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The New Jersey State Organization of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

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V OL U ME 60, ISSU E 1 F AL L 2011

Building and Weaving the Lattice of Leadership to Embrace Our Vision * Design Our Future Inside this issue:

Record Number of Alpha Zeta Members Attend the 2011 Northeast Regional Conference The sweetest place on earth proved to be the perfect setting for sixty-four registered members of Alpha Zeta State. Jersey Girls represented our state organization with pride, dignity and enthusiasm. Our members attended numerous workshops, presentations, and training sessions to better understand important issues, responsibilities, and implications relevant to ―achieve the extra degree‖ as was the underlying message and call to service for all state leaders. Many first time attendees shared comments, impressions and ideas to further advance our state to promote professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. Immediate past president, Claire Swanson, set the educational focus theme for workshops during the third general session with her message on the topic: Education in the Digital Arena. Claire's insight as an educational media specialist made her message credible and informative. Dr. Beth Ann Richey had the honor of introducing Claire as outgoing president during the Saturday evening banquet. Alice Carrier, International 1st Vice President, introduced incoming Alpha Zeta State president, Roxanne Adinolfi. Alpha Zeta State members were actively involved as workshop presenters

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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes Photograph courtesy of Photographs by Jim, Floresville, Texas

(Claire Swanson, Dr. Beth Ann Richey, Dr. Mary Lee Batesko, and Dr. Sandra Sessa), facilitators and members of the chorus Carmela DeMarco and Doris Lambert-The Chocolatetown Singers). Michele Contala captured memorable images of our Alpha Zeta State sisters during the conference. Sixty Jersey Girls gathered for a state dinner on Thursday (July 21st) evening at the Union Canal House: Historical Restaurant and Country Inn. Members enjoyed a delightful meal follow-

ing a greeting from Alpha Zeta State president, Roxanne Adinolfi, and invocation by Alpha president, Barbara Ann Ellert. Past state presidents formally presented an elegant shadow box frame containing the Elizabeth M. Bozearth pin. The pin will be retained by the state president for her biennium. All conference attendees received Jersey Girls mint tins which included the theme for the 201113 biennium. Past State President Patricia Rahn designed commemorative bookmarks. Story continued on page 9

professional growth of women educators and excellence in education.


Building and Weaving the Lattice of Leadership to Embrace Our Vision * Design Our Future

Roxanne Adinolfi 2011-2013 Alpha Zeta State President

It is an honor to serve as president of Alpha Zeta State for the 2011-13 biennium. The installation ceremony and spirit of support at the state convention on March 27, 2011 was electric. The Interactive Portfolio Exchange and Training Workshop on June 4, 2011 was equally exciting as former and newly appointed state chairs shared expertise, knowledge, procedures, suggestions for improvement, and essential information. Leadership is perhaps the most important word in the biennium theme. It calls us to take ―the lead‖ to embrace our vision as we design our future. International President Dr. Jensi Souders requested that new state presidents incorporate her theme into our themes to maintain continuity of purpose and focus. Her request fit perfectly with the idea of building a lattice of leaders. The lattice logo represents each of us building and weaving a structure to promote educational excellence, increase membership diversity, and strengthen chapters with new leaders and strong programs. While we respect and appreciate our rich and successful past and traditions, we understand the importance of surviving and thriving in the 21st century. The goal for this biennium is to develop a comprehensive leadership training model via Page 2

collaborative teams to build a strong network of future state and chapter leaders. We must nurture and acquire knowledgeable, informed, committed, and inspired members to help us in an era of increasing change, conflict, and challenge. Inclusive and active participation will ensure we develop a common understanding of the nature and complexity of change. We will develop state and chapter strategic action plans, review chapter and state rules/bylaws, revisit and update our state history, and preserve our state archives in anticipation of our 75th diamond jubilee celebration in 2013. The objectives to achieve the biennium goals will require ongoing leadership training and mentorship for state officers, committee chairs, and chapter officers/ members to create professional leadership communities. The Society vision, ―Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide,‖ will guide planning for chapter and state programs and projects. Let it serve as our mantra as we move forward. Alpha Zeta State is fortunate to have over 80 members of 19 chapters actively involved at the state level as officers, chapter presidents, board members and/ or committee chairs. Past state presidents continue to serve as committee chairs and advisors. Several committee chairs and state officers held meetings during the summer months. Substantial work was executed prior to the first state board meeting on September 10, 2011. Members of the finance/audit committee and diamond birthday chairs met in July. State officers met in August to share training materials, responsibilities, and information received at the Northeast Regional Conference and to prepare for the first state executive meeting. Dr. Kathleen Froriep updated the archives inventory at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ. Newsletter editors, Claire Swan-

son and Loretta Kachmar-Will, updated and changed the format of the state newsletter with input from the membership via a comprehensive survey. Circulation chairs, Jean Jaeger and Jane Tallmadge, compiled a mailing list and labels for members who request hard copy mailings. Jan Paxton, state Webmaster, updated the state Web site for easier access and to reflect the theme and goals for the new biennium. Constant Contact will provide electronic ―news between the news.‖ Alpha Zeta State history will be updated, written and edited by Dr. Judith Merz for the 75th diamond jubilee. Judy serves on the international editorial board as Bulletin editor and is an appointed member of the Educational Excellence Committee. Judy will work with past state presidents, the state historian and archivist, and current chapter presidents to research data to compile a cumulative history book (1938 – 2013). Current chapter presidents will continue to work on this project as they assume the office of immediate past chapter president in 2012. State committee chairs maintain ongoing communication with chapter committee members and are encouraged to hold ―Go to Meeting‖ meetings to utilize technology to conduct business. Mary Conover (Pi), 2nd Vice President, was appointed to chair the ad hoc Strategic Action Planning committee. Members of the committee include: Amy Weinstein (Gamma), Kathleen Coe (Sigma), Claire Swanson (Alpha), Pam Watkinson (Rho) and Dr. Mary Lee Batesko (Zeta). The committee represents a balance of retired and active teaching professionals from elementary to university level in diverse areas of the state. Strategic planning is a reflective and active process that will involve every member.

time for me to experience the essence of you - the members. Chapter projects and programs to promote educational excellence are clearly articulated, planned and measurable. The depth of talent, creativity, professionalism, and commitment at the chapter level is extraordinary. I welcome invitations and anticipate visiting every chapter to celebrate your accomplishments and activities during this biennium. I look forward to working with you to promote the purposes of the Society and the business of AZS state. The enthusiasm Dr. Jensi Souders exudes in the international convention promotion DVD is contagious as she summons members to join her in THE BIG APPLE! Plan to attend the international convention at the New York Sheraton and Tower July 24 - 28, 2012. The hotel will open reservations on December 1, 2011. Convention registration opens in January and the deadline for breakout session proposals is February 15, 2012. Rosamund and Benjamin Zander, authors of The Art of Possibility, remind us, ―…life is revealed as a place to contribute and we are the contributors…‖ We can contribute by supporting early career educators, encouraging new chapter members to serve as officers, submitting proposals to present workshops at state and international conventions, and reinforcing our effort to ―go green.‖ The possibilities to contribute are endless.


