are being made every year. This is why Dr. Sridharan advises to steer clear of GMOs in your food: “We acquire our body from the foods that we eat. The foods become our body essentially which means that the food has to resemble our body's structure and function closely in order to become healthy cells and a healthy body. GMOs alter the plant's DNA in a way that they lose their resemblance to the human body and this causes problems like cancer.”

Another major health crisis is the over consumption of meat and dairy. The convenience of fast food aside, a lot of marketing dollars are spent to lead us to believe that our health will parish if we stop eating animal flesh. Dr. Sridharan gives a different perspective on meat consumption: “Our anatomy doesn't provide us the necessary tools to eat meat. Herbivores have flat teeth so we cook our meats, as we can't shred meat with our teeth. Also once the animal is killed for meat, it goes through long periods before reaching our homes. Even carnivores eat meat only right after the kill. Scavengers eat rotten meat and by the time the meat reaches us from a factory farm, it is rotten and can't provide any benefit to our body nutritionally.”

But, let's get back to homeopathy. Despite how the medical mafia does everything it can to suppress alternative healing, Dr. Sridharan does not have a problem with stating that her homeopathic treatment cures disease in her patients. Her patients have seen elimination or improvements with many ailments including autism, ADHD, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, allergies, asthma, anxiety and nervous system disorders, just to name a few. Dr. Sowmya Sridharan has recently taken a major step in doing her part to keep the Las Vegas community healthy. She is now offering a free clinic once per week for those who may not be in the position to afford her treatment at the moment. She is truly a blessing to have in our community. To find out more information, please, visit her website at

Something to consider with eating and drinking dairy is that not only are humans the only species on the planet that drink milk past the toddler years, but that humans are also the only ones that seek out the milk of other species to consume. Dr. Sridharan says, “Dairy is not a necessary nutrient for human beings. Babies drink mother's milk only because their body is not ready to consume solid foods. As we wean off mother's milk, there is no need to take up another animal's milk. All the nutrients in milk can easily be replaced by other foods. Also, the dairy industry today does not provide any nutrition due to pasteurization and homogenization of milk. The milk is pasteurized only to improve the shelf life and becomes a processed [dead] food.” Dr. Sridharan is also an advocate of drinking clean water. The tap water in Las Vegas has added fluoride and chlorine, as well as other contaminants. Regarding this, Dr. Sridharan says, “Even though the government claims that fluoride is added for dental health. There is no proof that it is beneficial. On the contrary, fluoridation of water and tooth paste can cause arthritis, thyroid disorders, muscle disorders, poor immune function and even increase the incidence of cancer.”



By purchasing Non GMO Apparel, that is clothes made with 100% organic cotton or other non-GMO product, you are taking a big step to support your own environment and doing the environment a big favor by not supporting those yucky herbicide loaded cotton products.


Artash Jewels Model: Suzi Mesropyan Photo by Memo Alci © LV Mogul Media Group

Our Master Jeweler has been perfecting his design skills and building skills for over two decades. We can create and produce fashionable and exquisite custom costume jewelry with fine jewelry quality.

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By Tara Starr

The week that passed was pure agony. Everyone had an unwarranted opinion of what I had decided to do to my body. And I was beginning to have slivers of doubt here and there. What is my boobs were too big for me!? Or even worse, what if they weren’t big enough!? November 12, 2013, 8 A.M. I remember walking into Sahara Surgery Center that day, with the expectation that my whole life was going to change. I was not the least bit nervous. As per my doctor’s orders, I arrived without a hint of make-up, comfortable clothes, and nary a piece of jewelry on my person. Elated I lay down on a hospital bed whilst the nurses administered sedatives through an I.V. There’s pretty and then there’s “Vegas Pretty. “ You, dear reader, know exactly what I’m talking about. “Vegas Pretty is stereotypically the kind of woman who carries herself with the confidence of an exotic dancer, sports French-tipped, acrylic nails, a fake tan, along hair extensions, and has the perfect body; complete with giant Barbie-like boobs. In other words, nothing about “Vegas Pretty” is natural; thus making it totally achievable. For as long as I’ve lived in this city, I had obsessed with the idea of breast augmentation surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I am a screaming heterosexual. But there is just something so utterly magnificent about big, fake boobies. This is the story of how I went from a measly 34B bra-size to a lifechanging 34DDD. Early last November, apart from my newlysingle status, I was in the prime of my life. I had just won my first pageant title, was making a lot of money doing next to nothing, working out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I had a million suitors and a myriad opportunities. None of that mattered, as I was blinded by my loneliness, and anger. Mind you, I would never change myself for a man (or boy, in this case.) This only served to fan the flames of my already burning desire for plastic surgery.

About an hour after I had settled in, my doctor finally arrived, brandishing the quintessential Sharpie, with which to mark the location of my incisions. Moments later, my bed was wheeled to the operating room; and my I.V. switched out with anesthesia. I woke up blurry-eyed and numb at close to 11:30 A.M. with a bitter taste in my mouth. Looking down at my chest, I asked the nurse, “Is it all there? All 535 cc’s?” “Yes, it is.” Fast forward to yesterday, February 3, 2013; my nearly-3-month post operational appointment with my surgeon. After being unable to work; I teach pole dancing for a living; and not being able to wear bras with any underwire, as is procedure, I finally got the green light. The first thing I did was rush to Victoria’s Secret for a bra fitting. The verdict? “34DDD.” While plastic surgery may not have completely obliterated my loneliness, I take comfort in the fact that I am one step closer to completely loving myself. I am “Vegas Pretty.” And for now, that’s all that matters. ~

I had thrown the idea around so many times without any sense of urgency. But what truly sealed the deal was seeing my loser ex-lover’s photo with his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. This girl had nothing on me, yet for some reason, I had been replaced once again. I realized then that in order to find love, first and foremost, I had to truly, unequivocally love myself. It’s not that I didn’t already have an inflated sense of self. However, I’d always felt that a part of me was missing. Days before the Instagram revelation, I had already attended an initial consultation with my doctor, who happened to be a judge at my last pageant. My surgery was scheduled for the first week in December. But I needed a change and I needed it fast. So I called my surgeon’s office to reschedule for his next available date; the 12th of November, 2013.


