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Michele (left) with incoming National President Micaela Isler during the Installation of National Council at Convention 2017.

Thoughts from Michele


pending four days in The Windy City meeting hundreds of Alpha Xi Deltas at our National Convention and celebrating this past biennium’s accomplishments was the perfect way to end my term as your National President. The past two years have seen the Fraternity grow, change and sparkle in so many ways. We created new programs to further engage our Sisters, kicked off of a national sponsorship for Autism Speaks Walk events, welcomed Sisters home to new and updated chapter facilities and brought more than 4,500 Sisters into our fold through recruitment. National Convention is a wonderful time for us to celebrate and reflect on our past accomplishments, then set our sights high for the next biennium. I encourage you to read the National Convention recap that starts on page 14. You can also turn to social media and search #AXiDChicago to check out posts and updates from attendees.



/ Summer/Fall 2017

With our 125th anniversary coming up quickly in April 2018, I know this biennium will be one for the history books. The woman who is leading this charge, alongside the 2017-2019 National Vice Presidents, is our new National President, Micaela Isler. She is an initiate of Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas – Austin. Micaela resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband and daughter and is currently the Assistant Vice President for Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. She has been a long-time Alpha Xi Delta volunteer, with her most recent role as a National Vice President. I’m excited to see Micaela step into the role of National President, and I know her leadership skills and passion to continue making Alpha Xi Delta a best in class organization will make a significant impact on our beloved Fraternity. You can learn more about Micaela and the National Vice Presidents on pages 26-27.

Some of my most cherished memories during my time as National President have been celebrating our Sisterhood with you at installations and anniversary celebrations. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the other 25 Inter/National Presidents to help define the future of the sorority experience. Most of all, I have been honored to proudly say I served as your National President. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to celebrating 125 years of Alpha Xi Delta with you soon. Oh, and save the date for Convention 2019! We’ll be celebrating in Seattle July 3-6, 2019 at The Westin Seattle.


Michele Herbst Evink National President


Meet our New Travel Team | Our

2017-18 Educational Leadership Consultants and Leadership Coaches are ready to hit the road to inspire Sisters to realize their potential.


National Convention 2017 Recap | We had a great time at National Convention in Chicago! View photos and highlights from this historical event.


Reenergizing Our Brand | Alpha Xi Deltas in attendance at Convention 2017 received the first look at Alpha Xi Delta’s new brand, a project that was in the works for more than a year.


State of the Fraternity | Learn more about Alpha Xi Delta’s accomplishments from this past biennium.

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/ Summer/Fall 2017

It has seriously disturbed me for my whole adult life that women have been labeled in social publications as Mrs. “Insert Husband’s Full Name Here”. I could never understand it. I may have taken my husband’s last name, but never his first. Some women choose not to take their partner’s last name, but we all have our own given first names. This practice finally began to break down (by female demand) in the 70’s, as women fought to get credit cards, housing leases and automobile titles in their own names. When I received my first Quill in the late 60’s, the first thing I did was advise the Fraternity that I wanted my records in my own name, and certainly after a divorce I even changed my last name back. It truly surprised me to see the picture of four Past National Presidents in the Spring 2017 Quill, three of them identified by their husband’s names only, when contemporary members, myself included, knew them by their own first names. The exception was Dr. Van Buskirk, whose advanced degree may have finally earned her the right to be called by her real name. Hard to believe that a women’s organization publication honoring their own members would identify them by their husband’s names, whether historically in archives or especially now. I understand you were probably publishing something directly from your archives, but full names should have been added. Who their husbands were has no bearing on their Fraternity achievements. Sorry, if this seems like a rant, but I lived and fought those personal identity battles along with many other women. It made me very angry then and now and I never want us to go back for the sake of our daughters’ identities. -- Marilyn Jungst Forsstrom, Illinois Urbana-Champaign ’68

Editor’s Note: You are correct; The caption was a re-publish of something from the archives in a past issue of The Quill. The women shown on page 47 of the spring 2017 issue of The Quill are (left to right): Ruth Fowler Brown, Ethel Garnier Thompson, Mary Burt Brooks Nash and Dr. Elizabeth Van Buskirk. Thank you for sharing your comments, Marilyn.

What’s on your mind? Have a comment about an article in The Quill? Drop us an email at quilleditor@alphaxidelta.org or send a note to The Quill, 8702 Founders Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268. We reserve the right to select letters for publication and to edit for style and length.


what’s trending now Revitalized Member Development Program Alpha Xi Delta is excited to implement Inspire, a revamped member development program, this fall with our collegiate members. Through observations, utilization of a focus group, and data collected from an undergraduate member education survey, Inspire was created in order to meet new needs and provide best-inclass programming. In recognizing the Fraternity’s vision of inspiring women to realize their potential and the mission of enriching the life of every Alpha Xi Delta, we are confident this program will be a key element in the personal development of our members, chapters and the growth of the Fraternity as a whole. The purpose of Inspire is to retain the focus on helping members grow and learn as individuals. Focusing on the intellectual, professional and personal growth of the individual not only supports member success after college, but also contributes to the overall health and growth of chapters.

New Chapter Officer Structure At this summer’s National Convention, Alpha Xi Delta unveiled the new collegiate officer structure that will go into effect for the 2018 officer year. The current structure is still in place until next election/officer transitions. For more information about this change, please contact memberservices@alphaxidelta.org.

Lost Sister Search One in two Alpha Xi Deltas is missing a piece of contact information that is critical to staying connected to the Fraternity. Alpha Xi Delta celebrates 125 years of Sisterhood in 2018, and we want to share that milestone with as many Sisters as possible! The Lost Sister Search is now available at alphaxidelta.org and on the dashboard feature in Exclusively Xi. You can search for Sisters by name, chapter, initiation year or university. You can submit missing information for a Sister, or invite her to update her own member record.

Letters of Love Alpha Xi Delta will host our second annual Letters of Love campaign this November. We encourage all Sisters to share their stories through this fundraising initiative for Autism Speaks. We all have stories to share about how autism has touched our lives. You may be a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or friend to someone affected by autism. You may be an educator or a researcher. Or, just simply a Sister who has a heart for service and philanthropy. Regardless of your place in the story, your commitment to do more, raise more and be more for Autism Speaks is important. Visit www.alphaxidelta.org for more information about Letters of Love. You can download a sample letter to share with your circle of influence in Exclusively Xi’s Resource Center.




A I realized my potential when I completed Basic Combat Training & Advanced Individual Training for the U.S. Army. #BestOfBothWorlds

I think for me I started to realize my potential when I was asked to attend The Founders’ Academy last summer. At that moment, I realized that my Sisters must believe in me to be a leader so then it was time to believe in myself.

I don’t think there is ever a point where you fully realize your potential. Alpha Xi Delta has shown me that as I grow older, gain more life experiences and face more challenges, my potential continues to grow. Alpha Xi Delta continuously teaches me how to conquer my challenges and face my fears. The business aspect of the Sisterhood, and the wonderful women who I am lucky enough to call my Sisters, have both taught me valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my life. So, I guess if I had to chose one moment when I began to realize my potential, it would be when I first met my Theta Alpha Sisters and my life changed forever.

