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Save the Date: Summer Programming Preview The Workout May 31 – June 3 at the University of Maryland The Workout offers powerful training to provide members with all the tools, resources and ideas they need to make their chapter’s recruitment process unparalleled. Follow along on social media with #AXiDTWO.

The Founders’ Academy June 7-10 at the University of Maryland The Founders’ Academy (TFA) is a comprehensive experience, designed for Chapter Presidents and emerging leaders, that is centered on StrengthsQuest™. At TFA, attendees will explore what makes each of them uniquely talented, how they can apply those talents to advance themselves both individually and within leadership roles, and leave with pride for both themselves and Alpha Xi Delta. Follow along on social media with #AXiDTFA.

Summer Immersion Experience June 3-8 at the University of Maryland This program allows collegiate members to gain a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorders by collaborating and developing connections with Autism Speaks while spending a week fully immersed in the four pillars of our partner’s mission: understanding and acceptance, family services, advocacy and research. Follow along on social media with #AXiDSI.

Volunteer Leadership Conference June 22-24 in Dallas, Texas Volunteer Leadership Conference (VLC) allows national volunteers to spend a weekend getting to know other Sisters who are serving in national volunteer roles, while using their ideas and talents for the betterment of the Fraternity. This conference is a time for brainstorming, collaboration and much more. Follow along on social media with #AXiDVLC.

Tales from the Road As an Educational Leadership Consultant, I have had the opportunity to travel to ten Alpha Xi Delta chapters this past semester, five of which are new chapters that were only founded in the past five years. I have taken more than 30 flights, and visited Chicago O’Hare airport twice as many times as my own home. In only six months, this journey has taught me so much. 1. No matter how big or small, each campus and city has so much to offer. My travels have taken me to major cities, like Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. and small communities, like Springfield, Ohio, and Bethany, West Virginia. Each of these places has treasures all their own, like the sandwiches at Chambers General Store in Bethany or attending Sisterhood events on the National Mall.

By Taylor Germain, West Virginia Wesleyan ’14

2. Every chapter is unique, so my job is constantly changing. In working with new chapters, I help to establish a foundation that will impact how these chapters grow and flourish for years to come. I have the privilege of working with countless young women in these chapters who share a passion for Alpha Xi Delta and its values, and astound me every day with their eagerness to dedicate themselves to their roles. 3. Most of all, I have learned that I have the best job in the world! I have grown as a leader, as a professional and as a woman. I have grown through my friendships with the other Educational Leadership Consultants, I have grown through my consultations with chapter leaders and I have grown through my countless interactions with TSA agents (nothing bad!). No other job could afford me the opportunity to realize my potential quite like serving as an Educational Leadership Consultant has, and I look forward to the next six months as we continue to hit the road to inspire women to realize their potential.


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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Winter 2018  

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Winter 2018