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Spring 2012

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National President’s Letter

Membership for a

Dear Sisters,

If you had to list your top three favorite things about Alpha Xi Delta, what would they be? One of my favorites would certainly be friendship. New members of Alpha Xi Delta hear over and over again that “membership is for a lifetime.” Sure, that sounds great, but what does it really mean? The Sisters of the Xi Chapter at University of Kentucky who recruited me, and all of the women who were in my new member class, were who Alpha Xi Delta was to me. Surprisingly only a year later, I realized that Alpha Xi Delta was just as much about all the women I’d not yet met. For as much as I enjoyed my new member experience, I was surprised and moved by how much I fell in love with the women who came into our chapter that next year. I couldn’t have dreamed during my time as a new member that those “unknown” Alpha Xi Deltas outside my Xi Chapter bubble would continue to inspire me each and every day and would move me more than words can describe. No one will ever understand the phrase “membership is for a lifetime” until they experience it. That’s what happened to me. When I meet a Sister who didn’t attend my university, but her friendship has added value to my life—that’s lifetime membership. Feeling the joy of giving back to Alpha Xi Delta through volunteering—that’s lifetime membership. Realizing every important milestone in my adult life included a piece of Alpha Xi Delta—that’s lifetime membership. I recently just returned from a whirlwind tour of installing three of our newest chapters and welcoming nearly 150 new Alpha Xi Deltas into our Sisterhood. The love and excitement at each Installation was truly contagious, and it was so exciting to witness firsthand how these young women were forming lifetime friendships. And as we celebrate our 119th Founders’ Day, we can’t help but think of all those Sisters who have touched our lives in some way.

Lifetime Alpha Xi Delta is different to each of her members. She serves as a source of inspiration for women who aim high to realize their potential. To others, Alpha Xi Delta is a reminder of how time together with a Sister can be filled with incredible memories. Whatever thoughts or words come to mind, one word sums up membership in our dear fraternity – friendship. This month, I encourage you to reflect on those friendships and the gift of Alpha Xi Delta that our Founders gave to us. Celebrate our history, but also honor our Founders by continuing your commitment to Alpha Xi Delta and her lifetime membership. I encourage you to share your top three favorite things about Alpha Xi Delta. Visit our Facebook page and share them, or use the hashtag #axidtop3 on Twitter! Fraternally,

Sandi Edwards National President

On the cover: Sydney Griese, DePaul ’12 and Liz Cooney, DePaul ’12

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Welcome, Sisters! See how we continue to enrich our Sisterhood, and meet our newest Sisters!


Behind the scenes with BetXi Our favorite bear comes to life with a new look!


Happy 108th Birthday!


See how Gene Sirey, Albion ’22, has been realizing her potential for 108 years.

Are you a pinhead? If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, prepare to meet your new favorite pastime.


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Remembering Lois Past National President Lois Stump was an instrumental part of Alpha Xi Delta’s history.


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On the cover: When she can’t meet face to face, Erin Shill, Indiana ‘10, stays in touch with 21 Autism Speaks News Sisters online. Learn how Sisters use technology to stay connected, beginning on page 10.

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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

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New | NOW | Next New | Spot a quill contest and winners In the fall/winter 2011 issue we asked you to show us your spirit, and we received some fantastic photo submissions. The contest was tough, as we all portray amazing spirit, but we had to give it to the ladies of the Pi Chapter at Ohio University. Congratulations and thank you to Amanda Zagorski, Ohio ’08, for submitting the winning snapshot! Can’t you just feel the excitement from this photo as our Pi Chapter members welcome their new members—and welcome back their Rho Gams (recruitment counselors) after weeks of disaffiliation—home to Alpha Xi Delta. Now, it’s your turn. We’re looking for photos of quills. Not just your beautiful badge—think on jewelry, clothing or signs. If you need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest page, We’ve pinned tons of examples of how we find quills in our every day lives. When taking photos, remember to set your camera to the largest image size and use the highest resolution possible. The pictures need to be at least 300 dpi or 500KB. Photos taken on cell phones or pulled from Facebook are too small to be printed in the magazine and will not be eligible for the contest. The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2012. Please send all contest photos to with the subject “Quill,” or to Fraternity Headquarters at 8702 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

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exclusively xi

exclusively xi By Lauren Fisher, Indiana ’08 Communications Coordinator

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to and sign up for Exclusively Xi, your unique Alpha Xi Delta member experience. Once you sign up, customize your dashboard, connect with Sisters and gain instant access to Fraternity resources. Our members-only portal has never been better and so easy to use!


The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Below we’ve highlighted some of Exclusively Xi’s newest features. Next time you log on, be sure to check them out!

1. Add your personal profile picture. The new Exclusively Xi allows users to create their very own look. Use the “edit my profile” option to upload your photo, update your information and link to your Facebook account. Be sure to update your information in order to receive Fraternity news and your copy of The Quill. When you’re done doing all of the above, consider sharing your contact information with others. This will allow Sisters to search for you, find your basic contact information and reconnect. Please note, all shared information is confidential and not sold.

2. Use

Exclusively Xi’s drag-and-drop technology to select the widgets you use the most. Whether it’s your Facebook newsfeed or friends, your Google calendar or chapter calendar, Fraternity announcements or even the weather, this customization tool allows you to see the things you want to see as soon as you sign on.

We are constantly thinking of ways to improve Exclusively Xi and enhance your membership experience. Now that you have the 411 on Exclusively Xi, log on today and take our newest poll. Use the photos and numbers below to tell us which Xi Boutique item is your favorite. If you have any questions regarding Exclusively Xi, please contact Lori Holt at or 317.872.3500. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on webinars to teach you how to get the most out of Exclusively Xi.


3. Are you looking for a specific manual, a report or graphic? Head on over to the Resource Center. This is the best place to visit when in need of specific Fraternity documents. Check back often, as new documents and information are constantly being added. Simply note the numbers that appear over the icons and across the top of the dashboard to see what new resources have been uploaded and where.


4. If you want to get in touch with your old college friends in your area, use Exclusively Xi’s Sister search. You can search by name or university. Collegians, there are even some features in Exclusively Xi that are exclusive to you!


5. Give

your parents access to Exclusively Xi with their very own usernames and passwords. You decide what your parents will see, and this is an easy way for parents to view and pay your bill with OmegaFi.

6. Improve your chapter’s communication with Exclusively Xi’s mass texting tool. Send messages to your Sisters and update them on Fraternity news and chapter events. Select specific recipients and create lists to make message sending effortless.


National Housing


10 Easy Ways to Revive By Sarah Schwartzkopf, Rowland Design

Your Sleepy Space

Founded in 1968, Rowland Design has evolved to become a collection of architects, graphic and interior designers united by one goal: enhancing the lives of their clients. Rowland Design is a vendor partner for Alpha Xi Delta’s National Housing Corporation and most recently worked with our chapters at the University of Illinois and the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

1. Change your lighting. You might even help your energy bill and the environment! 2. Get rid of the clutter. It’s easy, effective and very inexpensive. 3. Paint. Nothing changes a room like a new wall color. Consider the ceiling, too. Not all ceilings were meant to be white! 4. Add new pillows and accessories. If you don’t have the funds for new furniture, new throw pillows can really give an old sofa a new look. 5. Reupholster. Frankly, it isn’t cheap; however, it should be less expensive than buying new pieces and is a bit more sustainable. This chair is from the Alpha Xi Delta chapter house at the University of Illinois. 6. Shake it up a little. Rearrange your existing furniture and accessories. Don’t be afraid to be creative, the end results might make it look like a whole new room. 7. Consider new art. A small, little picture on a wall doesn’t have much impact. A series of 15 prints hung in a group–WOW! 8. Area rugs. Add a new, colorful area rug to your space. 9. Hang draperies from the ceiling line. This makes your room appear grander. Not long enough? Add a wide, contrasting border to the bottom of your drapes. 10. Hire a designer and plan a whole new look. If you have the funds, a professional designer will help with an overall concept. They can also help find beautiful furnishings that will stand up to the heavy use of a sorority home.


The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

NPC News

SharingThe Other Side By Cortney Groth, Sonoma State ’08


When Alpha Xi Delta extends onto a new campus, we look to our Panhellenic sisters to be sure our colonization efforts and colony development plans are the best they can be, and compliment the unique culture of each campus. When Alpha Xi Delta extends onto a new campus, we ask our Panhellenic sisters to help us get the word out about how great it is to be Alpha Xi. Cortney Groth, Sonoma State ’08, had the privilege of sitting on her Panhellenic’s extension committee during a recent expansion at Sonoma State University and shares her experience and excitement about bringing a new NPC group to her campus.

When Sonoma State University decided to open for extension, every Panhellenic sorority on campus was asked to have a representative on the extension committee. I volunteered to represent Alpha Xi Delta on the committee because I thought it would be a great experience. As a member of the extension committee, I had the opportunity Cortney Groth, Sonoma State ’08 to read the submission packets from the different Panhellenic sororities and vote on behalf of our chapter for which Panhellenic sorority would fit best in our Greek community. When we invited the top three sororities to come make presentations on campus, I was able to meet with the national extension teams from each sorority before their presentations and ask various questions about the organizations’ colonization plans. Some topics included why their group was interested in Sonoma State University and what were their sorority values. Being on the extension committee was fun because I got to see the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a campus extension. Alpha Omicron Pi was the organization invited to colonize at our school, and I know my Theta Beta Chapter Sisters are excited to start promoting AOII on campus and help welcome them to Sonoma State University. To learn more about the extension process, please visit

Alpha Xi Deltas at Cal State San Marcos also assisted Alpha Omicron Pi with a recent colonization on their campus. The women wore “Team AOII” t-shirts and buttons to help get the word out about the newest sorority at Cal State San Marcos.


Welcome, Sisters


Sister 9

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012


Coming Back Home to Western Kentucky University Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Western Kentucky University is the home to more than 21,000 students and our Epsilon Kappa Chapter. On January 29, 2012, Alpha Xi Delta proudly installed 61 members into the Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Western Kentucky University (WKU). Following the ceremony, a celebratory luncheon was held for the new initiates and alumnae, where the chapter was presented with their official charter. The Epsilon Kappa Chapter was originally installed on April 1, 1967, and the chapter remained on Western Kentucky’s campus until 1993. The return of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter establishes Alpha Xi Delta’s 113th active chapter.

Above: Epsilon Kappa Chapter with National President Sandi Edwards. Right: Paige Faries, Western Kentucky ’71, gifted the Epsilon Kappa Chapter with a beautiful, vintage pearl Quill, which will serve as the chapter president’s badge.


Leader of the Pack By Victoria (Tori) Henry, Western Kentucky ’12, Epsilon Kappa Chapter President

It was the last round of formal recruitment. After visiting 13 different organizations and catching a glimpse into the various Sisterhoods, I stepped into room number 14 and instantly fell in love. It was in room number 14 that I knew Alpha Xi Delta was my home. The atmosphere, the women, the philanthropy and the opportunities spoke to my heart. In order to have the opportunity to join Alpha Xi Delta, I had to remove myself from formal recruitment, and that’s exactly what I did. Over the next few weeks, I had many meetings and interviews with the women from Alpha Xi Delta and was told there are more opportunities for leadership within a colony. For those of you who know me, you know that when I have an idea people need to watch out! I told Becky Wilbanks, the Educational Leadership Consultant for the Western Kentucky University Colony, from day one I was going to be the Epsilon Kappa Chapter President. I knew being President would bring about amazing opportunities to make a difference in the Bowling Green community, the WKU campus and in the lives of my Alpha Xi Delta Sisters.

As for my Epsilon Kappa Chapter Sisters, I can only hope I have touched their lives the way each of them has touched mine. There are simply not enough words to describe the impact they have had on my life in this short time. Since Initiation and Installation, our chapter has focused our attention on Sisterhood and recruitment. I want each potential new member to understand the bond you gain by joining Alpha Xi Delta and to know that with the support of your Sisters, anything is possible. I am forever changed by one decision, the decision to become an Alpha Xi Delta; the best decision of my life thus far. After Installation, Becky Wilbanks, Educational Leadership Consultant, presented Tori (left) a plaque to display in their future chapter house.