Johnathan Kayne By Alptamise Hailey-Hinds

Johnathan Kayne knew design was for him, when the cheers of support from audience members to his sister’s big beauty pageant win made even him feel like a winner.

would give up a full academic scholarship and a career in Veterinary Medicine.

As the supportive pageant brother, young Johnathan Kayne enjoyed helping his 2 pageant girl sisters, as they prepared for competition. Growing up in such a close knit family, Johnathan realized that when it’s pageant time, it’s family time. As he got older, he understood that the emotional roller coaster of the pageant girl process; preparing, working out and competing, was just as emotional for the family supporting the pageant girl.

“Getting to see people make fashion choices that are really well thought out and planned, can be pretty exciting. So for me, I thought that I could really do this.”

When one of Johnathan’s sisters expressed the desire to compete in a competition that would benefit her in college, he believed she was committed to win, and was more than happy to support her. Shopping for the perfect gown is a frustrating journey for anyone who wants to look and feel like a winner. Unable to find the perfect dress, Johnathan and his sister chose a gown that was close to perfect, and decided they would make it a winner.

One moment can change the course of anyone’s life. From one act of love, to a moment of pride; that led a man to choose a new career.

In 2002 Johnathan graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York. If you are ever in fear of altering the course of your future let Johnathan Kayne be a shining example of having faith in your abilities to succeed. Even after being recognized as design wonder and positioned to compete with other amazing designers on Project Runway, Johnathan, pushed himself to the limits with full faith that he could create anything.

While helping his sister rework the gown for a Red Carpet ready look, Johnathan realized that even though he had very basic sewing skills, the journey of creating a piece that made his sister feel confident was worth the unsteady fingers and the hours of embellishing.

“I would be mortified if anyone saw that dress, now.” When his sister won the Miss MTSU Pageant; that moment became a turning point for Johnathan and his sister. Before that moment, he could not have predicted that he would develop such passion for fashion. Nor would he have believed he

As an audience favorite, Johnathan place Top 5 on Project Runway Season 3, but not before winning the “Fit for a Queen” challenge, his specialty, of course. Tara Connor, Miss USA 2007 chose his design to wear at the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant and placed fourth runner up to Miss Universe later that year. It should come as no surprise to Project Runway fans the Johnathan went on to establish a brand that can be found in over 3000 stores and over 40 countries. As an added testament to his unwavering confidence he built an empire of from pencil and paper to red carpet masterpieces that can be seen at a variety of star studded events. While glamorous gowns and fabulous heels may be his niche you will soon see Johnathan’s designs on your favorite Hollywood Hunks.~


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Super Star $450.00 Shine bright like a diamond with solid beading, large A/B crystals, and LED light wire. The light wire flashes fast, slow, and stays on and is powered by 2 “AA� batteries.



Zazzi by FashionTeq FashionTEQ, introduces their fashion-forward technology as they debut their line of “smart jewelry”. Avoid being the one person in that important meeting who disrupts progress by answering your phone.

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With Zazzi you can simply glance at your jewelry piece and prevent giving a bad impression. Leave your phone in your purse while staying connected with your Zazzi. Available as a cocktail ring, convertible pendant, or a cuff to be worn as a necklace or bracelet, the collection features the unique Zazzi Gem “smart” piece.

Created by Judy Tomlinson and present as a crowd-funding project this convertible piece was designed to simplify even the most active lifestyle. Stay tuned as they unveil their new slimmer, sleeker Zazzi design.


John Dunia, Director 702-493-2286

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“I feel like I’m being styled by a superstar!”

Georgina Vaughan

– Katie Kelly (Ms. NV United States, 2013)

At first glance anyone would think that this blonde bombshell maintains a permanent spot in front of the camera. Yet once you see Georgina Vaughan at work behind the camera, there is no mistaking her place is solid. After representing Nevada as Miss Nevada Teen USA, followed by Miss Nevada USA, Vaughan channeled her knowledge of pageants into her photography.

Courtesy of

“I love Georgina’s photos!” – Tanice Smith (Director of Miss Nevada United States)

Georgina’s award winning photos grace the pages of publications and pageant programs nationwide. Her supportive energy,

Her unique style and ability to create captivating photos makes her one of Nevada’s Top pageant photographers. Her naturally talent guided by the artist’s eye of father, celebrity photographer Ian Vaughan, turned into a sought-out passion to make everyone look and feel like a celebrity.