The privilege to attend 5 chapter meetings (to date) and visit the state archives has been enlightening. Chapter meetings provide Volume 60, issue 1

Program of Work Committee Welcome to the new biennium for the Program of Work Committee. Our responsibilities have been changed slightly to coordinate with the DKG constitutional changes with the creation of the Educational Excellence Committee at the International level. During this biennium, Alpha Zeta State will work to review and revise our state bylaws, affecting our committee name and reorganizing the composition of the committee. Any revisions that may be proposed, in response to the international changes, will be presented to our membership as a whole in the near future. Regardless of our committee‘s name, our mission remains the same, to promote programs of excellence in education. Additionally, we will support long and short term pro-

grams and projects that focus upon topics adopted by the Society. Following the path designed by the DKG Society International Educational Excellence Committee, Alpha Zeta State chapters should be promoting the Schools for Africa Project, supporting Early Career Educators and encouraging programs that focus on: educational excellence; promoting the DKG/UN relationship; increasing member‘s personal and professional pride; increase member‘s global awareness; and programs that impact educational law and policy.

goals. We also decided to continue with last year‘s decision to provide two book discussions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon at the state convention. The committee worked diligently to sort through many proposed programs for the convention to select programs for our 2012 State Convention. Each selection was conscientiously chosen, using the purposes of our society as guidelines, along with the goals set up by our international committee, to provide the best workshops for you at our State Convention, March 23-25, 2012.

This September the Alpha Zeta State Chapter Program Chairs met to discuss how the DKG Society‘s transition may affect our committee and how we will continue to work to meet our

As your state chair, I join Helen Popovich, the Moderator of the DKG Educational Excellence discussion group, in inviting you to join our new Educational Excellence discussion group site,

The Search is On! Fall is a time for searching! We search for the most colorful leaves, the best pumpkins, the perfect turkey, the ideal gifts, and those key women educators who will add their expertise, enthusiasm, and a committed dedication to our Society. We now have the privilege of searching in both traditional settings of schools and universities and non-traditional settings where women provide educational services such as in public libraries, museums, and businesses. We also have the choice of including beginning and/or retired educators and educators living or teaching beyond our chapter‘s physical jurisdiction. According to the Constitution, 2010, “An active member shall be a woman who is employed as a professional educator at the time of her election or has been retired from an educational setting.” In addition to recognizing employed or retired qualified women, we are encouraged to consider individuals we recognized at a Alpha Zeta State News

previous time but who declined our invitation to membership. They may have declined because of work or family responsibilities which have now been lifted from their shoulders. We are urged to contact these individuals and, potentially, re-issue an invitation to membership. They may make excellent members today, for the same reasons we initially considered them for inclusion in our Society. Similarly, we probably remember women who were once members of our Society but resigned due to a life circumstance that interfered with membership. Perhaps their responsibilities or circumstances have changed, and they now want to reunite with DKG. International has simplified the process of reinstatement. The individual seeking reinstatement must simply express a desire to be reinstated in the same or a different chapter, the chapter president processes the request, and the reinstated member makes payment of cur-

rent dues and fees, with no reinstatement fee or vote by the chapter. To assist chapters in recruiting outstanding women educators, the International Membership Committee has provided a sample letter of invitation to membership and a sample letter offering reinstatement, available on the DKG Website. A chapter may choose to use these letters in their entirety, to use them as a basis for a personalized invitation specific to the chapter, or to issue invitations independent of the samples but which have been effective for the chapter in the past. International has expanded the parameters of our field for searching for outstanding women educators, simplified the process of the search, and provided materials for supporting us in our search. Now it is up to us: let‘s search, discover, and initiate to make 2012 a year of tremen-

on the secure DKG Network found at . This open site and has been established to give educational excellence chairs a place to network, ask questions, share success stories, learn from each other, and communicate with the International Educational Excellence Committee. I am looking forward to serving you during this biennium as the Program of Work Chair for Alpha Zeta State. -Barbara Smith, State Program of Work Chairman

Mark your calendars! Alpha Zeta State Convention will be March 23-25, 2012 at the Somerset Doubletree. Plans are underway to make this the best convention ever - until the 2013 75th birthday celebration. The workshops are being finalized and we're looking forward to some new things - chapter sales (remember to get your plans to Sigma by November 15, 2011) and a used book sharing event. Watch the website for the latest news when it becomes available and make sure to use all of the information that will be in the January newsletter. dous growth for AZ State, in numbers, qualifications, and commitment of initiates to DKG!! - Mary Conover, State Membership Chair

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Have You Applied for a Scholarship Yet? State Scholarship Opportunities: Margaret Abel Scholarship Award: is to provide grants-in-aid to assist outstanding women preparing to enter the education profession. The award is in the amount of $1,000.00 and will be awarded to one qualified individual at the Alpha Zeta State Convention each spring. All applications must be postmarked by December 1, 2011 The Elizabeth M. Bozearth State Scholarship: Applicants must be members in good standing and have held membership for three or more years. Applicants must be accepted in a graduate degree program in an approved institution of higher learning or in a certification program. Deadline is December 1st.

International Scholarship Opportunities: (for further information please click on the title of the awards) Lucile Cornetet Award for Professional Development: is an individual award granted to educators to participate in professional seminars, workshops, lecture series, national certification, on-line courses, and other non-degree program opportunities that relate specifically to an applicant‘s professional aspirations and/or current educational assignment. Who may apply, and how often? Employed educators who meet the stated professional development definition criteria may apply. Applicants may receive a Cornetet Award only once, but may apply up to two times a year, should earlier applications be unsuccessful. 2012 International Scholarship: offers up to 30 scholarships annually to members of the Society Page 4

to enhance the fulfillment of its fifth purpose, "To endow scholarships to aid outstanding women educators in pursuing graduate study…." Awards are made for the period beginning July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation Scholarship: purpose is to support and encourage intercultural understanding; encourage standards of excellence in education; assist and cooperate with schools, colleges, universities and other persons, with organizations, trust funds, or foundations in support, encouragement, and improvement of education. Applications must be submitted electronically to Headquarters by January 3, 2012 in order to be considered. -Alyson Gross, Chairman

Margaret Abel Scholarship Award The Margaret Abel Scholarship Award was made possible through the generous bequest of former Gamma member Margaret Abel, a past state president of Alpha Zeta State. The oversight of this Award is through a committee appointed by the President. Members of the committee are President Adinolfi, Immediate Past President Claire Swanson, Past Presidents Dr. Mary Lee Batesko and Carmela DeMarco, State Treasurer Ellen Hahn, and a representative from the Scholarship and Stipends Committee, Dr. Carol Scelza. Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Chairman of the Scholarship and Stipends Committee is overseeing the

Personal Growth Stipend Awards The Scholarships/Stipends Committee met at the fall state executive board meeting and reviewed the applications received for personal growth stipends and awarded two stipends. Ms. Wood, a past president of Eta chapter, is a special education teacher in Burlington Township High School and serves as the Program Director for Project Freshman Involved in Real Service to Community (F.I.R.S.T). This is a school and community outreach initiative which addresses student learning specific to science and literacy through service learning which address the environmental needs of the community. Ms. Wood will use her stipend to help defray the expenses of reusable and consumable materials which the students use to work at local facilities doing clean-up projects. In her application Wood states, ―This activity innovates service learning as an avenue for students to build stronger academic skills, foster civic responsibility and develop leadership abilities.