A Sisterhood So True By Courtney Moore, Auburn ’10

The 379-mile trek from Auburn, Alabama, to Bowling Green, Kentucky, was filled with excitement and anticipation for both me, as well as my fellow Zeta Xi Sisters. As we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by many Alpha Xi Deltas, including national officers and alumnae, who were there to take part in this life-changing weekend. Having participated in Epsilon Kappa’s Preference event and Pledging Ceremony this past fall, I was more than ready to see these amazing women become Sisters. Whether you’ve been an Alpha Xi Delta for 50+ years, or you’ve spent one semester being in this wonderful family, the bonds and feelings of Sisterhood you experience during

11 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

this sacred ceremony will remain close to your heart forever. It still astounds me that after countless Initiation ceremonies, the excitement for initiated Sisters to welcome new members into our circle of Sisterhood never seems to fade. As I'm sure each of you can recall, the moment when you as a new member learn the meaning of TFJ. It’s one of excitement and joy and one you’ll never forget. After getting to know several of the Epsilon Kappa members, Educational Leadership Consultants, alumnae and National Officers, I can truly say that I am one lucky…wait, scratch that. I am one privileged woman to be able to call myself a Sister of Alpha Xi Delta. Courtney serves as the Public Relations Vice President for the Zeta Xi Chapter at Auburn University.

Beta Upsilon Chapter Reinstalled at University of Rhode Island By Nicole Valdes, Central Florida ’07

The tiny state of Rhode Island had an Alpha Xi Delta invasion on February 12, 2012 with the recolonization of the Beta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Rhode Island. On that day, 46 colony members and three alumnae were initiated into our Sisterhood. A celebration was held in true New England style, in Newport, Rhode Island, at the Hotel Viking. Fittingly, the Hotel’s ballroom was fashioned in our double blue and gold colors, setting the atmosphere for the luncheon. During the celebration, National President Sandi Edwards presented Colony President, Zoe Day, with the official, reinstated Beta Upsilon charter from 1964. Along with the charter, the colony received a president’s gavel and two scholarships that are now available to the chapter Sisters. The colony members were so excited to finally receive their long awaited charter. This group of women was unique, as they had been members of the local Gamma Xi Delta sorority that petitioned the URI Panhellenic to allow them to pursue NPC group membership, and then reached out to Alpha Xi Delta. The three alumnae initiates were seniors when the transition from local sorority to national sorority took place. They were pledged to Alpha Xi Delta in the spring and continued their journey to become Sisters through the Rose Mentor Alumnae Program developed by Associate Area Director for the Northeast, Megan Horst. At the reception, former members of Gamma Xi Delta shared their experiences creating the local sorority and explained how they fashioned themselves after Alpha Xi Delta in the hopes of one day affiliating with our incredible Sisterhood.

The women of Beta Upsilon Chapter with Educational Leadership Consultant Nicole Valdes (front row, center).

The excitement in the room was contagious after Erin Burns, URI’s Colony Development Specialist, presented chapter president Zoe Day with a chapter’s gavel.

It is an exciting time for the Beta Upsilon Chapter as the housing corporation and local alumnae are reuniting to help the chapter reestablish itself at URI. There will be renovations to the chapter house beginning this summer, giving the Beta Upsilon Sisters a newly-renovated place to call home when they return to campus in the fall. From housing plans, to becoming alumnae mentors to the guidance and assistance of the chapter’s Colony Development Specialist, Erin Burns, the New England area alumnae have been an integral part of the recolonization process. None of this would have been possible without their support, as well as the Sisters of the Iota Xi (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Tau (University of New Hampshire) Chapters who have been assisting the colony since last April. Already, Alpha Xi Delta is making a mark on campus. Alpha Xi Delta alumna Joan Lawson was recently recognized at the Greek Alumni Basketball game for her lifetime service to the Greek community at URI. The week before Initiation, the chapter members conducted successful spring recruitment and welcomed 16 women into their new member class. The chapter is already planning to participate in Greek Week and Autism Awareness Month in April. The Installation of the Beta Upsilon Chapter makes Alpha Xi Delta the tenth Panhellenic organization on URI’s campus.


The ‘Rhode’ to Alpha Xi Delta By Zoe Day, Beta Upsilon Chapter President and Arielle Hochberger, former Chapter President of Gamma Xi Delta, Rhode Island ‘12

When Gamma Xi Delta was first formed, the founders wished for each member to strive for four specific goals in the attempt to develop them into independent, successful women. The first goal stressed the importance of receiving a quality education and giving each sister an enriching leadership experience. The Δ founders wanted sisters to feel a strong sense of intellectual honesty and to consistently develop into respectable, mature women. Sisters began achieving these goals by serving their local community and living with positive moral consciences throughout their university experiences. Little did they know, the journey had just begun. For three years Gamma Xi Delta sisters attempted to become nationally recognized and worked towards expansion. Each sister knew that, one day, a national sorority would absorb Gamma Xi Delta because they needed the national support that every other sorority on URI’s campus had. Each sister gave up the idea of a “normal” Greek life experience at the University of Rhode Island (URI) and worked together to create a new set of bylaws, rituals and traditions. When Alpha Xi Delta came to URI to meet the sisters of Gamma Xi Delta, they were impressed by the leadership

qualities, dedication and motivation each sister had to succeed. After an unanimous decision for Gamma Xi Delta to be absorbed by Alpha Xi Delta, sisters spent the next few days anxiously waiting for a response from the Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters. When the phone call finally came in, sisters of Gamma Xi Delta shared a collective sigh of relief. Joining Δ has helped reiterate what it means to be a Sister, has helped give each member a sense of belonging and has provided a home away from home. There is no need to describe what it feels like to be an Alpha Xi Delta when you share the same feeling with hundreds of other Sisters. With Alpha Xi Delta we gained much more than the knowledge, the history or the traditions. We gained a sense of respect and pride, a feeling of accomplishment and compassion only to be shared and understood by one another. Reaching our goal of becoming nationally recognized is the first step of many that will continue to lead Alpha Xi Delta’s Beta Upsilon chapter to success, joy and lifetime friendships. We honor the past, relish in the present and look forward to our future!

Realizing My Potential By Kaitlyn Romano, Rhode Island ’12

I have been conducting research for the past two years in Dr. Brenton DeBoef’s organic chemical laboratory. Working beside a Ph.D. candidate and Dr. DeBoef, we invented a new reaction which targets a new and better method to make medications in the pharmaceutical industry. This reaction also reduces the amount of preparation and waste, which is beneficial to large scale syntheses in the industrial world. We had so much success on our project that we decided to submit our work to the “Journal of the American Chemical Society” (J.A.C.S.), where it was accepted and published. It was such an exciting and gratifying moment for me. To be

13 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

an undergraduate and published in one of the most read and renowned chemistry journals is a huge achievement, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this project with my colleagues. I am honored to be recognized for my achievement and to represent Alpha Xi Delta, which is very dear to my heart. The endless support I receive is amazing; I am truly blessed to be a part of this incredible organization. My accomplishment has unlocked many opportunities for me. I was recently accepted to graduate school and plan on continuing my education to attain my Ph.D. in Chemistry. Kaitlyn is currently a senior at the University of Rhode Island and the recording secretary for Alpha Xi Delta’s Beta Upsilon Chapter.

Iota Rho Chapter installed at DePaul University By Hanah Papp, Albion College ’11

February 19, 2012 marked the addition of Alpha Xi Delta’s 115th active chapter with the Installation of our newest chapter at DePaul University—the Iota Rho Chapter. During the Pre-Initiation Ceremony, held the evening before the Installation Ceremony, Katie Cummings, Iota Rho Chapter Life Vice President, delivered a message from the colony. It read: “It is truly my honor to speak on behalf of all of my Alpha Xi Delta Sisters this evening. As founders of the Iota Rho Chapter, today marks the first step in our traditions here at DePaul University. This colony has brought together such an amazing group of women. We are so proud of the work that we have already accomplished, and we look forward to our future endeavors. Our differences; intimidating at times, are what shape and strengthen us when it matters most. Through bonding at Sisterhood activities, promoting Autism Speaks at philanthropy events and sharing emotions at Firesides, we have truly grown as a colony. We can’t wait to pass on Alpha Xi Delta with all of its love and traditions to our future members. We thank you for seeing the potential in us and giving us the opportunity to found this chapter.” In addition to the 42 colony members, three alumnae who are mothers of colony women, were initiated into our Sisterhood. Several Sisters of the Theta Epsilon Chapter at Marquette University assisted with the Installation ceremony.

Educational Leadership Consultant Hanah Papp (right) presented Chapter President Sarah Jaworski (left) with a collage of Iota Rho Chapter photos.

A congratulatory reception was held after the Installation Ceremony at Café Brauer at the Lincoln Park Zoo. During this event, Sarah Jaworski, Chapter President, was presented with the official Iota Rho charter from National President Sandi Edwards. Alpha Xi Delta was asked to join the DePaul University Greek community during the spring quarter of 2011. Throughout the semester, the colony’s calendar was filled with Sisterhood events, supporting Autism Speaks by cheering at the Chicago Marathon, getting involved in other Greek organizations’ philanthropies and participating in National Philanthropy Day on November 15. The Chapter also hosted Autism Awareness Night at a DePaul Women’s Basketball game where everyone wore blue, raised awareness of autism and showcased our partnership with Autism Speaks. DePaul University is located in Chicago, Illinois, and Alpha Xi Delta is the seventh Panhellenic organization to join their campus.

The women of the Iota Rho Chapter during the Installation celebration.


Like Mother, Like Daughter — an Alpha Xi Delta Legacy is Initiated at DePaul Joy Simmons, DePaul ’12, chatted with her mother, Gerarda Simmons, Illinois ’76, about their now shared Sisterhood to see how their experiences in Alpha Xi Delta compare.

Joy Simmons (JS): Do you remember why you joined Alpha Xi Delta’s Kappa Chapter? What made Alpha Xi Delta stand out to you? Gerarda Simmons (GS): I pledged Kappa Chapter because I found the girls to be friendly and genuine. They gave me the sense they really wanted me as their Sister. Mitzy Pontius was an ΑΞΔ who made a particular effort to recruit me, and I felt a special connection to her right away. At that time, Alpha Xi Delta was housed in a beautiful Tudor-style home on the corner of Michigan and Busey streets in Urbana, Illinois. I found the house enchanting and could picture myself living in this lovely home with so many friendly and interesting women. JS: Describe your experience at the University of Illinois when you were a new member? GS: After Initiation, I felt such a sense of belonging! U of I was (and still is) a huge place, so having a close-knit group of women to whom I was so connected was a great feeling. Becoming an Alpha Xi Delta spurred me to become very involved in the chapter. I couldn't wait to hold an office position, help with activities and get to know my new Sisters even better. JS: What’s one thing you want me to experience/take away from my time in Alpha Xi Delta? GS: I hope you will take advantage of all the leadership opportunities Greek life has to offer. I had some incredible opportunities for leadership at Kappa and hope the same for you in Iota Rho. More importantly, I hope you will cultivate the many wonderful friendships that are waiting for you in your Sisters. I made some wonderful friends through Alpha Xi and continue to stay in touch with many of these women 35 years later. It truly is a special bond.

15 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

JS: What’s your favorite Alpha Xi Delta memory? GS: There are so many memories; it's hard to pick just one! • On my wedding day, many of my Sisters who came to my wedding, joined hands and serenaded me at our reception. • Since we lived in a chapter house, we ate dinner together each night. It was a great time of fellowship and also a wonderful learning experience. Remember, this was in the “olden days.” We received much instruction on table manners and social etiquette. I carry many of those lessons with me today and am grateful for the knowledge. • As Chapter President, I had the honor of traveling to Denver, Colorado, one summer for the National Convention. What an experience! I learned so much and was excited to realize I had Sisters all over the country! • Our ceremonies hold a special place in my heart. Each one was a way to reinforce the commitment I had made to Alpha Xi Delta. JS: What’s one piece of advice for me as I start my ΑΞΔ journey? GS: Take advantage of every opportunity the sorority has to offer. You won't regret it. There are many opportunities— for leadership, philanthropy, travel and most importantly, for friendship. I am so happy to share my Alpha Xi Delta Sisterhood with you, Joy. What a thrill it is to have you as my daughter and my Sister. Now, let’s see what Joy has to say! GS: How did it feel to finally become an initiated member of Alpha Xi Delta? JS: Prior to the day of Initiation I was extremely excited to become an official member of Alpha Xi Delta, but after the ceremony I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I was proud to not only have been a part of a colony’s Installation, but I was also proud to carry out my Mom’s legacy in ΑΞΔ.

