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The New Jersey State Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

Alpha Zeta State News

V OL U ME 60, ISSU E 2 W IN T ER 20 12

Building and Weaving the Lattice of Leadership to Embrace Our Vision * Design Our Future Inside this issue:

An Exciting State Convention Awaits Us! Alpha Zeta State President Roxanne Adinolfi has posed an inspiring challenge for us during her biennium, and Convention 2012 will continue to reflect her theme. This 74th birthday celebration will begin the preparations for our 75th next year, so we invite you to join us as we begin this exciting journey. Our host site is once again the Doubletree Hotel and Convention Center in Somerset. The convention will open on Friday afternoon, March 23rd, with registration in the Main Lobby beginning at 4:00 p.m. Plan on arriving in time to meet your sisters and find dinner at the hotel in either the restaurant or in TK’s Bar or go out to some other restaurant before the evening festivities. Chorus rehearsal will take place at 6:30 p.m. Our president will officially open the convention at 7:45 p.m. and, after her welcoming remarks, invite everyone to enjoy the Dessert and Coffee Social and Basket Auction. Saturday promises to be a busy and productive day. You can start with a satisfying

buffet breakfast, served from 7:00 –10:00 a.m. in the hotel’s restaurant or make other plans. The initiates will begin bright and early at an 8:00 a.m. rehearsal followed by a 9 a.m. orientation. The gavel will open the First General Session at 9:00 a.m. After the conclusion of this meeting, the day continues with morning workshops, the Birthday Luncheon and afternoon workshops. Our first vice-president, Barbara Smith, and her committee have put together a diverse program of workshops that you won’t want to miss. Don’t forget to register early to guarantee a seat as some workshops will have limited enrollment!

Dr. Carolyn Rants, Immediate Past President of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International and the recipient of the 79th International Achievement Award, will be the keynote speaker at our birthday luncheon. She will also present a workshop and address the initiates at orientation. We are honored to have Dr. Rants with us during convention and look forward to her many contributions.

Dr. Carolyn Rants


Our International Visitor


Proposed Bylaws Changes


75th Anniversary History Underway


Chapter Biennial Report Deadlines


State Convention Information


Strategic Action Plan Survey


The Delta

As always, the luncheon will feature the procession of chapter banners and our birthday celebration. (Chapters, please don’t’ forget to submit your banner carrier information to Mary

Kappa Gamma

Jean DiRoberto by February 23.) Aside from the diverse


workshops and other activities, there are two new additions this year: a “Book Sharing with Donations” and Chapter sales. Both will take place on Saturday from 10:30-

growth of

12:00 and 2:30—4:00. Gayle Faulkner, Lambda will chair the Info Fair this year which highlights the wonderful work of our chapters. More information will be shared with your chapters.

2008-2010 International President

President’s Message

As always, the high point of continued on page 3

Society International promotes

women educators and excellence in education.

Building and Weaving the Lattice of Leadership to Embrace Our Vision * Design Our Future state convention this year!

Roxanne Adinolfi 2011-2013 Alpha Zeta State President

May you and your family be blessed with good health, happiness, peace, and hope in 2012. We approach the New Year with excitement as we move forward to plan for our state convention from March 23-25, 2012. This issue of our newsletter celebrates and shares the collective labor of all involved in convention planning. Special thanks to Mary Jean Di Roberto, State Convention Chair, and her committee of chapter representatives. Jan Paxton continues to amaze us with her talent as AZS Webmaster and Convention Registrar. Susan Davis expertly serves as our Convention Facility Coordinator and Event Planner. AZS is honored and excited to welcome Society Representative and Immediate Past International President, Dr. Carolyn J. Rants, to our state convention. Please review the contents of this newsletter carefully as it includes convention information and registration forms. Chapter presidents should make sure new initiates receive a copy of this newsletter. I hope to see many new members at the Page 2

The most important task we assume in this biennium is to acquire outstanding women educators as new members to ensure the viability and future of AZS. It is essential that some prospective members (in every chapter) be professionally active to sustain and promote our support of women educators. To advance our efforts in reaching districts and schools where there is no current representation in DKG, Dr. Mary Lee Batesko, State Expansion Chair, compiled statistics and demographics regarding chapter membership and diversity as it relates to active and retired professional educators. Mary Lee shared this information with chapter presidents. Members are encouraged to invite university level professors to membership so we can access new educators as they enter the field. Mimi Weis and Pamela Miller, State Chapter Planning Chairs, are in the process of reviewing the compiled data in conjunction with chapter programs planned for this year. Mimi and Pam will cross -reference chapter/state programs to improve differentiation as we strive to meet the diverse needs of multigeneration members in the future. We will encourage chapter presidents to plan, and continue to plan, combined workshops as part of the solution to diversify chapter programs. Leadership Development Chairs, Dr. Pamela Albert Devine and Dr. Beth Ann Richey, are planning training

for initiates at our state convention. Dr. Carolyn J. Rants will also address initiates during the information session in addition to providing the keynote address at the birthday luncheon and a morning workshop. Leadership development is ongoing as I meet with state chairs and continue to attend chapter meetings to promote and support your efforts as we build the lattice of leadership. I look forward to several scheduled chapter visits in the coming months. I am especially honored to attend a new program hosted by Gamma Chapter to support early educators (T.H.A.T.) to be held at Sayen Elementary School in Hamilton. Sigma Iota Nu Gamma Mu Zeta Omicron Pi

January 22nd January 29th February 11th March 10th April 25th May 7th May 17th June 3rd