In direct response to identified needs of the community, it intentionally connects community service to classroom learning, which has a positive effect on both the learner and the entire community.‖ A second stipend was awarded to Gamma member Joyce Palumbo, Principal of the Mercerville Elementary School in Hamilton. Palumbo will apply her stipend toward sponsored professional development to obtain managerial and technological training that will assist her to expedite the many responsibilities that she encounters daily in administrating to her large building. ―In the field of education, discovering more efficient ways to accomplish the many tasks of today‘s busy administrators is needed more than ever. This will also be an opportunity (for me) to enhance my leadership effectiveness that promotes continuous school improvement and my professional development,‖ Palumbo stated.

work of the Award Committee. The committee is in the process of sending letters, brochures, and applications to all four year colleges in New Jersey to inform them of the Award and to encourage them to have students make application. It is anticipated that the Award will be presented at our annual convention in the spring. The initial recipient of the Award was Bess Spero-Li, a student in the teacher preparation program at Princeton University. If your chapter would like to extend good wishes to Ms. SperoLi as she pursues her studies this semester or to invite her to your chapter, she can be reached at -Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Chairman

Elizabeth M. Bozearth Scholarship The Elizabeth M. Bozearth scholarship is offered by Alpha Zeta State and will be presented at the State Convention in March 2012. The scholarship is available to members in good standing who have held membership for three or more years. Applicants must be accepted in a graduate degree program in an approved institution of higher learning. Additional criteria and application forms are available on the Alpha Zeta State website. (From the home page, click on ―About Us‖ and then click on ―Scholarship‖). All applications and supporting information are due by December 1, 2011. Please send to Dr. Carol N. Scelza, 28630 Schoolhouse Road, Columbus, NJ 08022 or -Dr. Carol N. Scelza

-Dr. Marilyn Gonyo. Chairman Volume 60, issue 1

Rose and Key Awards Each year every Chapter of Alpha Zeta State has the privilege to nominate one member for the Rose Award and one for the Key Award to be honored at the State Convention. What are these awards? For some of you the following information is not news, however I thought it would be a good idea to review what is stated in the Alpha Zeta State Standing Rules: 1.3.1 The Rose Award shall be presented to a member who is actively involved in education and who exhibits outstanding service to Delta Kappa Gamma and to her community (e.g., State or National officer, citizen of the year, teacher of the year, service to the community, honoree of a state or national education organization, or author of a book). 1.3.2 The Key Award shall be presented to a retired member who exhibits outstanding service to Delta Kappa Gamma and to her community (e.g., State or National officer, citizen of the year, teacher of the year, service to the community, honoree of a state or national education organization, or author of a book).

1.3.5 Awards shall be made at the State Convention. The Rose and Key Awards shall be given annually.

Q & A: Designated Funds Q: What becomes of the money raised during the basket sales at Alpha Zeta State Convention? A: All of the money goes into state the ―Designated Funds‖ account.

With the above information in mind, please begin now to consider who in your Chapter you will nominate for the Rose and Key Awards. As we are trying to do more electronically, I am working with Jan Paxton on an application that can be completed via the computer which will be ready in November. Therefore, please check the Alpha Zeta State web site for the new application. Award applications will be due to me by February 1, 2012.

Q: What are the Designated Funds used for?

Thank you for your time and consideration as you begin to consider the nominations for the Rose and Key Awards. We look forward to honoring the recipients at the Alpha Zeta State Convention in March.

Leadership Development Fund - 5%

-Babette Wise, Personal Growth and Services State Chairman

A: The Designated Funds are broken into nine different funds: Educator‘s Stipend Fund, Leadership Development Fund, Convention Speaker‘s Fund, Convention Committee Fund Research Fund, Scholarship Fund, President‘s Discretionary Fund, Convention/Conference Registration Fund and Permanent Fund Q: Is the money divided evenly among all of the funds: A: Each fund receives a certain percentage of the money raised. Here‘s the breakdown: Educator‘s Stipend Fund – 15% Convention Speaker‘s Fund – 10% Convention Committee Fund – 10% Research Fund – 5% Scholarship Fund – 20% President‘s Discretionary Fund – 20% Convention/Conference Registration Fund – 15% Permanent Fund – Currently not receiving additional funds since we have met the balance required by International -Ingrid Williams, State Finance Chairman

Legislation Report Two motions were passed, by a majority vote of the members present, at the U.S. Forum session on Thursday July 21, 2011 at the Northeast Regional Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The first motion was a Proposal/Resolution which dealt with preserving Social Security as a safety net for the American people and urged legislation that would protect Social Security in its current form. After a lengthy discussion, this motion was approved by a majority vote. The second motion was a proposal, from Alpha Sigma State/ Alpha Zeta State News

Washington, which was read by Illinois State President, Sandy McGaughy. This was a proposal to endorse and support ARTS education in schools. After a short discussion, the motion was approved. Two of our Society purposes give us the direction we need to further the goal of education and women educators. Purpose four: to initiate. endorse and support desirable legislation or other suitable endeavors in the interests of education and of women educators. Purpose seven: to inform members of

current economic, social, political and educational issues so that they may participate effectively in a world society. We, members of Delta Kappa Gamma, need to remember that our Society was founded by women who took a stand. So, let us join together and truly make a difference! Even though there is representation from each of our chapters on this committee, I would like to open up the participation for active advocacy to all Alpha Zeta State sisters. Contact me by phone 609-291-7411 or email Additionally, I would like to invite you to attend the US Forum‘s National Legislative Seminar in Washington, DC March 18-21, 2012. Please check our Alpha Zeta State website for updates on legislative items. -Carm ela S. De Marco, State Legislation Chair

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ANNUAL CTAUN CONFERENCE AT THE UNITED NATIONS: EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT The Committee on Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN) is announcing its next annual conference for educators and other concerned persons to be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on Friday, February 3, 2012. Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development. ~ Kofi Annan

mately one adult in six is unable to read or write. Two out of three illiterate adults are women. Our Conference this year, with the theme ―Education IS a Human Right,‖ will investigate the many causes of this disparity between the stated goals and the actualities of the human right to education for so many children and adults around the world. We will focus on how access to and quality of education, seen by some as two sides of the same coin, can steadily improve the educational experience for all learners.

The United Nations first articulated the right to education in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 28 stipulates that everyone has the right to a free and compulsory elementary education, with technical, professional and higher education ―equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.‖ The purpose of education is to promote the ―full development of the human personality‖ and to strengthen ―respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.‖

We invite you to see yourself as a human rights defender and join us at the United Nations on February 3. For updates and speaker announcements, along with registration information, keep checking the CTAUN website ( Also on the website will be information regarding special hotel rates for conference attendees at a hotel in the conference area.

Over the last 63 years, many international covenants, conventions, treaties, declarations, conferences, plans of action, and reports have built upon this base to assure that governments commit to and meet their obligations to realizing the human right to education. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), for example, makes explicit how the right applies to children and their parents, and UNESCO‘s 1990 World Declaration on Education for All re-emphasizes that every person must be educated ―to develop their full capacities, to live and work in dignity.‖

plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people. ~ Chinese proverb

Yet, worldwide today, it is estimated that 69 million children are not in school and approxiPage 6

If you are planning for tomorrow, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade,

Expansion What better way of traveling Along life’s dusty roads Than in the hand of friendship That beckons to us all. For this biennium we are seeking to expand our chapters. Rather than beginning new chapters, we would like to invite members into our current chapters and if the chapter grows too large to accommodate the growth, at that time we can encourage members who live or teach in an outlying area to split off and form a new chapter. This is perhaps 4-5 years in the future and will have given them adequate time to understand and appreciate the intricacies of Delta Kappa Gamma at the chapter, state, and international level. It is our suggestion that you invite at least two individuals from a school , college, or university to join your chapter. Many of us have felt strange coming to our first chapter meeting and being the only new person in the room. How much better it would have been if we went into the room with a friend! As we always say there is strength in numbers and by inviting two individuals who are friends, their support will enhance their membership. This doesn‘t mean you should limit your new initiates to only two, we would be extremely happy if you increased your membership by 8, 10 or more.