GS: So far, what has your experience been like as an Alpha Xi Delta Colony woman? JS: The past couple months as a new member and colony woman in Alpha Xi Delta have been among the top experiences of my life so far. Not only have I had the chance to start something amazing at DePaul University that will be here for many, many years, but I have also had the chance to meet and bond with wonderful women. My new Sisters of Iota Rho are some of the most talented, driven and caring women I know. They are the best support system a girl could ask for. GS: During recruitment, what made you want to be an Alpha Xi Delta? Did my affiliation with the organization influence you in anyway? JS: Knowing that you had been in Alpha Xi Delta is what originally sparked my interest in the organization, but after meeting the alumnae and the members of other chapters, I found myself even more interested. On the first night of recruitment, as soon as I walked into the Alpha Xi Delta room, I felt a sense of belonging and comfort. Each night after that, those feelings only grew, and I knew it was the right place for me. GS: What’s one thing you hope to get out of your experience with Alpha Xi Delta? JS: So far I feel I have already gained so much from being an Alpha Xi Delta. It has already helped me to grow and realize my potential, and this will only continue in the future. Additionally, I hope to expand my leadership skills, form bonds with my Sisters that will last a lifetime and really be able to make a difference in my community. Most importantly, I hope to build a strong reputable name for Alpha Xi Delta at DePaul University that will stand as our legacy for years to come.


Alumnae Association

Coming to a

City Near You! Δ









Not only are we expanding our collegiate chapters, we’re also excited to announce we have five new alumnae interest groups! Below are the contacts for these new groups. In addition to these interest groups, we have more than 130 alumnae associations across the nation. Visit to find an association near you. ALABAMA: Calhoun County Contact: Lisa Hood,

KENTUCKY: Louisville Contact: Christi McGown,

CALIFORNIA: Santa Rosa Contact: Kristin Billingsley,

TEXAS: San Antonio Contact: Marsha Schendel,

IOWA: Quad Cities Contact: Jan Dietz,

17 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

You were recently named one of the “Top 23 Women to Watch” by Brava Magazine. Tell us more about what you do: Last October, I was hired to lead the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools (Wisconsin), a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for public school students. The Foundation brings businesses, parents, friends and other foundations together to create opportunities that privately support continuing excellence in Madison’s schools—helping every student realize their potential. Describe a day in the life of you: Organized chaos! My mornings involve getting my children (Maddy, 9 and Noah, 6) ready for school, which means finding a missing shoe, complaining about breakfast and making sure all homework has found its way to their backpacks. After a quick breakfast, my day consists of meeting with donors, school district staff, board members and others interested in supporting schools and our community. My favorite part of the day is when I pick up Maddy and Noah, they tell me about their day at school—every last detail. The evening is filled with dinner, homework and the kids’ activities (currently cheerleading and basketball). Once I have tucked them into bed, you can usually find me on the computer…working on getting things done for the next day’s meetings. I also catch up with friends on Facebook or check out my new obsession, Pinterest! Currently, my favorite TV show is: Law & Order (original, SVU or Criminal Intent—I love them all!) Finish the sentence; “If it was not for Alpha Xi Delta I would not have...” Developed the leadership skills that led to my professional success. I also

would not have met some of the most incredible, compassionate, talented women who I feel lucky to call my friends and Sisters. If it was not for Alpha Xi Delta, I would not have the lifelong friendships that descend distance, time and generations. I would not be the person I am today.


Most read book on my shelf: After getting my Nook a little more than a year ago, I have read all three books of the “The Hunger Games” series, not just once, but three times. Who inspires you: My kids. They inspire me to be a better mom and person. They inspire me to make the world a better place for them and future generations. They inspire me to relax and appreciate the world in ways I never imagined. If you could give readers one piece of advice, what would it be: When I was going through a rough patch four years ago, I found this saying and I’ve lived by it ever since: “Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.” Why do you pay your alumnae dues: Alpha Xi Delta supported me as I grew as a leader, and now it is my turn to return the support for future generations of Sisters. I feel a personal responsibility to ensure the success of Alpha Xi Delta as an organization so that more young women can experience our bond of Sisterhood and realize their potential.


be the

Stephanie Hayden, Marian ’95 Do you prefer? ✘

__A.M. or __P.M.?

__Iced Coffee or __Hot Latté? __iPhone or __Blackberry? ✘ __Salty or ✘ __Sweet? __TV or ✘ __Movies? __Book or ✘ __Nook? __Heels or __Flats?

flip flops

You can Be The Heart of Alpha Xi Delta. Pay your alumnae dues at


BetXi Bear


BetXi to LIFE

By Lauren Fisher, Indiana ’08 Communications Coordinator

It’s been a while since BetXi has made an appearance at an Alpha Xi Delta event, and many of you may be wondering why. Well, that’s because for the past few months, BetXi has been surrounded by her army of stylists at Avant Garb in Indianapolis, Indiana, picking out new clothes, polishing her Mary Jane shoes and preparing for her debut.

Kathy Spetz, Florida State ’70, was the designer of the original BetXi Bear costume. BetXi was adopted as Alpha Xi Delta’s mascot in 1989. The Marketing and Communications Department was able to see BetXi’s progress during her makeover. Here you can see her bow and ears while under construction!

19 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

BetXi wears the SAME It all started back in December when Alpha Xi Delta and Avant Garb, a firm that designs and builds mascot costumes, agreed that BetXi needed a new look. In order to get started, fabrics needed to be picked out and patterns had to be created. Once this was done, BetXi’s glam squad was ready to dive in and work their magic. Let’s meet the team! Jennifer is the Queen of Fuzz and her motto is, “fuzz+foam+ fur=fun!” When hearing about BetXi’s makeover, Jennifer was excited and ready for her team to take on the task. “We have been dying to make a female mascot,” Jennifer said. “I love the polka dots and the dress, and when the light blue trim went on, I was so happy.” BetXi’s transformation started with her fur arms and legs. After BetXi’s arms and legs were sculpted to perfection, Mike, also known as the Head Honcho, had to construct BetXi’s head and make it the right size. According to Jennifer, this is often the hardest part of building a mascot. “You just have to attack it,” Jennifer explained. “Once we make the head we can sculpt it or make it smaller.” There is even a pink helmet inside BetXi’s head. Don’t worry—you can’t see it! It’s just there to help the performer see and breathe. Casey is the Body Builder, and when it comes to the new BetXi, she says foam is the key. BetXi’s whole dress is actually filled with foam to give BetXi’s body dimension and shape. The glam squad wanted BetXi to have some pep in her step, so the foam material was perfect since it allows her skirt to really move and bounce. Once the team heard BetXi needed a belt to match her shoes, it was clear BetXi needed a stylist. That’s where Annie comes in—BetXi’s personal Stylist. From ironing each and every polka dot to designing BetXi’s signature bow, Annie would not let BetXi leave the studio without the perfect wardrobe.

SHOE SIZE as retired NBA basketball player SHAQUILLE O’NEAL. A size 22 shoe is nearly 15 inches long!

Last but not least, Matt is BetXi’s Cobbler. He created BetXi’s size 22, patent-leather Mary Jane shoes from scratch. The gold shoes are strategically designed so BetXi’s leg fits into the shoe, creating the illusion that the foot is actually inside her Mary Janes. Believe it or not, engineering was a huge factor behind BetXi’s transformation and is a big deal in mascot-dom. For example, those who get to wear BetXi may notice she has a thumb cuff on the end of her sleeve where the hand goes. This small, yet important feature holds BetXi’s wrist and hand together and allows BetXi to maintain the illusion of a bear while maintaining the number one mascot rule, “Keep sleeve down and paw up!” The team has worked hard on BetXi’s transformation, and she cannot wait to show off her new features. Are you interested in renting the new BetXi for an upcoming event? If so, please call Fraternity Headquarters at 317.872.3500.

Meet BetXi’s “GLAM SQUAD”

Jennifer Queen Of Fuzz

Mike a.k.a. Head Honcho

Casey The Body Builder

Annie BetXi’s Stylist

Matt The Cobbler


Autism Speaks

For Every Mountain, There is a By Melissa Tash, Auburn ’90


Caroline is my beautiful, smart, sweet daughter. She is silly, compassionate and very affectionate. She also lives with Asperger Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Early on, she struggled with many things that came easily for her brother and other neuro-typical children. Caroline didn’t sleep through the night until she was almost five. She was never still, a late walker, very clumsy and diagnosed with low muscle tone when she was three. When she started preschool and missed more and more milestones, it was clear she was developing slower than the other children, and we had no idea why. She didn’t walk or run, she couldn’t put together puzzles or use scissors, she didn’t play with others and she was still throwing fits that made everyone stop and stare. When we started looking for answers, our doctor said she was “fine” and just a unique child of God that would find her special talent in life. A pediatric neurologist at Vanderbilt said she was at the low end of normal, her low muscle tone would always be with her and she certainly wouldn’t be much of an athlete. After a year-long struggle in kindergarten, we continued our search for more answers and help. A local psychologist tested Caroline’s IQ and said she fell into the mentally-retarded range, and this time, we knew they were wrong! A psychiatrist then diagnosed her with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and prescribed ADHD medication. As a result, she practically stopped eating. Then, the doctor suggested protein shakes. When she stopped sleeping, we were told to use another drug at

21 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

bedtime, and then another drug for the anxiety caused by the ADHD medicine. Our little six year old girl was on three prescription medicines, muscle-building protein shakes and a sleeping aid. After nine months there was no improvement in her impulsiveness or her ability to focus in class. Her ribs showed and dark circles appeared under her sunken eyes. Her joy was gone, and her behavior was incorrigible. Looking back, this was undeniably the worst nine months of our lives. Our daughter was a zombie during the day and a demon at night. We read all the books—parenting books, strong-willed child books, the entire John Rosemond collection, ADHD-specific books and more. We implemented every strategy the therapist threw our way—reward charts, behavior modification techniques, positive parenting exercises, you name it—NOTHING WORKED! We needed a different kind of help, and it came from a very unlikely place—our local school system. They evaluated Caroline and diagnosed her with Asperger’s Syndrome. Finally, a diagnosis that made sense! That was the moment our lives changed. It was not an easy transition, but we found a local support group and made new friends quickly. Jamie, my amazing husband and Caroline’s dedicated father, studied and researched everything about the

Melissa shares on her blog how her and her husband, Jamie, have climbed up the mountain of autism and the journey they have faced with their daughter, Caroline.

biomedical treatment of autism he could find. We poured through stacks of books and attended every autism conference or workshop we could find. It became our new hobby, and our sweetheart has been on a path of recovery ever since. We weaned Caroline off of the pharmaceuticals, collaborated with an Autism Research Institute (ARI) doctor and removed foods from her diet that inflamed her immune system. We also started Caroline on several natural supplements and vitamins. We all chose to participate in her diet. Often, people think it is hard for us to follow our diet restrictions, but after seeing Caroline’s sweetness, clarity and strength, we can’t imagine having any of those reactive foods in our home. We moved her to a school with an autism specialist who helped us understand how she learns. In three and a half months, Caroline went from reading 15 words a minute to 80! She was soon above grade level for reading and on the expected grade level for math. The following semester, she was back at our magnet school, in a regular classroom without an aid, and she made the A honor roll! (So much for that IQ of 68!) We now know that our genetics in combination with our environment in this imperfect world helped to bring about her autism, and we are going to do everything we can to keep her healthy. We now have a new daughter living in our house, and her future is no longer limited. She will live a full and wonderful life—a life full of possibilities and hope! We are so grateful to be on a road to recovery and hope our story will give hope for other families starting the journey.

Are you listening? Everywhere we go, we meet families affected by autism. The numbers are at an epidemic level, and Melissa’s family is doing its part to raise autism awareness and to promote medical treatment. Every parent of a child living with autism will tell you that portrait sessions are stressful for the children and the parents. Photographers know these children are the most challenging subjects there are to photograph. That is why Melissa and her husband, owners of Melissa Tash Studios and Spoiled Rotten Photography, created a program called Focus on Autism. Each year, their studio dedicates a day where they give a complimentary portrait session to any child living with autism. This year, Focus on Autism has 15 photographers participating in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. If you would like more information, please visit

Melissa’s family is listening…are you?

NEW STATISTICS On March 30, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its newest study on the rate of autism among 8-year-olds. They found a 78 percent increase of cases of autism from 2002 to 2008 in the areas they have been studying. The new statistics are: 1 in 88 children 1 in 54 boys 1 in 252 girls, is affected by autism.

*Note: The title of this piece was originally a quote from Robert H. Schuller.


Autism Speaks Autism Speaks: Sisterhood Spotlight Each year, thousands of Alpha Xi Delta Sisters across the country participate in various activities to support Autism Speaks. See how four Sisters are going above and beyond the AmaXIng Challenge fundraisers and the local Walk Now for Autism Speaks events to raise additional funds and awareness for autism spectrum disorders. The Fraternity greatly appreciates the services provided by these Sisters and encourages all members to think outside the box when it comes to supporting Alpha Xi Delta’s partnership with Autism Speaks.

