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Call Post Home 201-843-9683 On Tuesdays only between 8PM and 10PM or check it out on the web at




Assistant Editor and Member of: American Legion Auxiliary Unit 170 American Legion Press Club of NJ National American Legion Press Assoc.

Editor and Member of: American Legion Post 170 American LegionPress Club of New Jersey National American Legion Press Association

33 West Passaic Street Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 201-843-9683



Post 170 Halls Available

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Meetings are short and offer a good opportunity to meet with other members for socializing.


Post: 1st Thursday of the month at 7:30PM Auxiliary: 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:00PM S.A.L.: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM Riders: 1st Weds. of the month at 7:00 PM

Rochelle Park Post 170, The American Legion, 33 W. Passaic St., Rochelle Park, N.J. 07662 Volume 65 Number 3 May 2010



2008-2010 ADMINISTRATION POST 170 OFFICERS Commander - Bob Salvini - 201-368-3453 Sr. Vice Cmmder- Ed O’Dowd 973-777-2008 Junior Vice Commander - Joe Henderson 973-427-7580 Chaplain - Nick Barra Jr. - 201-218-1714 Finance Officer - Dick Jones Asst Finance Officer - Rudy Bartke Adjutant - Tom Carius Service Officer - Mike Parsons 973-473-7435 Assistant Service Officer - Joe McNulty 201-384-0001 Judge Advocate - Martin Saidel Historian - Bob Maier Sergeant-at-Arms - Leon Dussault Assistant Sgt-at-Arms - Tom Orr Executive Committeemen Nick Bonaparte and Frank Madden

AUXILIARY UNIT 170 OFFICERS President - Loeky Salvini 201-368-3453 1st Vice President - Madeline Madden 201-587-9655 2nd Vice President - Elyce Shean 201-843-8875 Treasurer - Patti Lettich Chaplain - Patricia Sheehan 201-587-0211 Secretary - Dale Coleman Historian - Judy Betten Sergeant-at-Arms - Dale Behnke

SQUADRON 170 OFFICERS Commander - Joe Connors 201-845-8781 Sr. Vice Cmdr - Keith Slotwinski Jr. Vice Cmdr - Jack Morgan Finance Officer - Arnold Aronsky Adjutant - Jack Morgan Chaplain - Charlie Mac Historian - Bruce Amundson

LEGION RIDERS OFFICERS Director - Jim Morton 201-338-8331 Vice President - Bob Gallo Treasurer - John Roka, Jr. Secretary - Jim Morton Chaplain - Bob Torell Historian - Bruce Amundson Sgt-at-Arms - Donald Scott Membership Chairman - Brian Franey Run/Event Coordinator - James “Bubba” Kilbride

JOINT COMMITTEES Event Planning Chairman Bob Salvini Event Planning Committee: Joe Henderson, Anthony Korn, Dale Behnke, Loeky Salvini, Elyce Shean, Keith Slotwinski, Joe Connors, Jack Morgan, Jim Morton, Bobby Gallo

TAPS Eugene Brunner, Joseph Devine, Matthew McKeown, John Pampaloni, Joseph Vitulano, Carlo Ragnone, Joseph Croal

In fond remembrance of our fellow Legionnaires who have answered the call of our Supreme Commander and have entered the Post Everlasting.

WHY I LOVE MY POST The reason why I love my post is, first and foremost, the people who make up this group of men and women who do so much for veterans, our military, our town, county and state. We are the largest post in Bergen County and, give or take a few, at times the largest post in New Jersey. Within our county is the Paramus Veterans Home, which we support with bingo games nearly every other month, off-station casino nights at our post, fishing trips, and bus rides to Atlantic City or Mount Airy Casino Resort in Pennsylvania. Our Auxiliary Unit has given thousands of dollars to the home toward the purchase of televisions, VCRs and DVD players. Both for our annual picnic and on Memorial Day, we bus the veterans from the home to our post, where they are seated and served by our members and many of the home’s staff. The residents of the home who are members of our post are given a stipend of $20 every 2 months, which they spend in the home canteen. Our Legion Riders have conducted pig roasts and car washes to raise funds to build homes for recently wounded troops. Our Sons of the American legion squadron conducts many events to raise funds for other veteran-inspired and local issues. Our Web site and newsletter are among the best, if not the best, in New Jersey. These are the selfless individuals who are Post 170: the WWII vet selling poppies at the Shop Rite market; the Korean War vet calling numbers at a bingo game, surrounded by men and women in walkers and wheelchairs; the Vietnam & Desert Storm vets washing cars, retiring flags or serving old soldiers hamburgers and corn on the cob. If you had ever seen a burly Harley rider, in his leather vest, dancing with a WWII WAC holding on to a walker, you would get the picture of the kind of Legionnaires we have. I love my post, and all who make American Legion Post 170 the success that it is. Joseph P. Henderson Junior Vice Commander This article was submitted to and printed in the American Legion Dispatch, A National Headquarters Publication in response to their request for members to tell “Why I Love My Post”. Great job Joe and thank you for being a big part of Post 170.


COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN & LIFE MEMBERS AMERICAN LEGION POST 170 American Legion Baseball Americanism Audit Boy Scout Troop 114 Boy’s State Bugler Building Child Welfare Color/Honor Guard Flag (proper display) Golf Outing Grounds Hall Chairmen

Bob Salvini Bob Salvini Marty Saidel Sam Croot Bob Salvini Paul Gauthier Nick Bonaparte Bob Salvini Tim Benedict Kevin Hallock Jack Engle Bill Cotrell Nick Bonaparte Dick Jones House & Bar Chairmen Ron Behnke “Buffalo” BobMaier Legion Awards vacant Legislation Ted Steltmann Life Member Ted Steltmann Lounge Entertainment Tim Benedict Meeting refreshments “Kitchen Crew” Membership Ed O’Dowd Nominations Dick Jones Life Members of Post 170 Rudy Bartke Nick Bonaparte Anthony De Santis Ray Egan Roy Fowler Dick Jones Frank Kiernan Marty Saidel Bob Salvini Ted Steltmann

AMERICAN LEGION POST 170 Pancake Brkfst Plaques Publicity Pull Tabs Chairman SAL Scholarships Sick/Graves Registration

VACANT Dick Jones VACANT Roy Fowler Ted Steltmann Ray Egan Nick Barra and Roy Fowler Veterans’Affairs & Rehab Roy Fowler Ways & Means Joe Henderson Welcome (newmembers) Ed O’Dowd WebMaster Jim Morton COUNTY DELEGATES: Martin Saidel, Ted Steltmann, Joe Henderson, Ed O’Dowd, Bob Salvini, Tom Hayes, John Vandenberg, Mike Parsons DELEGATES-AT-LARGE: Martin Saidel and Ted Steltmann

Life Members of Unit 170 Josephine Campanile Connie De Santis, Chairman Alice Diraimondo Jeanne Egan Jo Ann Helmer Mildred Le Rose Marilyn Sadowski, Esq. Audrey Stillwell Barbara Zorovich

Life Members of Squadron 170 Theodore L. Steltmann

New officers and committee chairmen will be listed in the July/August edition of the Legionnaire. Post, SAL & Riders’ officers begin their term immediately following installation; Auxiliary term begins in September.

COMMANDER’S REPORT Fellow Legionnaires, This will be my last article as commander and I want you all to know that I have enjoyed these past 16 years and would not trade any of them in. We have accomplished working together these past years and I’d like to thank all of you for your support, ideas, hard work and most of all encouragement and faith in me. I know you will provide the same level of support to our new Commander Ed O’Dowd and his team as you did for me and my team. I look forward to working with and for our new commander in order to ensure the post continues to flourish and succeed. The turn out for the March meeting was great, we had 60 with 53 in caps. The dark horse was won by Jack Engle and the capsule was not won became Ed Lutz was not present. The meeting was short and productive and nominations for 2010 were presented by the nominating team. The turn out for the April meeting was not as good as March - 51 with 46 with caps, and that’s probably because everyone didn't realize that April 1st was the first Thursday and missed the meeting. The dark horse was won by Bill Betten and the capsule was not won again with Mick Lavia not present so the capsule will be worth $240 dollars in May. We held elections and since no one was nominated from the floor the slate presented by the nomination committee was elected. The new slate of officers is Commander Ed O’Dowd, Sr. Vice Commander Ray Caroselli, Jr. Vice Commander Joe Henderson, Adjutant Tom Caruius, Finance Officer Bob Salvini, Judge Advocate Marty Saidel, Service Officer Mike Parson, Asst. Service Officer Joe McNulty, Sgt-At-Arms Leon Dussault, Asst. Sgtat-Arms Tom Orr, Chaplain Nick Barra Jr., Historian Bob Maier and Executive committee Frank Madden and Tom O’Neill. The installation of officer’s will be Saturday May 15th at 7PM and they will take over immediately after elections. A sign up sheet is in the lounge for the installation or contact me in advance if you plan to attend (we need a head count). The list of committee Chairmen is posted at the lounge. As for membership we presently have 1193 paid and are still 42 short of last year’s number. We have 21 members who have not paid and are therefore suspended from all post privileges including admission to the lounge. The last issue of the Legionnaire was delivered in the new format and except for those on the mailing list (issues with the post office) there were no complaints received which is good news for the post as this is a huge savings and right now the post needs to cut costs wherever it can as receipts are low.

