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Put a spring in your step! Dear reader, We at DCYZ wish you a very happy Easter. We are very delighted with the launch of our DCYZ newsletter; we hope, as you read some of the articles packaged with poetic elegance that belies the Support the planet by ages of the kids that contributed them, passing your copy around you get a spring in your step and joy in You can get a version of this your heart. online at We also hope that you find out more about DCYZ, the work that we do and what we are trying to achieve in the lives of young people in our community and beyond. French philosopher Joseph de Maistre once said, “Every nation gets the government they deserve” Robert

Kennedy later revised that to say; “every society gets the criminal it deserves”. We believe this emphasizes the need to positively influence the lives of young people as early as possible so that when they have the opportunity they can improve our community, so that they can say no to a life of crime, nurture their talents and if they find themselves in government, they do their nation proud. We would love to hear from you; share your thoughts on our newsletter, advise us on what you loved and what areas we can improve in future publications. After you’ve enjoyed it, pass it on to someone else, they’ll be grateful. Thank you

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About DCYZ

‘A place to relax and have fun’ DCYZ is a place where youths can come to relax, have fun while partaking in a range of activities; we usually attract young people between the ages of 5-25 but we are very flexible and operate an open door policy, so anyone is welcome.

Globe youth choir practices fortnightly on Sundays; the GYC have sung at a number of major church events including the Golden Jubilee Celebration and the Christmas production.

Departments DCYZ on a whole provides many workshops through its various departments such as homework club, which caters for the academic needs of the youths on a wide range of subject areas with teachers that work hard to impart knowledge and build the academic confidence of our youths.

We have an events department that organizes some amazing events that are fun to attend like concerts and our youth-themed church. Future In the near future we aim to increase the departments to include a music academy, sound engineering and creative writing schemes.

DCYZ on a whole aims to positively impact the lives of our youths in a way that better prepares them for their future.

Gen x is a youth mentoring scheme to help both young women and men develop their relationship with God and their society, it features lots of open and interactive sessions where everyone can share and learn in one another’s experiences.

Contact or Call 078 5685 4862 Vaundel: DCYZ Lead coordinator

We have a very active and well-equipped sport zone, featuring lots of games and activities like football basketball, table tennis and even some board games; it keeps our youths active and healthy, it also helps improve their skills and discipline in a number of sporting fields.

Costa Rica abolished its Military in 1948; since then they've had no war unlike their neighbours.


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A little girl in a noisy and dirty city

Mother Theresa

There was a girl, who lived in the city, It was crowded, dirty and noisy, which was such a pity. She was so concerned that she wrote to the government, Hoping, in her heart it would make her hometown better.

“She read it

Oh mother, She did what was best And was put to the test

continuously, ten Eventually, one day the reply finally came, A gold envelope on the doorstep addressed in her name. times that night Oh mother, She read it continuously, ten times that night She helps the poor Sitting on her bed with a smile, beautiful and bright.Sitting on her bed And left no space to ignore The next morning, she woke up at dawn, With a quick, stretch and a little, tired yawn. with a smile,


beautiful and Oh mother She swiftly ran out of her bed and hurriedly got dressed, Selecting her clothes carefully, to look her best. bright” She went to explore She scooped up her breakfast and sprinted out of the door Searching for the saviour As her parents quickly followed her, their excitement grew the more. They soon reached the venue where they had been told to come in the letter, Where crowds of people gathered, making the atmosphere much better. The suspense finally broke as the governor approached the stands, Then a roar of applause came from some loud, thundering hands. As the governor clearly spoke with the crowd intensely listening, The little girl stood with her parents, and her eyes started glistening. After the announcement, she went back home with her parents to celebrate, She sang and danced around the room; inside she was feeling great

Oh mother, Now she has left a legacy And died as a granny

A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way

In the early hours of the next day, the construction had begun, that you will look forward to the trip Then the little girl was awoken with happy cheers from everyone. A few weeks later when the city had been completely furnished and cleaned, The whole area was beautiful, as it glistened and gleamed.

Everywhere she went, the little girl was thanked by many My weapon of choice! Because they were pleased how their hometown was much lovelier than any. That’s the story of the little girl who once lived in the city, Prayer is always the key- yet we all chose to ignore its Which is now peaceful, quiet and so amazingly pretty. power

A Poem By Vanessa Igodifo (11 years old)


“It’s not just a

gateway of I love waking up in the morning Knowing that it is a blessing communicating I love to hear the dove hymn with the Almighty Then seeing people rush to the gym God” I love stepping in church To go for a search I seek forgiveness Ready for appetence Farewell old habit I am no one’s puppet Except God’s……… It is hard to understand By Abigail Anum how a cemetery raised its burial cost (16 years old) and blamed it on the cost of living.