Christie Quinn, Elon ’09

Allison Lindsly, Auburn ’02

Christie Quinn volunteers her time creating philanthropic promotional videos for the Theta Nu Chapter at Elon University, promoting both Alpha Xi Delta and Autism Speaks. Quinn’s work hardly goes unnoticed; in fact, several minutes of her footage were used in Alpha Xi Delta’s 2011 national philanthropy video which debuted at the 2011 National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, her footage in the video is shown during recruitment on more than 100 college campuses across the country. Quinn spends time interviewing both chapter and alumnae Sisters about their experiences volunteering for Autism Speaks and if applicable, their personal connection to autism. To see the video Christie produced for the Theta Nu Chapter, visit, or scan the QR code.

Allison Lindsly, who works at WWL-TV in New Orleans, Louisiana, connected the Delta Epsilon Chapter at the University of New Orleans with the station’s Yollar Marketing Program, a daily deal website similar to Groupon™ and LivingSocial™. Delta Epsilon was able to run a Yollar promotion to sell participant entries for their AmaXIng Challenge: Step It Up New Orleans 5K. Not only did the one day promotion allow individuals to register for the 5K, but it also promoted Alpha Xi Delta’s partnership with Autism Speaks to more than 100,000 residents in New Orleans who received Yollar emails every day. As a result, the email attracted the attention of several area businesses who then became sponsors of the AmaXIng Challenge. “Since we did not have enough in our budget to advertise, I decided to take advantage of the Yollar Marketing Program. Online advertising is a growing medium to advertise and to purchase this type of campaign would have cost the chapter about $6,000,” Lindsly said. “My theory behind it was if they hesitated to sign up, why not give them a great deal to sign up at a discounted rate. Groupon and LivingSocial both have huge email databases. It is honestly the cheapest and most efficient way to advertise an event if it is done right.”

23 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Kristen McDonald, Indiana ’11

Marianne Russo, Northridge ’82

Kristen McDonald registered for the Virtual Walk Now for Autism Speaks on team Indiana and took advantage of the 3-to-1 matching donation program at her father’s workplace. For every dollar raised by her father on Kristen’s walk team, the company donated three dollars to Autism Speaks. McDonald shares that many companies offer similar incentives and encourages other Sisters to explore this fundraising opportunity. “I am so happy that I was able to reach out to the community and find new ways to raise money for Autism Speaks. I hope that others will follow my lead,” says McDonald.

Marianne Russo and her husband, Bruce, own a construction management company in Modesto, California. Through their professional connections, Marianne and Bruce are able to get equipment donated to the Central Valley Walk Now for Autism Speaks each year. Donations secured by the Russo family include parking cones, delineators and a generator. The total value of the donation is approximately $3,000. Russo says once businesses hear about the cause, they are very eager to give. She says, “It’s all about “the ask.” Russo enjoys supporting Autism Speaks for many reasons. “It has enabled me to demonstrate philanthropy to my 14 year old son, Brandon. He is actually talking to his principal about starting a walk team at his high school, as they have just added a classroom for children affected by autism spectrum disorders on his campus,” Russo said.

Kristin (holding the sign) and her Beta Pi Chapter Sisters helped raise autism awareness through canning during the 2012 Super Bowl held in Indianapolis, Indiana.


In Other Autism News…

Auburn University | The Zeta Xi Chapter at Auburn University hosted their 2nd annual AmaXIng Challenge. The 5k run and 1 mile walk was attended by 1,200 participants, including friends, family and members of the Auburn community. Auburn’s mayor, Bill Ham, SGA President, Kirby Turnage, and Senator Tom Whatley, participated in the opening ceremonies before the race. The chapter raised approximately $44,000 this year and has raised more than $82,000 in the past two years for Autism Speaks.—Brooke Molnar,

Stetson University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University | The Omega Chapter at Stetson University and the Theta Omicron Chapter at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University participated in the inaugural Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Daytona Beach, Florida. More than 60 Sisters attended and volunteered at the walk, and they successfully raised more than $80,000.—Courtney Kieffer,

Rochester Institute of Technology | Sisters from the Delta Lambda Chapter gathered at Frontier Field for the 8th annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Rochester, New York. Delta Lambda Sisters volunteered on the Walk Planning Committee, set up booths, blew up balloons and assisted with other event preparations. Other Sisters signed in walkers, held banners and participated in the walk. A total of $130,000 was raised during the event.—Yasmeen Smalley,

25 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Northern Virginia Alumnae Association | The Northern Virginia Alumnae Association held their annual fundraiser, a pecan sale, for Autism Speaks. They distributed recipe cards with Alpha Xi Delta information and cards containing facts about autism.—Sue Mamber,

West Virginia University | The Iota Chapter held a fundraiser bake sale with various cookies, cupcakes and brownies to raise autism awareness. All of the proceeds went to Autism Speaks. The bake sale was a fun event, and the chapter plans on having more in the future.—Trisha Worstell,

California State University-San Marcos | The Theta Rho Chapter hosted their second annual, week-long philanthropy event for Autism Speaks. The week consisted of a coin drive, tabling to spread autism awareness, a “Step It Up Walk” on campus, a carnival, relay games, a talent show and a banquet dinner. Sisters even participated in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks in San Diego, California. At the end of the week, the chapter raised $9,300 for Autism Speaks!—Kelsey McCarthy,


In Other Autism News… Illinois This year, Alpha Xi Deltas at Monmouth College used homecoming as an opportunity to raise autism awareness on campus. The chapter held a competition for several faculty and staff members to collect donations for Autism Speaks. Those who collected the most money were able to dance on the football field with the Beta Epsilon Chapter. The chapter placed 1st for overall homecoming festivities, and with their homecoming winnings included, the chapter raised about $600 for Autism Speaks!—Jen Priske, Michigan The Safe Signals project is about teaching older teens and young adults with autism about safety. Lisa Murray-Johnson, Michigan State ’91, has worked with a team to develop a new video, workbook and vinyl clings to keep young adults safe in their home. The video features room-by-room safety to avoid burns, hot water scalds and accidental injury—Lisa Murray-Johnson, Minnesota Three Sisters from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumnae Association serve on the Minnesota Walk Now for Autism Speaks committee and have been instrumental in planning the Walk’s kickoff event, promoting the walk via social media and educating other committee members about Alpha Xi Delta. Sisters on the committee are Jennifer Beeman Zipf, Wisconsin-Eau Claire ‘98; Vana Chiu, Purdue ‘07; and Makenzie Provorse, Kansas State ‘05.—Becky Soderholm, North Carolina The Theta Nu Chapter recruited 106 Sisters and alumnae to walk for the 2011 Carolina’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks. To date, the chapter has raised $11,000 to fund autism research.—Jessica Phelan,

27 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Fall/Winter 2011

Ohio The Beta Tau Chapter hosted their annual Xi Man event to raise autism awareness t our new throughout the community. check ou rg, Be sure to xidelta.o w.alpha The chapter, with the help of w w e t a se blog age to cebook p fellow Greeks, raised a total of or our Fa ories! d n tos a st more pho $14,842.25! This amount surpassed the chapter’s goal and was the most the chapter has ever raised during a philanthropy event. —Megan Dunick, South Dakota The Epsilon Chapter hosted their second annual Chili Feed and Cook-Off. Fifteen competitors from other Greek chapters on campus, local restaurants and community members cooked their best chili for the contest. All together, Epsilon raised nearly $1,800 for Autism Speaks! It was a great success, and everyone is anxious to make next year’s Chili Feed even better.—Therese Osborne, Texas The Beta Alpha Chapter raised nearly $2,000 for Autism Speaks by selling breakfast tacos during Taco Xi, and more than 90 Sisters volunteered at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in Round Rock, Texas. As a result of their philanthropy efforts, the Beta Alpha Chapter received the Top Organization Team and Top Manpower awards by the Austin area chapter of Autism Speaks.—Cara Spidle, The Delta Psi Chapter hosted their annual Xi Ball Volleyball Tournament on the Texas State University campus. Other Greek letter organizations came out to support Alpha Xi Delta's event and play in the tournament. In the end, the chapter raised more than $3,500 for Autism Speaks! —Lindsey Tanoff,

Member News

Cedar Rapids | The Cedar Rapids Alumnae Association celebrated the years of membership for several Sisters during an annual luncheon. Back row: Char Janda-Nechanicky, Coe ’56; Betty Bates Bayne, Iowa ’50; Dorothea Moser Huebner, Coe ’41; Pauline Huston Miller, Coe ’40; and Lois Strother Davis, Coe ’49. Front row: Barb Fitzgerald, Coe ’43; Clara Moore, Coe ’33; and Fran McLaughlin Stauffacher, Coe ’32.—Amy Gaffney-Ingallas,

Eastern Washington | Kathlyn Barbero participated in Eastern Washington University's Eastern Royalty Pageant during Homecoming 2011 and received first runner up! Her platform was Autism Speaks, and she was recognized on Eastern Washington’s red football field during half-time of this year’s homecoming game.—Ashley Viseth,


Member News

Nebraska-Omaha | Kelsie L. Olson received the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Gold Key award at the 2011 National Conference in Orlando, Florida. The National Gold Key Award is the highest honor a PRSSA member can receive, the National Gold Key Award recognizes students who display outstanding academic excellence in public relations and leadership qualities within their PRSSA Chapter.—Kelsie Olson,

Theta Zeta | Jengi Martinez, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Prescott ’94, and Amy Fyten Gangolea, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Prescott ’91, recently went on a combat mission together.

Los Angeles Alumnae Association | The Los Angeles Alumnae Association gathered for their annual holiday party at BJ’s Restaurant in Burbank, following a holiday toy drive held at the nearby Metrolink train station. Members brought toys to donate to children with autism.—Angela Pettinelli,

29 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Henderson State | The Gamma Omega Chapter recently celebrated its 50th anniversary on Henderson State University’s campus. More than 60 Sisters returned to campus to commemorate this special day in the chapter’s history. The weekend festivities included dinner, brunch, a campus tour, a school football game and the Pink Rose Banquet, where Sisters, young and old, joined together to share an evening of Sisterhood. Guest speakers included Gamma Omega Sisters Kathy Owrey and Shannon Slatton Schwartz, who shared the importance of volunteering and staying active in Alpha Xi Delta even after graduation. National Vice President Nancy Gainer shared a brief account of the chapter’s history and brought with her congratulations from the National Fraternity. To end the evening, a ceremony was held to honor Sisters who have 25 or more years of membership in Alpha Xi Delta.—Brooke Grefory,

Denver Alumnae Association | The Denver Alumnae Association met at Barbara Hoover’s home for a monthly meeting. After sharing interesting fraternity information and the AXiD word search game, our hostess treated us to a big surprise-"I heart AXiD” tattoos! Everyone really got into the spirit of Sisterhood by placing our Greek letters on our cheeks. For many of us this was our very first tattoo, even of the temporary variety! We hope to show them off at our annual brunch next fall.—Dee Stutz Fraxier,


Member News Florida Three Sisters from the Pinellas County Florida Alumnae Association recently received their 50 year Order of the Rose pins: Rosita Lazaro, Frostburg ‘61, Suzanne Eno, Florida State ’61 and Nancy Phipps, East Tennessee State ’61 —Bonnie Jefferis,

Pikes Peak Alumnae Association | Sisters from the Pike’s Peak Alumnae Association gathered at the Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the group’s Christmas luncheon and ornament exchange. Prior to the luncheon, Sisters volunteered at the Alpine Autism Center Open House and Craft Fair. Front row, left to right: Elise Gardner, Deb Grandia, Ann Hall, Sue Bigus and Fran Dudenhoffer. Seated: Jean Swartzendruber, Past National President, Lois Stump, Ellen Stillman, June Hallenbeck. Back row: Gini Simonson, Jeanette Bruce and Carol Gugat. Guest: Theresa Dowling, Patricia Siebes, Shirley Miekka and our President, Jo Weilbrenner. —Gini Simonson,

New Mexico The theme of New Mexico State University’s homecoming parade was “Come Celebrate with Us: New Mexico Sisterhood.” The Theta Omega Chapter, along with Kappa Sigma Fraternity, spent a week building a float and choreographing a dance based on the 70s. The chapter ended up winning 3rd place!—Priscilla Hernandez, Pennsylvania Sisters from the Gamma Sigma Chapter and Thiel College Volleyball Team went to Spain for an international Volleyball tournament. Sisters has an amaXIng time playing volleyball and touring Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona.—Sarah Weikart, Wisconsin The Epsilon Alpha Chapter established a scholarship remembering Sister Jada Brunk, who unexpectedly passed away last year. Jada was very passionate about traveling and seeing the world, so the scholarship will be given to a Sister who plans on studying abroad and has an interest in traveling. For more information about the Jada Brunk Memorial Scholarship or to donate, please contact Kate Bowman at

Congratulations, Graduates! We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and the bold, talented woman you’ve become. As you move on to the next chapter in your life, we hope you discover an extended, deeper meaning of our Sisterhood. Remember, no matter where life takes you, you can always come home to Alpha Xi Delta. Don’t forget to update your contact information via Exclusively Xi to stay connected with Alpha Xi Delta after graduation.