While many photographers depend on a makeup artist and stylist to create “the look”; Georgina’s pride comes at being hand on. She not only preps the scene, she offers full makeup and hairstyling with her alluring shots. behind the camera, became so motivating to her pageants patrons, that once she got the coaching bug, she extended her creative energy into Georgina’s Winning Wand. As a full-service program, the Winning Wand offers coaching in a team atmosphere, while building the confidence in young delegates as they prepare to grace the stage. Millions of young girls and women are led to believe that super models, and “Glamazon” celebrities always look like they fell out of the pages of Vogue. Georgina Vaughan provides a luxurious look and experience for everyone, even those who believe they are the most ordinary patron. ~ Georgina Vaughan - PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD. Award Winning Photographer Georgina Vaughan’s work has been featured on the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA sites and magazines. While capturing models and beauty queens or shooting fashion and advertising assignment Georgina brings her individual creativity to each and every shot. For more information on how you can feel like a superstar with Georgina Vaughan, go to “LIKE” her on Facebook at




Hilary Billings Miss Nevada United States 13-14 By Alptamise Hailey-Hinds

Whether surfing the waves, embracing another culture or getting up close and personal with exotic animals, Hilary inspires thousands of people to get out and explore with her blog. Photo by Alptamise

Spokesmodel and travel blogger, Hilary Billings prides herself on being in uncomfortable situations and turning them into a comfortable opportunities. Her passion for venturing into the unknown offered her a range of new experiences that awarded her a chance to work for USA Today. When a close friend posed a new type of adventure in the form of a beauty pageants she could barely entertain the thought. How could an ambitious volcano boarder and world traveler who loves to surf fit into the pageant world?

Photo Courtesy of Billings Productions

While other people travel for a chance to get away, Hilary travels for the chance to dive in and live with native cultures. Sharing photos and videos of her personal experiences that had to be seen to be believed kept her followers engaged in her travel blog. Sharing detailed events with her audience on culture, politics and daily activities of her subjective habitat made her travels an

Sometimes the best part of a journey that has unplanned turns is the unexpected places you end up. And ending up as a travel blogger and writer for USA Today could be defined as a lucky happening in anyone's book. With a degree in Psychology Hilary’s blog shared a much broader interpretation of the different environments that she introduced to her audience. Her concentrated study of body image supported her on her travels as a model and travel blogger; giving her reports a more compelling story line and in-depth views of different ways of life and the people who live them. Everybody has body image issues. Hilary noticed it much more during high school. While on a magazine shoot, young Hilary noticed that another model expressed debilitating feelings toward herself, a body that would be captured and advertised to others as Perfect. Fascinated by the media’s interpretations of beauty, Hilary chose to emphasize her physiological studies on body image and eating disorders. Upon returning from an excursion to Figi, Hilary found herself re-adapting to home and unfortunately, again facing the unknown. What should have been a relaxing Fourth of July with friends, turned tragic, as a rogue firework exploded in front of Hilary; resulting in 2nd & 3rd degree burns. The saving graces in the moment were her reflexes and her choice to wear her glasses, as the firework hit her face first.

educational journey. Named Las Vegas Weekly's Best Blogger for 2013 Hilary has been sharing the best parts of Vegas for travelers who desire to experience the uncommonly good points of our city. Her travels abroad, and her involvement with USA Today all emerged when her plans for continuing education in psychology did not follow plan. In an effort to fill the void of promises made to the student that excels, Hilary embraced a tour of freedom as a way of clearing her disappointments and preparing for what came next. Every new experience she documented was to remember and share all of the new discoveries she made about her surroundings and herself. What started as a solo traveler’s journal, a way to share with family and friends, turned into an online journey that picked up curious followers who subscribed to her posts.

With doctors unsure of how she would heal Hilary became insecure of her body. And with a schedule full of travel destinations, Hilary was forced to alter her future plans due to her injury. Determined to pull herself out of the rut, Hilary was reminded of her own blog motto “Put yourself in uncomfortable situations and turn them into a comfortable opportunities.”

Photos by Alptamise


Taking her friend’s advice to enter a beauty pageant seemed like a great way to take her personal challenge to the next level. Even though the thought of walking on stage in a bikini and being judged could be intimidating for anyone, especially a burn victim, Hilary took the leap and signed up for the Miss Nevada United States pageant. Since she was an affirming advocate for her readers, hiding was not an option. And if she was going to do this pageant, as with anything she did, she was going to give it her all and hopefully, inspire others.

Was this accident an opportunity to see things from the other side or an opportunity mishap that could help her gain a psychological understanding of body image issues? With the help of her friend and coach, Julianna Erdesz, Miss Nevada USA 2010, Hilary dove into the unknown again and planned for the best. “I am so grateful for Julianna. She sat me down and Photo courtesy of Keith Armington of Findlay explained what her experience was like. We discussed if I were to win what I should expect from my year. It was great I was really surprised by going into my system— to learn and discuss with her because it Julianna Ertez How educated and motivated and driven and beausolidified my desire to want to do it. Now Photo courtesy of MUO it was up to me to make it what I wanted tiful all these girl were. I just felt privileged to comit to be.” Representing her community as Miss pete with them.” Clark County in the Miss Nevada United States pageant was a huge step, especially Already involved with her community, Hilary decided to take a new apfor someone still nervous about showing proach and get involved in non-profit organizations that offered support to her body.

burn survivors. It was the choice platform, as she could passionately promote it and speak from personal experience during her pageant delegacy.

“You don’t have to be flawless to be beautiful”

Asserting herself to participate in her own self growth she connected with the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation and was inviting to the Burn Institute’s ‘Camp Beyond the Scars’. This program provides young burn survivors with a safe and fun camp environment that encourages healing, personal growth, and character development.

