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“My future Sister, the wonderful thing about this is that you have an entire network of strong women who will guide you and help you and love you through your work.”

position, they will support you in your events, and they

Dear Future Sister,

will challenge you to grow. Your Sisters see something

I am so excited right now, and I hope you are, too! The sorority you are about to join has blessed me in so many ways, and I cannot wait to see how she will bless you. I can see the excitement, the hope, the potential in your eyes. When I got my bid to join Alpha Xi Delta, I cried. To put things in perspective, I rarely cry. So, the fact that tears came to my eyes when I opened my envelope and saw the Crest of Alpha Xi Delta, shows you how excited and proud I was to have been selected as a new member of Alpha Xi Delta. And the moment when I got to join my new Sisters is a memory that I will hold close to my heart forever. I hope you smiled, screamed, and yelled “yes!” when you saw the Crest of Alpha Xi Delta on your bid card. And I hope you will remember the moment when you ran out to join your new Sisters.

The best parts of being a Sister of Alpha Xi Delta

start with having someone to wave and smile at you when you walk across campus, someone to eat with in the cafeteria, or a study buddy to help you do your best in your class. It’s someone to offer a kind word when you need it most. Then, to dig deeper, the best parts of being an Alpha Xi Delta Sister include taking a leadership position, if you so choose to. You may be nervous, wondering if you got in over your head, and worrying that you will let people down. My future Sister, the wonderful thing about this is that you have an entire network of strong women who will guide you and help you and love you through your work. They will

wonderful in you; they help you because they want you to realize your potential and become the strong woman I know you can be.

Sisterhood in Alpha Xi Delta keeps getting

better when you step off campus. This past summer, I had the privilege to attend to the 52nd National Convention in Chicago. And oh, future Sister, what an incredible opportunity this was! It warmed my heart to see these women still coming together to celebrate Alpha Xi Delta. That’s how you know you are a part of something special.

Future Sister, there may be days where you

wonder why you are here. You may have times where you feel discouraged, wonder where you belong. It is in these moments when I most thankful for my Sisters. When I feel down, my Sisters remind me of the love that I have for Alpha Xi Delta, and how to be a woman of courage, graciousness, and peace. My Sisters give me the courage to keep my head up and believe that everything will be alright. Lastly, my Sisters help me to find peace in myself, in my activities, and in whatever circumstance I’m in.

My future Sister, I’m so excited to meet you! You

will do wonderful things for your chapter, I know it. Alpha Xi Delta has helped me to realize my potential, and grow into a woman I had always hoped to be, but never thought possible. I hope Alpha Xi Delta does the same for you.

- Diana Kloboves, Mount Union ’16

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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2018  

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Spring 2018