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Community Cinema Premiers in Seeley-Swan Going to see a good movie once meant a long drive back from Missoula or Kalispell in the dark, dodging deer and elk, but no more! Alpine Artisans, with a generous grant from the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, is premiering a monthly film series in the Seeley-Swan titled The Crown of the Continent Community Cinema. You'll still have to hit the Wilma or the Carmike for a first-run feature, but you'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of films that you'd have a hard time finding at the video stores or on Netflix. The Crown Community Cinema series premiered with the Emmy award winning Class C – the Only Game in Town on October 16th, during the Tamaracks weekend. The film drew a large crowd which responded with laughter and tears throughout this wonderful film. The November film will be Sweetgrass. A 100-minute unsentimental elegy to the American West, Sweetgrass follows the last modern-day cowboys as they lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana’s breathtaking and often dangerous AbsarokaBeartooth mountains for summer pasture. This astonishingly beautiful yet unsparing film reveals a world in which nature and culture, animals and humans, vulnerability and violence are all intimately meshed. Manohla Dargis, the New York Time's film critic called Sweetgrass "The first essential movie of this young year...Magnificent... Wonderful... Astonishingly beautiful. Nature overwhelms the screen and even minds.” Sweetgrass will be shown at the Grizzly Claw Trading Company on Saturday, November 6th at 7pm and at the Swan Valley Community Hall on Saturday, November 27th at 7pm. This Crown Community Cinema series' monthly film programs will feature award-winning documentaries and independent features on topics as varied as cowgirl poets, music and art, western lifestyles, extreme sports, mountain climbing, buffalo, and western history. The grant from the Seeley Lake Community Foundation has enabled us to purchase a portable wide screen DVD projection system, and we'll give you that big screen experience in the small town atmosphere you love. This portability enables us to create a local cinema in many locations, including the Grizzly Claw Trading Company, the Seeley Lake and Swan Valley Community Halls, Seeley Lake Senior Center, Historical Barn, the local schools and even outdoors! We hope that this gets your wheels turning, because we welcome your suggestions. Email us with your ideas at rohrervid@aol. com or call us at 754-0034 and ask for Jenny. Kids are free, and donations of $3 per adult are encouraged.

AAI List of Coming Attractions... Wine & Chocolate 2011

AAI Holiday Social

Membership Meeting

TIme to start making plans for this exciting February event. Come to the Organizational Meeting on October 31 at 2pm at the Chamber of Commerce meeting room in Seeley Lake (aka, The Barn). We need an Event Chairperson (or 2 Co-Chairs), Committee Chairs, and just plain worker folks. Detailed info about how to go about each job is on file, so don't be afraid to pitch in.

Sharon and Dan MacQuarrie will host our Annual Holiday Social on Saturday, December 18th,at 3:30pm.. Bring a pot luck side dish or dessert, and beverage of your choice. AAI will provide the ham or turkey. Sharon promises to have Wassail simmering. No gift exchange this year—just great fellowship!

The AAI Annual Meeting will be held in January at the Seeley Lake Senior Center. Exact date, time, and program details will be announced later. As always, a potluck will precede the business meeting. This annual gathering of the members is a time to evaluate past endeavors and envision the future of our organization. Election of new officers marks the culmination of the meeting.