AUXILIARY PRESIDENT’S REPORT Hi Ladies, SPRING is here and “ain’t that grand”? I think the only good thing about winter is that it makes us appreciate when spring finally gets here. The first bit of news I have is that we elected new officers at the April meeting and here they are: President - Madeline Madden; 1st V.P. - Loeky Salvini; 2nd VP - Dale Behnke; Treasurer - Roberta O’Dowd; Chaplain Patricia Sheehan; Sgt-at-Arms - Dale Coleman. Congratulations ladies and good luck in your 2 year term. (The Auxiliary doesn’t actually “change” officers until September even though we are installed in May.) So far we have no one for Historian. This is an easy job and a position that NEEDS to be filled, so please think about taking it for 2 years. The installation will be on 5/15 at 7PM and there is a sign-up sheet in the Post lounge or contact me if you plan to attend. Seating is limited and we need to get a head count in advance. Of course all outgoing and incoming officers are “expected” to attend (except you Dale C. because I know you can’t make it...) The St. Patrick’s Dance was a huge success thanks in large part to the KITCHEN CREW from the Post who worked all day to prepare the food. Not only was the food FANTASTIC, we saved a lot of money. Thank you John, Joe, Mike, Tom, Ray, and Marge. And thanks Elyce for planning a great time for us and all the others who helped out in some way. In the last couple of months: Bertha reported that we have 3 girl’s planning to attend the Girl’s State program this year; Audrey has kindly volunteered to handle the bingos at the Paramus Home; Roberta has taken over the “package” program (with help from the other members) and reported sending 8 packages out; we selected delegates for the Dept. Convention; and we donated lots of money to various places (if you really wanted to know details, you’d come to the meetings.) May 13th is our last meeting until September. Please try to attend. Hostesses for May will be Audrey, Lillian and Patti. I have invited the veterans from the Paramus Home to come to the Post Picnic in September (another job Midge used to do for us). They really enjoy it and the Post historically gives us a break on the price of the tickets for them. If you plan to march in the Memorial Day Parade, meet at the Post 10:30 to car pool. We will be wearing our new scarves and that should really look nice. Next Legionnaire will be July .... have a HAPPY SPRING. For God and Country, Loeky Salvini, Unit President


May 1 - Legion County Convention May 8 - Video DJ at Post Lounge May 15 - Installation of Officers May 16 - Pancake Breakfast May 31 - Memorial Day Services June 5 - Flag Retirement/Americanism Day June 21 - Post Golf Outing

MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS On Monday 5/31 the Post will hold Memorial Day Services at the monuments on Rochelle Ave at 9:30 AM. Sacred Heart Church will hold a special mass at 8:00 AM. The Rochelle Park Parade begins at 11:30 and following the parade there will be refreshments and entertainment back at Post 170. Entertainment includes a dixieland band, clowns for the kids and a display (in the upstairs hall) of military memorabilia. Marchers need to be at the Post to car pool by 10:30 AM or at the Mack bldg by 11AM to lineup. There is no bus this year since it was underutilized the last 2 years. FLAG RETIREMENT/AMERICANISM DAY On June 5th the Post will be retiring flags and holding the annual Americanism Day program starting promptly at Noon.

VIDEO DJ AT POST LOUNGE On May 8th, DJ Donnie Quinn will appear in the Post Lounge starting at 8:00 PM. The music is accompanied by video on the televisions. No cover charge .... come on down and enjoy. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS On May 15th at 7:00PM the Post, Auxiliary, SAL and Riders will hold the installation of officers for the next term. There will be a sign up sheet posted in the beginning of April and you must sign up in advance (except all incoming and outgoing officers who are expected to attend). POST 170 GOLF OUTING The Golf Outing will be on Monday, June 21st at Apple Greens, followed by a beefsteak dinner catered by the Brownstone. See Jack Engle, Danny Sullivan, Roy Fowler or Ron Behnke for details or sign up at the Post Lounge. Cost is $125 per golfer and includes cart, lunch and beefsteak dinner.