- Amy Strawser, Mount Union ’14

- Katelyn Lamb, Millersville ’15

–Andrea Gunp, Kent State ’15

The Delta Chapter received the Anna Ruth Bourne Scholarship Cup for having the highest GPA among the sororities on campus during the fall 2016 academic semester. President Danielle Vealy proudly accepted the award at the annual Spring Honors Convocation ceremony.


- Lindsay Hierro, Las Vegas ’15

 t what moment A did you realize your potential?

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Next Issue: Share with us the three words that best represent your Alpha Xi Delta experience. Submit your response to quilleditor@alphaxidelta.org for possible entry in the next issue of The Quill.



The moment my big Sister pushed me to take on more leadership roles because she knew I could do it, and I got the position.

/ Summer/Fall 2017



Sisters of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Western Kentucky were welcomed back to campus this fall with a new chapter facility. The National Housing Corporation (NHC), housing staff and CSL Management worked together to acquire a property through a long-term lease located at 1508 Chestnut Street in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This project was a complete re-build and re-model that began in the spring of 2017. Eighteen Sisters

will be able to live in the facility, and it will also serve as a place to gather for executive board meetings, special events and recruitment. The Epsilon Kappa Chapter was originally installed on April 1, 1967, and the chapter remained on Western Kentucky’s campus until 1993. The chapter was reinstalled on January 29, 2012 and has continued to flourish since that time. For more information about the NHC, please contact Jennifer Foster, Director of Housing, at jfoster@alphaxidelta.org.

“One of my best memories while in college was living in the Epsilon Kappa Chapter house. It provided a place for Sisters to gather, to grow closer as friends and Sisters, and to build a community. When the chapter was recolonized, it was our hope that a chapter house could soon be secured so that this new generation of Epsilon Kappa Chapter Sisters could also realize their potential with the assistance of the community building properties of a chapter house. Now, thanks to the efforts of the Alpha Xi Delta National Housing Corporation, Epsilon Kappa Chapter Sisters will be moving into a brand new house on Chestnut Street. The new chapter house is located amid other fraternity and sorority chapter houses for Western Kentucky University Greek chapters. This wonderful new facility will provide a gathering place for Sisters, for alumnae returning to campus, for prospective new members to meet the chapter members, and an established location for the chapter to call home.” – Paige Faries, Western Kentucky ’71



REBRANDING Photo Credit: Texas Tech Athletics


Sisters in attendance at Convention 2017 received the first look at Alpha Xi Delta’s new brand, a project that was in the works for more than a year. With the last Fraternity rebrand taking place in 2007, Alpha Xi Delta decided the time was right to reenergize our current look, while keeping true to our mission, vision and unique insignia our Quill badge. The former brand served us well for many years, but our organization and the world around us has grown significantly since that time. The Fraternity didn’t even have a Facebook page in 2007!



/ Summer/Fall 2017

Alpha Xi Delta partnered with Rhyme and Reason Design, A Fresh Look based in Atlanta, Georgia, to conduct research about our brand, Along with our new brand comes a fresh look online for what our members liked and disliked about our former brand, our Fraternity website, www.alphaxidelta.org, and our chapter the type of women who make up our Sisterhood and what websites, provided by The GINSystem. This project began nearly would be appealing to multiple generations of women. Through a year ago as well and really took a deeper look at how Alpha surveys and in-person focus Xi Deltas, our friends and groups, many common themes family use our website to emerged when participants find the information they were asked to identify what need. The website menu words would be used to was restructured to include describe Alpha Xi Delta. separate menus for collegiate Intelligent, loyal, fun, inspiring and alumnae Sisters, with and genuine were noted often specific information for as characteristics of our brand. each audience under their Using this information, respective menus. The the design team went to homepage received a total work to create a mark that facelift complete with video would encompass these playing in the background, CHAPTER WEBSITES characteristics, while staying call out buttons to the most true to our mission and values. visited pages and a simple, The quill was kept in the new clean and easy to follow brand since it is one of Alpha format. We hope you’ll enjoy Xi Delta’s dearest and most this new website. If you have recognizable symbols and trouble locating information, reflects the Fraternity’s open please use the search bar motto: The pen is mightier located at the top right of the than the sword. The script website or email at font used for “Alpha Xi Delta” fhq@alphaxidelta.org. was fashioned to reflect the Our chapters also fun, feminine spirit of our received updated websites Sisterhood. to reflect our new branding. As our symbols never Through a partnership with change, neither do our colors. The GINSystem, chapters can To accompany our primary select one of three templates, colors of light blue, dark blue update the site with its own and gold, there are three information and connect its secondary colors: BetXi Bear social media channels to the Blue, Loyal Lavender and Pink site. Featured are the three Rose. The secondary colors should never stand alone on their own options available to chapters. Please note these examples feature in communication pieces, but instead, should always be present placeholder text and are not populated by a chapter. To find a with at least one of our primary colors. chapter and view its website, please visit www.alphaxidelta.org To download the official logos and the Brand Standards Guide, and select “Locate a Chapter” under “Collegiate” on the menu. please visit Exclusively Xi’s Resource Center. We’d love to get your feedback on this new look! Please email your comments to quilleditor@alphaxidelta.org. To view our brand reveal video, visit http://bit.ly/2umd1uE.




Meet our 2017

Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs) and Leadership Coaches (LCs) began their travels across the country to provide support and guidance to Alpha Xi Delta chapters and inspire young women to realize their potential. Educational Leadership Consultants assist chapters with member development, officer transitions and recruitment planning. ELCs ensure our collegiate Sisters receive a positive member experience and inspire the next generation of Alpha Xi Deltas to become leaders on their campuses and within their communities. Leadership Coaches foster member development through building life skills, facilitating StrengthsQuest™ and implementing the Inspire program in collegiate chapters. Leadership Coaches foster member development through building life skills, facilitating StrengthsQuest™ and implementing the Inspire program in collegiate chapters. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, LCs make personal connections that inspire members to see their personal leadership qualities and put them into action in their chapter and campus communities. Educational Leadership Consultants

About the Programs

Trisha Bedsole, University of Texas at Austin Natalie Engel, Rochester Institute of Technology Taylor Germain, West Virginia Wesleyan University Holly Johnson, Eastern Washington University Kellie Kou, University of Washington Shelby Lasky, Eastern Michigan University Tia McNair, University of North Carolina-Wilmington Rebecca Reed, Lycoming College Allison Russell, Western Carolina University Natalie Sobierajski, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alpha Xi Delta looks for well-rounded Sisters with chapter officer experience, campus involvement, good leadership, solid academic record and stellar communication skills to serve as Educational Leadership Consultants and Leadership Coaches. Applications for these programs are located in Exclusively Xi’s Resource Center, and Sisters are encouraged to apply during their senior year. As an ELC or LC, Sisters develop invaluable life skills such as flexibility, increased self-confidence, conflict management skills, project management and the ability to inspire motivation in others through teamwork. Learn more about these programs at www.alphaxidelta.org.