No statement could be truer as Judges give high “It’s been an incredible experience marks to the most sincere delegate to be able to share my story and that displayed break that pageant stereotype. I grace and beauty inside and out. She especially love talking to kids, tellwas the vision of ing not to let someone else’s idethe queen they feel would represent als or beliefs stop you from doing the State of Newhat you want to do.” vada best at Nationals. Her skills offered her the confidence to share her Competing in her Photo by Alptamise story candidly to the kids at camp. But she was very first pageant most impressed by the kids’ ability to relate to her, she, naturally, hoped to place high. “I including young male campers. They shared with her obstacles they overnever expected to win!” Hilary excame, as well. claimed. But win she did.

“I think it’s really important to highlight the achievements and the intelligence of the girls that compete in pageants. It was something

As the reigning Miss Nevada United States, Hilary was openly supported by USA Today. They not only allowed her to where her sash and crown during red carpet interviews, they also offered her the chance to work with their Nashville music expert, Brian Mansfield. Known for his many talents, he’s also the first person Taylor Swift followed on Twitter. To learn from a trusted news source that even celebrities followed was a coveted gift many professional would fight for. Realizing now that her best-laid plans might not have afforded her such a plethora of opportunities, Hilary jumped at the chance to learn from one of the masters.


Dress courtesy of Jen De Marquez of The F List

You must look into other people, as well as, at them.

Photo by Alptamise

“I’m so grateful to be a part of the Number #1 Nationally Syndicated News Source in America.”

Photo Courtesy of Billings Productions

Being introduced by Mansfield to well-known celebrities had Hilary star struck. She was able to interact comically which worked to her advantage. As celebrities jokingly commented on never before meeting royalty, Hilary chimed right in with unwavering confidence that set her red carpet interviews to an ideal flow. This im-

Serendipitously finding an unplanned love in media continues to motivate Hilary to be open to every opportunity. “You never know who you are going to meet, or what moment will change your life.” Believing that 2013 was accidentally lucky, Hilary says she wouldn’t change a thing. Learning so much about herself and others has given her a new direction that she fully embraces. ~

pressed her USA Today editors. With basic point of interests from her USA Today editor and a tool box of tidbits from her mentors, Hilary quickly mastered the intuitive skills of ‘On Location’ interviewing and hosting. Even Ryan Seacrest, who is known for his hosting skills, stopped to chat with Nevada’s New Media Maven. She demanded audiences to take notice.

“It’s all about making people comfortable with you. Of course, they are people you admire so seeing them in the flesh is crazy. But you have to remember they are people, too.” 52

Photo Courtesy of Billings Productions To follow the Nomad Grad Blog go to: You can also follow the Nomad Grad on Facebook at

ŠPhoto by Alptamise- Dress by Betty Page Clothing

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. -Harriet Tubman




Created by Brittany Cherie Williams, Miss United States 2008 and Miss US Galaxy 2012, The Role MODEL Experience was designed to give young girls a neutral place to embrace their unique beauty. Growing up and feeling insecure was something Williams was all too familiar with. Tomboy by nature, young Williams entered a pageant in her home town to feel better about herself. Failing to place and feeling even more de- feminized, Williams choose to try pageants again to have fun and learn more about herself. That fun-focused attitude caused her to love herself more and take home the National title. Determined to help other young women have fun and love who they are, as they as, she teamed up with other strong women in the beauty industry to show girls how Beautiful they really are.

Brittany Cherie Williams




The girls share their experiences with bullies while creating a positive things to say about themselves. Williams also took this time to offer ways to deal with the media’s interpretation of real beauty.

Its hard to see the posititve in everyday life. When you look past the negative messages inspiration words appear. Each girl made a mini mirror collage from positive words pulled from negative media messages.

Mildly execuating your favorite features can make any young Diva feel like a Rock Star! Each girl shared her favvorite feature about each other and learned how to make it POP!

We may not see how Beautiful we really are unless we capture it. Each girl got a personal photo session after their make-over and learned their best bet poses.

-tiFul Inside and Out! Š Event Photos provided by Alptamise of LV Mogul Media Group

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Beauty Queen on aBudget It’s no secret that competing in pag-

eantry can come with a hefty price tag. Between entry fees, wardrobe, coaching, headshots, hair and make-up, you can spend thousands of dollars to compete in a single competition! It’s a common misconception that only girls born with silver spoons get to wear sparkly crowns. But those who believe that have never heard the phrase

It’s not the gown on the girl, it’s the girl in the gown.

After entering a pageant last year, my dog became very ill and I did whatever it took to try to save her, and yes that meant spending the $5000 I had set aside for my competition budget! It is not in me to give up or tap out, so I knew I had to be financially creative when it came time to prepare for the pageant. Thinking outside of the box is my forte, and I not only competed on a limited budget but my name was called in the top 4 that night! I had competed at a fraction of what any of the other delegates had spent and made it to the finals. SUCCESS! So many ladies are deprived of the magical experience and the benefits that pageantry can offer because they think they can’t afford it, but they are wrong and I am here to share my wealth… knowledge on how to be a beauty queen on budget!