As I mentioned at the meeting we will be sending out raffle tickets in the near future and I’m asking that you return them all sold. I’m sure you can either afford or find others to help buy the 5 tickets at $5 a piece. As I reminded everyone at the meeting the post, when it could afford to, provided you with a great PUFL deal and many of you took advantage of that and have not had to pay dues for many years. Well it’s time for you to help out your post and I know you will. The VA dental service in New Jersey has made screening for oral cancer available for all veterans. No consult or appointment is needed the times are at East Orange Mon-Fri. 8:00-12PM and 1:00-4:00PM telephone 973-676-1000 ext 1234, at Lyons in building 6 on Mon-Fri from 8:00-12 PM and 11:00-4:00 PM, tel 908-647-0180,and at Brick CBOS on Mon-FRi. from 3:00- 4:00 PM tel 732-206-8900 ext 6177. Many of you have inquired about renting the outdoor pavilion. Well, at the executive meeting on April 8th I made a proposal which was approved by all. The Pavilion will be available for rental at a cost of $650 ($450 for 170 family members) for a 5 hour rental (which time includes set up and clean up) and cannot start before noon and must end by 8PM, and $150 cleanup fee unless the renter does all cleanup. The rental includes tables and chairs, BBQ grill, Ice machine, soda at $75 extra and the beer cooler (bring your own kegs just like the hall). For more details see the hall committee on Tuesday nights from 8-10PM. I hope to see you all at our May meeting which will be my last meeting as commander as well. There will be great food as always provided by the kitchen crew and the capsule is worth $240. Till then stay healthy, happy and safe. For God and Country, Bob Salvini, Commander

MEMBERSHIP IS IMPORTANT This fiscal year is almost over and before you know it the 2011 dues notices will be going out. DID YOU PAY YOUR 2010 DUES? Post dues $25; Auxiliary dues $15 (under 18 - $5); S.A.L. dues $20 (under 18 - $5); Riders dues $25


On March 9th Audrey Stillwell, representing our Auxiliary Unit, presented new bingo cards to Susan Pettigrano, Director of Volunteer Services at the Veterans Home in Paramus. Following the presentation, the Post and Auxiliary sponsored a bingo for the residents. Over $500 in prizes was given away and refreshments were provided. Also pictured: Nancy Croot and Mildred Le Rose.

FREE CONCERT ARMED FORCES DAY Hello, My name is Steven Behnke and I am in the process of creating a new nonprofit dedicated to providing music for Veterans. We have been working with Ridgefield, NJ for the past couple of years and I have decided I want to spend my life bringing music to Veterans. We have a free concert we are putting on in Ridgefield on May 15 at 12pm, Armed Forces Day. Since Rochelle Park is so close to Ridgefield I was hoping I could get some help in getting the word out to our Veterans about our free concert. I have included a special page on our website with more information. Thank you so much for your time and service, Steven G. Behnke Founder, Horn The Patriot Brass Ensemble 201-638-2348

SOON-TO-BE PAST-COMMANDER BOB SALVINI After 16 years of service as Commander of Post 170, Bob is finally taking a break. I’m sure you’ll all agree that he has done a fantastic job with his capable leadership and heartfelt dedication. He has strived to make Post 170 the best Post in NJ and made the Legion “Family” work for us. I could write an interminable list of his accomplishments, but you all know what they are and space would never allow a complete story anyway. I’m writing this as Assistant Editor of the newsletter, but can’t separate that from being Bob’s wife (and don’t think I won’t miss being “Mrs. Commander” and all the perks that go with that ... LOL). No one knows better than I do, how much of himself Bob has given to Post 170, the 170 “Family” and the American Legion organization overall. His heart is true, which is one of the million reasons I married him. Thank you Commander Bob and best wishes to Ed O’Dowd and the officers elect for 2010-2012. Loeky Salvini Assistant Editor

MEDALS AVAILABLE The following medals are available and the applications are available, along with eligibility criteria, at the Post: NJ Distinguished Service Medal: NJ Meritorious Service Medal; NJ Vietnam Service Medal; NJ Korean Service Medal; NJ POW/MIA Service Medal.

ALL POST PRIVILEGES SUSPENDED The following Post & SAL members have not paid their dues and all of their membership privileges are hereby suspended immediately: John Abate, Erick Bell, Eugene Borden, Robert Calandriello, Charles Calella, James Coleman, Jenny Conil, Louis Dechristafano, Cosmo Divincenzo, Scott Dunn, Henry Endara, Christopher Epps, Ken Foxworth, Yanko Hernando, Jay Hervey, Robert Hoertel, Edward Korn, John Loboi, William Lorenzo, Andrew Luder, Terrence Marr, Patrick Mc Ginty, John Mc Ginty, Reverand Montalvan, Thomas Morici, Robert O’ Hanlon, James O’Hanlon, Dan O’Hanlon, Brandon pavel, Ernest Pezzatti, John Schmunk, Eric Schultz, Raymond Van Lenten, Richard Vanatta.

American Legion Post 170  


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