Leadership Coaches Jaime Koehler, Western Michigan University Halle Ponter, University of Toledo

10 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017


18 Travel Team sha Tri

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The Empowerment Network In 2015, Alpha Xi Delta launched an alumnae survey to gain insight into the desires and needs of her members and to assist with the creation and implementation of experiences and programs that enhance lifetime membership. Survey results overwhelmingly indicated two needs: 1) the desire for volunteer opportunities that lend to time flexibility and 2) the desire to connect with other Sisters through the benefits of mentoring. Since then, Fraternity volunteers and staff have analyzed those results, comments and researched additional benefits. All of this has lead to the introduction of an amazing new experience for all members. Alpha Xi Delta is excited to launch The Empowerment Network (TEN), Alpha Xi Delta’s mentoring program exclusively for collegians and dues-paying* alumnae. TEN will give our current collegiate members an opportunity to connect with Alpha Xi Delta alumnae as well as increase alumna to alumna connections. Whether you’re an alumna looking to share your experiences and advice with current collegians or a collegian trying to navigate life after college and beyond, TEN is for you. The name TEN was chosen as a nod to the women who started it all – our ten Founders. Alpha Xi Delta’s Founders taught us the value of education as it frees us to achieve our goals and gives us the power to be whoever we choose. They taught us to support one another through shared experiences and understanding, and because of them, Alpha Xi Delta continues to inspire countless bold and talented women to realize their potential every day. Mentoring allows Sisters to give back and get more from Alpha Xi Delta. Seventy-five percent of millennials want a mentor, and fifty-eight percent of them turn to baby boomers first for advice, according to HireVue.com. TEN provides a unique and exclusive opportunity for Sisters to connect, engage, mentor or be mentored and impact generations of Alpha Xi Delta women. Who can create an account in The Empowerment Network? Current collegians and dues paying* alumnae Sisters can create an account in TEN. If you sign up and it says you already have an account, it’s because Alpha Xi Delta has imported your email from our database and you’ll simply need to click “reset password”. This is a security feature to keep others from claiming your account, keeping the platform exclusive to Alpha Xi Delta Sisters. Can alumnae serve as mentees and mentors? Absolutely! The platform’s flexibility allows alumnae to serve as both mentees and mentors. Cultivating a professional community of support is one of the most powerful pathways

12 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

to career success. Supporting a mentee while building your own advisory board of mentors is a wonderful way to get there. How does it work for mentors? As a mentor, you’ll serve as a resource to another Sister for career support and guidance, professional knowledge and networking. As a mentee, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and support shared by a Sister who can inspire you while you begin your next chapter in life. You can communicate and build your relationship in ways that are most convenient to you — email, video conferencing and more. How do I get started? First, complete your profile. You can use LinkedIn to automatically fill in some of your information. Set your availability preferences to indicate how much time you can commit and how many mentees you can support at one time. Potential mentees will be able to view your profile and reach out to request mentorship or ask a question. Sometimes it takes a while for a mentee to discover you due to the size of the program, so please be patient! If you get a request we hope you’ll accept it, but you do have the option to decline a mentee if you simply don’t have time or think it’s the wrong fit. What is expected of mentors? Share your experiences and career journey with your mentees. Help your mentees define their own goals and support them as they work toward those goals. Be a resource to your mentees as they develop their career interests and face new challenges. Stay committed to the mentoring connection and make an effort to communicate regularly with your mentees (we tell them the same thing!). Like any opportunity with Alpha Xi Delta, you will receive tenfold what you put into it. We are excited to offer this opportunity to our Sisters and hope you inspire each other to realize your potential. To sign up, visit mentoring.alphaxidelta.org If you have any questions, please email mentor@alphaxidelta.org *Dues paying alumnae are Alpha Xi Delta alumnae Sisters who have paid their $25 National Alumnae Dues through an alumnae association or directly to the Fraternity through Be The Heart. Alumnae profiles will be approved once dues paying status is confirmed (allow 5 business days).

The Quill is Now Digitally Archived

The first issue of The Quill, at the time called The Alpha Xi Delta, was published in 1904. Unless

Sisters were visiting Fraternity Headquarters or their chapter happened to have this issue, chances are a majority of our Sisters have never seen this historical publication.

We’re excited to share some exciting news! Every issue of The Quill has been carefully scanned and

digitally archived to preserve a critical piece of our history. Sisters can now search past issues by keywords (go ahead, search your name!) and download complete copies of The Quill. Visit www.alphaxidelta.org, click on the “About” menu and select “The Quill” to learn more and start searching!

Here are a few issues we thought our Sisters would enjoy reading:

Volume 1, Issue 1: A photo from the first National Convention in 1903, held in Lombard, Illinois.

Volume 90, Issue 2: Bid Day in 1988 at Newberry College.

Volume 72, Issue 2: The spring 1975 issue features the

This photo was featured in the spring 1993 issue about

plans and the move to Alpha Xi Delta’s current Fraternity

Alpha Xi Delta’s 100 year history in honor of our Centennial

Headquarters location at 8702 Founders Road in

Anniversary. This is a great issue to check out to see several

Indianapolis, Indiana.

historical pictures throughout the years!

alphaxidelta.org 13




2017 CONVENTION HIGHLIGHTS More than 600 Sisters, ranging in age from 18 to 95, gathered for our 52nd National Convention in Chicago to enjoy Sisterhood, celebrate the

magnificent milestones we have achieved together and learn how we can be even more successful in this biennium. The event was held July 5-8 at the Chicago Downtown Marriott. Relive the daily highlights throughout this feature. We hope it inspires you to join us in Seattle for our 2019 National Convention, July 3-6!


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/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017

3 1

Sisters at the Alabama table unwrapping their favors during the Celebration of Sisterhood Banquet. Inside the box were favors for each attendee that included our new Fraternity logo.


Chicago props were great Convention photo opportunities! Standing from left to right: Past National President Jane Sutton, Past National Executive Director Diane Gregory, Past Foundation Chair Dottie Sheldon Williams, Past National Executive Director Ginny Carroll, Past National President Debbie Maas, National Vice President Alicia Woo Sadler. Sitting, front: Past National President Sandi Edwards.


After the new branding was revealed at the Celebration of Sisterhood Banquet, attendees walked out of the banquet room into a fully transformed lobby that had our new logo shining brightly on the wall, new photo backdrops, banners and more.


The Chesapeake Alumnae Association gathering for a quick photo prior to the Rose Banquet.

Special thanks to Digital Pix and Composites for capturing the fun of our Convention through their beautiful photography.


alphaxidelta.org 15


day one JULY 5, 2017 HIGHLIGHTS


Peggie Brodaski, second from left, serves as the House Director for Beta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Rhode Island (URI) and was initiated during Convention. From left to right: Taylor Montminy, Chapter President at URI, Peggie Bronski, Allie Matarese, Chapter Life Vice President at URI, Kendal Rankin, Financial Vice President at URI and Erin Finn (front row), National Philanthropy Team Communications Specialist.


During the Sisterhood Social, attendees visited tables to learn more about the strategic priorities of the Fraternity and how they can help meet and celebrate the goals for the next biennium.