by Tanice Smith

Great head shots are crucial to pageantry. More often than not, the judges see your photo before they see you. Some directors include your photo with your bio or they get a copy of the program book before meeting you for the first time in personal interview. So essentially your headshot is the first impression, and you know how important a first impression can be. So you might be asking yourself, how can I afford to cut corners on my photography? Well here are several things you can do to have amazing photos and pay next to nothing, or even nada, zilch, zero, ……for headshots, crown and banner shots or even modeling photos to build your portfolio! Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist! Yes, you have to be careful when utilizing this free tool but you would be surprised at the number of opportunities there are for free photography on Craigslist. If you go to “Gigs” and type in the phrase “trade for pics” or “TFP” a multitude of listings will pop up from photographers looking to build or update their portfolio. They trade services, you model for free and in return you get a copy of all the photos they shoot! Most of them will even retouch several or your favorite images. They may advertise that they are looking for a certain style of shoot, but if you pose for their needs and explain you also need some headshots, they will often be happy to oblige! Just a friendly reminder; call and talk with them on the phone first. Tell them you are doing this for a pageant, and will not pose in any photos that are inappropriate or compromise your values. If they have a problem with that……hang up the phone! View their work first, if they don’t have a website to view their work online don’t waste your time, if they aren’t serious or professional enough to have a website they are not the type of photographer you want capturing your image. Only agree to meet in public places or studios, always take dad, brother, boyfriend, uncle or a friend to make sure that you are safe! Go to Pageant Expos! I went to a pageant expo hosted by Fit for the Crown here in Las Vegas at the Suncoast; the entry fee ($15) included a free raffle ticket. I won Headshots from Altenburg Studios with hair and make-up included by Amelia C & Co. Pageant expos are usually sponsored by professionals that specialize in pageantry services so if you are lucky enough to win one of the raffle prizes, you will get the best in the business! You can also try going to other expos and business mixers. The Las Vegas Biggest Mixer and

Divas Day Out both have exhibitor booths which are surprisingly filled with many photographers, most of which have a free drawing for a photo shoot! If you’ve never heard of Yvette Auger’s Cosmopolitan Connections Free Networking Events you better get familiar fast. Yvette provides mixers at the hottest locations in Vegas every week. These events are for networking like-minded business professionals, in unique environments with the emphasis on fun! At each event there is always a free raffle and Roger Bennett Photography who is the official event photographer often provides gift certificates for a free photo shoot as one of the prizes! By attending two Cosmopolitan Connections events, I won a photo shoot with Roger and a free teeth whitening gift certificate too. I will be using the whitening first and then my smile will really sparkle when Roger takes my photos!!! Another way for you to connect with eager photographers is to seek out students. Both CSN and UNLV offer photography courses and there are many students who need models to shoot. Not only will you get free photography but you will be helping them make the grade. Essentially you are killing two birds with one stone. It may not be charity work, but you can feel good about volunteering your time and talents to help out students in your community and get the photos you need in the process. Use your sponsor! Any good director should have a pageant photography sponsor in place. Most sponsors will offer special rates to delegates of the program. Not to mention that if your director trusts them, then you already know you will be in good hands. As a director myself, I have put in place a photography sponsor whose name is synonymous with pageantry, the infamous Georgina Vaughan! She has offered headshots with hair and make-up included for a phenomenal price exclusively for Miss Nevada United States delegates. These are just a few ideas, challenge yourself to think outside the box and find your own ways to pinch pennies pageant style!~

Tanice Smith, Director of the Miss Nevada United States Pageant. Photos: Craigslist TFP Dr. Robert Davis of Dreamweaver Photography and Photo shoot prize package from Altenburg Studios


"The primary and most beautiful of nature's qualities is motion" -


Marquis De Sade

Left to Right: RickyCash, Hilary Billings, Katie Kelly and Aaron Phillips

VenturingVegas By Alptamise Hailey-Hinds

Celebrating 5 years and over 300 shows, the commentating voices of Phillips and Cash venture beyond the radio to stage. Vegas’s own dynamic duo, or the talk of the town, offers weekly introductions, in-depth stories and interviews on Vegas’s best kept secrets. Before they decided to collaborate their efforts on their poplar Las Vegas Radio Show, VEGAS UNWRAPPED, they were Jacks-Of-Another-Trade. Phillips maintained a profitable business as a credit collector, until a chance meeting with a WCNJ Radio Station Owner had Phillips bartering his way into the broadcasting. To help this new favorite nonprofit station help build funds Phillips offered his credit collecting services in exchange for education in the radio business.

Aaron Phillips interviewing Rich Perez on Vegas Unwrapped

Opportunities are open to those prepared…..and Phillips is always prepared. Out-of-the-blue, Phillips was offered a chance to interview for a boxing color commentator position. Thanks to Aaron Phillips Known for his great communicating skill, a Round One Boxing class he had taken with his family for qualPhillips knew he could come close to a popular style of broadity time he had the basic terminology needed for the position. casting. Regularly tuning into his favorite east coast broadcastRich Perez, who has announced more than 600 Championship ers like Phil Rizzuto, a pro player turned sports radio and Boxing Matches on ESPN's Friday Night Fights as original Color television announcer, gave Phillips a core understanding of what got the audience going. Commentator, happened to be the play-by-play guy that Phillips would work with at the event. This chance meeting gave Phillips the idea to build a team around his new show. One hour every day of the morning drive time from 9-10 and every Monday spent darning his character voice by recapping on the local sports scene, Phillips was able to build an audience A ‘Regular Joe’, Phillips, and a ‘Sports Pro’ Rich Perez later along with his confidence. After a year of building his radio skills launched “THE SPORTS ZOO”, sports-talk radio show that feaPhillips moved his family to Las Vegas. Hoping he could find a tured live interviews and recaps on games and events on KLAV1230AM in Las Vegas. Their show lasted for a year on local AM similar radio host gig he shared hundreds of tapes of his east coast show without a bite. radio before moving to a FOX Sports Radio station before it folded.


Cash, a retired school teacher and principal, would often run sports plays in his head but never seriously entertained the thought or possibly becoming a talk show host. Retired from education, Cash temporarily worked in sales for several companies and was unwittingly unaware that he was honing his communications skills for radio. Intentionally working with businesses that benefited the consumer, Cash made trusted connections that would help his future venture into broadcast.