31 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

r new ck out ou e h c to, Be sure haxidelt lp .a w w blog at w ge to see ebook pa c a F r u o or tories! tos and s o h p re o m

Tales From the Road



BRITTANY DONATELLI, SLIPPERY ROCK ’08 During my most recent trip as a Leadership Coach (LC), I visited the Iota Xi Chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. On my first night there, the chapter Sisters took me to Sigma Pi Fraternity for their annual co-sponsored philanthropy dinner. The gentlemen of Sigma Pi prepared dinner and a fun icebreaker was planned for the event. Now, those of you who know me know that I enjoy icebreakers more than anything; therefore, I was very interested to see what our social chair had up her sleeve! The icebreaker was called human scavenger hunt. We split into groups of 15 and the facilitator began shouting out commands such as, “find another person with the same birthday as you!” After each command, there was a mad dash to find a partner. The first Brittany (front row, far right) during her team to find a match and run up to the facilitator would receive a point. During the visit with the women of the Iota Xi Chapter process, things were a little hectic as everyone was colliding with one another to race to at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. the facilitator. Eventually my team and I got in our groove and developed a system to rack up enough points to win the game. Witnessing this icebreaker in my suit and high heels, I suddenly realized how this scenario was similar to my other chapter visits. Oftentimes we know what goals we want to accomplish, but sometimes, we don’t know how to get there. Many individuals have a tendency to over think things, and sometimes we need an outsider’s perspective to help. That’s my job, and my favorite part of being an LC is helping Sisters devise a plan to win the game and accomplish their goals. When my time traveling has come to an end, I will walk away knowing I have helped many Sisters work towards their goals. This year on the road has been one I will never forget, and I feel blessed for the opportunity to travel as a Leadership Coach for Alpha Xi Delta.

MARGEAUX FOX, WASHINGTON ’07 As an Educational Leadership Consultant, my time on the road has been spent in a variety of ways. I’ve been incredibly fortunate in the chapters I have been able to visit; they are beautiful, strong women, and I find inspiration in every aspect of the Sisterhood they display. These Sisters are amazing reminders of the true bonds that unite us and the true meaning of Sisterhood. Throughout my undergraduate years I learned Alpha Xi Deltas were kind to each other, thoughtful and genuinely caring. As I graduated from the Nu Chapter and began my travels across the United States, I thought I would encounter these same traits, and I did. But that’s not all. I found a nationwide Sisterhood of women that—without fail—encompassed the values our organization is built on. The generosity, ingenuity and creativity of Alpha Xis nationwide have motivated me to be a better Sister and to take the best parts of each chapter as an example of success. It has been an eye opening experience living, working and succeeding with these women. It has been a huge honor, a huge challenge and one of the best experiences of my life. I wish you all a very happy spring and hope to see you at The Workout this summer!

A hug of joy during Preference round with Nu Chapter Sister, Hannah Mysona (left), in Seattle, Washington.


Realize Your Potential By Bonnie Jefferis, Defiance ’79


90 Years of Sisterhood

There’s the Order of the Rose, the Order of the Pearl and the Order of the Diamond—for 50, 60 and 75 years of membership. But there’s no sorority recognition charm for 90 years of membership. Gene Sirey, of the Pinellas County Alumnae Association in Florida, celebrated the 90th anniversary of her Alpha Xi Delta initiation at Albion College on February 11, 2012. Gene joined Alpha Xi Delta’s Phi Chapter in 1922. In addition to this special anniversary, on July 5, 2011, Gene celebrated her 108th birthday, and she is now one of the oldest, if not the oldest Sister in Alpha Xi Delta. All but the very youngest members of the Pinellas County Alumnae Association remember Gene at Alpha Xi Delta meetings dressed up and ready to participate. Gene’s twin sister, Gert, came to meetings with Gene until about 1990 when Gert’s health issues became serious. Gert passed away in 1998 at age 95. Gene always has a ready smile, a quick wit and a story to share. She majored in home economics at Albion College and worked as a nutritionist in several states, culminating with her position as clinical dietitian at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. She has been married three times and had one son with her first husband and one son with her second husband. Gene traveled the world with her third husband, and with the help of a step-granddaughter, wrote a book about her life’s adventures. Oil painting was an important hobby to Gene. Each year, she created several art paintings for family and friends, and she even contributed a painting to the Alumnae Association for the holiday auction. Joan Clark, Florida ’89, was one of the Sisters who received a piece of Gene’s art work. “I have one of Gene’s paintings of a big shell, and it’s one of my most prized possessions,” Clark said. Gene has some problems with her eyesight and her hearing these days, but she still dresses up for meals and walks independently with a metal walker to the dining room of Mease Manor where she lives. A group of Alpha Xi Deltas recently traveled to Mease Manor to visit with Gene after a Clearwater

33 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Gene attributes her long life to keeping busy, writing, exercising and eating healthfully. Up until 2005, she taught an exercise class at Mease Manor! In the summer 1989 issue of The Quill, Genevieve and her twin sister, Gertrude, were featured as Spotlight Sisters!

Panhellenic Luncheon to bring her pink roses and to celebrate her initiation anniversary. Her nurse said Gene’s health and activity level are much better than would be expected of someone her age. Phyllis LaBelle, Michigan State ’37, visits Gene most often and says Gene is certainly older these days, but inside, she’s still the same Gene. “When I came to have the big holiday meal with her at Mease Manor, one of the young male waiters put Gene’s plate on her placemat, and I saw Gene wink at him,” LaBelle recalls. The Tampa Bay Times recently published a story about Gene Sirey and her 108th birthday. Visit to view the article.



By Lauren Blankenbaker Felts, Indiana ’03, Director of Communications and Marketing

Call it a virtual pin board, an eye candy collection or even a wall of gotta-try recipes, but Pinterest is quickly becoming the next social media craze. Pinterest is an invitation-only website that is essentially a bookmarking tool where users can “pin” any project, recipe, quote (you name it, you can pin it!) onto a virtual bulletin board. This creates an organized catalog for you to reference any time. Boards can be created for any imaginable topic, from recruitment outfit ideas to chapter craft projects, to recipes for a cake pops or big game tailgate appetizers. You can have as many boards and as many pins as you want, and similar to other social media platforms, users can “follow” friends, comment on their pins or repin their pins. Is your interest piqued yet? You can follow Alpha Xi Delta’s Pinterest account to see ideas for recruitment, new Xi Boutique products, pink rose and quill sightings from the web and get tips on how to incorporate Δ into your wedding day.

These fun and creative “pins” were taken directly from our Δ Pinterest boards. Happy pinning, ladies!

Follow Alpha Xi Delta by visiting


Sister to Sister

MS Means Sisterhood By Claire Lauderman, Marietta ’09

Sisterhood is many things, but to one member of the Beta Xi Chapter, it means continual support. Chelsea Almady, Marietta ’10, decided to go through formal recruitment on a whim in September 2010. She never would have guessed branching out to meet new people would result in her falling in love with Alpha Xi Delta. She was hesitant to join due to finances; she would have to pay for everything herself. Yet the more she fell in love with the sorority, the less important money seemed. After becoming a new member, Chelsea started noticing she had numbness in her left arm and hand. She experienced similar symptoms in the past, and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until Chelsea started feeling numbness in her left foot and leg that she began to worry. Collapsing after attempting to get out of bed one morning was the final straw for Chelsea, and she decided to seek medical attention immediately. The possibilities were frightening, but Chelsea knew she had the support of her Sisters, particularly her big Sister, Hope, and her fellow Sister and roommate, Nikki. Not knowing what was wrong had Chelsea worried sick, but her Sisters were who kept her moving forward.

“I would look forward to chapter meetings and events with Alpha Xi Delta just so I had an hour to relax and not think about anything,” Chelsea explained. Although chapter meetings and events kept her calm, Chelsea considered the possibility of suspending her membership from Alpha Xi Delta as frequent doctor visits began to consume her free time. Not being able to devote 100% to her chapter caused Chelsea to feel guilty. Her big Sister eased her guilt, reassuring Chelsea the chapter would understand why she was missing the events. “The diagnosis was the most terrifying part of the whole experience,” Chelsea recalls. She started out visiting her family doctor for the appointments, which then gradually changed to a neurologist who recommended her to see a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) specialist. She was finally diagnosed in November, after enduring the terror of uncertainty for three long months. Although her mother was the one who went with her to the doctor appointments, Chelsea knew she could count on her Sisters for anything. She decided to be strong, not for herself, but for those around her—those who cared about her. It was easier to be strong for others than for herself, especially for her mother. When the chapter learned Chelsea’s family would be attending a walk for Multiple Sclerosis in April, the Beta Xi Chapter Sisters eagerly invited themselves along. Many Sisters bought t-shirts in Chelsea’s honor and planned to raise money to donate at the walk. It was incredible to see the amount of support and the meaning of Sisterhood displayed by the chapter. This selfless act brought tears to this strong young woman’s eyes. It meant so much that when posing for a picture, the coordinators of the event asked her, “What does MS mean to you?” The only word out of Chelsea’s mouth was, “Sisterhood.”

Chelsea (left) and Elicia (right) share an embrace at the walk for Multiple Sclerosis. 35 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Alumna Profile


Your Path

By Mary Beschenbossel Tosi, Ohio State ‘68

appear foolish or powerless, and they are often unsung heroes like many people today. Alpha Xi Delta always taught me the importance of giving back to the community, and a personal goal has evolved with “The Sacred Path of Tears.” Through my research, I’ve discovered how difficult the economic times are for reservation schools. Diane Sawyer’s special, A Hidden America: Children of the Plains, showed the devastating poverty and suicides of Native American young people. It has become a cause of my heart to help Native American schools through publishing my series, and I plan to donate part of my proceeds from my books to help Native American schools.

“The Sacred Path of Tears” is a journal written by a young Cheyenne Indian woman, nicknamed Mokee, during the Indian Wars in Kansas in the late 1860s.

I joined Alpha Xi Delta in 1968 during my freshman year at The Ohio State University (OSU). I loved my time as a college member of Alpha Xi Delta, and I have many fond memories of my home away from home at the Psi Chapter. I was very active in my chapter, served as Vice President and was honored to wear the diamond Quill badge. It’s been a long time since I graduated from OSU with a journalism degree, and I never thought after raising my children that I’d reinvent myself and publish a book series. My book is part of a historical romance series called “The Indian Path Series.” Each book focuses on a different Native American tribe during the Indian Wars in the late 1800s, and the lives of fictional characters are woven into the true events. I love researching history and writing about inspiring (and oftentimes feisty) heroines or heroes. They are the ones who dare to be different and stand up for what they believe is right. They keep promises. They persevere. They continually search for meaning in their lives and a path of peace and love through any turmoil. Although my book takes place during the Indian Wars, people in every century face the same challenge of how to find the inner courage to face life’s difficulties. Many of my characters are unaware they are courageous as they sometimes

Interested in publishing your book? Here are some tips: • There are many opportunities today to self-publish and market a book on the internet and via social media. But first, it’s important to compare self-publishing companies and what they offer. • My first book, “The Sacred Path of Tears”, has just been published by WestBow Press. I chose WestBow for the opportunity to work with professional editors, cover designers and marketing specialists. It was also important to me that my book be side-by-side with other quality Christian books. • Self-publishing companies have different packages for different budgets. Standard packages at WestBow start at about $1,000 with optional add-ons. One helpful option is called bookseller’s advantage. It enables traditional bookstores to stock a book, but return books that don’t sell. Another important option is help developing an online website, social networking and marketing. • Self-published books are called Print-on-Demand (POD) books. POD books are more costly to produce, so I worked with an editor changing fonts, spacing and margins to make my book competitive. POD technology at WestBow is through the Ingram Book Network, which can supply an infinite number of copies of a book when an order is placed. Unlike at some self-publishing companies, I was not limited to a specific number of copies. Contact M.B. Tosi at, or on Facebook and Twitter as authormbtosi.