Maeve Osborne, daughter of Tracy Osborne, Michigan State ‘91, and current Associate Executive Director, posing with BetXi Bear at the Rose Petals event. Local Rose Petals were invited to a special event to do crafts, enjoy snacks and learn more about Alpha Xi Delta.


Gabriella Quintard (left) and Lauren Donnelly (right) represented the Iota Mu Chapter at Lycoming College at Convention.


Bev Rorer, Pennsylvania ’49, and Tana Scott, Middlebury ’62, checking in at the registration desk. Bev has attended 22 Conventions – more than anyone else who was in attendance at Convention.

1 16 the

/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017

2 3



alphaxidelta.org 17




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/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017

4 4

day two JULY 6, 2017 HIGHLIGHTS


During day two of Convention, Sisters attended breakout sessions to learn more about Alpha Xi Delta’s programs and initiatives.


From left to right: Vivian Surface, Indiana ’52, Christina-Marie Drake, Defiance ’08, and Sonja Lowry, Monmouth ’65, celebrating our new rebrand after the Celebration of Sisterhood Banquet.



During chapter roll call, the Wisconsin table erupted in cheers and screams as Sisters threw the “W” to let everyone know they are proud to be Alpha Xi Deltas!


Kindra Hall was the general session speaker and shared with attendees the power of strategic storytelling and how to tell your own Alpha Xi Delta story.


Sisters who are initiated at Convention belong to the Alpha Deuteron Chapter. We are proud to have initiated nine wonderful women at Convention 2017! Front row, left to right: Amber Benson, Gwen Stein, Ann Schafer, Linda Jones and Michelle Hart. Back row, left to right: Marcia Foshee-Duffy, Peggie Brodaski, Stephanie Bennett and Sarah Gorski.


The Chapel is available at every Convention to honor those Sisters who entered Chapter Eternal in that biennium. Sadly, Alpha Xi Delta lost three National Presidents last biennium. Pictured left to right are Betty French Unkel, Ohio State ’41, Jayne Wade Anderson, Nebraska Lincoln ’49, and Linda Belles Dinus, U of Washington ’60.

alphaxidelta.org 19


day three JULY 7, 2017 HIGHLIGHTS


Ann Boeker Gibbons, Alpha Deuteron ’11, was a keynote speaker during the Philanthropy Breakfast. She spoke about her son, Philip, who has autism and the support she has received from her Alpha Xi Delta Sisters.



At the beginning of every Autism Speaks Walk, attendees participate in a sensory friendly mission moment where people wave pom poms and remain silent. Sisters participated in our own mission moment at the end of the Philanthropy Breakfast, which was led by Anne Marie Forbes, Chief Field Officer at Autism Speaks.


Wright State University Sisters from Ohio showing off their state pride. From left to right: Paige McRoberts, Jan Austin, Jordan Kilby, Miranda Almy and Jessica Austin.


Woman of Distinction receipient Bette Sachs Horstman, Michigan ’41, showing off her Chicago Cubs pride at the Awards Celebration.


Kristen Creech Punch (center) was presented with the Suzanne Wright Alumna Philanthropist of the Year Award at the Philanthropy Breakfast by National President Michele Evink (left) and National Philanthropy Director Sue Mamber (right). Kristen was an instrumental piece to helping our chapter at the University of New Orleans begin an Autism Speaks Walk.

2 20 the

/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017



5 alphaxidelta.org 21

Charlotte West: A pioneer in women’s athletics CONVENTION


2 22 the

/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017

day four JULY 8, 2017 HIGHLIGHTS



After she was installed as National President, Micaela Isler swore in the National Vice Presidents of the 2017-19 National Council at the Rose Banquet.


It is a tradition to hold hands and sing “The Sisterhood of Women” at the conclusion of the Rose Banquet. It is a beautiful sight to see as more than 500 women are singing one of our most treasured songs.


Sisters and friends helped us fill the GalaxXi with Shining Stars at Convention and raised a total of $21,370 for Alpha Xi Delta’s finest educational opportunities such as the Leadership Coach Program, The Workout, and The Founders’ Academy.



Alpha Xi Delta Foundation Treasurer Liz Battaglia speaking during a special Alpha Xi Delta Foundation breakfast to honor Foundation donors.


Sisters from the University of Central Oklahoma during the Rose Banquet Cocktail Reception.


During the Rose Banquet, National Vice President Andrea Fouberg (left) presented Outgoing National President Michele Evink with an honor from their chapter, Epsilon Eta at South Dakota State University. The Epsilon Eta advisory board created the Michele Evink Spirit of Epsilon Eta Award that will be presented each year to an Epsilon Eta Sister who best represents Michele’s leadership in Epsilon Eta and Alpha Xi Delta.


6 alphaxidelta.org 23

Charlotte West: A pioneer in women’s athletics CONVENTION

Woman of Distinction Award Recipients Alpha Xi Delta is proud to announce Bette Sachs Horstman, Dr. Robin Lock and April Carter are recipients of Alpha Xi Delta’s Woman of Distinction Award. This distinction goes to alumnae members who provide outstanding service to their communities, attain eminent achievement within their profession and are widely recognized within their field.

BETTE SACHS HORSTMAN Bette was initiated into the Alpha Epsilon Chapter in 1941 as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan and the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, she enlisted in the US Army Medical Corps physical therapy branch during World War 2 and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant - a position that outranked her male counterparts. Bette served overseas for two years in the South Pacific and was the only Physical Therapist on the island of Saipan. While there, her duties included training men to assist in physical therapy. She served in the 22nd station hospital, 147th General hospital. Bette received the Meritorious Service Unit Citation with 1 Star, Asiatic Pacific Service Medal and World War II Victory Medal for her service. Once discharged from the Army, Bette chartered the first Physical Therapy department at Resurrection Hospital in Chicago. She went on to serve as chief Physical Therapist at both Holy Cross Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital. After leaving St. Joseph Hospital, Bette became the first female physical therapist in Illinois to start a private practice.

24 the

/ Summer/Fall SPRING 20172017

Beginning in 1955, Bette was an active member in the American Physical Therapy Association for 68 years, participating in the Prime Times group and Section on Geriatrics. She attended all APTA conferences for 40 years and contributed to their scholarship fund for future therapists. Bette was the first Physical Therapy Consultant for both the city of Chicago and Catholic Charities. She has served as the President of the National Association of Rehabilitation Agencies as well as President and Chief Delegate of the Illinois Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. She has served as both President and Director of the APTA Section on Geriatrics as well as president of Allied Health Services. In addition to all of this, Bette served as the Illinois Delegate to the 1981 White House Conference on Aging, was a Director of the American Heart Association from 1987-1990 and has authored a Chapter on Rehab in Home Health and Rehabilitation. She also served as President and Program Co-Chair of the Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy Alumni Association. She has an impressive collection of national awards and accolades and has been interviewed as a World War 2 Veteran for the Library of Congress. Serving as an Army Medical Corps officer, she established and lead hospital physical therapy departments and formed the first private practice in Illinois. Her leadership and advocacy in her field and at a local, state and national level have been recognized through her election and appointment to offices, boards and task forces nation-wide.