“It was important to us to support and contribute to the community we live in. Unless we are promoting a community project or something that benefit the community, we rarely feature guests, businesses or events on the Strip.” -Phillips

Ricky Cash

As a long time listener of ‘The Sports Zoo’ with Phillips and Perez, Cash called into the show repeatedly to comment on hot topics. Cash, the brazen listener who challenged Phillips and Perez was such a beloved character he was invited to the show several times before it ended.

As their audience grows invitations to attend community events become more regular; followed by requests to host outside of the radio show. Originally investing their own funds into the show, Phillips and Cash welcomed the new income stream that helps with their community contributions, as well as, the new sponsors that help with production costs and events.

During the final production of The Sports Zoo, Cash offered to join Phillips on a new sports show. Understanding Phillips reluctance to go back into sports commentating, Cash developed a new show idea that would keep Las Vegas in a positive light. After years of making connections and attending events Cash realized that there were so many things going on in Las Vegas that even locals were unaware of. By talking about all that Las Vegas offers beyond The Strip, they would have a new niche in media. Diversity being the friend of show business, Phillips loved the idea and teamed up with his friend Ricky Cash. Any show having commentators known for being on either side of the fence was sure to have an interesting spin and draw for listeners, especially with fresh content. After deliberating on the format of their show, Phillips and Cash decided to invite guests like local authors, community performers, business owners and non-profit organizations; while helping to promote their events on the show. Getting involved with their community seemed like the best way to build their following within the community.

Right-Left: Cash, Tara Starr, Hilary Billings, Crysta Yfantis and Phillips

After becoming the play by play voices of The Vikings Kings Minor League Football Team, Part-time announcers for the Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls and co-emcees at the Relay for Life Event, Phillips and Cash added Beauty Pageant hosts to their lists of talents as they hosted the 2013 Miss Nevada United States Pageant followed by the 2013 Mrs. Nevada United States Pageant.

With Vegas Unwrapped, New or Established Small Businesses, Programs and Non-Profits have a chance to pull back the curtain on the core function of the services or products they offer. With Vegas Unwrapped, Aaron Phillips and Ricky Cash have Jimmy Bryant, Cash and Philips at Lights for LOVE Event become trusted voices within the community who help the local consumer/resident live comfortably aware of their environment. Streaming their show LIVE with archived podcasts and video posts on YouTube, each segment gives the team and their guests a broader audience with added exposure opportunities to expand their reach. Unlike many talented presenters or performers, Philips and Cash will actually listen to recordings of their show to improve their hosting skills. Since they play off of each other so well, Cash was forced to host the show alone and managed brilliantly because of his habitual practice of reviewing old shows.

Cash, Phillips and Kari Dieke host the Mrs. Nevada United States Pageant

Their tag team methods of engaging the audience has won them future beauty pageant host positions, as they will be hosting the 2014 Miss Nevada United States Pageant to be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino on May 4th.

(Tune in to Vegas Unwrapped every Thursday from 7-9pm PST at or enjoy podcast of Vegas Unwrapped at Unwrapped.html anytime. If you or someone you now has an event or business that you would like to gain exposure for on Vegas Unwrapped Vegas Unwrapped Internet Radio​or call Tel: 702­286­0063)



In the Heights The Las Vegas Academy's Production of 'In the Heights' is an entertaining roller coaster of the life and aspirations of a busy east coast neighborhood. This recreated Broadway show was animated and comical. Very engaging and well put together. The teamwork of this community theater embraced the stage that was so very well designed by the art department. 'In the Heights' is a very complex show with mature roles that the entire cast pulled off beautifully. With the vibrational tunes of the shows orchestra this is one of the BEST productions I have seen put on by the Youth in Las Vegas. Everyone should see it. These talented kids would make any Nevadan proud. Photo shared by Nicole Lowe


A Inspirational Series by Promotional Empowerment Director, John Dunia

Are You Worthy of Having The Thoughts You Have? One of the greatest challenges of becoming a success in any field lies within your ability to push your limits. Whether it is becoming a pageant contestant or a new business owner. The steps needed to succeed can be quite rigorous. But sometimes after a tremendous amount of effort and hard work, many of these dreams end in disappointment. That’s when it becomes important to reflect upon some of the missteps and mistakes, and not repeat them in the future. The thing to note, however, is oftentimes failure isn’t due to a lack of interest, effort, or expertise. Many times it is directly related to the way you think. It is entirely logical to assume that if you have a solid plan, and the willingness and enthusiasm to work hard to achieve success, it will eventually follow. That was exactly my train of thought…and I was wrong. What I didn’t realize is that it was my thinking that ultimately sabotaged my success. Down deep inside, there was a quiet voice that told me I wasn’t worthy of that success. Now before you turn the page on this life changing revelation, let me share with you my experience. It may spark some parallels within you. As young children, many of us experience shame and negative feelings about ourselves in a variety of ways. Oftentimes adults say things that make us feel badly about who we are. It may have been a teacher commenting about our homework. Maybe a coach was trying to “toughen” us up by calling us a name in front of the rest of the team. On