Membership applications should be given to individuals in October or early November. Most of the chapters have a Christmas gathering and it would be an ideal time to invite these prospective members to a social event. Also, it would demonstrate our recognition of them as exemplars in education. In my chapter we vote on new initiates at this gathering so if they are in attendance, you would ask them to leave the room, while the vote is taken and return after the voting. This would not take the place of the initiate tea but would allow the chapter to meet them and give them some idea of the programs the chapter has planned throughout the year. In the next few days, I will be sending to the chapter membership chairpeople, a list of the schools represented in their chapters and the hometown of the chapter members. Look at the list and see if you can invite members from schools not represented and/or hometowns in your area not represented. Let‘s see if we can set a record for the number of new initiates at this year‘s convention in March.

-Dr. Mary Lee Batesko, State Expansion Chairman

75th Diamond Jubilee Preparation Although the year 2013 may seem far away, the time between now and the 75th Diamond Jubilee will rapidly pass. Thus, it is incumbent upon each of us to begin to act now, in weaving together thoughts, ideas and tangible items as memorabilia, in preparing for the celebration. Perhaps, you have acquired some birthday artifacts, during the passing years from various Alpha

Zeta State events, or would like to share a few note-worthy experiences with fellow members. You can help us move forward in our initial phase of gathering ideas to celebrate the 75th Diamond Jubilee. We are developing a Celebration List of activities and would appreciate your assistance. Kindly share your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts by

sending correspondence to Judy Jordan, at or 67 Spray Way, Lavallette, NJ 08735 or Marie McGuire, at or 12 Arn Terrace, Secaucus, NJ 07094 by December 31, 2011. Plan to wear hats and gloves to the 2013 Birthday Celebration to honor the traditions of 75 years ago! Volume 60, issue 1

Alpha Zeta State Archives Update The state archives at Georgian Court University are well situated on the second floor in a private alcove in Raymond Hall, near the office of Alpha Zeta Past President, Dr. Mary Lee Batesko. The Raymond Hall complex is home to Georgian Court University's School of Education and can be viewed on the interactive virtual campus map shown at this url address: flash_map/gcu_map.html html. Viewers can click on numbered items on the right margin of the map to see photographs of the beautiful campus. Raymond Hall Complex is #14 in the list. The purpose of the archives is to house materials from Alpha Zeta State events and primary source policy documents from our beginnings in 1938 through the present. A large and sturdy wooden chest of drawers holds materials from Alpha Zeta State events and primary source policy documents. Two locked metal filing cabinets contain drawers assigned to individual chapters for secure storage of their materials related to Alpha Zeta State‘s history. Two plaques hang on the wall beside the file cabinets: one identifies Alpha Zeta State past presidents and the other honors recipients of the Alpha Zeta State‘s distinguished service

award. On October 6, 2011, Roxanne Adinolfi, Alpha Zeta State President, visited the archives at Georgian Court University‘s main campus in Lakewood, NJ with Dr. Kathy Froriep, Alpha Zeta State Archivist. Together they conducted a quick review of the yearbooks, conference programs, and other materials from Alpha Zeta State‘s history and confirmed that the materials were secure at this site. But their visit with the archives wasn‘t all business – it was sprinkled with ―oohs‖ and ―ahhs‖ as they gazed at primary source materials such as 1940 Alpha Zeta meeting minutes hand-written in flowing cursive and a photograph from the January 24, 1953 luncheon sponsored by Pi State and Omicron, Gamma & Epsilon Chapters at the Hotel Commodore, in New York City. These serve as important reminders of the inspired work begun by women who share our commitment to the mission of DKG and Alpha Zeta State – and to one another. To schedule a visit to the archives, contact Kathy Froriep by email or by calling her home telephone number 732-240-3785. -Dr, Kathleen Froriep, AZ State Archivist

Above: The Alpha Zeta State Archives at Raymond Hall, Georgian Court University.

Below: Plaque of Alpha Zeta State Presidents on wall in Archives

Above: President Adinolfi and State Archivist Froriep review materials in the State Archives at Georgian Court University.

Parliamentarian’s Corner I would like to introduce myself, as I am the newly appointed Parliamentarian for this biennium. My name is Eileen Smith, from Beta Chapter and I am delighted to have been chosen by Alpha Zeta State President, Roxanne Adinolfi, to serve DKG in this capacity. Some of my past contributions to the society have included serving as a substitute for Dr. Beth Ann Richey at the past two Alpha State Conventions, working with Claire Swanson, and participation in the state executive meeting held in Alpha Zeta State News

January of 2010. With respect to my past experiences related to Parliamentary procedures, activities completed included the following: attended 10 NEA- RA meetings, served as the Local President of the Pennsville Education Association and taught for 33 years, functioned as the Salem County President for 6 years, and assisted on other executive board positions. Most recently, I attended the NE Conference in Hershey, PA this summer participating in the DKG

Parliamentarian Workshop along with Roxanne Adinolfi. Jean Gray, Delta Kappa Gamma International‘s Parliamentarian, provided the workshop. I found this training to be educational as well as enjoyable. The experiences gained will complement my previously acquired knowledge of parliamentary procedures, including future submissions to the state newsletter under the heading of Parliamentarian‘s Corner. My service goal is to help promote the efficient operation of DKG‘s meetings in an

effort to assure that the optimum amount of time is utilized solving issues and concerns related to DKG business. If you have any questions related to the aforementioned DKG Parliamentarian Workshop, need any resources concerning Parliamentary Procedure or Robert‘s Rules of Order for your chapter, please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address: Page 7

Alpha Zeta State Rules/Bylaws Committee Update The Rules/Bylaws Committee convened on September 10, 2011, at the Alpha Zeta State meeting. Nine chapter chairs were in attendance. Margaret (Peggy) Madison, Alpha Zeta State Co-chair of the committee, outlined and explained the biennium goals for the state and for all chapters. A major thrust will be to align the Alpha Zeta State Bylaws with the DKG International Constitution which underwent changes in 2010. The process of alignment of Alpha Zeta State Bylaws was begun in 2010 by Dr. Lynn Gonyo and an adhoc committee. The proposed revisions were voted upon and approved in March, 2011, at the state convention. Additional revisions will be made during the next two years. Chapters are asked to examine their own standing rules and to

make modifications to reflect the current status of the chapter, especially in regard to committee structure and duties, meeting requirements, membership, and financial records. All members can access the bylaws and standing rules of the state organization on the Alpha Zeta State website. As work progresses, the committee will utilize Alpha Zeta State meeting times as well as web technology to facilitate the process and accomplish biennium goals.

June 2011 Portfolio Exchange Right: Kathy Coe, Sigma shares her program ideas at the portfolio exchange. Below: President Adinolfi addresses the members at the portfolio exchange.