It’s not just a gateway of communicating with the Almighty God, It’s a step we take on our spiritual ladder Prayer is always the key- yet we forget to take our daily bread, It’s not just a gateway of communicating with the Almighty God, It’s the guidance, which dwells in our heads Prayer is always the key- yet it is what we neglect, It’s not just a gateway of communicating with the Almighty God, It’s our path to success Prayer is always the key- yet we sill lack in our use of this weapon, It’s not just a gateway of communicating with the Almighty God, It’s my choice of weapon! BY Roberta Anum (14)

If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6

days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. - Wasted energy isn’t it?

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DCYZ in focus

In-focus: Gen-X

In-focus: Homework Club

What is Gen-X? Gen-X is a key part of DCYZ. It is a group where both teenagers and young adults can come and express themselves. During Gen-X meetings, young people talk about their dreams, aspirations, challenges and victories and, how they view themselves and the world around them.

Free books made available to kids

The Homework Club was started out of a passion to empower young people in DCYZ to excel academically. We assist children between 10-16 years of age with their weekly homework, and in many cases go ahead of their class schedules. This assistance is mainly in Maths, English and Sciences. To supplement this, we offer academic support over the phone, a service the young people use enthusiastically!

Genx Session

What does Gen-X aim to achieve? By taking young people as they are and empowering them to express themselves, Gen-X then equips them with sound spiritual guidance for their everyday lives. This enables them to live well-balanced lives, according to the will of God. How does this help young people? By analyzing everyday experiences and matching them up against the word of God, Gen-X ensures that the young people leave feeling uplifted and proud to be unique. We presently have a group of 20 - 25 youths who attend locally. For those who may be away studying at university, Gen-X can be contacted via phone calls, text, Social Networking sites and Email.

Besides Homework, we also mentor our attendees, advising on effective study methods, techniques and future career choices. We encourage our young people to take a proactive approach and enjoy the process of learning. We believe that instilling confidence in students is vital to successful learning. Since its inception in mid 2008, the Homework Club has had the following successes: • • • •

What has this achieved? Firstly, non-Christians who attended Gen-X come to understand that a relationship with God is the most important thing to have. Gen-X has helped young women to realize their worth to society; they are able to stand during tough times whereas in the past they would have reacted negatively to the same situations. Gen-X has helped to increase their confidence as well as advise them on everyday issues like how to dress appropriately and have respect and for themselves in relationshps. What is the future aspiration of Gen-X? Gen-X aims to continue to grow in numbers and spread beyond reading into worldwide community. We would be delighted if all that came in contact with us will leave with a deeper, and closer relationship with the Lord; we would love to impact our community, and make knowing Jesus the central desire of our hearts.

Contact or Call 078 5685 4862 Zanelle: Gen-X coordinator

Our volunteers have grown from 2-8 Weekly attendance has increased steadily from 3 to about 11 children Our members have improved their grades and confidence at school Homework club members have recently competed in and won awards in various academic competitions within Reading.

All these accomplishments have been made possible by the generous support and prayers from the church and various members of our local community. We are truly grateful. We have many future aspirations. Some of these include to: • • • •

Have our young people excel academically and join world-class universities. Increase our volunteers thereby offer higher quality, personalised academic assistance Expand the variety of activities that we offer Forge successful relationships with other homework clubs and academic establishments. Homework club meets every Friday from 7:45 – 8:45 PM in the restaurant at the Globe and our service is absolutely free! For more information on how you can benefit from our services or help by volunteering your time and skills contact or call 079 8421 7865 Allan & Susan: Homework Club Coordinators

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321


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Articles The Accident

For some, life ends too quickly. Accidents happen, sometimes at the cost of lives. But when it’s about to come, nobody knows. Only God knows tomorrow. It just happens.

By the time the car had stopped skidding, it took me a whole minute to talk, and tears flooded my eyes and rolled down my cheeks like a river flowing angrily. At this point, my ribs hurt; my neck was cut from the seat belt.

But some lucky few get out of these accidents alive. Like me and my mum. It could have been death, but God knew it wasn’t our time to join him. But it happens so fast, you don’t have any time to think, or prepare. It just happens.

When my mum, who I thought was unconscious (because she didn’t move for a while) calmed me down, and found the strength to get out of the car. I couldn’t even find the DSi I was playing on. It had hit the back of the car, and was lying on the floor, in one piece (Thank God!). I had never felt so insecure in my whole life.