Not only did adults, friends, and peers make us feel bad about ourselves, even more harmful was we telling ourselves that we didn’t measure up. We were not good enough or never amounted to anything. As children it can be engrained in us over and over again not to believe in ourselves. That was definitely true for me. This type of “shame-based” thinking, in my opinion, is what causes many failures. Our society has invariably taught to use shame as a way of controlling others. However the worst side effect from using shame this way is the damage it does not only to the child but the residual damage which continues with that child all the way to adulthood. In my case, so much of my shame was self-inflicted. I constantly told myself I wasn’t good enough or wasn’t worthy to come up with the answers. I frequently asked others for advice. Not so much for their guidance, but because I didn’t believe I was worthy enough to come up with the “right” answer. As an adult, I found myself doing the same things. So many opportunities were passed by because I didn’t believe in myself. Strangely enough at the time of those decisions, if you had asked me if I had confidence in myself, I would have told you “absolutely”. However that would have only been to cover up the true lack of self-confidence. I did not feel worthy of having the success I was seeking. I did not understand that it was my own thinking that was keeping me from success. It wasn’t easy to admit but it was the best step I ever took in furthering my career. Children who are frequently told they don’t measure up, for whatever reason, begin to believe it themselves. As a child or an adult, when the time comes to accomplish something and there is the child’s voice buried deep inside saying, “you’ll never amount to anything”, it definitely can have a negative impact on the outcome. It can easily cause self-sabotaging behavior. My story may not ring true for everyone but I hope that some of you may be able to see how some parts may have affected events in your life. So many times, I encounter people who have great potential but the first thing they do is downplay themselves and underestimate their own talents and abilities. When given a compliment, most people will deny or minimize the compliment instead of accepting and receiving it gracefully.

many occasions our parents, without really meaning to hurt us, said things which caused us humiliation or shame when we should have never felt that way about ourselves. These kinds of events, which all of us have experienced, cause a deeper impact to your psyche and self-esteem, more than you may realize.


We have heard hundreds of times that we need to have confidence in ourselves but have we truly recognized it? Do we look at our own confidence and mistakenly call it arrogance or selfishness? When we deserve a compliment do we receive and accept it gracefully? One of the most difficult things to overcome - especially for people who grew up with a lot of shame about themselves - is to distinguish between confidence and arrogance. Friends and family

may even told you this type of behavior is selfish. Accepting compliments and feeling good about yourself in a gracious way is not selfish or arrogant. It is a good way of building confidence and diminishing the power that shame has been able to establish. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a new pageant contestant, or starting out on an entirely new venture, chances are you will encounter many challenges. You shouldn’t impose more difficulties upon yourself. Understanding your own (self) worth is a huge step toward fulfilling your goals!~


5 poses - $75.00 702-528-0757

Staying Connected: Maintaining your Social Media Platform Effectively

Written by: Sabrina Stevens

once. This can increase your market exposure very quickly. If you are not in the loop with how to do this, get to know how this works. There are pros and cons to this type of networking and branding; particularly if it

Social Networking is about managing your various social profiles effectively. is not professionally managed. If you have decided to use these various marketing profiles to promote your platform, you need to understand both the advantages and the disadvantages. ● You have free reign to market your platform and products while letting your personality shine through. Make sure that nothing else is revealed, because by the time you try to remove anything, it will be copied and posted 10 times over. Once it’s out there, it’s out of your control. ● You can be seen as helpful and give it the personal touch, which the public enjoys. However, if you give unsolicited advice without suggesting caution you could be liable for injury.

Unlike days gone by when web-sites were the expensive luxuries that only huge companies could afford, Social Media are considered the new platform landing

● You reach target audiences quickly, which means more coverage and great exposure. There is also a lot of cross referral going on within this type of marketing. If you 'like' something you have automatically linked yourself to that person, place, or thing.

page. Regardless of how big or small your platform is, your social media page has the potential to influence others, build bridges and keep the public eye firmly on what you are offering.

● With one post you can relay a message to over a dozen different social media sites without much time or effort. However, it could be hard to remove since you will have to do it for each individual site.

It all relays back to your company or service. You cannot afford to make it negative in any way. Many people have posted without realizing a comment could be ambiguous or confusing, leaving readers to draw their own conclusions. More

● A well-run social media page can even be used as a reference to future employers. The opportunities are endless. Or it can cost you a job opportunity.

people are reading your profile than you know including current or potential employers, coworkers, friends and family.. If you are having a bad day, your snippy remarks could very well go viral and re-

● It could seem both daunting and exciting running your own Social Media links. Design for success and there is no reason why your posts should not be successful if correctly used.

These days building a platform, company, brand and presence is easy using Face book, Twitter and Pinterest. What many people fail to realize is the importance of a public posting. flect negatively on who you are. This can pertain to any blog, Face book or Twitter account posts. Young posters should consider who will be reading their comments. Parents? Strangers?

Considering everything you write will be cross-linked to a wider audience, it makes sense to be very careful before making a comment or posting anything. Consider for a moment that when you post on one form of media, for example Face book, this can be automatically updated over various media resources at


● Social Media has helped newer companies to draw in clients and increase their profit margins without much effort or cash expenditure. The bottom line is to be careful what you say and how you say it. Someone is always watching and judging. If you swear off chocolate one day and post a picture of you and friend sucking down a chocolate sundae, then you’ve given the impression that you are someone who vacillates or cannot keep their word. So enjoy your page, have fun with it, just be aware that doors open when you share the BEST of yourself.~

Available in print or online.