AAI Officers 2010 President

Merrily Dunham ¡ 754-3376

Vice President

Bill Peabody ¡ 754-0191


Carol Brodie ¡ 677-6156


Jenny Rohrer ¡ 754-0034

2 Valleys Stage Liaison

Bob Green ¡ 677-3056

Membership Coordinator Carla Schade ¡ 677-0642

Program Coordinator and 2 Valleys Stage Director

Scott Milner ¡ 677-0717

Newsletter Editor

Betty Vanderwielen Box 349, SL 59868 ¡ 677-7474 vanderwielen @

Web Site Coordinator

Susan Novosel ¡ 754-0064


L&F Festival Improved by Changes Concerned about the decline in art sales, the 2010 Loon & Fish Festival, spearheaded by Jenny Rohrer and Carol Brodie, gambled on some radical changes—and won! The new venue at the Seeley Lake Elementary School on May 29th and 30th provided ample room for the traditional activities associated with the Festival and allowed for some new ones. The goal was to provide a plethora of activities to encourage folks to stay at the Festival longer and return again and again to the art booths. Under Chris Jewett’s practiced eye, 22 booths displayed the wares of artists as well as the materials of non-profit organizations. In addition, an attractive center display housed the art pieces of AAI artists who opted not to have a separate booth. The wide variety of art displays was supplemented by speakers and demonstrations—Charlie Grant on boat building, Pam Peabody explaining doll sculpture and wire wrapping, Shari Hirst giving tips for beginning knitters, Laury Dizengemel discussing sculpture, Jamie Jonkel and Erin Edge explaining the community’s role in bear management, Jeff Brown demonstrating fly tying and fishing casting techniques, Lynn Kelley talking about loons, Jay Kolbe reviewing the history and future of the Blackfoot elk herd, Larry Weeks identifying the range of birds that can be viewed in Montana, Donna Love debuting her latest book Lynn Kelly points out loon behavior The Totally Out there Guide to Glacier National Park. An entirely new feature of the 2010 Festival was the opportunity to watch films in the SL Multi-Purpose Room. Many of the films focused on wildlife, but also included were “The World of K.D. Swan” (with producer, Marcia Hogan, present for questions afterwards) and a special commemoration of Glacier National Park’s 100 Years, introduced by Wade Muehlhoff. From 55 to 85 folks stopped by for the various viewings.

By the Numbers…

Gross sales: art sales - $3,900 (up $1,500) merchandise sales - $3,431 raffle $1,533 Net going into AAI coffers: $2,800 - all booths sold at least 1 piece of art - 60% of artists in communal display sold

L&F activities spilled beyond the building into the great outdoors as Lynn Kelly led the traditional Loon Viewing hike and Diann Erickson the Wildflower Hike to Holland Falls. The annual soup bowl sales—204 pottery bowls thrown by Bob and Ruth Korn, decorated by them and other

Help Wanted visitors admiring the art

AAI volunteers, and accompanied by delicious soups generously donated by restaurants: Double Arrow Resort, Sauces, Pops, Littlebirds, Hungry Bear, Chicken Coop, Filling Station and Roveros—raised $2,759 for our local Food Bank. The terrific volunteers who worked so hard to prepare for this Loon & Fish Festival came together afterwards for a final critical evaluation. Though they were extremely pleased with the overall success of the event, they still came up with suggestions for making it even better next year:


the traditional Loon Bob Korn supervises AAI members who & Fish Festival t-shirt (this year dropped by to help decorate soup bowls. sporting a design created by Kris Gullikson) sold well, as did tickets for the themed raffle baskets (“Gone Fishing” “Picnic at the Lake” “Made in Montana”), it was reported that some-long time supporters voiced objections to buying “another L&F t-shirt.” The suggestion was made to sell posters, AAI logo mugs, totes, hats, or other merchandise.


Carla Schade, who did such a terrific job with publicity this year (she contacted 61 radio and TV stations and scored a front page article in the Missoulian), insisted we need to start even earlier next year in order to get our event listed on the calendars of pertinent magazines.

-It was suggested that other snacks and drinks be made available throughout the Festival, sold either by AAI or a school group raising money for their own project.


Dvorak recommended that the ways in which this L&F fundraiser supports both artists and the community be made more apparent.


Patricia Bouta, creator and oft-times occupant of the loon mascot costume (Melanie Spafford alternated with her this year), introduced the possibility of adding a fish costume next year!

Look forward to an even more exciting Festival in 2011.

Volunteers are needed to fill the following positions Event Chair(s) for W&C:

Oversee AAI Wine & Chocolate Social. Provide work folders to Committee Heads and insure that all necessary preparations are accomplished in a timely manner. Note: folders contain extensive guidelines for fulfilling Event and Committee Chairs duties. 667-0717

2VS Volunteer Coordinator:

Assign and communicate with volunteers who serve in various capacities during the 2VS concert season. Ensure they have the information they need. Recruit new volu nt e e r s a s ne e de d . At t e nd 2VS Coord i n at i ng Cou nci l se ssion s. 667-0717

Creative Person: 

design and produce posters a nd /or ot he r promot ion al materials for one or more AAI events or activities. 667-0717

CD / Ticket Sales:

handle sales of concert tickets at the door and/or sales of performers' CD's at one or more 2 Valleys Stage performances. 667-0717