Leaving a LASTING LEGACY for Alpha Xi Delta Anne Mehus Verbon was initiated into Nu Chapter at the University of Washington in 1960. Alpha Xi Delta, and the genuine friendships she formed, meant the world to her. She stayed involved with Nu Chapter and the Seattle Alumnae Association all of her life. Sadly, Anne entered Chapter Eternal January 11, 2011, just days short of her 69th birthday. Anne grew up in Seattle, Thanks to Anne’s generous gift, graduated from the University the Alpha Xi Delta Foundation can of Washington and taught art continue to enrich the lives of our at Rainier Beach High School Sisters through scholarships. until she retired. She loved being a teacher and touching so many lives. Lake Roesiger was a very special place where Anne and her husband, Byron, had a summer cabin. Despite living with Multiple Sclerosis, Anne enjoyed her annual water ski trip around the lake, which she did on two skis, until 4 years ago. Linda Belles Dinus, National President 1993-1997, joined Alpha Xi Delta with Anne. She remembers excursions to Lake Roesiger and double-dating in college. Years later, Linda would encourage Anne’s service on the house corporation board. Linda said, “Anne was always fun, always positive. She would never say anything ill of anyone ever.” Anne was devoted to Alpha Xi Delta and got her pledge class together every few months. They put a single pink rose in the middle of the table the first time they gathered for lunch after Anne passed. Anne named Alpha Xi Delta Foundation in her will. In 2011, the Foundation received distributions to establish the Anne Mehus Verbon Scholarship Fund. This is the largest scholarship fund in our Foundation providing $18,000 in scholarships every year. Alpha Xi Delta meant the world to Anne, and it was important to her to give back to the Sisterhood that had so greatly enriched her life.

37 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Jane Ralston, Foundation Chair, said, “The Foundation and Fraternity are deeply grateful for this generous bequest. Because of her thoughtful planning and love of Alpha Xi Delta, Anne is providing a lasting legacy to further young womens’ higher education. The Foundation Scholarship Committee has seen a steady increase in young women applying for scholarship assistance, and this fund will enable the committee to recognize even more of the highly talented and deserving women within our membership with priority given to the women of Nu Chapter.” Each year, grants and scholarships make their way to Alpha Xi Deltas who greatly benefit from the support. Many of the Foundation’s leadership grant and scholarship funds have been made possible through bequest gifts. For more information on ways to make a planned gift, or inform us you have named the Foundation in your estate plans, please contact Kendra Lewis, Director of Development, at or 317.872.3500.

Class of 2012 Senior Challenge More than 344 graduating seniors from the Class of 2012 accepted the challenge and invested in the future of Alpha Xi Delta by raising $6,188. Their gifts provide support for the Leadership Coach Program, StrengthsQuest™ and much more. Chapters with 100% Senior Participation: • Gamma, University of Mount Union • Rho, University of Nebraska-Lincoln • Beta Mu, Bowling Green State University • Gamma Delta, University of Nebraska at Omaha • Delta Delta, Northern Michigan University • Delta Zeta, C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University • Delta Rho, University of California-Northridge • Epsilon Alpha, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire • Zeta Omega, University of West Georgia • Theta Rho, California State University San Marcos • Iota Delta, University of Central Oklahoma • Iota Eta, University of Texas at El Paso • Iota Theta, Southern Polytechnic State University Chapter with the Highest Class Average: • Iota Delta, University of Central Oklahoma

Remembering Lois Kopper Stump Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity is deeply saddened by the passing of Lois Kopper Stump, National President 1971-1974. Initiated into Alpha Kappa Chapter, Kansas State University, in 1937, Lois was to receive Alpha Xi Delta’s Order of the Diamond recognizing 75 years of membership this spring. “Lois was strong, forward-thinking and gracious. She exhibited the life-long loyalty and service we hope all members will have.”—Mary Ruth Snyder, Alpha Eta ’50, Foundation Trustee. Lois served on the National Scholarship and Loan Committee and two terms on National Council prior to serving as National President from 1971-1974. She was Alpha Xi Delta’s Second Alternate Delegate to the National Panhellenic Conference and appointed to the Research and Education Committee. She was Alpha Xi Delta Foundation Chair from 1980-1982. In 1987, she received the Edna Epperson Brinkman Award recognizing devotion and meritorious service to Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity. As a member of Alpha Xi Delta’s Society of 1893, Lois left an unrestricted bequest to Alpha Xi Delta Foundation. In her keynote address at Alpha Xi Delta’s 31st National Convention in 1974, Lois said, “Our horizons are only the barriers that we establish when we choose to seek no new adventure in our efforts toward reality and vision.” Alpha Xi Delta moved in new directions during her tenure providing greater educational leadership opportunities for our collegians and alumnae, identifying a new national philanthropy focusing on the prevention of juvenile delinquency, purchasing the Founders Road property in Indianapolis, Indiana, where Fraternity Headquarters would be relocated and completing the separation of the Fraternity and Foundation governing boards. Lois was an inspiration to our Sisters in the Pikes Peak Alumnae Association of which she was a founding member. “Words from our Symphony describe her well—‘steadfastness of soul’—‘gracious and kindly heart’. We could count on Lois. She attended almost every meeting, and was always coiffed and elegant. Since I met her in 1994, she was always involved as a volunteer, whether at her senior living facility, as a docent at the Fine Arts Center, staffing the Thrift Shop at Grace Episcopal Church, P.E.O. and in Alpha Xi Delta. She served in all areas with efficiency,

enthusiasm and grace, as it would not be in her nature to do otherwise.”—Susan Miskinis Bigus, Ohio ’76, Pikes Peak Alumnae Association “The thing I appreciated most about Lois was her forthrightness. One did not have to guess where Lois stood on issues. She also believed in acting out her beliefs. If she belonged to something, she was an active participant. At age 94, despite failing eyesight and hearing, she believed in living a full life and did not miss anything if she could help it.”—Frances Tomlin Dudenhoeffer, Texas State ’65, Pikes Peak Alumnae Association “Lois was always very proper and expected the very best. I was so happy to spend time with her at the 2009 National Convention in Denver, Colorado. Lois always had a twinkle in her eyes and a quiet sense of humor.” Beverly Case Rorer, Pennsylvania ’49, Past National Council In every way, Lois was the finest representation of an Alpha Xi Delta woman, and she will be missed greatly by the entire Alpha Xi Delta family. Our deepest condolences are with her son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Linda Stump, and their family.


Foundation Memorial Gifts

Mary Ruth Hadley Snyder, Purdue

Dorothy Trepal Clark, Connecticut

The Foundation recognizes Memorial

Betty French Unkel, Ohio State

by Margaret Lewis Wardle,

Gifts given from September 1, 2011,

Lauren Walawender, Friend of

through December 31, 2011. Elizabeth Bachman

Central Michigan

Mary Kelly Cleino, Alabama

Kay Lambert Humes

by Patricia Koop Tracy, Alabama

by Joan Calhoun Holcomb, Monmouth (IL)

Sarah Emblen Beneke, Wittenberg by Lisa Beneke Burris, Marshall

Ann Robinson Baird,

Ellen Paliani Bish, West Liberty

Frostburg State

by Kay Gilchrist Murray, West

by Susan Robinson,

Carol Smith Hopkins, Monmouth by Bonnie Clark Jefferis, Defiance

Alpha Xi Delta Nealy Patty Wheat, West Georgia

by Barbara Bachman,


Norman R. Hopkins, husband of

Priscilla Cornell-Ervin, Cal State,

Victoria Boysen Kaspar, Nebraska


at Omaha

by San Fernando Valley, CA

by Jessica Backhaus, Nebraska

Alumnae Association


at Omaha Kelsey Bigando, Nebraska at Omaha

Evelyn Gibbs Dice, Northwestern

Kathleen Coenen, Nebraska at Omaha

Jada R Brunk, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

by Gail Schaum Overby, Northwestern

Tara Devorss, Nebraska at Omaha

Nancy Somerville Ball, West

by Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity

Suzanne Petru, Northwestern

Maya Doghman, Nebraska at Omaha

Virginia Wesleyan

Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma

Frostburg State

by Carolyn Saxton,

West Virginia Wesleyan Jean Springsteen Bart, Indiana

Sigma Sigma Sorority

Rachel Kennedy, Nebraska at Omaha Barbara Gaston Fellows, West

Shelley Grosch, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Virginia Wesleyan

Kaye Schendel, Friend of

by Shirley Kincaid Walker,

Alpha Xi Delta

West Virginia Wesleyan

Barbara Keuneke Parks, Indiana

Jackson Karl Bucker, son of

Mary Hopkins Fitzpatrick, Albion

Rebecca Brehob Bucker, Indiana

by Sarah Fitzpatrick, Embry-Riddle

by Karen Schaffer Silverman, Indiana


of Kendra Becker Lewis, Purdue

Kathleen Buhay, mother of Susan

Martha Layport Fritz, Denison

by Janice Sheldon Baumback,

Buhay Du Part, Western Kentucky

by Marion Macdonald Blau,

by Rigby Guiney Duncan, Marshall


Rigby Guiney Duncan, Marshall

Layvonne McCoy Cagey, West Virginia

Barbara Ann Roush Gebhardt,

Sandi Edwards, Kentucky

by Alpha Xi Delta Building

Ohio State

Nancy Fehrmann Gainer, Iowa State

Corporation of Morgantown,

Martha Geppert, Illinois

West Virginia

Michelle Soderquist Hartnett,

Nebraska-Lincoln State Indianapolis, IN Alumnae Association Beth Sacksteder LaClair, Mount Union

Kelsie Olson, Nebraska at Omaha Annette Belanger Keeler, Ohio State Annette Belanger Keeler Patricia Kelsey, Michigan State by Ellen Van Arsdale Hollandbeck,

Evonne Carawan, North Carolina State

Gina Willis Hawkins, Jacksonville

Kathryn McCloskey, Nebraska

by James Keeler, husband of

Phyllis Jean Becker, mother


at Omaha Jessica Levin, Nebraska at Omaha

at Omaha

by Indianapolis, IN Alumnae Association

Brittany Knudtson, Nebraska

Betty Morris Caldwell, West Virginia by Indianapolis, IN Alumnae

Kentucky Charlene Edwards Kelsey, Michigan

by Sarah Miller Smith, Ohio State Frank Klebacha, husband of Edie Sister of Nancy Morse Gordon

Paolina Klebacha, Indiana U of

by Nancy Morse Gordon,


Western Carolina

by Rebecca Gable, Mount Union

Association Barbara Greenhoe Leavitt,

Michigan State

Carol Petersen Hall, Northern Illinois

Cecilia Zerr Long, California-Berkeley

by Anita Petersen Drake, Northern

by William Long, husband of Cecilia


Julie Lambert, Oregon State Jennifer Bellas Lee, Old Dominion

Frances Tuttle Caldwell, Wittenberg

Jean Koza Leider, Iowa

by Martha Tuttle Horner, Wittenberg

Donna Field Hannibal, Northwestern

Zerr Long Andrew M. Macrina, son of

by Kathryn Yager Brown, Monmouth (IL)

Catherine Cahill Macrina

Susan Eicher Mamber, Kent State

Agnes Bane Chartier, Kansas State

Judith Drews Haring-Green, Iowa

by Catherine Cahill Macrina,

Sara Pullis Molnar, Ferris State

by Judith Dierdorff Stehley,

Pamela Butler James, Northwestern

Deborah Fenwick Maas, Marshall

Jane Fursey Ralston, Mount Union

Kansas State

Marianne Moritz Russo, Cal State,


Mary Catherine Little Claasen,

Nebraska at Omaha by Marilyn Herbes Horner,

Nebraska at Omaha

39 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Gail Schaum Overby, Northwestern Chicago North Shore, IL

Beverly Case Rorer, Pennsylvania

Spring 2012

West Chester

Alumnae Association

Joan Becher Manley, Ohio State by Barbara Greenhoe Leavitt,

Michigan State

Charlotte McKee Meade,

Amy Salmon, Elon

Vivian Weiss Aikens, Georgia State

Lydia Butler, Monmouth (IL)

Oregon State

by Marta Forwood Beaner,

by Gail Brooks Turk, Georgia State

July 2011 FVP of the Month

by Mickey McKee Nordlinder,

Frostburg State

Oregon State Eloise Carrel Satterfield, Kentucky Roger H. Meyer, husband of

by Omega Financial, Inc. Rick Alpert, father of Danielle Alpert

by Judith Tait Levy, Florida State

by Danielle Alpert, Cal State

San Marcos

Dorothy Meyer by Dorothy Meyer, Alpha Deuteron

Allen Haley Carol Jean Smith, Jacksonville State by Mary Alice McCauley Kranz,

Phyllis Oetjen Moller, Coe by Denny Moller, husband of Phyllis

Lauren Cherryholmes, Central

Florida, for her engagement to


Erin & Rich Armusewicz, parents of Katie Curry by Katie Curry, Cal State San Marcos

