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Alpine Live Media is an all inclusive production company specializing in social media, cinematography and photography. We strive to capture and produce the best quality high definition content for all web and commercial channels. We are young, cutting edge and eager to start a working relationship with you.

We provide our clients with affordable and comprehensive media services that cater to all of their social networking needs, including your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Friendster, hi5, Mylife, Ning, Plaxo, video and photo sharing platforms like Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo as well as other popular networking sites like Cloudstorm, delicious, Digg, Hootsuite, Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Tweetdeck and Yelp.

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71% of internet users watch web video. Youtube has become the second largest search engine on the internet and video landing pages generate 5X higher engagement and response rates. Facebook video posts receive 27% more engagement than text only posts. Vail Resorts alone has shifted 80% of their marketing budget to Digital Production. Americans spend 3X as much time on Social Media as they do on E-Mail. Over 50% of Social Media users write reviews of services online. Mobile users increased by a whopping 62% in 2011. Each fan you accrue on Facebook contributes an average of 20 additional visits to your company Web site over the course of a year.

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We aren’t just managing your social media platforms, we’re also creating the content that is posted on these outlets, working closely with your marketing team to provide them with the most comprehensive and hands-on social media approach available. All the while taking into account your location and clientele, we pay close attention to which platforms appeal most to the demographic so resources aren’t wasted.

Click on the screen shots to the right to see our most recent video work, also have a look at over 100 original productions on our Video Channels. Vimeo Page

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Alpine Live is dedicated to providing the best quality content management service available. We can produce event video and photography, we can shoot the first snow, the first day the half pipe opens, competitions, fireworks, anniversaries, powder days, kids programs, athlete or employee interviews, anything that the mountain desires. We have the ability to create beautiful, artistic and eye appealing content using full HD, top of the line digital photography and real Hollywood cinema tools.

Thank You for your time, on our site you can access our individual photo portfolios and see where we have been published in the past. My phone number can be found in the Cover Email but feel free to e-mail any of us for more information on pricing or some of our own social media statistics. Our services are available immediately, we look forward to meeting you in person! Ryan Denning – Andy Madea – Lucas Van Oss –

Alpine Live Media | Client Proposal  

2011/2012 Client Proposal

Alpine Live Media | Client Proposal  

2011/2012 Client Proposal