Art Coordinator for 2VS:

Contact artists about displaying their ar t at 2VS p e r for m a nce s. A r t ist ical ly arrange pieces at venue for each performance. 667-0717


Cultural Arts Corridor Report Connecting the Dot The newsletter just can’t include it all... Check the AAI website for more information, photos, links, and upto-the-minute news

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continually updated AAI events calendar (AAI Events tab)

photos of the Road Trip to the Kalispell Art Foundry (AAI Events tab)

schedule of upcoming Open Book Club authors, and review of previous readings (Open Book Club tab) information on the AAI Holiday Social and directions to the MacQuarrie house (Members Only tab - note new password info at end of sidebar)

information on the January AAI Annual Meeting (Members Only tab - note new password info at end of sidebar)

The works of a number of Alpine Artisans were interspersed throughout the Imagination Garden, focusing attention on the excellent quality and diversity of the AAI artists. Everyone enjoyed the lovely arts exhibited, great conversation, and excellent desserts. Following formal expressions of thanks on behalf of AAI President, Merrily Dunham, and SEC President, Anne Dahl, attendees were mesmerized by a presentation from Doug Chadwick. Chadwick, an internationally acclaimed naturalist and author, invited attendees to discover the incredible world of the elusive and indomitable wolverine. His passion and attention to wolverines and other inhabitants of the Crown was inspirational. The evening grew mellow as a full moon rose over the Swan Front to the voice and guitar of Colleen Harrington. The Crown is truly an inspiration to the community of the arts and conservation.

Vicki’s Sunday Market We had artists at the AAI booth every weekend, promoting the Tour of Arts and their own work. Attendance at the Marketplace was good, and the TOA Committee feels this is a worthwhile effort.

2010 Tour of the Arts photos and information on the

2 Valleys Stage 2010-11 Season lineup (2 Valleys Stage tab)

Crown of the Continent Thank You Event (Crown of the Continent

color photos of the


applying for a Youth Grant (For Our Youth particulars on

on About AAI tab)


Crown of the Continent Thank You Event July 24th presented Alpine Artisans and the Swan Ecosystem Center guests with utter perfection in a beautiful summer evening. They had gathered for the third annual jointly sponsored Crown of the Continent Celebration. The venue was the Abolt’s Imagination Garden. This year, however, raising funds was not the goal of the event. Rather, the evening was dedicated to expressing thanks to our respective patrons for their support over the years.

“I can think of no better way to spend two days in Montana than visiting the studios of these incredible artists, talking to them about their work, and seeing the beautiful scenery that reflects the context in which the art is created,” commented Chicago painter, Beth Herman, speaking of her enjoyment of AAI's annual Tour of the Arts. This year's Tour took place over Labor Day weekend and during the Tamarack Festival and included nine art studios, two galleries and two historical museums. Striking new road signs were posted this year, providing directions and clearly identifying the Tour as an AAI event. John Mercer's new studio, Swan Valley Images, featuring John's 30 years of photography, presented a new venue this year. “We had folks constantly showing up and viewing the art work – this weekend exceeded our expectations!”, stated John. Studios returning to the Tour were the Flying Popcorn Ranch, Third Life Studio,

Rockin' Horse Studio, Pottery, SwanWoods, James Hewes Sculpture, Blue Yonder Photography and One Hand Clapping Studio. Guest artists included Patti Robinson-Grant, Warm Feelings, Forest Rose, Wilderness Fine Art, Swan Valley Copper, River Rock Lamps and the work of Annie Allen and Jennifer Dyer. Carla Schade's professional publicity efforts definitely helped to bring out the crowds. “We had more people than we've ever had for a Tour weekend”, stated Martha Swanson of Ovando's SwanWoods Studio. “I think our consistent publicity is really start to pay off; most of our visitors were from Helena and Great Falls”. In addition to these special Tour weekends, most of the studios are also available year round by appointment. Maps are available at www. along with the artist's contact information if you want to set up a private studio visit.

John Mercer signing his photos.