DR. ROBIN LOCK Robin joined the Beta Alpha Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin in 1974. Her time as a volunteer at the Austin State School ignited her interest in special education and helped develop an understanding and an interest in people with disabilities. She went on to receive her Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. in special education and learning disabilities. After completing her education, she served as Chapter Advisor for the Beta Alpha Chapter from 1987-1996. Robin played an instrumental role in the development of the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research in Lubbock, Texas, on the campus of Texas Tech University. She served as the institution’s director between 2001 to 2009. While still serving in her role as Professor of Special Education, Dr. Lock has also taken on additional administrative duties. First as the Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research in the College of Education at Texas Tech and now serving as the College’s Vice Dean. She is a leader in her field and has dedicated her career to improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. As a distinguished member of her community, Robin has authored and co-authored numerous articles in scholarly journals addressing the needs and educational endeavors of those impacted by autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. She has served on multiple advisory boards with numerous professional journals and has also co-authored a widely utilized textbook on the assessment of special needs. Using her expertise to educate her community, she is the host of the Lubbock Independent school district’s CBI Worknet weekly television program. She is frequently sought by the media to share her expertise on topics relating to special education, youth in the foster care system, and local, state and national education trends.

APRIL CARTER April joined the Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. She then went on to receive her law degree from Southern Methodist University Law School. With degree in hand, she quickly achieved her dream of becoming a Dallas County District Attorney and has spent the last eighteen years supporting justice, law and human rights. Through April’s work and experiences in Dallas, she felt compelled to make a difference in the international community and relocated to the Netherlands to work at The Hague. She has been practicing law there for the past eleven years. April explains, “Over the subsequent years, I have had the opportunity to serve my local and international community. In Texas, I served hundreds of children who were subject to abuse and neglect at the hand of their parents. That compassion and training set the stage for my service to the people of the former Yugoslavia.” April has served as a trial attorney with the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. She has represented the office of the prosecutor at both trial and appeal and in project management cases involving command responsibility of the highest military, police and political leaders indicted for war crimes. Some well-known leaders she has personally prosecuted are Milutinovic et al, Perisic, Stanisic and Simatovic, Mladic and Prilic et al. She specializes in cases that relate to the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, the shelling of Zagreb, the siege of Sarajevo and the Srebrenica genocide. She now serves the international community as the Co-Registrar of the Iran-United States Claim Tribunal, an arbitration court established to resolve the crisis in relations between Iran and the United States.

alphaxidelta.org 25




The following statistics were shared at the 52nd National Convention during the State of the Fraternity given by National President Michele Evink and are reflective of the 2015-2017 biennium.








26 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017





Active alumnae associations

2,002 4,575 Order of the Order of the Rose members Pearl members

754 Order of the Diamond members

MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT AND PROGRAMMING THE FOUNDERS’ ACADEMY: More than 157 collegiate women participated in this four-day program for chapter leaders. Participants were immersed in strengths- based leadership education through Gallup’s StrengthsQuest. They examined their top five strengths and made action plans for their chapters’ future successes.

THE WORKOUT: Alpha Xi Delta’s signature recruitment

A CLEAR VISION OF LIFE: THE WELLBEING PROGRAM Educational program specifically designed for our alumnae.

training experience.

Based on the book, “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements”

VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: Training and programming for Alpha Xi Delta’s leaders.

by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, the program offers “challenges” related to the five elements of wellbeing: Purpose, Social, Financial, Physical and Community.

SEXUAL ASSAULT PREVENTION PROGRAMMING: Courageous Conversations, was delivered to undergraduate chapters and centered on preventing sexual assault and the promotion of healthy relationships. Sisters were able to realistically discuss social culture and were given tools on how to help a friend who may have experienced sexual violence.



Opportunities for newly elected leaders

in select cities, and designed with the alumnae Sister

to regionally gather to train for and learn

in mind, this thoughtful programming is centered

about their officer position.

around utilizing one’s innate strengths to have a more engaged and fulfilled life.

PHILANTHROPY We supported World Autism Awareness Day by ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange; appearing on


The Today Show; and attending the lighting ceremony of the

Alpha Xi Deltas have raised more than

Empire State Building.

$6.5 million for Autism Speaks!

We kicked off Letters of Love, a national letter writing campaign to raise funds for Autism Speaks.

We supported World Autism Month by wearing blue, hosting AmaXIng Challenges, handing out flyers about

Alpha Xi Delta hosted the Summer Immersion Experience in 2016.

autism and chalking autism statistics on college campuses.

We participated in Light It Up Blue by

We promoted Coaches Powering

illuminating prominent buildings in

Forward For Autism during NCAA

blue to raise autism understanding and

basketball games.

acceptance of autism. alphaxidelta.org 27


Introducing The 2017National President

MICAELA ISLER Texas ’91 How do you plan to leave your mark on Alpha Xi Delta’s history? It is my goal to lead our organization with integrity, respect and undivided attention to details. I will work hard to set high standards but also to follow through and serve as a problem solver. Ultimately, it is my hope to inspire our Sisters to dream bigger and do more than they thought was ever possible to ensure our legacy continues for the next 125 years and beyond.

National Vice Presidents

LEANN DIANDRETH-ELKINS Indiana University of Pennsylvania ’86 What’s been the most important part of Alpha Xi Delta membership for you? Because of Alpha Xi Delta connections, I am thankful for several opportunities that helped me to realize my potential. During my last semester in college, my Greek Advisor offered me a graduate assistant position, and I completed a master’s degree in Student Affairs. After working on several college campuses, I found myself in Texas where I pursued my doctorate degree, and my dissertation chair is an Alpha Xi Delta. A few years ago, I accepted a university faculty position, and my Dean is an Alpha Xi Delta.

GRETCHEN BALLING DIMARCO Syracuse ’96 In what ways has Alpha Xi Delta changed your life? The support and encouragement I get from my Sisters has given me the courage and confidence to use my strengths in pursuit of my personal and professional goals. At Eta Chapter’s 110th anniversary, past Chapter President Lydia Merola Schmidt, Syracuse ’59, said it best when she spoke to the collegiate members in her keynote address: “You have a great future in front of you, because you have Alpha Xi Delta behind you.”

ANDREA FOUBERG South Dakota State ’95 How have you been inspired by Alpha Xi Delta? I am inspired by our Sisters and lifted by our Sisterhood almost daily. I am inspired by our collegiate women and college chapters who make a difference in the lives of one another, their campuses and their communities. I am inspired by our alumnae who stay connected whether it be by spending time together in associations, volunteering their time and talent, giving to the Foundation or dedicating their career to the Fraternity. We have much to be inspired by!

28 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

-2019 National Council National Vice Presidents Continued LINDA BIERSACH MATKOWSKI Illinois ’83

What are you most looking forward to by serving on National Council? For me, being an Alpha Xi Delta has provided a life-long opportunity to be helped and, in turn, to help others. As a collegiate, I was helped by so many marvelous Sisters. As an alumna, I have met so many outstanding Sisters who have great personal and professional achievements. As the mother of a current collegiate Sister, I watch the women in my daughter’s chapter and feel grateful they are Alpha Xi Sisters. Their strength, passion for learning and volunteering, and their willingness to work together to create something greater is inspiring. Being on National Council is yet another way I can contribute to continuing the mission and vision that was started by our Founders. As I have been helped, I look forward to helping others in return.