Many AZS members and officers plan to attend the CTAUN Conference at the UN on February 3rd. THE CTAUN Conference is always informative and stimulating. We will share our reflections and impressions with you in future communications. All incoming 2012-14 chapter officers, parliamentarians, treasurers, corresponding/ recording secretaries, and immediate past chapter presidents are asked to mark their calendars in advance for the state leadership training

workshop on Saturday, June 2, 2012 (8:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M) at Sayen School in Hamilton. All participants will receive materials, supplies; the 2012 DKG Go to Guide, and comprehensive “hard copy� information. We will engage in intensive results/data-driven activities in focus areas related to our strategic action plan. The purpose is to enable state officers to provide excellent and comprehensive training for chapter officers. Understanding new challenges, changes, materials, and responsibilities will help chapter officers assume leadership positions on July 1, 2012 with confidence and passion. Additionally, chapter officers will serve as future trainers and mentors for new leaders at the chapter level. 2010-12 chapter presidents will be asked to share the most remarkable accomplishment, innovative or outstanding project/program, or success story of their biennium. Current state officers and state leadership chairs will prepare motivational and individualized breakout workshops to meet the specific needs for each new leader. Job descriptions and time-lines will be provided to assist new leaders to be current and informed. If you have special requests to help us prepare for your needs, please feel free to contact me. Information and suggestions elicited from the recent leadership development survey and the chapter presidents’ questionnaire will be incorporated. Carmela De Marco (Gamma) and Claire Swanson (Alpha) have been invited by Dr. Jensi Souders to serve as members Volume 60, issue 2

President’s Message— continued from page 2 of the First Timers Committee at the International Convention in New York, July 24-28, 2012. Carol Boehm (Lambda) joined the DKG Network for Artists Group and was contacted to play clarinet during the musical celebration at the convention. This is a very important benefit of joining the DKG Network. A Jersey Girls state breakfast/dinner is not cost effective as restaurants including the convention site are extremely expensive. AZS sisters are encouraged to register for the NE Regional Breakfast. Once again, I close with a leadership quote from Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, authors of The Art of Possibility, “A leader does not need a podium; she can be sitting quietly on the edge of any chair, listening passionately and with commitment, fully prepared to take the baton.” I invite you to “take the baton” to build and weave a stronger and larger lattice of leadership for AZS in the coming year. We celebrate our 74th birthday on February 26th. Happy Birthday!


Convention—continued from page 1 our convention will be the beautifully moving Initiation Ceremony on Saturday evening. Afterwards, we will celebrate together at the banquet as President Roxanne Adinolfi introduces the chapter presidents. We also take this opportunity to honor our most outstanding members with the Rose and Key Awards and enjoy the talents of the State Chorus. On Sunday morning, be sure to attend the Celebration of Life, where we honor the memories of the sisters we have lost over the past year. The amazing accomplishments of these women are always inspiring. Following the service, complimentary coffee, snacks and conversation will be available for those who want a light snack, but don’t plan to leave before the Closing Business Session! If you can find the time, the Doubletree offers many amenities for the enjoyment of their guests. Try out the indoor pool and hot tub or work out in the fitness room. Meet friends in the Sports Bar for some liquid refreshment and late-night snacks. If weather permits, the hotel has a lovely terrace and walking trail. Many chapters will also be hosting informal gatherings for their members throughout the weekend.

Be sure to register for your hotel room by midnight February 23, 2012 and mention DKG so that the Society receives credit for your room. Remember, we must meet our room guarantee to avoid having to pay for the unreserved rooms, so plan on staying for two nights. Fill out your convention registration form online or on the form in the newsletter and send it to Convention Treasurer Jan Paxton by March 10, 2012 to avoid a late fee. Register for every activity in which you plan to participate, including those for which there is no charge. To best accommodate all those wishing to attend, we must have an accurate count. Admission will be by ticket only. All convention meals are prepaid and pre-ticketed. Please indicate meal option selections. (Depending on what else is going on in the hotel, the restaurant may or may not be available for guests not registered for our meal events.) Each of you makes our Society special! We look forward to seeing you at convention as we renew our bonds of sisterhood and discover the many faces of Delta Kappa Gamma. - Mary Jean DiRoberto,

You will find complete descriptions of all workshops, menus for all meals, information about hotel reservations, and your convention registration form in this newsletter. Alpha Zeta State News

Winter 2012

Convention Chairperson

Our International Visitor Alpha Zeta State is honored to have Dr. Carolyn Rants, the immediate past international president as our international visitor. Dr. Rants comes to us from Sioux City, Iowa. She retired in July 2007 as VicePresident for Instruction and Student Services at Western Iowa Technical Community College. She has been a member of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International for 49 years having spent time in Nebraska, Michigan and finally in Iowa. She has received several honors from the Society. In 1981, she was the recipient of the Eunah Temple Holden International Scholarship when she was completing work on her doctorate at the University of South Dakota. She was selected to attend the Leadership Management Seminar at the University of Texas in Austin in 1987. This past summer she was awarded the International Achievement Award, the highest honor in the Society. Dr. Rants states that she “is very proud and grateful for all the experience she has gained as a member of this organization.” Delta Kappa Gamma has opened opportunities for her, enabling her to enhance her leadership skills, meet women educators in seventeen countries and grow and develop both personally and professionally.