Colony Members of Zeta Xi Chapter,

Kristen Steinbruck Balckmann,

by Betty Steger-Moulton, Auburn

Auburn, for 31 years of Sisterhood

Patricia Koop Tracy, Alabama

Oetjen Moller

by Cari Mutnick, Central Florida

Barbara Roush Stafford, California

Old Dominion

Esther Price Moore, Kentucky

-Los Angeles

by Evonne Carawan, North

by Cary Lawson Moore, Kentucky

by Patricia Deaton Booth,

Carolina State

Katherine Conway, Dartmouth by Elizabeth Fairchild, Dartmouth

California-Los Angeles Rosa Morell, Central Florida by Judith Tait Levy, Florida State

Robert Barnes, son of Paula Rowland Barnes, Oklahoma State

Carolyn Conwell

by Jane Stone, Ohio Wesleyan

by Bambi Hora, Central Oklahoma

by Carolyn Rylko Conwell,

West Chester

Lucille Ogle by Beverly Gough Smith, Michigan

Caitlyn Conwell, daughter of

Martha Davies Stone, Randolph-Macon

Rosalee E. Tatar, mother of Betty

Claressa Moreland Basile

Tatar Wiseman, Central Michigan

by Lemar Moreland Frank, Purdue

Nicholette Daniel, Northern Iowa

JoAnn Olsen, Nebraska at Omaha

by Sue Riley Fackler, Ohio State

Lori Bruns Holt, Alpha Deuteron

by Chris & Donna Daniel, Friends

by Joan Eddy, Nebraska at Omaha

Amy Kraenzlein, Iowa State

Catherine Gairaud Padgett, Arizona by Margaret Payne Greene, Stetson

Betty Cronin Webb, Ohio State

Jacob Fluty, newborn son of Courtney

Della Akehurst Wilder, Central

Hankins Fluty, Texas State

Michigan Betty Tatar Wiseman, Central

Andy Percy, husband of Ann

-San Marcos by Lori Bruns Holt, Alpha Deuteron

Jennifer Davis, Central Oklahoma by Katelyn Godfrey, Central



Gronewold Percy, Michigan State by Sara Pullis Molnar, Ferris State

of Alpha Xi Delta

Jane Terveer, Ohio State

Beta Eta Chapter, Maryland

Delta Chapter Alumnae, Bethany

by Lori Plazinski, Maryland

by Valerie Flatley, Bethany

by Ellen Dettra Kunst, Ohio State Christine King Priebe, mother of Sandra Priebe Day, Frostburg State

Tracy Goad Walter, Hillsdale

by Elizabeth Ledbetter Poirier,

by Christina Munck O’Hara, Hillsdale

Amanda Hineman, Bethany Jenny Bomber, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Vanessa Manning, Bethany

by Katherine Stuckart, Wisconsin

Brittany McAdoo, Bethany

-Eau Claire

Frostburg State

Sarah Mizzoni, Bethany Emily Sechrest, Bethany

Janet Gleason White, Frostburg State

Dorothy Jensen Wheaton, Illinois

Jill Foster Bortel, Defiance College

Margaret Morley Yates, Frostburg State

by Kathryn Yager Brown, Monmouth (IL)

by Laura Arch, Bowling Green State Sarah Gruss, Bowling Green State

Delta Chi Chapter, Northern Iowa

Lynn Ledwitch Reid, Georgia Tech

Linda Ramsey Woyke, Minnesota

Amanda Rees, Bowling Green State

by Kelsey Hastings, Northern Iowa

by Kimbrough Pace Noonan,

by Gwen Hagen, Minnesota

Oksana Tarasenko, Bowling Green State

Karen Ogorzalek, Monmouth

Georgia Tech

Hannah Sweetser, Bethany

Rachele Westlake, Bowling Green State Delta Mu Chapter, Old Dominion

Elma Roane, Memphis State

Elizabeth Bowman, grandmother

by Cleo Parker Long, Memphis State

of Catherine Bowman

Honor Gifts Ruth McLean Roeser, Michigan State

The Foundation recognizes Honor

by Sue Riley Fackler, Ohio State

Gifts given from September 1, 2011,

Betty Berquist Secaur, Michigan State

through December 31, 2011.

Della Akehurst Wilder, Central Michigan

by Evonne Carawan, North Carolina


by Catherine Bowman, Wisconsin

-Eau Claire

Shannon Detert, mother of Gabrielle Detert

Lisa Brown, mother of Rachel Brown by Rachel Brown, Henderson State

by Gabrielle Detert, Wisconsin

-Eau Claire

Betty Tatar Wiseman, Central Michigan


Foundation Peggy Martin Dorsey, West

Nancy Fehrmann Gainer,

Gina Willis Hawkins,

Virginia Wesleyan

Iowa State, for election as Vice

Jacksonville State

by Mary Dorsey Taylor, West

President of Alpha Xi Delta

by Hope Beck Goldsmith, Wisconsin

Virginia Wesleyan

by Judy Erickson, Iowa State

Ashley Dumke, South Dakota State

Gamma Omega, Henderson State,

by Kara Dumke, South Dakota State

for 50th Anniversary

Henderson State

Kendra Becker Lewis, Purdue Beth Henning Polizzotto, Illinois

by Evonne Carawan, North

Jane Fursey Ralston, Mount Union

Carolina State

by Rebekah Lautensauk,

Ohio Northern Sandi Edwards, Kentucky, for

Valdosta State

Katelyn Hilderbrand, Marietta

by Sue Hilton Kenneally,

by Bethany McFarland, Marietta

Valdosta State

Joanette Lima, mother of Danielle Alpert by Danielle Alpert, Cal State

of Alpha Xi Delta

Victoria Gehring, North Carolina

Western Carolina


by Vickie Dinkins Long,

by Faye Gehring, Methodist

San Marcos

Western Carolina Olivia Lockwood, Purdue

Sara Pullis Molnar, Ferris State Epsilon Eta Chapter, South

Nealy Patty Wheat, West Georgia

Willie Anthony Howard,

by Evonne Carawan, North

Carolina State

Northridge Mary Ruth Hadley Snyder, Purdue Leslie Storey, Texas Wesleyan

Gamma Xi Chapter of 1969,

election as National President

Dee Sanders Rasco, New Orleans Marianne Moritz Russo, Cal State,

Gail Hignight, Elon by Alyson Hignight, Elon

Rebekah Lautensauk

Nebraska-Lincoln Jean Koza Leider, Iowa

Betsy King Helber, Mount Union

by Kristie Fox Johnson, Kathy Duncan, aunt of

Michelle Soderquist Hartnett,

Kayla Gengler, South Dakota

Kendra Icenhower, mother

by Kayla Gengler, South Dakota

of Kaitlyn Brooke Icenhower

Dakota State

by Kaitlyn Icenhower,

by Brooke Jensen, South Dakota State

Barbara Warman Wilson

Epsilon Pi Chapter, Jacksonville State

by Krystn Gilbertson Aversa,

Henderson State

by Emily Rehberg, Purdue Sarah Loman, Ohio Northern by Kendra Zedaker, Ohio Northern

Gilbertson, Michigan by Kaci Smith Ogle, Jacksonville State

Michigan State

Iota Epsilon Chapter, Nevada-Las Vegas

Vanessa Lopez, Cal State Stanislaus

by Jessica Maheux, Nevada-Las Vegas

by Daisy Torres, Cal State Stanislaus Anthony & Maria Loya, parents

Amy Falleur, mother of Lauren Falleur

Devin Goodrich, Toledo

Iota Mu Chapter, Lycoming

by Lauren Falleur, Henderson State

by Brandi Conners, Toledo

by Melissa Erlick, Lycoming

of Donna Loya by Donna Loya, Cal San Marcos

Sharon Schneider Groves, East

Charlotte Jay, Indiana

of Roberta Yenchko Fechner

Tennessee State

by Leah Heil, Georgia Tech

by Roberta Yenchko Fechner,

by Lucretia Meece, Tennessee

Krista Fechner, PhD, daughter



Ora Lee Ludwig by Mary Kathryne Caussin

Kappa Chapter, Illinois

Wiedebusch, West Virginia

by Linda Harmeson, Illinois Alycia Fischer, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Mary Hanke, Georgia Tech,

by Kelli Basa, Wisconsin-Eau Claire

August 2011 FVP of the Month

Lindsay Kimball, Alma

Lynn McCalla Luton, Lambuth

by Omega Financial, Inc.

by Margaret Kimball Hazen, Alma

Danielle Fletcher, Cal State Stanislaus by Danielle Dabney, Cal State

Stanislaus Kayla Reeder, Cal State Stanislaus

Brenda Ly, Central Oklahoma Tina Harrison, mother of

Patricia Neffler Lafferty, California

Christin Harrison

-Los Angeles

by Christin Harrison, Henderson

by Elleen Hall Denahy,


California-Los Angeles

Mary Lou Gyourko Fox, Michigan by Beverly Gough Smith, Michigan Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD,

by Katelyn Godfrey, Central

Oklahoma Crystal Mallatt, Defiance by Christina-Marie Drake, Defiance

Sally Weaver Hartory, West Liberty

Julie Lambert, Oregon State

by Brittany Hartory, Bowling

by the 2009-2011 Foundation

Green State

Georgia Institute of Technology

Trustees and Staff Deanna Wollam Detchemendy,

by Evonne Carawan, North

Cal State, Northridge

Carolina State

41 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

by Dorothy Delores Rives, Lambuth

Spring 2012

Joy Vian Martin, Stetson by Doris Lyon Boggs, Stetson

Rebecca Allan Maurer, Iowa

Paulette Trumpp Raburn,

Cynthia Gay Smith, Michigan

by Jamee Maurer Klein,

Bowling Green State

by Shannon Patrick, Rochester

Northern Iowa

by Jessica Raburn Mormino,

Institute of Technology

Bowling Green State Kahlin McKeown, Delaware by Shaylynn Galley, Bowling

Green State

Carolina State

Aimee Racine, Washington

by Betty French Unkel, Ohio State

by Michelle Rutherford, Washington

Kyung Vineyard Erin Studer

by Briona Ramsey, Greensboro

Jane Hooper Sutton, Western

Cheryl Wampler

Carolina, for her Installation as

by Ashley Wampler, Georgia State

Ashley Reynolds, Florida Atlantic

Chairman of NPC

by Michelle Lauber, Florida Atlantic

by Evonne Carawan, North

parents of Briona Ramsey

by Kathy Pape, Edinboro

U of Pennsylvania

Carolina State

by Tim & Kathy Merry, Friends

by Dorothy Meyer, Alpha Deuteron Michaelyn Morehead, mother of

by Lisa Vineyard, Cal State

San Marcos


Christine Meyer, South Dakota

Joe Vineyard, father of Lisa

by Ashley Meekins, Defiance

Guy and Cheryl Ramsey,

of Alpha Xi Delta

Carawan by Evonne Carawan, North

Mary Ruth Hadley Snyder, Purdue

Miriam Miller McKinley,

Jessica Merry, Dartmouth

Mary Varner, niece of Evonne

Lauren Rice, Embry-Riddle

Jean Koza Leider, Iowa


Robin Hartman Lock, Texas

by Rex & Judy Rice, Friends

Sara Pullis Molnar, Ferris State

Tori Morehead

Emily Stoeckmann

by Tori Morehead, Henderson State

by Emily Stoeckmann, Wisconsin

-Eau Claire Deborah Norton, Cal State

of Kristi Wanous by Kristi Wanous, Wisconsin

-Eau Claire Lynne Watters, mother

of Alpha Xi Delta Rita Roepke, grandmother of

Tom & Julie Wanous, parents

Theta Eta, Western Michigan

of Maggie Watters

by Lindsay Scheerhorn,

by Maggie Watters, Alma

Western Michigan Anna Mooring Weaver, East Carolina Theta Iota Seniors, Florida Atlantic by Tabitha Diaz, Florida Atlantic

by Evonne Carawan, North

Carolina State

San Marcos

Brenna Romano, Florida Atlantic

by Katie Curry, Cal State San Marcos

by Jean Sauer DeFrances, Florida State

Theta Xi Seniors 2011-12,

Stephanie Wilborn, Cal State

Florida International


Nicole Shirilla, Indiana U of

by Thomas Jelke, Friend of

by Danielle Fletcher, Cal State

Donna Loya, Cal State San Marcos Joann Schneider Pausner,

Pennsylvania, June 2011 FVP


of the Month

by Janet McKenzie Jensen,

by Omega Financial, Inc.


