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TERESA SYDORKO, Rider ’06 Teresa currently serves as the Director of Communication for Delco Development, a commercial real estate company based in southern New Jersey that specializes in land acquisition, revitalization and hotel operations and management. The core of her work centers around issuing press releases, running the company’s social media channels and building relationships through networking. In October 2017, she was named an Emerging Leader in the Burlington County Times. Previous to that, in April 2017, she was presented with the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Voice of Business Chairman’s Award. She has also received acknowledgments in The Southern New Jersey Business People’s 40 Under 40 (2016), South Jersey Biz Magazine’s 20 under 40 (2015), and the Burlington County Times 40 Under 40 (2014).

“Alpha Xi Delta has given me the leadership skills to excel in business. Take this time to

appreciate the season you are in. Celebrate your accomplishments as they take place. Time flies, you will look back one day and say “Wow, that really was spectacular,” said Teresa.


DR. LAURA RAMSEY, Northern Iowa ’00 In 2004, Laura graduated from graduate school where her thesis project was to analyze how the signals in the cells of the immune system go haywire during autoimmune diseases and leukemia. In 2009, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to do post-doctoral training at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Now, she resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the Assistant Professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where she does research into how a child’s genes influence his/her response to medication. Most of Laura’s days are spent analyzing data, writing grants or manuscripts, preparing for presentations, listening to seminars or attending meetings. In November, she spoke in front of the Children’s Hospital Association, which includes the leaders of all the children’s hospitals in the U.S.

“Professionally, the accomplishment I’m most proud of is my first grant that was funded. It was a grant within the hospital

where I was competing against much more experienced researchers with big labs and only 20% were funded. I got $111,000 to perform a series of experiments, which included salary support for my graduate student and research assistant,” said Laura.


MEGAN YUNN, Marietta ’03 Megan, known as Megs, loves a good party. Five years ago, she founded Beverly’s Birthdays, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing birthday parties for homeless children in the Pittsburgh region. The idea to form this company came to Megs while she was volunteering at a local afterschool program and met a young girl named Beverly. Through getting to know Beverly, Megs discovered that Beverly had never had a birthday party before and an idea was sparked. Today, Beverly’s Birthdays partners with 57 agencies and 68 schools in the Pittsburgh area to host about 120 group parties a year for children who otherwise might not get their own special celebration. They interact with more than 2,200 children and families each year through their uniquely themed parties. Beverly’s Birthdays has been featured in Parents and Family Circle magazines. Megs was featured in Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 under 40 as a nominee and most recently, Beverly’s Birthdays was featured this past October during a segment on “NBC’s Nightly News.” “Don’t underestimate the value of service. It really means something,” said Megs. “There is comradery in giving. The work you do really does matter.”

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The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Winter 2018  

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Winter 2018