Open Book Club The Open Book Club, hosted by The Grizzly Claw Trading Co. has enticed a varied group of authors to come share their knowledge, their insights, and of course their books, with the folks in our community. Star Jameson, author of Medicine Rock: A Journey of Vision and Healing spoke of her personal experiences and her conviction that we can and must learn to live "lightly" on this earth. Chief Charlo once again graced us with readings of his poems from Put Sey (Good Enough)— and brought along fellow poet Roger Dunsmore who read from his latest compilation, Just Dirt. Author and essayist, Phil Condon, in Nine, Ten Again, hinted at how world problems such as war and terrorism can impact the lives of ordinary people. John Turk stood as living proof that scientists and the supernatural can find common ground as he related his own experience in The Raven’s Gift: A Scientist, a Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey Through the Siberian Wilderness. Frederick Fisher,a gemologist and frequent traveler throughout Asia (and also the father of Jane Fisher) delighted us not only with his fictional novel, Confucius Jade, but also with tales of his travels in China. And Jamie Ford brought us a touching love story involving a young Chinese-American boy and a Japanese-American girl struggling to assert their identity as Americans during the dangerous years surrounding World War II. The prejudices felt by these young people have reverberations in our own time. More exciting author visits are on the horizon, beginning November 13th at 7:00pm with Doug Ammons' Whitewater Philosophy centering around his experiences as an "extreme" kayaker., and followed on December 11th by William Farr's biographical portrait, Julius Seyler and the Blackfeet: An Impressionist at Glacier National Park.

. . . .






“Starving Artists Grant” (Members Only tab - note new password info at end of sidebar)

report, and feedback on the 2010 Tour of the Arts event ( Tour of the Arts tab)

reports on the ways AAI supports the Youth of our community (For Our Youth on About AAI tab)

Artists in the Spotlight— notice of special recognition received by AAI members and links to newspaper and other articles (Announcements tab) color photos of some of the art being displayed at the Seeley

Swa n Medic a l Cen te r (Announcements tab)

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and don’t forget to check out ... the online

Artists Gallery the list of AAI Supporters the AAI Store

the forms, reports, and other info for Members Only

(be sure to note the new Members Only user name and password below) Members Only Section: User Name: aaimember2010 Password: 2010Artist


AAI Calendar of Events October 31 -

W & C Planning Meeting The Barn (SL) - 2:00pm

November 6 -

Cinema -"Sweetgrass" Grizzly Claw - 7:00pm

November 7 -

2 Valleys Stage - Spencer Bohren Swan Valley School - 3:00pm

November 13 -

Open Book Club - Doug Ammons White Water Philosophy Grizzly Claw Trading Co. - 7:00pm

November 20

Arts Road Trip Red Poppy & Big Fork Art Walk 10:00am - 6:00pm (meet at SEC)

November 27 -

Cinema -"Sweetgrass" SV Community Hall - 7:00pm

December 11 -

Open Book Club - William Farr White Water Philosophy Grizzly Claw Trading Co. - 7:00pm

Website Marketing Workshops In her June 10th workshop on Internet Marketing, AAI member Laury Dizengremel fascinated seven fellow members with her inside knowledge of the web world. As early as 1984, when the rest of us were barely able to figure out Windows, Laury was working in France developing websites for marketing! Her 25+ years of experience has paid off – just Google “Laury Dizengremel” and her website and work pops up at or near the top of the Google list. During three short hours, Laury worked to teach us the tricks of that trade. Held at the Swan Ecosystem Center, Laury's workshop focused on topics such as the wisdom of domain names, how to label images on your website to maximize exposure, why a website must be constantly updated, the pluses of having more pages, and how to create the best “metatags.” Using images projected on a large screen, Laury enthusiastically analyzed the websites of those attending. Carla Schade said, “This was an eye-opener on what is needed to put your website on the first page of a search which is very important.” A few weeks later, a smaller group gathered at Laury's Potomac home to do a followup workshop on Facebook marketing. This popular social networking site also has the ability to promote your business. Adding pages and links can enhance your professional image. The Cultural Arts Corridor coordinates workshops for Alpine Artisans, and we welcome member input on what workshops would interest you (contact Scott Milner

In the Spotlight Martha & Jerry Swanson were featured in a Missoulian article (May 10, 2010) entitled, "Bowls of Beauty: Ovando couple's SwanWoods designs develop nationwide following."