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Proposed Bylaw Changes At the January 7, 2012, AZS Executive Board Meeting, Margaret Madison and Joanne Hill, co-chairs of the Rules / Bylaws Committee, submitted five proposed changes to the current Alpha Zeta State Bylaws. Four of the proposed revisions concern specific wording that mirrors the phraseology in the International Constitu-

tion. One change, Article I.B, updates the bylaws to reflect the International Constitution’s new ruling that no longer requires chapters to be designated by a Greek letter or combination of Greek letters. A motion was made by Claire Swanson to consider the bylaws revisions pro-

posals. After a brief discussion, the chairs concluded the presentation. These revisions proposals will be voted upon by the membership at the Alpha Zeta State Convention in March, 2012.

mittee for review and approval. Members are requested to direct any questions and/or comments to the co-chairs at or

If they are approved, the bylaws will be revised accordingly and sent to the International Constitution Com-

Alpha Zeta State Organization, New Jersey Proposed Revisions to the State Bylaws ARTICLE I.















Page 4








Volume 60, issue 2

Highlights from the January 7, 2012 State Executive Board Meeting

Above: State First Vice President Barbara Smith discusses convention workshops with her committee. Above: State Rules/Bylaws Chairs Joanne Hill and Peggy Madison present the proposed bylaw revisions to the State Executive Board Above: State President Roxanne Adinolfi addresses the State Executive Board.

Above: State Historian Harriet Di Leonardo discusses plans for the collection of artifacts for the 75th Above: State Officers Meeting

anniversary history. Above: President Adinolfi addresses the chapter presidents.

Book Sharing with Donations—New at this year’s convention Zeta Chapter has been assigned the responsibility of the book sale at the 2012 Alpha Zeta State Convention. Each chapter will donate 50 very gently used books for a total of 950 books. Genres will include: any type of children’s books (hard or soft cover) color coded with blue stickers; popular fiction (soft cover only) color coded with red stickers; recently published professional books color coded with green stickers; and miscellaneous books, e.g. cookbooks, technology, garden, travel, etc., color coded with yellow stickers. Members who select books will be encouraged to make a donation to Alpha Zeta State’s Stipend Fund. Book tables will be opened from 10:30- 12:00 and 2:30—4:00 on Saturday. Zeta sisters will assist at book tables, provide containers for donations, and plastic bags for books. Alpha Zeta State News

Winter 2012

Page 5

75th Anniversary History Underway Preparation of the 75th Anniversary History of Alpha Zeta State is underway and requires the collaboration and cooperation of all members!

July 15, 2012—Committee Reports (no mention in 1988 history) Given the scope of the history, Judy will be happy to have these reports earlier than the stipulated deadlines.

Dr. Judy Merz has agreed to undertake the writing of the history and has reached out to past presidents, chapter presidents, and state committee chairs to provide reports for inclusion in the history, which will include information from 1938-2013!


Judy also invites all members to submit ideas, information, or photos for the 75th Anniversary History to her at Please use Word formatting for text and jpeg for photos! Electronic submission is preferred, but if you must submit hard copy, send it to Judy at 2641 Rue Toulouse Avenue, Henderson, NV, 89044.

Deadlines for reports are as follows: April 1, 2012—Past Presidents Summaries


Alberta Mount

June 15, 2012—Committee Reports (updating from 1988)


Dr. Rosemary Nemec


Deborah A. Ridenour-Dodson Susan S. Douglass Grace Leaming


Grace A. Treible


Meda Anthony


Evelyn R. Dvorak Elizabeth R. MacCulloch

Let’s all work together to capture the rich and inspiring history of Alpha Zeta State as part of our 75th Anniversary celebration in 2013!

June 1, 2012—Chapter Histories

Ruth Kane Fern


Karen De Palma


Margaret G. Wescott

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.

- Dr. Judith Merz

-Isla Paschal Richardson

Goals are dreams with deadlines! ~ Diane Scharf Hunt

Chapter BIENNIAL Reports *Due Date – DEADLINE: February 1, 2012 Report from the


Due to

Chapter President


Roxanne Adinolfi

Chapter Finance/Treasurer


Ellen Hahn & Chapter President

Chapter Membership


Mary Conover & Chapter President

Chapter Program/Educational Excellence


Barbara Smith & Chapter President

Chapter Scholarship


Marilyn Gonyo & Chapter President

Chapter World Fellowship


Karen Cohen & Chapter President

Chapter Necrology


Cynthia Sokoloff & Chapter President

Chapter Communications/Publicity


Claire Swanson & Chapter President

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Volume 60, issue 2

FAQs - Convention 2012 Do I need to register if I am only coming for part of the weekend? Answer: YES!! Every person attending any convention activity must be registered. Our insurance carrier and the hotel’s security staff require that every participant be registered and display an appropriate registration identification badge at all times. What happens if we do not meet the room guarantee of 210 room nights by the registration deadline? Answer: It will result in enormous financial penalties. The hotel will require payment for the un-reserved rooms so please come for the weekend and register by the deadline on the registration form, before midnight on Feb. 23, 2012. If you register by phone or on line, be sure to mention DKG to get the convention rate. Hotel registrations made after February 23rd will not be credited to our guarantee and may not receive convention rates. The hotel requests that you provide the names of all roommates when you reserve your room so keys can be issued as each arrives. In previous years, we were fortunate to fill every room reserved for the Society and an additional allotment, as well. Because the hotel was accommodating other long-term guests, those looking for a room in the last days before the dead-line were disappointed. A number of sisters were housed in nearby hotels and shuttled to the Doubletree. Please make Alpha Zeta State News

your registration early to guarantee an on-site room. Why are we asked to preregister for all events and workshops, even those that are free? Answer: We want to accommodate everyone at the events they choose to attend. Therefore, we need an accurate count to allocate space and seating. For events where refreshments are provided, we need a count in order to provide an appropriate quantity while keeping costs down. Can I change my mind about workshops or purchase meal tickets at convention Answer: There will be a swap basket of workshop tickets at the registration desk. If someone decides not to attend a workshop, she is invited to deposit the ticket in the basket and select another. You are welcome to stop by and check the basket to see if any tickets have been turned in. Occasionally, a registered member is unable to attend due to illness or emergency. If we have been notified that someone is not coming, her tickets will be available for purchase. Check with the convention chairs when you arrive. What do I do if I arrive after the registration desk closes? Answer: Each chapter will designate someone to pick up any remaining envelopes at 11:45 a.m. on Saturday, when