Any chapter chairs who were absent from the September 2011 meeting are asked to contact their chapter president for information that was distributed to them. -Margaret L. Madison and Joanne Hill, State Rules/Bylaws Chairmen

September 10, 2011 State Meeting

Nominations The International Nominations Committee summarized the biennial reports from the member state organizations for the 2009-2011 periods. What follows are some of the findings and concerns that surfaced from the 36 states, provinces and countries that responded to their survey. Fifty-four percent of those responding noted that the first vice -president does not automatically move into the president‘s position and 68% noted that there is not an automatic progression of state offices to the position of president. In 65% of the instances the members of the Nominations Committee are elected, while in the remaining organizations (35%) they are appointed. Nomination Committee composition ranged from 3 to 20, with the Page 8

average being five or six. Generally, officers and related personnel do not serve in the same position for more than one biennium (65%) and most states (69%) indicated that they do not have difficulty filling the state offices. None-the-less, 73% of the respondents felt that if there were training designed to prepare leaders before becoming president, secretary, etc. that more members would be encouraged to serve in these positions. The consensus for an efficient process was good communication at all levels, and one state noted, ―Begin early identification of leaders and nurture them for the role.‖ -Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Nominations Chairman

Left: President Adinolfi discussed her goals for the biennium with the chapter presidents.

Right: 75th Anniversary Cochairmen—Judy Jordan, Lambda and Marie McGuire, Alpha spoke on the initial plans for the state‘s 75th birthday at the State Meeting.

Alpha Zeta Members attend European Conference In August, after the Northeast Regional Meeting, four members of Alpha Zeta State flew to Frankfurt, Germany; rented a car, drove the Autobahn to attend the European Regional Meeting in Steinbach, a section of Baden-Baden Germany. The group included three former presidents of Alpha Zeta State Dr. Marilyn Gonyo, Dr. Mary Lee Batesko, Carmela DeMarco and Dr. Sandra A. Sessa. Dr.

Sandra A. Sessa presented a workshop on stress management and a workshop on Global Literacy was presented by Dr. Marilyn Gonyo and Dr. Mary Lee Batesko. It was interesting to note that many of the European countries had less illiteracy than the United States. - Dr. Mary Lee Batesko and Dr. Marilyn Gonyo Volume 60, issue 1

Northeast Regional Conference - continued from page 1 Alpha Zeta State sisters enjoyed themselves in genuine spiritual fellowship. Individual chapter members planned additional intimate get-togethers, meals and excursions to explore the wonderful world created by Milton Hershey in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The pre-conference leadership training sessions for state presidents was motivating, rigorous and intensive. Dr. Jensi Souders, International President, set the tone and clearly defined her biennium message. A video clip from 212 DEGREES: THE EXTRA DEGREE called state presidents to action to push consistently to give one additional degree of effort. International officers and members of the leadership development committee provided comprehensive presidential training. State presidents and executive secretaries had opportunities to network and share four lovely meals together hosted by our Pennsylvania sisters. Additionally, Alpha Zeta State officers and committee chairs attended leadership workshops and training sessions. Dr. Beth Ann Richey and Roxanne Adinolfi represented Alpha Zeta State at the Pennsylvania hospitality reception. They shared thoughts with Dr. Lorna Edmundson, President Emerita, from Wilson College. Dr. Edmundson spoke at the third general session on the topic: Educating Women Leaders for Global Citizenship. Dr. Lyn Schmid, Northeast regional director, proved to be a most gracious host for the conference. Her delightful personality and signature smile will long be remembered. Alpha Zeta State members enjoyed their fair share of chocolate, fellowship and laughter. -Roxanne Adinolfi, Alpha Zeta State News

First Timers NE Regional Attendees Reflections I enjoyed the varied speakers at all the general sessions. Hats off to the Pennsylvania sisters who planned an outstanding conference. The first evening with a taste of PA was delicious as well as entertaining. Who would ever expect to see Annie Webb Blanton dancing to the dueling pianos? All the breakout sessions I attended were informative and enjoyable. The best part was meeting new sisters from other states who I can still correspond with. Barbara Henderson, Epsilon Thank you for the opportunity to tell about my first Delta Kappa Gamma conference. My friend, Jackie and I attended the NERC as first timers and the conference truly met our expectations. Keynote speakers such as Auntie Anne Beiler motivated me to reflect on my life, to continue to give back, and to move forward. I was captivated by Kate Campbell Stevenson's portrayal of iconic American women who "raised the bar" and especially enjoyed watching her take on the persona of Eleanor Roosevelt while onstage. Technology Day was informative and sent me to the websites for more!! The geocaching session encouraged exploration of my local area for some "cache". I even met a first cousin from Ohio who was in line behind me at the Taste of Pennsylvania table - and I now have many "new sisters". Overall, the New Jersey dinner, The Tappers, the excellent workshops and the "Hat Ladies" were highlights that made the Hershey experience worthwhile and memorable. On the return drive, we were already talking about next year's conference. Doris Eith, Pi I was inducted into my chapter in June 2011. I decided I could learn more about the organization if I attended the conference. It was a wonderful experi-

ence. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was made to feel very welcome. I enjoyed the general sessions; the speakers were excellent. PA night was terrific! The workshops I attended were very informative. I had many misconceptions about cyber schools. The workshop was an eye opener for me. I can't wait to attend the next regional conference. Jackie Gould, Pi I enjoyed my first Northeast Regional Conference. I was entertained, enlightened, and invigorated by the speakers, the workshops, and the membership. The woman who sat next to me at dinner was from New York. She shared an experience as a judge of an international robotics competition. One of the teams consisted of two high school students. Both had been homeless, but were given the chance to go to a school where they could live. The girl was doing well, then an aunt and uncle came forward to offer her a home. She was not able to continue to live at the school since she had family that would take her. She could attend the school only if she could get herself there. Her aunt and uncle could not provide transportation, so she gets up every day at 4:30 A.M. to take a train and a bus in order to get to school. What a powerful reminder that teachers, in spite of home circumstances, can help to make a difference in the life of a child.

took place over the course of the conference. I came away from the conference feeling like a new person, ready to positively face what ever was headed my way and to spread this positive feeling with others not fortunate enough to be part of this wonderful group of women. Charlotte Orfe, Sigma This year's NERC was my first and truly a remarkable experience. I had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with women from New Jersey and beyond something that the state convention does not allow because of its short time frame. The convention was extra special because I was able to experience it with my mother. It was an unique experience in that we were able to spend quality time together and bond over our shared profession. Given the state of education today it was wonderful to spend time in an environment where I felt valued for what I do and also learn to strive to be even better. Amy Weinstein, Gamma

Amy Weinstein with her mother, Carol Schwartz, State Corresponding Secretary

Jane Murphy, Sigma As a new member I did not know quite what to expect at the DKG NE Regional Conference. Everything was extremely positive. It was difficult to select breakout sessions due to the fact of one sounding as informative and interesting as the next. I was very impressed by the caliber of women there and overwhelmed by the instant camaraderie that

This NE Conference was a perfect blend of professional growth and socially interactive activities. The number of "Jersey Girls‖ assuming leadership roles and presenting workshops (including Dr. Sandy Sessa and Dr. Mary Lee Batesko from my chapter) was impressive and made me proud to be a member of the large AZ State presence. Marlene Vivino, Zeta Page 9

2011 Northeast Regional Conference - Hershey, Pennsylvania

Photographs on these two pages 10 and 11 courtesy of State Photographer Michele Contala

Page 10

Volume 60, issue 1

Jersey Girls’ Night at the Northeast Regional

Fellowship was enjoyed by all at the Union Canal House Historical Restaurant.