REBECCA RICHTER PERRETT Nebraska-Lincoln ’96 What motivates and inspires you to give back to Alpha Xi Delta? While traveling as an Educational Leadership Consultant, I became more independent, self-aware, savvier and capable because of the experience. Many of the answers provided during job interviews related back to the skills I’d learned and talents I’d honed in sorority life. “If” I would stay involved was never a thought “what can I do” to stay involved was the question. My motivation comes from wanting all Sisters to be able to say the same and to truly realize their potential.

ALICIA WOO SADLER Georgia State ’93 Why has Alpha Xi Delta had such a huge impact on your life? Alpha Xi Delta has inspired me to realize my potential in several ways and taught me to believe in myself. As a collegiate, my Sisters believed in me to serve as Chapter President. I went to the President’s Round Table where I met Past National President Linda Dinus who became a mentor and influenced my life after college as a volunteer. As a volunteer, I helped others realize their potential by serving as a mentor. Professionally, I used my leadership skills I learned from Alpha Xi Delta to get me to where I am today.

National Panhellenic Delegate

DEANNA WOLLAM DETCHEMENDY Cal State Northridge ’83 What is one of your proudest Alpha Xi Delta accomplishments? I am proud of Alpha Xi Delta’s extension achievements in recent years, as we’ve revamped and fine-tuned our process in a way that better ensures the initial and long-term success of our newest chapters. It has been a joy to see so many bold and talented young women answer the call of opportunity presented by founding chapter membership in Alpha Xi Delta, and a particularly joy to re-establish some of our oldest chapters (Illinois, Cornell, Wisconsin, Wittenberg, Michigan State and -- hopefully soon -- UCLA!).

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State of the Foundation 2016-2017:

$ Provided funding for Courageous Conversations, focused on preventing sexual assault violence and creating a safer social culture. Since this program’s inception in 2015, more than 6,000 women have participated.

Fully funded The Leadership Coach Program. In this last year, coaches visited more than 84 chapters, met with more than 580 women individually and facilitated more than 100 group programs for chapter leadership, Greek Councils and at Area Wide Trainings.

Awarded scholarships to eighty-one collegiate and alumnae members to realize their higher education goals and prepare for today’s ever-changing global job market.

Made $1,000 gifts to University of South Carolina and California State Polytechnic University – Pomona to support leadership development programming in honor of newly established Alpha Xi Delta chapters.

Provided funding for The Founders’ Academy, or TFA, where more than 157 attendees were immersed in strengths-based leadership education through Gallup’s StrengthsQuest. They examined their top five strengths and made action plans for their chapters’ future successes.


Awarded a total of $5,000 in AmaXIng Challenge Grants to 8 chapters helping them raise $182,685 for Autism Speaks.

Provided funding for A Clear Vision of Life: The Wellbeing Program and Let Your Strengths Shine. Programming where alumnae in Washington, DC and Chicago were also given the chance to have thoughtful programming centered on strengths and how to use strengths to be better leaders.

30 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017


Recognized seventy-eight collegiate Sisters with the Slaymaker-Kinsey Award for academic achievement.

$1,050,633 $528,814

Awarded grants to two alumnae Sisters to attend professional conferences.

Raised $1,050,633 and distributed $528,814 for educational programming, scholarships and philanthropic purposes.

Welcomed two new members to The Society of 1893 recognizing alumnae and friends who have named Alpha Xi Delta in their estate plans.

Society of 1893

$7 million

Made possible the participation of two collegiate Sisters at the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute.

Funded 2016 Volunteer Leadership Conference General Session Speaker, Erin Fischer, who helped prepare Alpha Xi Delta leaders to activate change.

Recognized 78 leadership donors giving $1,000 or more June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2017.

in assets at May 31, 2017.

Introduced Cora’s Challenge, celebrating the birthday of Founder Cora Bollinger Block and her impact on Alpha Xi Delta. Sisters, family and friends gave $24,018 making this the Foundation’s most successful single day of giving to date.

Raised $23,299 through the Undergraduate Giving Challenge.

alphaxidelta.org 31


125th Anniversary

Campaign 32 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

As Alpha Xi Delta approaches its 125th anniversary, one important goal of the Fraternity is to create opportunities and programs that serve to enhance the Alpha Xi Delta experience and engage members for a lifetime. Alpha Xi Delta will continue to put her members first and be at the forefront of leadership and learning, but our recent dramatic growth in membership has created a unique challenge. We cannot adequately provide quality programs that will meet the needs of a growing Sisterhood without additional financial resources. More funding is necessary to provide leadership development for our collegiate members to ensure the growth and strength of our chapters as well as providing a strong foundation for our women as they enter the workforce and our communities, and as they grow their own families. What will YOUR Foundation do to ensure a “best in class” leadership experience for our Sisters in the next 125 years? During the Rose Banquet at Alpha Xi Delta’s 52nd National Convention, the Foundation announced the 125th Anniversary Campaign to help fund the development of strong Alpha Xi Delta leaders for years to come. This historic, three-year campaign has an aggressive goal of $1.25 million. The campaign will mark the Fraternity’s anniversary of April 17, 2018 and wrap up in 2019 when we meet again at National Convention. Already, our Sisters’ willingness to dream big and give generously has been overwhelming. We are well on our way to the $1.25 million goal with $773,000 in gifts and pledges! A key focus of the campaign will be to establish a fund that will allow the Fraternity

“Will you join us, too? Together, we must seize this opportunity to provide a strong foundation for our membership and invest in our Fraternity’s next 125 years! We invite the support of the entire Alpha Xi Delta Sisterhood in this historic undertaking.” – Michelle Hartnett, Foundation Chair to support The Founders’ Academy. Your gifts will help ensure that Alpha Xi Delta can continue to provide high quality leadership training and personal development for generations of Sisters to come. You are the legacy of our Founders who stood up for something they believed in, something they believed would change the world for new generations of women to come. In the words of Founder Frances Cheney… “Then for Alpha Xi Delta we proudly shall stand, in deathless devotion, a brave, loyal band.” The Foundation is proud to announce that this campaign is kicking off with the full support and 100% participation of National Council, the National Housing Corporation Board, Foundation Board of Trustees and Alpha Xi Delta staff. Learn more at alphaxidelta.org/125campaign.

alphaxidelta.org 33


Foundation Donors The Foundation thanks the following Sisters and friends who made donations between June 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017. The following list reflects donors’ lifetime giving totals to all Foundation funds. Delta Life-to-Date Giving Circles Cora Bollinger Block $100,000+ Heritage $50,000-$99,999 Symphony $25,000-$49,999 Lombard $10,000-$24,999 Founders’ $5,000-$9,999 Sisterhood $1,000-$4,999 = Member of the Heart Sunshine Circle * Chapter Eternal



Knox College Founders’ Giving Circle Karen King McConnell Sisterhood Giving Circle Betty Darnell Nelson Juliet Engel Schertz Linda Sokody Seybold Donor Carolyn Swartz Park