the registration desk closes. Check with your chapter in advance to find out who will be holding your envelope and where to find her. Will there be valet parking at the Doubletree? Answer: No. The Doubletree does not provide valet parking. There will be bellmen available to assist you in unloading your vehicle, but you will have to self-park and walk back to the door. There are adequate handicapped parking spaces close to the entrance for those with proper identification. If you think you will need additional assistance, please ask one of your chapter sisters to meet you or arrange to ride with another member who can drop you off at the door. How will I know that my registration has been received and processed correctly? Answer: There are several ways to register: by printing the form from the newsletter and mailing it; by emailing the completed form to Jan Paxton electronically; or by using the online registration form. Your registration confirmation will be a copy of your application emailed to you. If you choose to register by mail and want a confirmation mailed to you, please include a selfaddressed stamped envelope with your registration. If you do not receive confirmation of any kind from Jan Pax-

Winter 2012

ton, you are not registered! If there are any discrepancies in your packet when you arrive at Convention, your confirmation copy is your verification. Please bring it with you to Convention. Remember to include your payment –no money, no registration! Why are the chapter sales and book even sales available only on Saturday from 10:30—12:00 and 2:30— 4:00? Answer: We are adhering to the International Guidelines as defined in our Constitution document. Sales should not be scheduled during general session or business meetings. The allocated times above are in compliance. Who do I contact if I still have a question? Answer: For questions about hotel rooms, call the Doubletree. [Be sure to let the hotel know if you need special accommodations of any kind, including handicap access or an in-room refrigerator.] For general convention questions, contact Mary Jean DiRoberto 908-534-4847 or For registration information, contact Jan Paxton, 973-6339648 or For hotel logistics, problems with room registration, and AVA equipment, contact Sue Davis, 973-361-5263 or Page 7

Convention Workshop Offerings for Member’s Enjoyment The Program of Work Committee selected an excellent variety of professional and diverse workshop presentations for the 2012 AZS Convention. The committee met in September to review the presentation proposals submitted to Barbara Smith, First Vice-President. The committee wanted to continue to offer two book discussion sessions and possibly add a seventh presentation for both the morning and the afternoon workshops. We were able to meet these requests. Each chapter voted for the book selections. The two most popular books were selected. Each book discussion will be limited to 25 participants per session. You may only register for ONE of the two so that more members can be accommodated. Please register early to guarantee you are placed in the workshop/s of your choice. Presenters will need time to prepare for the size of the audience. Members are reminded that it is essential for you to take the time, following each workshop, to complete the workshop evaluation, as the information and recommendations for speakers is critical to future planning. Omicron, Delta, and Iota chapters will facilitate and hostess the convention workshops.

Page 8

Saturday Morning 10:30 – 11:45 AM

Erase Global Illiteracy: Educate Girls

Dining With History

Every Chapter Tells a Story

PRESENTER: Dr. Mary Lee Batesko (2005-07 AZS President/Zeta Chapter) PRESENTER: Cynthia Pope (Rho Chapter) Cynthia Pope is a Doctorate of Literacy student at Rutgers Graduate School of Education where she also obtained her Master’s Degree in Education. She holds teaching certifications in Elementary, Business and Marketing Education. Cynthia’s workshop will demonstrate using digital storytelling for literacy and legacy learning. Just like every chapter of a book tells a story, so does each chapter of DKG. This workshop shows how to use today’s technology tools to capture history for your chapter or classroom. Participants will see how freeon-line software tools can be used to preserve multi-media memories, which include sound, images, and video for chapter sisters or students.

der difference in obtaining literacy.

Dr. Batesko earned her B.A. from Trenton State College, a M.A. in Reading from Kean University, and an Ed.D. from Rutgers University, in Social and Philosophic Foundations. She has been at Georgian Court University for over 30 years serving as professor, department chair, special assistant to the president, vice president for planning, and in 2008 returned to full-time teaching. She has presented workshops on literacy throughout the United States, China, Great Britain, and at the 2011 DKG European Regional meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. Are women second-class citizens in the world of literacy? Of the 1 billion illiterates in the world, two thirds of them are women. It has been found that literate women have better health, nutrition, housing, clothing, and sanitation than illiterate women. This workshop will focus on the literacy of women in various countries and the gen-

PRESENTER: Jean and Phil Jaeger (2011-13 AZS Circulation Co-Chair/2004-06 Alpha Chapter President) Phil Jaeger is a retired Millburn High School math teacher. He is a former trustee of the Passaic County Historical Society and a trustee of the Cedar Grove Historical Society. He has created many programs about local history and has written two books, Montclair: A Postcard Guide to Its Past and Cedar Grove. Jean Jaeger retired from the Cedar Grove School System after 30 years of teaching kindergarten, first, and second grade. After retiring, she spent six years on the Cedar Grove Board of Education, three of them as president. She is presently the vice president and secretary for the Cedar Grove Historical Society. Jean is a member of Alpha Chapter and has served in many capacities on both the chapter and state levels. Jean and Phil will present this workshop together, focusing on nineteen restaurants that Volume 60, issue 2

Convention Workshop Offerings for Member’s Enjoyment are housed in buildings that were built as long ago as the 1700s. The history of the buildings, as well as the origins of the restaurants, will be discussed. In addition to this discussion, they will present scenes of the past and the present. In every case, the building itself is a part of the local heritage of the area where it is located. Most of the restaurants are located in New Jersey; several are in neighboring states. Nearby attractions will also be highlighted.