Alpha Zeta State News

Page 11

Spotlight on Chapters Editor‘s Note: We are trying something different this year by focusing in on some of our chapters in the Fall and Spring editions.

Alpha Chapter The worthy recipient last spring of the Alpha Chapter Grant-inAid was Monica Cleary who is currently attending Fordham University as an English and Secondary education major. She had an impressive academic career at Madison High School while still finding time for tennis and the role of first violinist in the school orchestra. She received Girl Scouting‘s highest award and raised money for the American Cancer Society. What an addition to the teaching profession in the future! Alpha is pleased to announce four new members: Helen Allen, Kristin Pace-LaSalle, Joann Roman and Kathleen Lindsay. The service projects for the 20102011 year were most successful. Schools for Africa raised $119.00 to provide local websites and school supplies. Donations of $282.00 and gift cards were sent to the Jersey Battered Women‘s Services. Alpha sisters are continuing their service project with the Jersey Battered Women‘s Service, which is a full service, private nonprofit domestic violence agency. Claire Swanson was selected as Teacher of the Year for 2011 representing Cedar Grove High School. Lynn DiMatteo has been named the K-12 Language Arts/English Supervisor for the Cedar Grove Public Schools. Upon retirement, Pat Marks had a Children‘s Garden dedicated to her at the Linden Avenue School in Glen Ridge. Alpha sisters continue to be proud of Dr. Judith Merz, as she continues service to DKG as Editor of the International Bulletin. Page 12

Alpha sisters are looking forward to a book discussion on Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. This program will serve as a professional development opportunity to meet the New Jersey State Professional Development requirement in regard to Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying. The program will take place in March. If interested in this program, please contact Alpha President Barbara Ann Ellert. New member, JoAnn Roman accepted the Alpha chairmanship of the THAT program to encourage all active and retired teachers to reach out and professionally ―THAT‖ someone new to the profession.

Gamma Chapter The Hamilton Township School District honored Ms. Patricia Vincent for her 43 year career as an educator, principal, administrator and Directior of Elementary Education. Throughout her career, Ms. Vincent earned many achievements such as becoming Hamilton Township‘s first elementary education guidance counselor, first president of ―Excellence through Education‖ (ETE) and Hamilton Township‘s first African-American Director of Elementary Education. During her years of service to the school district, Ms. Vincent conceptually spearheaded Hamilton‘s ―Stars‖ School Recognition program as Principal of Kisthardt Elementary School. Joyce Palumbo, Principal of the Mercerville Elementary School in the Hamilton Township school district, was awarded the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International- NJ Alpha Zeta State Professional Development Stipend. Mrs. Palumbo will utilize this $400 grant to attend a one day workshop sponsored by the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association titled: iPad Workshop for School Leaders.

Gamma sisters welcomed the new program year with activities focusing on our fellowship, enrichment, and service to others with the support of our Vice President of Programming, Gail Wilbur. Celebrating our current members and initiating new sisters, sounded like the perfect way to begin our calendar year! Saula Cutter, Vice President of Membership, and Jan Wilson worked diligently to coordinate the Founders Day Celebration. Jan Wilson designed the cover of the program to include a beautiful portrait of a Renaissance woman adorned with a locket of Dr. Annie Webb Blanton. The event held on October 12th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Hamilton began with a Founder‘s Day dinner and celebration. Initially, Saula Cutter focused on educating members on the history of our founders and their contributions to our society. During a Powerpoint presentation, Gamma sisters presented the accomplishments of founding members and their genuine spiritual fellowship.

ored for her 36 years of service to the Gamma chapter. Lorraine Hall is also a recipient of the 2000 State Dedicated Service Award. Looking backwards to honor our members was the perfect way to welcome our new members and move forward as sisters together. A poem written by Jan Wilson entitled ―Are you a Founder?‖ placed on every sister‘s menu card highlighted careers, practices and activities in which our founding sisters participated. The poem has become the framework for our fellowship this year as Jan noted that everyone standing in the room that evening was a ―founder laying the foundation for the next generation of students, teachers, educational leaders and members of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.‖ We were all encouraged to become ―founders‖ this year. The Gamma sisters welcome the opportunity to instill upon novice teachers the importance of refining teaching practices in order to

Gamma sisters plan for their spring novice teacher workshop.

Throughout the celebration of our founders, Gamma chapter president, Darlene Nemeth, emphasized the guiding principles of DKG International Society as she initiated four new members into the Gamma chapter. The Founders Day celebration continued with our recognition of members and their milestones. Lorraine Hall was hon-

grow as educators. Our chapter is working diligently to prepare a spring workshop entitled Strategy Saturday for early-career educators as part of the T.H.A.T. program (Teachers Helping another Teacher). The seminar will be offered at no cost to novice teachers in the school districts of Mercer County. Teachers will receive five Volume 60, issue 1

Spotlight on Chapters hours for their attendance at the seminar in order to fulfill their 100 hour New Jersey professional development obligation. The sisters will be utilizing their $500 Grant-in-Aid to fund this professional conference that spans all grade levels and disciplines. Mr. Bill Osman, Supervisor of Funded Programs/Professional Development in the Hamilton Township School District, will be the keynote speaker at this event. Gamma chapter is always eager to implement activities that emphasize the importance of parents and teachers working together within communities. This year, one of our key goals is to provide a series of workshops for parents at local libraries throughout Mercer County. Our sessions involve strategies to assist parents with ―Making Connections during Reading‖ and ―Helping their Children with Homework.‖ Additional sessions include ―Tuning into Reading‖ and ―Peacemaking/Antibullying efforts at home.‖ The Gamma sisters will provide these workshops at no cost to parents and families. Sessions will be conducted in both English and Spanish. Schools for Africa continues to be a mission for the sisters of the Gamma chapter. Our fundraising chairperson, Kathleen Fallon, continues to develop creative ways to fundraise for this DKG international program. Previous fundraisers consisted of winning prizes for fundraising efforts and our infamous ―NonEvent‖ night. Sisters contributed donations for Schools for Africa to spend a comfy night at home cozying up under a blanket and reading a book. Our chapter president, Darlene Nemeth, is preparing a slide presentation entitled ―Ethiopia Country of Contrast.‖ While Gamma sisters are being informed of the current conditions affecting children in Africa, Kathleen Fallon will be inspiring Alpha Zeta State News

members to contribute funds with her spring cleaning fundraising event. A traditional service project of the Gamma chapter is our Books for Babies drive. Each calendar event provides an opportunity to meet our goal of collecting 200 books. Gamma sisters provide board books to new mothers at the Helene Fuld Health System in Trenton. As the sisters express the importance of early literacy, it is our hope that these new parents will cherish their ―Gift of Reading‖ with their young children. Gamma sisters are increasing their awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy and making ―Ryan‘s Quest‖ our new community service initiative! This early childhood disorder affects 1 out of 3,500 boys worldwide. Our sisters are driven to run/walk in a 5K entitled ―Dash for Duchenne‖ at Mercer County Park on April 1, 2012. The sisters hope our ‗strides‘ to allocate funds will support the continued research for finding a cure for muscular dystrophy. The Gamma sisters continue to provide students with the financial resources to support their academic endeavors. This year the Gamma chapter is looking forward to endowing a female undergraduate student with our $1,000 Margaret Abel Scholarship. Our Gamma sister, Mrs. Abel, served DKG Society at the international level. Her dedications to serving the society and her accomplishments still have an impact on our chapter today. Therefore, it is our mission to carry out the vision of Mrs. Abel and provide an undergraduate seeking teacher certification with this esteemed scholastic award