Hot Tech Trends We ALL Want After four days and a lot of walking through the amazing collection of new technology presenters, over 2000 at CES this year, you should expect to see a lot of changes in the next few years. If CES is any indication of the near future when it comes to us humans then we will find it very exciting and, unfortunately, somewhat trying when it comes to personal privacy and security. The really big push is in wearable technology – the mind boggling array of things and gadgets that you might wear or carry with you in your daily activities. There was a lot of eye wear that will be available that incorporates the Goggle Glass type of technology into your sunglasses without the usual external giveaway of what it is. Goggle Glass type of technology is really a device connected to a very lightweight wearable computer that can react to voice commands and also display maps, your email, and even tweet messages among other digital things. Setting aside the overblown privacy-hype, the technology will have great use in many professions that can integrate with this form of a digital personal assistant to the benefit of our society.


One of the most interesting innovations was a piece of jewelery by Tiger Eye Security Sensor with a personal safety twist. The little bauble has added internal sensors that could discreetly, think “hands-free”, call 911 if your voice shows some form of personal stress or you speak one of the preprogrammed emergency words. An inordinate amount of technology focus was on personal health related areas such as fitness and exercise – heart rate, breathing, intensity, etc. Some of these advanced items looked a lot like what you would see at the gym today but many others were actually fitness clothing with integrated textile skin-contact sensors in the cloth – great possibilities when you think about medical applications. There was even one device that would vibrate if it detected that you were slouching! I was very impressed with a small gadget, about the size of a large coin or token, from a company named Kiwi. The device has programmable sensors that can track your activities and then perform some “when/do” task in response to what you did – think of it as a type of personal game controller that records your workout data and proposes additional actions. They were also demonstrating how it could

also be used to suggest custom recipes and even identify the title of a song playing in the background. Lastly, for those who really want to tote around their own little computer, one of the keynote speakers announced the development of a PC the size and shape of a SD card, like the one you might find in your digital camera or tablet. We should not forget that CES is a technology show of what the developers have created and what ends up in the future market place will depend on product manufacturers that actually adopt and put the technology into production for you and me. Hopefully, they will also integrate personal privacy and security checks into those final products. In closing, I am reminded of an old quote “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” Niels Bohr, 1922 Nobel Prize physicist. Keep smiling – This technogeek John signing off :-)

●Plan your outfits ●Label your shoes ●Decorate ●Personalize a Gift

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, a marketing subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation consists of four operating divisions and one subsidiary company. The Imaging Division provides consumer and commercial photographic products and services, including: photographic paper; digital printing equipment, along with service and support; personalized photo products; film; and one-time-use cameras; and also markets motion picture archival film and on-set color management solutions to the motion picture, broadcast and production industries. The Electronic Imaging Division markets consumer digital cameras, and the Graphic Systems Division supplies products and services to the graphic printing industry. The Optical Devices Division provides optical lenses for the broadcast, cinematography, closed circuit television, videography and industrial markets, and also markets binoculars. FUJIFILM Canada Inc. sells and markets a range of Fujifilm products and services in Canada. For more information, please visit, go to to follow Fujifilm on Twitter, or go to to Like Fujifilm on Facebook. To receive news and information direct from Fujifilm via RSS, subscribe at



“The Business of Service” Partnering with Wells Fargo to Build Homes and Join The Race for the Cure

On November 17, 2013 -

Kelly Trang Tran (Ms. Nevada Woman of Achievement) won the title of Ms. United States America International and has hit the ground running pursuing her platform of “The business of Service!”

Content Courtesy of Kelly Tran

Married to a Marine who helped train her for the “fitness” portion of the pageant, Kelly is no stranger to balancing family, work, and community service. With extended family in Nevada and California, Kelly balances her Loan Processing work at Wells Fargo Bank - Nevada with parenting two small children and putting in volunteer hours where she can.

Because the “Woman of Achievement Program” requires each state delegate to select a volunteer “Platform” to commit to during her year of service, Ms. Tran decided upon early cancer detection and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Ms. Tran had unfortunately lost an aunt to the disease so the choice became


a personal one. This work paid off when she was named one of 2014’s Six “Quality of Life” Award Recipients (far right below). One of her favorite memories to date is when the Foundation invited her to welcome the women who were in remission to the Women’s Survivors Day at Knott’s Berry Farm on February 1, 2014. While spending the majority of her volunteer hours with breast cancer awareness events, Tran’s other volunteer effort is centered on “Habitat for Humanity”. This work started on February 15, 2014, when Wells Fargo assembled several employee volunteers to build houses in the community. The first house built by the group is expected to be done by the end of March. The next big event in Nevada for Ms. United States America Woman of Achievement is the annual “Run for the Cure” on May 3, 2014. Tran is a Team Captain for the Wells Fargo Bank’s team, and has begun raising money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Southern Nevada to go toward their “Run for Cure” team efforts. She is currently searching for additional team members whether they are Wells Fargo employees, family and friends or just supporters of the cause. In addition, she is looking for corporate

and private donors who want to give to support this cause. “My goal is to work side by side with the Susan Komen Foundation, helping them finding a cure to end breast cancer. I enjoy volunteering for any organization on behalf of Woman of Achievement that truly strives to better the condition for women here in my community and of course, around the world. “

My dream is to someday bring the Susan G. Komen Foundation to my native country of Vietnam so that women there will become educated on how to take preventative measures when it comes to breast cancer. I know that this is a big dream but I also know that someday it will come true.

To reach Ms. United States America International, Kelly Tran:, and









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Miss Nevada United States 13-14 (Spring Issue)  

"Putting Yourself in uncomfortable positions and making them comfortable opportunities." -Hilary Billings (Spokesmodel, Travel Blogger and B...

Miss Nevada United States 13-14 (Spring Issue)  

"Putting Yourself in uncomfortable positions and making them comfortable opportunities." -Hilary Billings (Spokesmodel, Travel Blogger and B...