It was Sunday 18th of April, 2010. Like any other Sunday, I followed the routine. The morning was so normal, having a shower, and dressing up in the best suit I could find. I touched up on my hair, and rushed to my toast, like every NORMAL Sunday. My dad was working, and my brother was in a football tournament, so it was just mum and I.

Life is too valuable. God takes care of us, but it’s our duty not to put ourselves in harm. Every day, you should thank God for your life. Tomorrow is a different story for everyday you live.

We drove to church, chatting about random topics I can’t remember, while I tapped away on my DSi. We stopped at roundabout, just next to a construction site, and cones were scattered across the busy A33 Dual carriageway. The traffic light turned red, so we waited for about three seconds, until it happened. I had never felt so insecure in my whole life.

Now, I do thank God for my life, and even though we went through all that, we still got to church in one piece. From there, we were taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital. We have now recovered, but God does things for a reason. I realised that when I found out about the compensation we’re going to receive. It comes in thousands, you know.☺

There was a screech behind us, as the big Nissan Terrano skidded and shunted our small Peugeot across the roundabout. It was so unreal, like the exaggerated action movies. Various objects in the car flew around us, hitting us, like a tornado. Another car narrowly missed ours as it tried to break, which would have been the end of our lives. My heart skipped a few beats.

No matter what, when things get tough, praise God for what you have. He can multiply it for you.

By Richard Mark-Hansen (12 years old)

The Ancient Princess There was once an ancient castle in ancient Greece where a lovely princess lived. The princess cried oh I wish I was married, she was a very rich lady her name was Penelope. Penelope had servants who served her with shepherd’s pie. Every man who was a prince loved her, but the only prince that was trying his best to marry her, was Prince Phillip.

Everyone in the royal village was excited even the one’s getting married, the wedding began and the wedding ended they had a very good time. IT was time to go for a honeymoon they left and lived happily ever after. THE END

Prince Phillip said, princess oh princess will you marry me please? If you chose me darling, if your flowers die I will buy some more, I am a single prince Philip. The princess said, you are the one, get out the way crowd; I need to get to my prince Phillip! Penelope I will sell my car, and for extras I will sell my ROYAL CASTLE Phillip shouted! Penelope said let’s get married on Tuesday. What a brilliant idea replied Phillip. Servants cheered, bells rang and one week passed. It was time to get married.

By Kearna Popat (7 years old)

My Inspirations Inspirations are very special. They not only give us ideas, but also set examples and influence us. They can set dreams, give us destinies, but for me, it helps me to be the best person I can be. As a Christian, my natural inspiration is Jesus, which includes stopping in certain situations and saying to myself, “What would Jesus do?” I don’t always remember that, though. But for me, there is a person that inspires me the most. She gives me comfort when I’m upset, she’s there when nobody else seems to be there, she gave birth to me, and then raised me to my age. It’s my Mum. My mum works hard, day and night despite her high blood pressure and severe asthma. Her hard work is not for herself, but for the family. She gives more than she takes, and sometimes I take her for granted.

Sometimes I get angry with myself for not being as appreciative as possible, even on mothers’ day; I didn’t think flowers or a card were enough. She has always put me and my brother before herself, and I think she’s a God-sent angel She works for no reward, and makes many sacrifices to make sure we get the best of what’s available. I can only thank God for her. Whenever a person talks about blessings, she is always the first, of anything to be in my mind. I aim to be just like her in life; to be able to think of others before myself; and to never give up when things get tough. God will bless her for all the good she does, and I will always be proud of her.

By Richard Mark-Hansen (12 years old)

Something for the Kids! Pora Ora is a free online 3D virtual world, where children in the primary school age range can learn, interact and play games.

Visit for a free sign up

It’s educational and kids go through the national curriculum during the game.

Add DCYZ on Facebook

It’s well regulated so the kids are safe while online and there are various parental controls available.


Our website will be coming soon @

Support the planet by passing your copy around You can get a version of this online at

Special thanks We would like to specially thank the following people who have played key parts in the launch of this publication. We extend our gratitude to all the workers in the teen express and children’s church for letting us steal bits of their time to talk to the kids about writing articles for us; we’d like to thank Ali for helping put the adverts up, that was a very tasking job made to look easy and seamless by you; we extend gratitude to

DCYZ @ The Globe 12 Portman road; RG30 1EA


thank Nicholas for his joie de vivre which helped add creativity to this process. Most importantly everyone from DCYZ (especially Naa, Ruth, Allan,Junior, Susan, Vaundel and Zanelle) who have been fantastic and have taken on board extra work, borne out of an idea to help young people, though they already have much on their plate – thank you all! We are indeed grateful.

DCYZ Newsletter First Edition  

Deliverance Centre Youth Zone First Newsletter, April 2011 Edition.

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