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If you could give one piece of advice to our undergraduate women about Alpha Xi Delta and life in college, what would it be? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• What’s your favorite summer tradition? Submit your response to for possible entry in the next issue of The Quill.

It isn’t all about events that are planned; sometimes the best memories come from impromptu moments. Don’t be afraid of the unplanned! - Annamarie Travvett, South Dakota State ’08

My biggest piece of advice would be never take one another for granted. Cherish your Sisters and the memories that you make together and always have each other’s back. Near or far, your Alpha Xi Delta Sisters will always have your heart. My Delta Kappa family still remains a big part of my life and always will. TFJ

Stop being so self critical and constantly seeking approval of others. Be true to yourself and find confidence in the ability to realize your potential through our great Fraternity. Through the love and support of Alpha Xi Delta, you will find inner strength and a fearlessness that you never knew existed. You shouldn’t care what others think of you more than what you think of yourself. Be strong, confident and the powerful woman you are each and every day!

- Kayla Tandarich Menart,

- Nicole Pace, George Mason ’98

Slippery Rock ’06

Don’t sweat the small stuff. The things you worry about in college are the things you wish you could worry about when you are in the “real world.” Enjoy your time in the sorority being with your friends! - Kenna Schmeling, Iowa ’99

Spend more time with your Sisters and less time with your boyfriend. Twenty years later, your Sisters will matter more. - Cindy DelGiorno, Millersville ’93

Remember those moments when you looked your worst; sweatpants, hair a mess, where you spent all evening laughing, talking and staying up way too late... Or maybe the night you randomly decided to pile five deep in a small SUV and take a road trip just because. No picture can capture it and no distance will make you lose its memory. So stay up late, laugh too much and enjoy your tees and sweats for as long as possible. After all, the real world won’t let you have that back. - Ashton Blackwood, West Georgia ’09



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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2014  
The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2014