December 18

Merrily Dunham has been elected to the Board of Directors of Montana


Laury Dizengremel

AAI Holiday Social MacQuarrie home - 3:30pm Annual Meeting - potluck Seeley Lake Senior Center date/time TBA

January 23 -

2 Valleys Stage Broken Valley Road Show Seeley Swan High School - 3:00pm

May 1 -

2 Valleys Stage - Philip Aaberg Seeley Swan High School - 3:00pm


Watercolor Society (MTWS). She will be the Watermedia Chairperson for the 2011 Watermedia show, a juried exhibition for all artists working in watermedia. is currently living and working in Lincolnshire, England, developing a sculpture trail and creating bronze busts for the Duke & Duchess of Rutland at Belvoir Castle.

Her husband, Joe Caneen (aka the Video Whisperer), has joined her in England but not without leaving behind three excellent pieces of artwork. One was the subject of a rave article in the Ravalli Republic on August 17th. This documentary video entitled "Logging in the 21st Century: Our Story",

(continued on bottom of pg. 7)

Log Henge: Spirits of the Forests Alpine Artisans member, Laury Dizengremel, thinks in monumental terms— and creates monumental works of art. Her larger than life size "Tennis Terracota Warriors," "Artists of the Silk Road," "Tsunami Memorial," and other gargantuan pieces are scattered throughout England, China, VietNam, and other far away places (check out her works at Now one is in our very own Seeley Lake. Situated downtown, just north of The Stage Station, the work is entitled "Log Henge: Spirits of the Forest" and consists of ten carefully chosen logs, painted in bright reds, oranges, blues, and purples and arranged in an informal circle. Some logs bear carved or painted symbols and inscriptions, messages to ponder as the whole structure leads you to gaze at the sky and the trees which are such an important part of this area's culture. The sculpture was dedicated by Laury and blessed by Chief Victor Charlo's reading of one of his poems in English, followed by his daughter April's reading of the same poem in Salish.

Check out the names in the Sidebars on the next two pages. Those

Wonderful Folks have contributed generously to bring the 2 Valleys Stage Performing Arts Series to you again this year..

Laury cited the whole endeavor as a community project, and thanked the many people who had helped make it possible. She shared her further vision of a Crown of the Continent Sculpture Trail—incredible works of art created by a variety of artisans­—stretching from Clearwater Junction to Glacier National Park.



commissioned by R&RConner Inc. a heli-logging company in Darby, has sparked a vehement conversation in the Bitterroot valley amongst politicians, residents, business people and logging industry players (from loggers to mills) about the need to clean up our beautiful forests of dead-standing trees. The other was a piece Joe created in the context of an artist residency at Garnet Ghost Town. Entitled "A Garnet Ghost Story: Mary Jane Adams Goes Home to Garnet." Mary Jane, now 94 years old, was one of the last residents of Garnet. This short video (available from the Garnet Ghost Town shop, Paws Up General Store and the Grizzly Claw Trading Co. in Seeley Lake) captures her memories of the town when it was a thriving place. The final piece is a music video entitled "Dead Trees Standing" featuring a song by James Morris Pearson filmed by Joe in the Bitterroot Valley.

Let’s give them a big round of applause! Let’s do better than that... Let ’s make it a point to patronize their businesses and thank them personally. Without their support, 2VS performances would not be possible.

All 3 videos can be viewed by visiting Joe's website: Both the Ravalli Republic article on Joe and the Missoulian article on Martha and Jerry can be accessed through links on our AAI website: (click on the Announcements tab).


2VS Sponsors All Decked Out Deer Country Quilts Clearwater Montana Properties Creative Interiors Farmer's Insurance Glen's Automotive Grizzly Claw Trading Co. Heritage Plumbing & Heating Hungry Bear Steak House Lake Country Builders Lindey’s Prime Steakhouse Littlebird's Schoolhouse Mary Kay Missoula Electric Cooperative Montana Island Lodge Prudential Montana Real Estates ReMarkable Cleaning Pro Rohrer Film & Video Seeley Lake Auto Body Seeley Swan Medical Center Seeley Swan Pharmacy SwanWoods Doris Luckman