Epsilon Chapter The retired Epsilon Sisters have been busy at work making jewelry to sell at convention and in our online bazaar. Keep an eye

out for these exciting, handmade items. You will be surprised by our expert beading work. Thank you to Susan Hebel, newly retired art teacher who is teaching us how to bead for this project. At the Epsilon's fall meeting, over 50 backpacks were filled and given to DASI and DARC, domestic abuse centers in Sussex and Warren Counties. They will be to given to new arrivals and are grade appropriate. This year we also tried something new. We are filling a few green bags with a pair of sweat pants, T shirt, notebook and toiletries for mothers who have to leave quickly. Our domestic abuse centers have expressed a need for items such as these. Epsilon had an inspirational speaker, Dr. Ellicott, at our October meeting, she explained the natural healing ideas and being a VEGAN and how it helped her to overcome her illnesses. Her books are available online. She was very interesting and a lovely lady to listen to.

Eta Chapter Congratulations to Eta sister Pam Levine on her acceptance as a Home Fine Arts Member Artist. Members of Eta were given an inside look at Pam‘s techniques and finished pieces when she presented the program, Painting: the Process at their fall meeting. Pam‘s artwork may be viewed at the Home Fine Arts Gallery site: Eta sister, Anne Wood has been awarded a stipend from Alpha Zeta State to assist with her community clean up project. Each spring, Annie organizes a Day of Service for the freshman class at Burlington Township High School. Annie said the stipend would go a long way to pay for the transportation of students, a major cost factor in the project, to various community locations.

Lambda Chapter

Dr. Marilyn Gonyo has been appointed to the Governor‘s Reading Disabilities Task Force. This Task Force was established pursuant to Senate Bill 2400 ―to study and evaluate practices for diagnosing, treating, and educating children with reading disabilities.‖ The special committee also is charged with examining ―how current statue and regulations affect these students.‖ The mission of the seven member Task Force is to develop recommendations which will be presented to the Governor and Legislature. Dr. Gonyo is representing the New Jersey Learning Disabilities Association on the Task Force. She is a member of the Professional Advisory Board for the national Learning Disabilities Association of America and a member of the State Professional Advisory Board. At the national level, Dr. Gonyo is a program reviewer for the national LDAA conference and a consulting editor for Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal which is a peer reviewed national publication designed for professionals in the field of learning disabilities. She also sits on two national committees for LDAA: the Education/Transition/Early Childhood Committee and the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee. Dr. Gonyo is a past state president. She currently serves our state organization as the elected Chair of the Nominations Committee and General Chair of the Scholarship and Stipends Committee.

Page 13

Spotlight on Chapters Three members of Lambda Chapter Annabelle Boehm, Dr. Marilyn Gonyo and Dr. Nora Pollard traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the Southeast Regional Conference. The ladies enjoyed their mimosas at Kentucky Night, donned their hats and gloves for the luncheon, and attended general sessions and workshops. They also managed to build in some fun, enjoying Churchill Downs, home of the famous Kentucky Derby, and many interesting historic sights of the Bluegrass State.

Nu Chapter The Seneca High School Food Panty was established to supply the teen population at the high school with quick and nutritional snacks and meals for those students who may not have sufficient opportunities in the home environment. This is an ongoing commitment started last year. Food items and cash are greatly appreciated. Pride Paws located at 26 S. Main Street, Medford, NJ was established as a non-profit organization to provide employment opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities in the surrounding communities. Cat and dog supplies are sold with an emphasis on freshly baked dog treats. The employees are learning new skills in selling, baking, running a business and assisting the public. Nu Chapter assessed $3.00 per member in our annual dues to cover this fine venture. You may reach them at to learn more about their organization. Mary Ann Silvers has been newly elected to serve as Vice President of the Virtua Hospital Auxiliary Board, Voorhees, NJ. She has been a member of the StoverTatem Auxiliary since 1974 serving in the capacity of President and Vice President. Upon retirePage 14

ment from teaching in 2007 she has become a volunteer at the Voorhees division. Ingrid Williams, along with fellow colleague and former student, Amy Gersbach, will be presenters at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. "Alternative Assessments in Pre-Calculus" will be their topic this October in Atlantic City and "Tactile Trigonometry" will be the topic at that regional convention in Philadelphia this spring. This teacher-former student duo will be presenting for NCTM for the 4th and 5th time!!! A record 7 members of Nu Chapter attended the Northeast Regional at Hershey, PA this summer and had a really "sweet" time. The ladies enjoyed meeting new sisters and discussions of chapter issues. Presentations and wonderful outings provided great opportunities for information and bonding. Of course, the Nu Chapter Seven were very proud to be part of the "Jersey Girls" contingent. Lastly, Nu chapter is starting a new tradition of honoring their own. Three members received red roses that symbolize courage in our fine organization. Gail Griffin, Jane Tallmadge and Ingrid Williams were honored by the chapter at this October's meeting for having the "courage" to accept positions with Alpha Zeta State for the upcoming biennium.

Omicron Chapter We are proud to announce that Karen McKeon was named Superintendent of Schools of the Long Beach Island School District. Karen began her career in the Barnegat Township School District in 1988, as a middle school Language Arts/Social Studies teacher at the Russell O. Brackman Middle School. During her tenure in the district, she

worked her way up the ranks to the positions of Vice Principal, Principal, and K-12 District Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction before accepting the position of Superintendent. Her strong leadership skills and extensive background in curriculum and instruction make her an excellent choice for her new position. We wish Karen the very best as she embarks on the next leg of her educational journey! Another of our sisters, Deborah Giannuzzi, was recently promoted to Principal of the George J. Mitchell School in Little Egg Harbor Township. During Deborah‘s tenure in the district, she served as an Elementary Supervisor at the Frog Pond Elementary and George J. Mitchell Schools as well as the K-6 District Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction. Deborah is looking forward to the future as she continues to learn and dedicate herself to her school community as a role model and strong instructional leader. We are very proud of Deborah‘s accomplishments and wish her much success in her new position! Susan Gallagher, Principal of Mill Pond Elementary School in Lacey Township, is proud of her school‘s community garden, ―Growing within the Pond‖, which was made possible by a $2,500 grant received from Ocean First Bank. The project also received a $3,000 donation from the Forked River Rotary Club. Students and staff maintain the garden and all produce is donated to the Lacey Food Bank. We commend Susan and her staff for facilitating this worthwhile project.