Iowa Wesleyan College Sisterhood Giving Circle Sally Schuck Sheri Seibold


University of Mount Union Lombard Giving Circle Jane Fursey Ralston Sisterhood Giving Circle Marilyn Conrath Connie Snode Flynn Yallah Gault Sarah McCloskey Suse Bostwick Shiring Donor Chandler Aldridge = Miranda Baker = Rachel Brumenschenkel = Kate Carnell Vivian Smith Faircloth Michelle Marchand Jordan Martin = Mackenzie Miller = Lois Everett Myers Vicki Schaeffer Carole Evans Spiker Tracy Bombik Stainbrook Nancy Strauch Shirley Robinson Twohey Metta Warholyk

34 the

Bethany College-West Virginia Founders’ Giving Circle Elizabeth De Jong Sisterhood Giving Circle Suzanne Abbott Lesiak Donor Lisa Ulbin Hamel Stefani Magnino Holmes Alanna Hunter-Crump Kelly Medkeff-Rose Dana Sullivan Railsback Bethany Selph Beth Ann Shaffer Susan Dodd Simchock Stephanie Sowers =


University of South Dakota Cora Bollinger Block Circle Mary Brandon Miller Symphony Giving Circle Mary Vlahakis McAtee Mary Ricciardello Sandvig Lombard Giving Circle Michelle Smidt Haahr Cynthia Manke Jewett Kay Cameron Olson Constance Hauck Russo Linda Lea Crampton Viken Founders’ Giving Circle Karen Kruse Beville Bonnie Untereiner Bjork Connie Cottington Colwill Linda Eagan Victoria Hoven Foley Elysia Balster Gallivan Marcia Bjerk Logan Dawn Stahl Mulligan Susan Bantz Richard Jana Kapaska Thompson Cindy Walsh Sisterhood Giving Circle Angie Butler Ackerman Lynda Menke Barley Deborah Birgen Tricia Brisbine Cathy Clark Britton Cynthia Cameron Brogren Kimberly Feddersen Burma Mary Donnelly Christensen Jude Rothschadl Coke Mary Duncan Cynthia McMahill Empson Carleen Hibbeler Engelland Diana McNulty Ford Erin Gray Elizabeth Lamont Groves Deborah Townsend Haffner Kim Rasmussen Hagedorn Cathy Duncan Hanson Cynthia Enterman Heischmidt

Beth Hanson Hildebrandt Donna Heggelund Jensen Judy Kirk Kim Cleaver Kletschke Sheryl Jarze Koch Barbara Shafer Kraemer Danielle Meyer Krier Heidi Voeltz Leist Mary Lee Leroy Anne Marshall Rheana Mesner Beverly Allison Mickelson Wanda Fischer Murphy Carol Nalevanko Kristine Christensen Nelson Debbie Menke Nixon Pamela Devaney Pfeifer Barbara McMahon Pleus Katherine Putz Alice Laird Rapport Barbara Smith Reynolds Kelly Rasmussen Rhone Carol Ricciardello Zoe Zitterich Roark Kathy Jones Schladweiler Sandra Utesch Sievers Stephanie Sinclair Elaine Cornelius Sternquist Vicki Hauck Sullivan Jacqueline Schaefer Trudeau Mary Rasmusson Welty Chaille Harrington Womack Theresa Steensma Zavadil Donor Anne Cover Anderson Kati Bachmayer Sharon Mayer Bernier Deb Clark Bumann Erin Cameron Stephanie Sibley Chapman Nanette Kaufman Christofferson Joan Tomhave Cole Erika Prahl Cromwell Stephanie Dahl Cara Jones Davis Deborah Carson Devine Marjorie Dubnansky Roxanne Gereau Finstad McKayla Foust = Susan Logan Gallant Becky Foster Gaul Mikala Semerad Gibbs Nancy Sullivan Giovannetti Martha Adams Glissendorf * Dawn Donnelly Glover Tana Fye Henry Peggy Schnabel Hohm Kassie Hoiland Joyce Dahl Hubner Sarah Jackson = Steph Jones Abby Josta =

Karen Nelson Kirkebak Amy Beeck Kolberg Juliann Livingston Nancy Gellhaus Ludvik Elsie Zantow McBride Robin Dickenson McMullen Holly King Miller Annie Miller Trudy Rausch Morgan Bella Nikolas = Alayna Pederson = Christine Joss Pikel Christine Jacobs Pribilski Alanna Schmeichel = Kayla Gengler Schroeder Mary Martin Sellers Vicki Reichert Skidmore Julie Stine Stevens Dee Ann Bonacker Stevens Jamie Decker Stoulil Lise Gray Takayama Jacqueline Haggar Tuschen Emilee Ulku = Mary Balvin Vartigian Roberta Nies Viedt Brittany Walz = Margo West-Northrup Jennifer Moisan Winters Ione Cluts Wohlhueter


Wittenberg University Lombard Giving Circle Diane Curtis Gregory Jennifer Bauer Henson Sisterhood Giving Circle Carolyn Trinter Cull Donor Riley Alexander = Katie Bunsold = Donna Rosenbaum Cooper Brittany Cushman = Jennifer Dose Katherine Hudik Gall Audrey Tatro Hall Carolyn Hessong Hickman Karen House Hofbauer Megan Leach = Pamela Benken Lyle Barbara Smick Peterson Rachel Porrello = Allie Purvis = Kathleen Serio = Pamela Wurster Kaitlyn Zavesky =


Syracuse University Lombard Giving Circle Jacqueline Fonder Pechette Janice Zajac Sayatovic

Sisterhood Giving Circle Dorothy Borneman Bell Gretchen Balling DiMarco Ruth Hazard Lee Donor Nicole Anes = Sabra Whitcomb Hunter Barbara Economides Kelly Emily McCarthy Nancy Nelson Katherine Racanelli = Deborah Rowe-Jarrett Jeanette Mika Smith Sandy Westley Thomas


University of Wisconsin-Madison Lombard Giving Circle Kathryn Kuechenmeister Vaughan Sisterhood Giving Circle Hope Beck Goldsmith Roberta Collins Harper Caroline Borden Erickson Mary Goers Elizabeth John Loehne Carol Woodworth Root Jean Brann Shuler Karla Allen Spinks Joan Rohde Trafford Donna Milford Wischmann Jane Lewis Wise Donor Olivia Baum = Olivia Brown = Julia Buckley = Emily Buechner = Caroline Chengary Kaylee Cunningham Danielle Dooge = Jordan Farraj = Erin Henley = Susan Lamphere Kahne Eleanor Zolt Kramer Colleen Krueger = Dianne Maglaque Nessa Mercer = Hannah Mirzoeff Georgia Knox Mode Marcia Bourkland Pauly Audrey Pechan Elizabeth Williams Polousky Macky Rehm = Jessica Reiners = Danni Robers = Marilyn Prucha Schaller Susan Voeglie Templar Linda Thoemke Wickstrom Nicole Wlodarski Jean Stoffel Young Abigail Zemach =


West Virginia University Sisterhood Giving Circle Joanne Walker Bowie Sally Haislip Hutchinson Laura White Lawson Nancy Kraus Merinar