Meet Scott Milner New AAI Staff Person For the first time, AAI has combined our two independent contractor jobs (AAI Executive Director and 2VS Director) into a single position, while maintaining its two distinct components. The AAI Board is proud to announce the hiring of Scott Milner as the AAI Program Coordinator and 2 Valleys Stage Director as of July 1. Says Scott, “I am thrilled to be able to work with so many talented people towards boosting the arts in the Seeley Swan!” A Montana native, Scott received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Montana, his Masters at Boston University and his Ph.D. in Musicology at Brandeis University. Scott has a deep and distinguished background as a musical artist and educator. He has given recitals on flute and on tenor voice in Boston and Pittsburgh, and has performed with the Tanglewood Chorus, the Cantata Singers in Boston and the Mendelssohn Choir of Pittsburgh. He has taught music at R.J. Daley College in Chicago, and at the University of Pittsburgh. Scott taught public school music for four years in Pittsburgh. He recently worked as a music teacher at Seeley Lake Elementary School and at schools in Hall and Drummond, Montana. In addition, he has been an active member of the 2VS Coordinating Council. He plays guitar, saxophone, trumpet and flute, among other instruments, sings in the Missoula a cappella choir, Dolce Canto, and can frequently be heard performing at the Grizzly Claw, the Double Arrow Resort, and Littlebird's Schoolhouse Cafe. Scott can be contacted at or 677-0717.

Artmobile Brings Wonders The Artmobile of Montana once again rolled across the Seeley Swan Valleys, bringing original artwork from outstanding Montana artists. The full display was available to the Swan Valley School students, with instructor Allison McGee guiding the students in a lively discussion of the various works (and skillfully introducing a number of art terms and concepts in the process). Allison then initiated a fun self-portrait project with the students. It involved taping an outline of of themselves (head, hair, smile, etc.) on a large "canvas" which was then colorfully spray painted. Once the tape was removed, the "artists" added color to finish off their multi-media portraits, with very creative results. At Seeley Lake Elementary, Allison intro duce d the s tudent s to landscape painting, and they used pastel chalks and cattle markers to create their landscape  masterpieces. What are cattle markers, you ask? Think giant pastel chalks in vibrant colors

(continued on bottom of pg. 9)

Four Students Receive Youth Grants

Adult “Starving Artists Grant” to Begin in 2011 At last year's AAI picnic, members enjoyed the performances of two of the AAI Youth Grant recipients. Seeing them emphasized to us that our Youth Grant program has the opportunity to nourish emerging talent year after year while these student are still living within our community. This awareness influenced this year's committee to concentrate on awarding Youth Grants. Four Youth Grants were awarded for summer instruction in the arts. Sarai Grace, who also received a youth grant in 2009, used her $300 award to supplement other grants enabling her to attend the Missoula Children's Theater Next Step Prep, an advanced six-week summer boarding school designed for students who are considering the performing arts as a major in college or as a career. Sarai studied voice and piano.

Two elementary students from Seeley Lake were awarded grants to attend summer camp in Missoula. Mary Strumpfer attended a YMCA gymnastic camp as a preparation for dance, and Cera Strumpfer attended a week-long session in sculpting and drawing at the Missoula Art Museum. Gary McCleerey, a talented 15-year-old from Condon, used his grant to take private lessons with a local teacher who is a bluegrass recording artist. Gary plays piano, guitar, drums and is learning banjo. The committee's 2011 goals include raising enough funds to award a $1,000 Senior Scholarship as well as $1,000 in Youth Grant funds. In addition, we will also be raising a separate pot of money to begin an adult art grant—titled “The Starving Artists Grant”—to enable adult AAI members to pursue additional arts education. The criteria for this adult scholarship is that the applicant must be an AAI member in good standing, and the purpose must be to enhance their work in the area of visual or performing arts. We're excited about this new adult scholarship and more information will be available in the spring. Serving on this year's committee were Susan Dvorak (chair), Russ Abolt, Sue Cushman, Ken Dvorak, Heinz Eisinger, Kris Gullikson, and Jenny Rohrer.



which produce an oil texture surface—and yes, they really are used to mark cattle. The youngsters had a great (and messy) time overlaying colors and experimenting with results.

and Extra Special

Thanks to our

Residency Benefactors Jeff & Pat Aresty

Benefactors Double Arrow Resort Rovero’s

Patrons First Valley Bank Wold’s Valley Market Chris & Catrina Stout

2VS Supporters The Filling Station Great Bear Properties Linford Built Construction Paws Up Resort Seeley Sport Rental Seeley Swan Veterinary The Stage Station

Alpine Artisans each year arranges for this wonderful mobile art galler y to come to our local schools. It is a such a joy to see the children’s interest sparked and their horizons broadened through this outstanding program.