Teacher Tested Techniques Used in Classroom Management

PRESENTER: Dr. Blossom Nissman (1989-1991 AZS President/Eta Chapter) Dr. Nissman is a retired Professor from Georgian Court University after 10 years of teaching in the Dept. of Education. During her tenure as an educator, Dr. Nissman taught in the classroom, was a Director of Consortium for Special Education in New Jersey schools, a principal, and acting Superintendent of Schools for the Long Beach Island School District, Long Beach Island, NJ. She has Alpha Zeta State News

authored many professional articles and written several educational books dealing with school counseling, special education and, most recently, classroom discipline. "Action vs. Reaction" and/or "labels are for Jelly Jars, not children" the point being that identifying the problem is only the first step to solving it... no matter what it is. Dr. Nissman will lead her interactive workshop citing examples of actual procedures and techniques that can, and have been used, to respond to problems in kindergarten thru high school classrooms. Attendees will have the opportunity to react, in a group situation, to specific classroom management concerns. All attendees will receive a free autographed copy of Dr. Nissman’s new book, Teacher Tested Techniques Used in Classroom Management.

Understanding Generations and Their Impact on DKG

President Delta Kappa Gamma Society International) Dr. Rants has spent over 30 years in Student Affairs administration in institutions of higher education where she supervised admissions, residence life, and student activities. For many years Dr. Rants has been studying various generations, ever since she realized that students entering college, in more recent years, had different characteristics than those in the prior generation. Her workshop takes a look at the characteristics of various generations and how they interact in the work place where generations often differ on goals, rewards, language and etiquette, and attitudes toward diversity. Dr. Rants will discuss the information she collected from Generation X Society members. Participants will share their ideas about how chapter activities may be tailored to meet the needs of each generation.

For over forty years, Carmela has been involved in the field of education. She taught both elementary and middle school age children in the Trenton Public School System for twenty-five years. In addition to her teaching career, she served on both the Hamilton Township Board of Education and the Mercer County Special Services Board of Education for twelve years. What is the US Forum? How does it relate to the purposes of our society? At this informational presentation, Carmela will review and discuss with attendees of the purpose of the US Forum, as well as demonstrate and recommend how to best communicate with local legislators to become educational advocates for children and women.

Book Discussion: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (2007)

Legislative Issues – The US Forum

LEADER: Wilhelmina Bryant (Lambda Chapter)

PRESENTER: Dr. Carolyn J. Rants (Immediate Past

PRESENTER: Carmela DeMarco (2007-09 AZS President/Gamma Chapter)

Winter 2012

Wilhelmina earned her B.A. in Speech Pathology from Temple University and M.A. in Speech Pathology from Kean College. She holds a Certification of Clinical Competency and Speech Language Specialist Certification. Page 9

Convention Workshop Offerings for Member’s Enjoyment Wilhelmina recently retired from Piscataway Township Schools after working for 29 ½ years as a school based Speech Pathologist. She currently serves as the director of the James O. Bryant Food Pantry and works part-time as a Job Coach for Piscataway’s Students Achieving Independent Life Skills (SAIL) Program. In Sarah’s Key, Tatiana de Rosnay creates a mesmerizing story in which a tragic past unfolds, the present is torn apart, and the future is irrevocably altered. Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten year-old girl, is brutally arrested with her family by the French police in the Vel’ d’Hiv’ roundup, but not before she locks her younger brother in a cupboard in the family's apartment, thinking that she will be back within a f e w h o u r s . Paris, May 2002: On Vel’ d’Hiv’s 60th anniversary, journalist Julia Jarmond is asked to write an article about this black day in France's past. Through her contemporary investigation, she stumbles onto a trail of longhidden family secrets that connect her to Sarah. Julia finds herself compelled to retrace the girl's ordeal, from that terrible term in the Vel d'Hiv', to the camps, and beyond. As she probes into Sarah's past, she begins to question her own place in France, and to reevaluate her marriage and her life.

Saturday Afternoon 2:45 – 4:00 PM THINKFINITY P R E S E N T E R : V i rg i ni a Hoden (1996-1998 Omicron Chapter President) Virginia earned her M.A. in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. She has been a teacher for 28 years and for the past 25 years she has worked for Little Egg Harbor Twp. School District. Virginia has been a trainer for Verizon’s Thinkfinity for four years. She has given workshops at the NJEA

community; and the various subcultures within the deaf community.

Inside the Deaf Culture

Visit China Vicariously

“Kathy is one of our most beloved, respected and dynamic professors…when you think of Kathy, the following words come to mind: spitfire, feisty, funny and leader.” -Dr. Brierly, OCC

Summer Technology Integration Institute and in many other school districts southern New Jersey.

in is the Verizon Foundation’s comprehensive program and online portal to more than 55,000 FREE standards-based, gradespecific, K-12 lesson plans and other educational resources provided in partnership with many of the nation’s leading educational and literacy organizations. In this hands-on-workshop you will explore Thinkfinity’s lesson plans, multi-media presentations, interactive games, and much more. This workshop is meant to be interactive, if possible, but not necessary to learn about THINKFINITY’S possibilities. If you would like to bring your laptop and mobile Internet card to the workshop and to try to connect to the Internet, wirelessly, please feel free. (No guarantees!) “This was the best tech workshop