Alpha Xi Delta Amanda Thomas, Lyon by Krystle Perkins Henry, Lyon

Kelci Pearce, Christian Brothers

Ohio Northern

Norma Jean Tiller

by Toscha & Michael Brady,

by Kimberly Chase, Ohio Northern

by Lucinda Tiller Cordo, Tennessee

Margaret Slocum, Georgia State,

Joan Rohde Trafford, Wisconsin

Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter for

for her 90th birthday

for her marriage to Frank L. Trafford

100 years continued existence

by Jennifer Bellas Lee, Old Dominion

by Virginia Drick Messing,

Ohio Wesleyan

by Judy Maxwell Schaeffer, Yasmeen Smalley, Rochester

Institute of Technology Melissa Potosky, Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers

Northern Iowa

Kelcie Wittman, Wisconsin-Eau Claire by Natalie Booth, Wisconsin

Friend of Alpha Xi Delta

by Rebekah Meadows Dedwylder,

Caprice Buchmeier Witt, by Jodi Levell, Northern Iowa

Jill Schoenberger Simmons,

Monmouth (IL)


by Tika Siburt, Rochester Institute

of Technology

-Eau Claire Abby Johnson, Wisconsin-Eau Claire Marjorie Wolf by Kayleigh Walls, Penn State

Angela Carawan Varner,

East Carolina

Daphne Wright, Southern

by Evonne Carawan, North

Polytechnic State

Carolina State

by Gwen Dixon, Friend of Alpha Xi Delta


Chapter Eternal The Spring Chapter Eternal includes all the names of Sisters whose passing was reported to Fraternity Headquarters between September 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012. Sisters are listed alphabetically in chapter order, along with their initiation year. To notify the Fraternity of a Sister’s passing, please send an obituary notice, memorial service pamphlet or other written confirmation to Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters.

Alpha Chapter Lombard College/Knox College Marjorie Bechtel Blair ’46 Beta Chapter Iowa Wesleyan College Margaret Deahl Hileman ’42 Ruth Crane Looker ’30 Gladys Hoffman Minear ’24 Marion Aumann Miner ’43 Gamma Chapter University of Mount Union Ada Reynolds Anderson ’44 Epsilon Chapter University of South Dakota Dottie Strain Viehweg ’56 Dorothy Ullery White ’36 Zeta Chapter Wittenberg University Carolyn Ann Koehring Kunde ’57 Coila Lichtenberger Mosey ’47 Anita Ann Forbeck Smetters ’58 Eta Chapter Syracuse University Pauline Wily Delmonte ’31 Suzanne Calarco Garner ’67 Edith Quimby Holland ’33 Jean Cile Marchetta ’46

43 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Chapter University of Wisconsin Judith Beiring Berndt ’54 Janet Lucal Grant ’49 Doris Tomlinson Hamby ’40 Beverly Ploenske Labelle ’56 Marilyn Shores Smith ’46 Iota Chapter West Virginia University Layvonne McCoy Cagey ’40 Louise Lucas Knauss ’39 Kappa Chapter University of Illinois Christy Knaak Ebel ’43 Mu Chapter University of Minnesota Eleanor Johnson Andersen ’31 Frances Crawford Jung ’39 Donna Aldritt Neale ’56 Norma Rodsater ’38 Linda Ramsey Woyke ’58 Nu Chapter University of Washington Sara Louise Downing Schneider ’61 Xi Chapter University of Kentucky Carol Thorp O’Loane ’58 Frances Williams Ross ’40 Eloise Carrel Satterfield ’33 Betty Jane Chapman Walker ’40 Omicron Chapter University of California-Berkeley Jane Hightower Cypra ’47 Cecilia Zerr Long ’51 Joann Frances Schneider Pausner ’48 Evelyn Montgomery Risedorph ’43

Spring 2012

Pi Chapter Ohio University Marya Mason Baker ’54 Alice Morris Conner ’26 Mary Sue Spiess ’55 Rho Chapter University of Nebraska-Lincoln Marjorie Bowers ’45 Sigma Chapter University of Iowa Pamela Edgerton Houston ’81 Wilma Edmondson Hudson ’47 Tau Chapter University of New Hampshire Joan Katie Clough Collins ’52 Andrea Ann Hopf Loth ’59 Phi Chapter Albion College Carole Hague ’68 Florence Spalding Sharp ’48 Psi Chapter The Ohio State University Edith Marie Franklin Cobb ’44 Joan Frankenberger Crawford ’53 Patricia Fleming Foster ’79 Ruth Mager Kessler ’35 Melba Beck Wilson ’37 Omega Chapter Stetson University Marilou Deeming Horton ’49 Alpha Beta Chapter Cornell University Nancy Faesch Bullock ’44 Alpha Delta Chapter Oregon State University Marcia Cameron Durburaw ’58

Alpha Epsilon Chapter University of Michigan Erma Erlewine Hetzler ’39 Alpha Zeta Chapter University of Oklahoma Frances Maschal Landers ’34 Alpha Eta Chapter Purdue University Valerie Goluch Flournoy ’60 Mary Harvey Hegarty ’31 Carole Lee Melton Martin ’53 Jan Madill Ray ’51 Alpha Theta Chapter Northwestern University Beverly Spencer Schroeder Baitz ’53 Donna Field Hannibal ’45 Susan Heinzel Schroeder ’55 Alpha Iota Chapter Drake University Phyllis Timmins Gill ’30 Alpha Kappa Chapter Kansas State University Agnes Bane Chartier ’26 Phyllis Russell Greathouse ’46 Terran Hawks Schletzbaum ’71 Rachael Stueder ’09 Lois Kopper Stump ’37 Alpha Lambda Chapter University of Oregon Cathy Lou Bjork ’66 Geraldine Hettinger Scofield ’48 Susan Shaw ’66 Alpha Mu Chapter Ohio Wesleyan University Alice Adams Cook ’45 Marion Cherry Dillon ’45 Donna Jean Grener Freeman ’47 Shirley Holzer Jeffrey ’51 Joy Cisler Meyer ’53 Norma Jean Hall Sumner ’43

Alpha Xi Chapter University of CaliforniaLos Angeles Cynthia Isabell Smith Brown ’36 Alpha Tau Chapter University of Alabama Betty Price Brown ’49 Alpha Psi Chapter University of Denver Dorothy Lois Jones Liebersbach ’36 Alpha Omega Chapter Florida State University Sarah Cubbon Ball ’61 Juanita Gomez Harris ’57 Beta Delta Chapter Denison University Janet Metzger Dennison ’43 Beta Epsilon Chapter Monmouth College Jean Kyle Bauer ’43 Ruth Acheson Spindler ’48 Irene Walzer Trumble ’38 Joyce Treleaven Walons ’46 Beta Zeta Chapter Lake Forest College Mary Elizabeth Longbrake ’32 Beta Eta Chapter University of Maryland Sandra Patterson Winand ’56 Beta Iota Chapter Louisiana State University Sherle Selle Abramson ’41 Gladys Treuil Ryan ’69 Beta Lambda Chapter Pennsylvania State University Rose Maust Dwyer ’50 Dorothy Beam Quackenbush ’42

Beta Mu Chapter Bowling Green State University Rosemary Johnston Baker ’46 Marguerite Hogan Callahan ’49 Ruth Loudenslagel Lytle ’44 Beta Nu Chapter Culver Stockton College Barbara Jean Ferriman Schone ’55 Beta Xi Chapter Marietta College Elizabeth Torreson Jones ’56 Joyce Rupert Kerze ’68 Beta Omicron Chapter Missouri Valley College Marian Hartley Hill ’53 Beta Pi Chapter Indiana University Jean Springsteen Bart ’62 Beta Sigma Chapter West Virginia Wesleyan College Patricia Higgins Roberts ’50 Beta Tau Chapter Kent State University Doris Heupel Kot ’47 Beta Phi Chapter University of Connecticut Alice Dorizzi Franconi ’48 Beta Chi Chapter Gettysburg College Barbara Anne Erb Bowlby ’51 Beta Omega Chapter Memphis State University Elma Roane ’49 Gamma Alpha Chapter San Diego State University Evelyn Smith Folkins ’60 Evelyn Grinnell Hobart ’49

Gamma Delta Chapter University of Nebraska at Omaha Ellen Forehead Finnegan ’50 Peggy Hooton Sandene ’72 Gamma Lambda Chapter University of Tennessee Kimberly Clarke ’98

Theta Nu Chapter Elon University Amy Salmon ’96 Theta Sigma Chapter University of Central Florida Rosa Morell ’04

Gamma Mu Chapter Ripon College Amy Barnes Frey ’81 Gamma Nu Chapter Southeast Missouri State University Sondra Helling Crouse ’59 Gamma Omicron Chapter Central Michigan University Shirley Green Jones ’68 Gamma Pi Chapter Northern Illinois University Patricia O’Neill Hamilton ’69 Betty Jo Blakslee Reynolds ’62 Delta Iota Chapter Chadron State College Judith Johnson Hale ’63 Delta Tau Chapter University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Kandy Kostka ’00 Delta Psi Chapter Texas State University-San Marcos Sharon Elaine Eckhart ’74 Epsilon Alpha Chapter University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Jada Brunk ’07 Epsilon Iota Chapter Newberry College Kathy Blanche Moore ’77


From the Archives

“Beta Etas on their way to early morning classes opened their chapter house door to find Testudo, University of Maryland’s famous terrapin mascot, lodged on the doorstep. Tradition has it that if the terrapin is not there during the time the football team in playing, the outcome will be fatal for Maryland. With a game approaching, rumors spread over College Park campus that opponents kidnapped him. Everyone was relieved when the Alpha Xis reported the 400-pound giant safe.”-The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta, February 1948 We look forward going back home to Maryland this fall! For more information on the recolonization of the Beta Eta Chapter, please contact, or call Fraternity Headquarters.

45 The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta

Spring 2012

Living Our


…Without bitterness or defeat, we may encounter misfortune and with humility meet success… By Elvira Esparza Bencomo, New Mexico State ‘03 These are the words we, as Sisters of Alpha Xi Delta, recite at every meeting. Unfortunately, sometimes the bitterness and defeat can work its way into our lives and take over. When this happens, overcoming those feelings of bitterness and defeat and those events that occur in our lives is one of the hardest things to do. However, I personally was able to overcome the bitterness and defeat that somehow entered my world. The year 2011 was coming to an end, and it had been an amazing year for me. I got married, my younger sister moved to Phoenix and my husband and I finally got a place of our own. I had always been the kind of person who would do anything to help out my close friends and family. That is why I never gave it a second thought when I agreed to let my cousin move in with us when he needed a place to stay. I grew up with him; we are only three months apart in age. I never had a reason to question if I would be safe with him around. Things were great, and we had no problems. That was until December 11, 2011 – the day my world changed. That evening, I was stabbed a total of nine times. After the attack, I was hospitalized for four days and had to undergo two surgeries. The first operation was to repair some tendons, nerves and arteries in my right hand. The second surgery was to repair the nerves on the right side of my face. Currently, I am in therapy to regain movement in my right hand and do not have function of the muscles on the right side of my face. After the attack, I felt alone and had no one to share my feelings with. I talked about the attack, but never really gave others many details. I held in my feelings and became depressed and very antisocial. Eventually, with the help of my friends and family, I was able to start overcoming the effects of the attack. My Alpha Xi Delta Sisters were an amazing support. Even though we do not live in the same area, my chapter Sisters sent me inspiring messages through Facebook and prayers that helped me more than anyone could have expected. The Phoenix Alumnae Association sent me flowers and personalized cards. It helped me so much, and having my Sisters by my side was something I will always cherish.

Elvira (pictured left) with the Phoenix Alumnae Association President, Frances Archuleta.

Many times people do not want to talk about their issues and continue to keep their feelings bottled up inside. From this event, I learned that talking to someone is a good way to start healing. Communication is something everyone needs. Talk to your Sisters, your family or even a therapist. That’s what I did, and although I’m still recovering from the trauma, I take it one day at a time and constantly tell myself I will not be defeated. Overcoming a traumatic event is something not many people know about or know how to deal with. No one should have to suffer alone. Knowing that I came out of my depression with the help of my friends, family and Sisters gives me a feeling of success. It has now been a few months since the attack, and I am still scared, but I know if I need someone, my Sisters are just a phone call away. Knowing this will help me overcome my bitterness and defeat so I “may grow in courage, graciousness and peace.”


Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity 8702 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268





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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2012  
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2012  

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