Opportunities for Artists -

Meet our Newest Members

Teresa Lacey (Seeley Lake) is an AAI supporter, and already a volunteer! You may have met her at the AAI desk at Loon & Fish. Theresa enjoys exploring the outdoors, but she's also happy to be inside with a good book.

art pieces ready for Wine & Chocolate 2011 - arrange to have your artwork displayed at a 2 Valleys Stage Concert (677-0717) - notify Scott of recognition

- -

get your

Frank Vestey

(Whitefish) is a Fine Art Photographer who loves skiing, climbing and cycling. A member of the Glacier Camera Club, Frank's landscape photography can be viewed at

Lisa Vandehey (Kalispell) is a Montana native and Jewelry Artist who gets her inspiration from huckleberries and wildflowers. Her earrings can be viewed on her website Both Frank and Lisa were visiting artists at this summer's Loon & Fish Festival.

your artwork has received, so we can put you in the Spotlight (677-0717)

Lee & Judy Boman (Seeley Lake) have an AAI family membership. They are

arrange to have your a r t displayed at the Seeley Swan Medical Center (677-2783)

Edward & Virginia Reilly (Seeley Lake) are both Alpine Artisans

supporters of the arts and have already enthusiastically come forward to help with AAI activities. Lee is an avid cyclist and a dedicated Grizzly fan.

supporters. Though they tend to winter in Florida, they are long time summer Seeley Lake residents.

contact Scott about a listing in the Artists’ Gallery on the AAI website (677-0717)

Lynn Ingham

(Seeley Lake), a Butte native, recently moved from San Francisco to become Publisher and CEO of NewWest.Net and is excited to find such an active arts community in these mountains.

2011 Membership Form Membership category:

Type of membership:

 Individual ($25)  Family ($35)  Business ($45)  New  Renewal  Sustaining Member* $______/month … or … $____ one time annual donation  Supporter of the Arts  Artist (for pleasure, for livelihood, or both!)

Brief Description of Art Medium: Name(s): Business name:

Web site:

Mailing address: City, State, Zip: Telephone:

E-mail address:

The ongoing success of Alpine Artisans is due to its artists and amazing volunteers. May we count on you to help out now and then?  Yes, give me a call!  No, I’d prefer not. YES! I want to help AAI achieve its mission and outreach activities with the enclosed donation (you will receive a receipt acknowledging your tax deductible donation) $

for Youth Grants and Scholarship


for 2 Valleys Stage Programs


to promote & preserve the Arts

Please make your check payable to Alpine Artisans Inc. and mail with this form to P.O. Box 841 ¡ Seeley Lake, MT 59868 * Sustaining Member dues can be paid as a once a year contribution or as an automatic monthly deduction from a credit card or First Valley account. Questions? Contact Carol Brodie, AAI Treasurer, at 677-6156 or

Backstage by Scott Milner As I review a promotional DVD of Spencer Bohren performing his Blues (I can’t wait to hear him live), at least two ideas come to mind: first, how personal and relevant the music is, and then, stepping back a bit, how well the artists slated for the 2VS 20102011 season represent a rich variety of American musical traditions. Each act is an exponent of a different aspect of American culture, and, even so, each will touch us deeply. Bohren captivates the ear with the first mysterious tones of his amplified lap steel guitar, evoking feelings associated with a way of life that is both remote yet hauntingly familiar. The dirt roads Spencer sings of might very well be Grizzly Drive, Dogtown, which leads to my place in Seeley Lake! And the singer could easily be a logger, teacher or small business person making a hard-scrabble, feast-or-famine living in a remote rural setting. The music brings us together that way, even though the historical blues singers lived decades ago and thousands of miles away. And all the artists bring some sense of history: think of the decades of jazz saxophone represented so well by Rob Verdi and Saxophobia; think of Bluegrass music from Kentucky and West Virginia presented by Broken Valley Road Show, and then the modern Western landscapes evoked in the playing of pianist Philip Aaberg. Overall, we are in for a repast of Americana that will fire our passions and ignite our curiosity, as well as reassure us of the value of our own musical treasures. The Summer Event to come in August, 2011 will again bring us Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, giving the kind of theater by traveling players that has been an abiding part of American culture since colonial times, and a huge hit among local audiences! There is no doubt that the Seeley-Swan-Blackfoot community hungers for and wishes to embrace the music, performance and education that are 2 Valleys Stage. This is shown in large part by the intelligent and persistent volunteer work that makes these programs happen. Some of the volunteers, like Joyce Bissell, Bill and Pam Peabody, Martha Swanson, and Bob Green, have continued their efforts year after year; others, like Carolyn and Elden Barbieri, are relative “newbies.” All bring a delightful smorgasbord of experience, character, and, yes, muscle to the challenging process of producing a performing arts season. They have made my job of coordinating efforts a true pleasure. Thank you! A great source of current information about the activities and presentations of Alpine Artisans, Inc. and 2 Valleys Stage is the website: If you have questions or comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me or email. (406-677-0717 — would love to hear about your interests in the arts and arts education!