Page 10

I have ever attended. I created a great lesson plan using Thinkfinity alone in about 20 minutes. It would normally take a few hours because I use a lot of online resources and end up surfing from site to site. Thank you and our trainer, V. Hoden.” -Jane K August 4, 2011

PRESENTER: Kathy Basilotto (GUEST PRESENTER) Kathy is an assistant professor at Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ. She is a nationally certified sign language interpreter, as well as a certified teacher of American Sign Language. Have you ever been inclined to tell a friend that their new perm looks ridiculous? Have you ever wanted to hug someone you just met? In American culture, this would be considered rude and strange. However, these actions are some of the vital elements involved in deaf culture. This workshop will provide participants with an insight into deaf culture through understanding the values, norms and traditions upheld by their community; the ethical treatment of the deaf

PRESENTER: Judy Jordan (2011-2013 AZS Diamond Birthday Co-chair/Lambda Chapter) Judy taught for 33 years at Fords Middle School, Woodbridge, NJ. She retired in 1994. Judy became a Lambda member in 1971 and has served in many leadership positions at the state and chapter level. Have you ever have had a travel goal? Judy’s is to travel the world and set her feet on every continent. Enjoy Judy’s presentation as she takes you on a personal tour of her trip to China. You will “visit” the Forbidden City; walk on the Great wall; observe the Terra Cotta Soldiers; and pet some pandas. Learn more about these adventures and others. Judy enables her attendees to Volume 60, issue 2

Convention Workshop Offerings for Member’s Enjoyment “feel” as if they have traveled with her!

Teaching Students to be Global Citizens

that can be used to accomplish that goal. It will make a case for the importance of including the study of current affairs in social studies classrooms and present practical ideas for getting students reading about and discussing world events.

Three Seasons of Perennial Flowers – The Backbone of Your Garden

PRESENTER: Deborah Hoeflinger (2000-2002 Alpha Chapter President)

PRESENTER: Dr. Carol N. Scelza (1988-1990 Eta Chapter President/ State Scholarship Co-chair)

Deborah taught Social Studies at Butler High School for thirty-eight years and is currently an adjunct professor at the County College of Morris. Additionally, she served as advisor to the high school’s chapter of Junior Statesmen of America. In 2008, with the support and encouragement of her Alpha sisters, she participated in the Oxford Roundtable on international issues at Oxford University, where she first presented this presentation.

Dr. Scelza is Associate Professor of Education and Director of Literacy Programs for Georgian Court University. She also serves as advisor of the Reading Specialist program and as Director of the Reading Center, which offers tutoring for school age children. Dr. Scelza has been a member of Eta chapter since 1977, serving as chapter president and on numerous chapter and state committees. She is a Master Gardner alumnus through Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Middlesex County.

How many of your students can locate Egypt on a world map? How many can name the leaders of China? Do they know more about the winners of Dancing with the Stars? Our students need the tools to be successful in our global community. This workshop is designed to demonstrate both the importance of expanding student knowledge of world affairs and the techniques

Lessen your work; increase your color by selecting top varieties of perennials. Herbaceous perennials provide diversity of color, size, bloom time, foliage, and fragrance. There are perennials for any light or soil conditions. This workshop will discuss new and some old reliable varieties of perennials. Planting, pruning, fertilizing and maintenance will be dis-

Alpha Zeta State News

cussed. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences with their favorite blooms. Also, included will be a few flowering shrubs to be used as backdrops. A perfect prelude to spring!

and support.

Book Discussion: House Rules by Jodi Picoult (2010)

Promoting and Experiencing Professional Exchange in Vietnam and Cambodia PRESENTER: Karen Cohen, MS, OTR/L (2011-13 AZS World Fellowship Chair/ Delta Chapter) Karen is a Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist who has worked in the areas of developmental disabilities and pediatrics for over 24 years. She proudly holds the title of Delta Chapter World Fellowship chair and N.J. State World Fellowship Chair for Delta Kappa Gamma. She is committed to advancing the work of World Fellowship. Karen’s workshop presentation will include a slideshow and provide literature, and handouts, offering attendees the opportunity to view the Southeast Asian countries of Vietnam and Cambodia. She will talk about her life changing experiences in both of these countries, as viewed through her eyes, while encouraging dialogue among participants along the way. Karen spent time in Vietnam and Cambodia in June of 2008, fostering communication between individuals of both countries as well as promoting better understanding, cooperation, mutual respect,

Winter 2012

LEADER: Catherine Cleenput (Alpha Chapter) Catherine earned her BS in Elementary Education, Kurtztown University and a MA in Computing in Education from Teacher’s College Columbia University. Currently, she is a teacher of the Gifted and Talented in the New Providence School District and is the Professional Development Chairperson. Catherine is the Second Vice President for ALPHA Chapter. Author, Jodi Picoult is known for combining controversial issues, family drama and courtroom scenes. In House Rules, Jacob Hunt is an 18 high school student with Asperger’s syndrome accused of murder. Picoult examines the prejudices surrounding the boy’s social disability. Participants are invited to share their insights and ideas about Picoult’s viewpoints on what it means to be different in our society, how autism affects a family and how our legal system deals unique individuals. Page 11

Directions to Convention Hotel From Route I-287 North Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Avenue. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. From Route I-287 South Take exit 10 for Route 527 Easton Ave/New Brunswick. Follow Route 527 North and bear left toward signs for Davidson Avenue. At the first traffic light make a left onto Davidson Avenue. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. From the New Jersey Turnpike Take Exit 10 for Metuchen/Edison to I-287 North. Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Ave. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. From the Garden State Parkway North Take Exit 127 for I-287 North. Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Ave. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. Page 12

From the Garden State Parkway South Take exit 129 for I -287 North. Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/ Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Avenue. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. (Optional- exit for Route 22 West to I-287 North) Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Avenue. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. From Philadelphia Take the New Jersey Turnpike North to Exit 10 for Metuchen/ Edison to I-287 North. Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Ave. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel. From Princeton Area Take Route 202/206 North to Route 22 East to I-287 South. Take exit 10 for Route 527 New Brunswick/Easton Ave. Follow Route 527 North to the first traffic light and make a left onto Davidson Avenue. Continue on Davidson Avenue for one half mile and make a left into Atrium Corporate Park. Follow to the front entrance of the hotel.