Rho Chapter Rho Chapter‘s 25th anniversary luncheon was a most memorable occasion. Sporting our festive silver anniversary shawls, we were honored to listen to the entertaining stories of charter members Mary Elizabeth Young, Joan Johnson, Bette Scandrol (who also read Agnes Szwec’s remembrances), and past chapter president Mary Ann Mironchik. What a delight it was to present Joan and Bette with their 25 year and Mary Elizabeth her 40 year membership pins. (Agnes was presented with her 25 year pin at our June picnic.) 2011-2013 Al-

Rho‘s 25th Anniversary Luncheon

pha Zeta State President Roxanne Adinolfi and Second Vice President Mary Conover represented AZS as our honorary guests. It was also a pleasure to have new sisters Colleen Ewing and Cynthia Pope present, coming full circle as the earliest chapter members joined together with the newest in celebrating Rho Chapter‘s silver anniversary. Mary Jean Di Roberto and AnneMarie Ehler attended a three day 6 + 1 Traits Train the Trainer workshop designed for Literacy Coaches and Administrators. Volume 60, issue 1

Spotlight on Chapters During this time they reviewed the 6 + 1 Traits model of instruction, examined research, curriculum mapping, and lesson design. They also learned ways to better address the needs of adult learners. Ursula Accumanno, a member of Rho chapter, was elected president of the Art Educators of New Jersey on October 4th, 2011. She will serve a two-year term. She successfully chaired the AENJ 2011 conference, "The Power of Art!" More than 850 Art Educators attended the 2 1/2 day event held at The Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ. The conference offered 120 presentations and workshops. It also featured three keynote speakers, Dennis Inhulsen NAEA President-Elect, LaToya Ruby Frazier an upcoming artist and associate curator at the Mason Gross Gallery & Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein Professor of Physiology at University of Michigan. Dr. Root-Bernstein's work highlights the essential role the Arts play in our growth & development. His book Sparks of Genius correlates STEM, the Arts and the fact that most Nobel laureates in Science and Math are also accomplished Artists. He highlights research showing that participating in the Arts increases test scores on average by 100 points. Deborah Bernardo retired in June from Alexandria Township Schools, Hunterdon County. Debbie taught kindergarten and third grade for over 30 years. We wish Debbie well as she joins the ranks of our retired sisters! Debbie shared this poem she wrote: For over 30 years I've taught in schools, Where books and markers were my tools. My career began in '72, With 6 1/2 years in grade two. Then little boys around my knees, I only had time to teach 4's and 3's. Alpha Zeta State News

When both sons were in school all day, "I think I'll teach full-time", I say! After applications, resumes and interviews, Alexandria Township is the district that did choose, Me to teach the Kindergarten, Oh my gosh, the fun's just startin'! For 21 years I sang, read and "made", To prepare my students for first grade. My last two years were in grade three, For many, it was the second time with me! My many years in school are done, The time for fun has just begun! Debbie Bernardo Beverly Andresen was chosen "Teacher of the Year" at Milford Public School, and honored by the state Department of Education's Hunterdon office with a delicious luncheon at Hunterdon County Polytech on June 3rd. Superintendent Edward Stoloski and Principal Maggie Culley accompanied her and made her feel very special. Beverly remarked, ―It is so nice to be appreciated and recognized for hard work.‖ At Milford Public School Beverly was honored at the end of the school year Awards Ceremony and by her students, who surprised her one day when she came back from lunch. They created a huge "Congratulations Teacher of the Year" banner in art class with their signatures and drawings and displayed it across the front of the classroom. Each student proudly showed her her/ his individual contribution to the banner. ―What a special time! I'll never forget it!‖ exclaimed Beverly. For one intense week this past July, AnneMarie Ehler attended the Academy for Leadership in Science Instruction with science educators from Holland Brook

School in Readington, NJ. One of those teachers was our "sister" Wendy Reardon! This academy is comprised of a group of seven districts, and is made possible through MISE, the Merck Institute for Science Education. We have three long term goals: ~ To articulate a vision for effective science instruction ~ To function as a community of learners

of New Jersey. And there was chocolate everywhere! The Rho sisters are looking forward to their second annual bus trip to The Miracle of Christmas at the Millennium Theater in Lancaster. Thanks to the efforts of Tanya Drake, this trip will serve as both a fundraiser and a cultural and social outing for our chapter. We look forward to a fun-filled day!

~ To engage colleagues in providing effective science instruction for ALL students.

Newsletter Survey Results

As the District-based representative, AnneMarie also returned to the Academy for a week in August. Whitehouse School began their three year commitment at that time.

Out of 941 members, only 253 people or 27.0 % participated in the seven question, online survey. Chapter presidents were asked to send out a printed form of the survey to those members who do not have Internet access. Six questions were specific and one question requested identification of chapter affiliation. The survey took approximately ten minutes to complete. All chapters were recorded as responding to the survey. Respondents indicated the following in regards to redesigning the state newsletter.

Mary Jean DiRoberto had the fortunate opportunity to attend her first NERC (Northeast Regional Conference) in Hershey, PA in July. Aside from the blistering heat, it was an awesome experience, and one which she would recommend to all of you in the future. Keep the July 2012 date open - The conference will be held in New York City and the hotel will be less expensive than Hershey! The presentations were excellent (several from our own Alpha Zeta sisters) and Mary Jean met many DKG sisters from many states and Canada. The Pennsylvania hosts did a wonderful job in welcoming everyone and assuring that attendees learned many interesting things about their beloved state. Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne‘s Pretzels, was a keynote speaker with an inspirational story about her life challenges and triumphs. Roxanne Adinolfi planned a dinner for the ―Jersey Girls‖ at the Canal House Inn, an historic site. The evening turned out to be one of the highlights of the conference for me as it provided time to become acquainted with many of our sisters from all parts

77% favored a changed in the format of the newsletter 49% indicated at least 75% of the content be dedicated to state news and events, as opposed to international news. 55% felt the length of the newsletter should not exceed 10 pages. 82% noted wanting information related to NJ State educational issues 68 % would like to see the use of multimedia (e.g., picture gallery & videos) 77% would like to learn about how chapters are working with local schools on various initiatives We thank all those who took the time to complete the survey! Page 15

Dates to Remember!

Loretta Kachmar-Will Claire Swanson Circulation Jean Jaeger Jane Tallmadge

We’re on the Web at deltakappagamma. org/NJ/

State Executive Meeting Saturday, January 7 (Snow date: January 14) 8:30 - 12:00 Noon Sayen Elementary School Hamilton, NJ CTAUN Conference UN Headquarters in New York City, NY Friday, February 3 Topic: Education Is a Human Right (Information Contact: Margaret Anzul) U.S. Forum of DKG International Legislative Seminar March 18 – 21 Arlington, VA/Comfort Inn Pentagon City (Information Contact: Carmela DeMarco)

Alpha Zeta State Convention March 23 - 25 Double Tree Hotel, Somerset, NJ

Southeast Regional Conference July 10-13 Orlando, Florida/Gaylord Palms

Chapter Officers Leadership Training Saturday, June 2 8:30 - 1 PM Sayen Elementary School Hamilton, NJ

Southwest Regional Conference July 15-20 Branson, Missouri/Hilton Hotel

International Convention July 24 - 28 New York City, NY /Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers (Seventh Avenue) 2013 75th Diamond Birthday Alpha Zeta State Convention April 12-14 Double Tree Hotel Somerset, NJ

Northeast Regional Conference July 22-27 Portland, Maine Northwest Regional Conference July 31-August 3 Cheyenne, Wyoming/ Little America Hotel Europe Regional August 7-10 The Netherlands


2014 International Convention July 28-August 1 Indianapolis, IN/JW Marriott

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