Asking... A good deal of my time in the month of September was devoted to the business drive part of our fundraising for the year. Despite the state of the economy, I was bowled over by the positive response to our “ask.” With rare exception the business community gave what they could, and they dug deep. With their support, both financial and by in-kind services donations, we have met our business fundraising goal for the year. Bravo! The business community has done its part to keep high quality artist residencies coming; it is now the turn of hundreds of individuals who value our mission to do theirs. In the coming weeks Alpine Ar tisans, Inc. will be asking, in person and by letter, for your support for AAI and its subsidiaries, including 2 Valleys Stage. Donations from individuals make up more than a quarter of the total 2VS budget and are critical to our continued functioning. Without the support of our large Benefactor grant that ended this year, funding for the 2011-2012 season must rely, far more than in previous seasons, on generous individual donations. This is simply because ticket sales, school fees and grants provide only about one fourth of the necessary expenses. I am confident that, with your support, the 2 Valleys Stage Performing Arts Series will continue to grow. We thank you for your consideration and generosity.


Road Tripping... Who knew how fascinating and complex the process of creating a bronze sculpture was! An awe-struck group found out last June on the AAI Road Trip to the Kalispell Art Foundry. It turns out bronze casting requires the creation of a rubber mold, the pouring of wax and the artistic touching up of the resulting wax sculpture, slurry and sand coating to create a ceramic mold, firing to consume the wax, pouring liquid bronze into the resulting cavity, breaking the ceramic to reveal the bronze sculpture pieces which then must be reassembled, welded and burnished until the seams disappear, and finally, treating the sculpture with chemicals to establish the desired patina. The foundry in Kalispell bronzes everything from individual artist projects designed for shelf or table, to life size projects, such as the full scale horses destined to romp the hill and bathe in the stream at a Calgary venue. (see color pictures of the whole pouring process on our website). Says Patti Grant, "The trip to the foundry was exhilarating and inspiring! I was amazed at the number of steps needed to produce a bronze sculpture—and each step requiring such specialized technique and skill. All of the employees were terrific and very generous to allow us to interrupt their process and share their knowledge....even today, months later, my memory is filled with the awesome sight of the huge sculptures in the final room of the tour. " As if the Foundry visit wasn't exciting enough, the Road Trippers enjoyed lunch in the soda shop atmosphere of Norm's News and then pressed on to the Hockaday Art Museum to view the stunning oil paintings created by John Fery portraying various locations in Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountain area. In further celebration of Galcier's 100th Anniversary, the group was also treated to a wonderful exhibit of photos taken in the Park by Chris Peterson over a 100 day period. The whole day was so much fun, AAI is hosting another trip on Saturday, November 20! This time to the Red Poppy Art Center in Ronan, stopping at the Bigfork Artwalk on the way home. The Red Poppy is a cultural center offering gallery space, classes in weaving, dance, yoga, painting and more. We'll meet with founder Julia Borden to find out how they make it all happen. Then we'll journey to take in the Bigfork Art Walk—15 open galleries and a chance to meet the artists and enjoy Bigfork's Christmas atmosphere. We'll leave at 10am and return around 6pm. Interested? Contact Merrily Dunham at 754-3376 or Jenny Rohrer at,754-0034.

P.O. Box 841 Seeley Lake, MT 59868

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