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CUSTOM SKIS AND EQUIPMENT We can do everything.

LUXURY HANDMADE IN ITALY Our handmade production process warrants the highest quality level in materials, building and finishing. Our product are handmade in Italy with passion and the best avaiable materials and technologies.

HIGH PERFORMANCE Our skis and equipment are designed and build to perform. Design and aesthetic came together with the function we want to deliver.

TAILOR-MADE We manufacture our products one by one: we can offer you a wide range of customization options that come with a complete design service, from art to part. We can work on shapes, construction, materials, finishing also on a unique piece.

TIMELESS DESIGN A clean and minimal design approach delivers a timeless classic equipment: searching for elegance with an alpine flair, focused on details, texture and materials touch. Dealing between heritage and avantgarde our no-frills design stands out among the crowd.

DESIGN AND SOLUTIONS The experience of our sister company as an hi-end private label skis factory grants our customer a fully integrated service that blends together concepts design, innovative technical solutions and production optimization. A wide range of solutions and ideas are ready for your ultimate ski desire.

CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS Some of the elements you can choose: shapes: 50+ different shapes and sizes topfoil: real wood, HD graphics, metal, rubber base: inlays, sublimatic printing, mass colors construction: full custom fit woodcore structure

Alpina Specials | Custom skis and equipment via raschi 19, 23022 Chiavenna (SO) Italy

Alpina Specials Concept Booklet  

Custom skis and equipment

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