Chapter Sales Each chapter was offered the opportunity to sell one item at convention this year. Sigma Chapter is in charge of coordinating and assisting with chapter sales. (Contact: Jane Murphy) Six chapters will sell items. Each chapter is in charge of their own sale item as proceeds benefit the chapter. Chapter sales will be located in the same room as the Book Share on Saturday. Beta will be selling an Insulated shopping bag—$5 Contact Luella Vengenock

Epsilon will offer DKG Bracelets—$16 Contact Linda Adams Sigma will have DKG Gift Boxes— 3”x3”x1/12” - $3 DKG Gift Boxes for that special gift to a sister, a new initiate, or guest speaker. A perfect fit for a society pin, ribbon pin, or small gift. The boxes are designed by Vickie Mathas. Contact Jane Murphy Gamma is providing the opportunity to preorder beautiful custom rhinestone pins. Pins stand 5/8” tall with bar pins for attaching. Complete the order form on the website. Mail with a check made out to DKG-Gamma Chapter for $18 to Kathleen Fallon. Lambda has arranged to sell regular folding umbrellas and golf unbrellas at $15 and $22 respectively. Kappa will sell magnets. Have you expressed your opinion on the future path of Alpha Zeta State?

The Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee has created a survey seeking your input on the direction Alpha Zeta State should head in the coming years. Members accessing this newsletter electronically are asked to complete the survey online here or on the state website. Members who receive a printed copy of the newsletter will also be sent/receive a survey to complete and return by mail. The deadline for all surveys is February 29th. Contact: Mary Conover, SAP Chair Thank you for helping us to Embrace our Vision by

Designing Our Future! Volume 60, issue 2

Alpha Zeta State Convention Menus All meals will be prepared without nuts or onions. Anyone who has a special dietary restriction or request must indicate this on the registration form. The request should be specific so that the Chef can meet your needs. Please adhere to the assigned seating at the luncheon and banquet. This will ensure that you will receive your special menu request. The hotel will not accept special menu requests during meal functions.

Friday Evening Social - complimentary Display of assorted fresh fruit to include Strawberries, Pineapples, and other Seasonal Fruits. Assorted Pound Cakes with a choice of Chocolate or Honey Yogurt Dipping Sauce. Coffee and Tea

Saturday Birthday Luncheon - $32.00 for members, complimentary for initiates Tomato Basil Soup Mixed Green Salad with Chicken and a choice of two dressings, Balsamic and Honey Mustard, to be served on the side or Vegetarian Option: Pasta Primavera Apple Pie with a Caramel Drizzle Iced/Hot Tea or Coffee

Saturday Evening Banquet - $43.00 Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with a Balsamic Dressing Roast Pork Loin with *Calvados Sauce, Steamed Vegetables and Chef’s Choice of Starch or Vegetarian Option: Portobello Tower Cheese Cake Iced /Hot Tea or Coffee *Calvados is an Apple Brandy/light cream sauce

Sunday’s Continental Breakfast - complimentary Assorted Bagels, Danish and Muffins served with Cream Cheese, Assorted Jellies and Butter Orange Juice, Tea and Coffee

Dates to Remember! 2012 CTAUN Conference UN Headquarters in New York City, NY Friday, February 3 Topic: Education Is a Human Right (Information Contact: Margaret Anzul) U.S. Forum of DKG International Legislative Seminar March 18 – 21 Arlington, VA/Comfort Inn Pentagon City (Information Contact: Carmela DeMarco) Alpha Zeta State Convention March 23 - 25 Double Tree Hotel, Somerset, NJ

Alpha Zeta State News

Show your pride . . .

Chapter Officers Leadership Training Saturday, June 2 8:30 - 1 PM Sayen Elementary School Hamilton, NJ

in being a member of Alpha Zeta State and help raise funds for Alpha Zeta State’s 75th Birthday Celebration in 2013!

International Convention July 24 - 28 New York City, NY /Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers (Seventh Avenue) 2013 75th Diamond Birthday Alpha Zeta State Convention April 12-14 Double Tree Hotel Somerset, NJ

The mugs will be sold at the 2012 State Convention for $5.00 a mug. Orders may be placed before the convention by contacting Judy Jordan,, Lambda

Winter 2012

Page 13

March 23-25, 2012 AZS-DKG Convention Registration Instructions Registering with the Doubletree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center (200 Atrium Drive, Somerset) to have a hotel room: You must register either online or by telephone 732-469-2600, online registration is preferred. Your hotel reservation must be made before midnight on February 23, 2012. The hotel has changed its policy and if all of the hotel rooms in the block have not been reserved by February 23rsd, we will have to pay for them anyway! If you do not have your hotel registration made by February 23rd, you must contact Jan Paxton at If there are any additional rooms available there will be a late fee! Please make sure that you reserve your room on time. Go to the web page or call the hotel registration number when the contact information and the code for this year become available. The information will be on the Alpha Zeta State website. If you have any difficulty with this process, contact Sue Davis - Registering with Alpha Zeta State for the Convention Program: Registration deadline and Cancellation date: March 10, 2012. Note: Late registrations may require a Late Registration Fee of an additional $10. There are no guarantees that late registrants will be seated with their chapters.

If you do not receive confirmation from Jan Paxton, you are not registered! Please contact Jan at or 908-638-8693 by March 12th to resolve this issue! Complete the entire registration form. You may do this in several ways: ·

by using the newsletter form or printing the form from the website, filling in the blanks, enclose a check for the appropriate amount payable to “Delta Kappa Gamma Convention” and mailing them to “Jan Paxton, 11 Fine Road, High Bridge NJ 08829”. Your registration confirmation will be a copy of your application e-mailed to you, unless you enclose a selfaddressed stamped envelope.


by opening the Word form linked to the website, saving it to your computer with your name in the file name, completing the form on your computer (and save!), e-mailing it as an attachment to Jan Paxton, and snailmailing your check for the appropriate amount to “Jan Paxton, 11 Fine Road, High Bridge NJ 08829”. Your registration confirmation will be a copy of your application e-mailed to you after your check has been received – no check, no registration!!

by using the online registration form on the Alpha Zeta State website at Complete the form and don’t forget to click “submit”! If you don’t get a “Thank you” message, you have not registered. You must also pay, either by snail-mailing your check as above, or by using the Google Checkout button on the web page - there will be a credit card fee of 2.9%+$0.30 if you use your credit card. Your registration confirmation will be a copy of your application e-mailed to you after your payment has been received – no money, no registration!! Payment amounts: Use the following chart to compute what you owe. If you are registering after March 10, 2012, add a $10 late fee. If you go online to use your credit card, a credit card fee will be added to these amounts. ·

Page 14

Hotel Guest



Registration, luncheon, banquet, $83

Registration, luncheon, banquet, $93


Registration, luncheon, banquet, $115

Registration, luncheon, banquet, $125


Registration, luncheon, $40

Registration, luncheon, $50


Registration, luncheon, $72

Registration, luncheon, $82

Initiate or Member Initiate or Member

Registration, banquet, $83 Registration (paid by everyone!), $40

Registration, banquet, $93 Registration (paid by everyone!), $50

Volume 60, issue 2

Alpha Zeta State Convention March 23-25, 2012 Registration Form To register for Alpha Zeta State DKG Convention using this form, answer all questions. To complete your registration you must either snail-mail a check in the correct amount to Jan Paxton, 11 Fine Road, High Bridge, NJ 08829 . If you do not receive a note from Jan Paxton confirming your registration and payment, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED! Contact Jan at <> to make sure you are registered - please do not wait until Convention! Jan must receive your complete registration including payment by March 10, 2012. After that date, there will be a late fee in the amount of $10 and you may not be seated with your chapter sisters for events! All hotel reservations must be made directly with the hotel by midnight on February 23, 2012! Please give your first and last names as you want them printed on your name tag.

Membership Status - Please choose the appropriate category: member, initiate, guest

Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter - Please give the name of the AZS Chapter of which you are a member or an initiate. If you are a guest, just put "guest".

If you are an initiate, please name your sponsor and /or escort

E-mail address & Phone Number

Registration Type * Choose one Staying at the hotel ($40) or Commuting to hotel ($50)

Will you attend the Friday evening program and social? No charge, but a ticket is required. __Yes ___No

Will you attend the Saturday morning (8:00 a.m.) Initiation Rehearsal? Initiates, their escorts and chapter presidents are expected to attend. ___Yes ___No

Will you attend the Saturday Birthday Luncheon at 12 noon? Please select entrée. Cost: $32 for members, Initiates will be guests of AZ State

Will you attend the Saturday evening banquet? Please select entrée. Cost: $43

Initiates - Will you attend the Saturday morning orientation? This will be at 9:00 a.m. following the rehearsal. {Sponsors and chapter presidents are expected to attend to the business meeting.} ___Yes ___No Do you have any food allergies or other dietary restrictions? Please explain your needs specifically - diabetic dessert, gluten free diet, etc. All special requests must be made at registration!

__I will not attend the luncheon __ Mixed green salad with chicken __ Pasta Primavera (vegetarian)

___ I will not attend the Banquet ___ Roasted Pork loin with Calvados sauce ___Portobello Tower (vegetarian)

Morning Workshop 10:30 – 11:45 AM Choose one and an alternate (1, 2) __I will not attend a workshop __Every Chapter Tells a Story __Erase Global Illiteracy: Educate Girls __Dining With History __Teacher Tested Techniques Used in Classroom Management __Understanding Generations and Their Impact on DKG __Legislative Issues – The US Forum __Book Discussion: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (2007)

Afternoon Workshop 2:45 – 4:00 PM Choose one and an alternate (1, 2) __I will not attend a workshop __THINKFINITY __Inside the Deaf Culture __Visit China Vicariously __Teaching Students to be Global Citizens __Three Seasons of Perennial Flowers __Promoting and Experiencing Professional Exchange in Vietnam and Cambodia __Book Discussion: House Rules by Jodi Picoult (2010)

Alpha Zeta State News

Winter 2012

Will you attend the Sunday morning Celebration of Life? __Yes __No Will you have "Coffee &" after the Celebration of Life? No charge, ticket required. __Yes __No Do you have any accessibility needs during the workshops? Please specify. (Use the back.)If you have accessibility needs regarding your hotel room, you are responsible to contact the hotel. AZS cannot help you with this issue. Page 15

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Jane Tallmadge - Circulation 11 Meadowside Court Medford, NJ 08055

Official Publication of the Alpha Zeta State Organization of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Alpha Zeta State News

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Alpha Zeta State News - Winter 2012  
Alpha Zeta State News - Winter 2012  

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