Nancy Cox Whitham Kacy Caussin Wiedebusch Donor Pamela Harless Crenshaw Paula Johnson Garrett Lauren Harvey = Jamie Nelson = Mary Burks Oliver Alexandra Ballard Reynolds Lucille Schmieder Carol Wilson Wilking


University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Lombard Giving Circle Martha Geppert Marian Harding Thompson Sisterhood Giving Circle Michelle Groce Cahoon Julie Wilson Dillon Dorothy Drolet Dirks Patricia Bolin Glenn Jill Harley Anne Heitzman Linda Lowery Lindsay Linda Biersach Matkowski Pamela McVeigh Kathy Schleicher Katie Martin Sevier Becky Brdlik Smilak Veronica Pontarelli Toussaint Edith Wiedling Webber Donor Tammi Trebs Anderson Sherrill Newhouse Babler Ivy Iversen Burkin Morgan Crivlare = Karen Fooks Davenport-Troyer Allison Gelander Melissa Reynolds Grove Kathleen Huttenhoff Grzybek Linda Harmeson Deb McWilliams Keyes Cheryl Kras Sharon Kidwell Krumm Kit Dammers Lenser Meg Mackey = Cheri Schmid Mezydlo Renee Prew Linda Jayne Rodenburg Marcia Payne Saer Helen McFedries Severson Mary Clark Willy


University of Minnesota Donor Laurel Ness Gatz


University of Washington Cora Bollinger Block Circle Linda Belles Dinus * Heritage Giving Circle Janice Sheldon Baumback Sisterhood Giving Circle Susan Tompkins Commeree

Irene Hysong Miller Katherine Orebaugh Reinke Donor Devon Bedford = Barbara Beeby Annelise Blanchard = Kaitlin Brugato = Mani Dhillon = Madeline Dickson = Haley Hargreaves Joan Lowry Hartsough Valdean Sears Jones Marcia Hixson Mahaffey Katherine Hempler Parker Aiva Petriceks = Madison San Fellipo = Marjorie Bragdon Satterfield Lauren Smith = Taryn Kristof Solie Rachel Uomoto =


University of Kentucky Lombard Giving Circle Elizabeth Stuckert Ray Sisterhood Giving Circle Patricia Jean Cox Sandi Edwards Sharon Kay Miller Hall Judi Jones Jacobs Kathleen Nicol Karen Cook Rudd Bobby Allphin Stanton Kimberly Starr Donor Linda Lyon Frye Sarah Jarvis Hazelwood Patricia Bailey Moore Jill O’Daniel


University of California-Berkeley Lombard Giving Circle Mat Atwood Terry Sisterhood Giving Circle Celia Samaras Maneatis Virginia Harrell Schultz Dorothy Anderson Tregea Donor Joan Blanchard Christine Luft Jean Campbell Roman Mary Lewis Smith Teresa Smith


Ohio University Sisterhood Giving Circle Carolyn McLaughlin Cuppernull Rose Vachon Kunkel Roarty Donor Kathryn Brown = Mary Banks Connett Virginia Huerkamp Frederick Janice Brueckner Garver Betty Lou Hayes Harden Carla Dixon Kahler Julia Phillips =

Heather Levee Popadych Susan Wood Pristic Laurellen Ridgeway Kaitlyn Shive = Marilyn Burnham Stotts


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lombard Giving Circle Michelle Soderquist Hartnett Jane Wilkens Schroeder Founders’ Giving Circle Alice Frampton Dittman Rebecca Richter Perrett Sisterhood Giving Circle Ann Ward Adams Marcia Boden Janet Beachler Day Katherine Hanson Lois Hayes Hoff Carol Schneider Honey Gina Todero Mangine Jenny Olson Mullen Julie Uehling Popken Donor Christyne Evans Bathel Marguerite Boslaugh Jane Dwyer Connelly Beverly Wallin Franklin Susan Chesnut Halpine Rebecca Widoe Henning Janice Nelson Herbek Janice Nelson Herbek Ellen Poly Jeffries Natalie Jones = Celeste Knapper Sammy Laham = Halleen Lockhart = Sharon Johnson Micek Michelle Mimick Phillips Lia Ciardi Poppe


University of Iowa Symphony Giving Circle Jean Koza Leider Founders’ Giving Circle Linnea Thodt Hadlock Lombard Giving Circle Shirley Albrecht Winckler Sisterhood Giving Circle Lynn Andrews Patricia Bunting Angelici Theresa Dvorak Elizabeth L Gray Gumbrell Judith Drews Haring-Green Claire Stoltenberg McKinzie Jane Davidson Olson Sondra Sohm Shelton Jamie Swan Donor Alayna Dieter = Janice Wilhoite Dietz Ann Raster English Olivia Piercy Forney Claire Hagedorn Caitlyn Hottsmith = Jane Johnston

alphaxidelta.org 35

FOUNDATION NEWS Jean Sulek Jordan Meredith Koplin Susan Morse Logan Meredith Malone Linda Stock Matter Sylvia Patterson McCalla Eleanor McCallum = Megan Gustafson Melloy Karen Gray Pfeiler Anna Shepherd Grace Tencer Janet Rummery Thorne Brittanie Wieland


University of New Hampshire Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Eileen Shaughnessy Marquis Justine Lougee Olive Shirley Newcomer Wagner Donor Jessica Ackers Katie Almeida Tracy Alperin Lexa Amato = Meagan Aponas Katherine Auger Susan Weselcouch Autuori Jennie Baker Tess Baldino Tess Barbaro Grace Barrera Eileen Barrett = Becky Barton Abi Bates Allison Belisle Kathryn Bennett Rachel Bergeron Brooke Bernier Emma Blatt Emily Blood Abby Boardman Julia Bobeck Izzy Brock Marissa Brockman Emily Buchholz Grace Bugler Lizz Cardini Stevee Carollo Julia Cassidy Kim Petruchik Cavanagh Kayley Cedrone Rachel Chutchian-O’Sullivan Shannon Cleary Mackenzie Colcord Cheyenne Collins Alexa Condon Rebecca Connors Jamie Corrone Caitlin Coxen Cait Creed Emily Crimmins Emily Dambach Alli Damico Amanda DAmico Lauren Damm Molly Dawson

36 the


Maytane De Mendieta Alicia Donovan Alison Douglas Isabella Dunn Emily DuRivage Emma Dwinells Kayla Eckley Jessi Evans Meg Falcone Alana Fanaritis = Sara Faucher Emily Faulds Faith Ferrucci Morgan Finniss Elisa Fischer Kimberly Fisher Rachel Foote Maddi Frissora Shannon Gavin Becky Glaser Nicole Govoni Molly Gray Alexa Guerrieri Courtney Gurnon Kelsey Hall Julia Hatfield Kortney Haupt Mackenzie Hawe Mikaela Hawe Michelle Hindle = Jenna Hogan Erin Hohorst Rachel Howard Megan Howe Amanda Ikonos Carly Jillson Regan Judge Emma Kantrowitz Nikki Karazurna Liv Kaszanek Tara Kenney Jackie King Hannah Klaassens Alison Klein Samantha Labrecque Kirsty LaFleur Kate Landry Kelley Lapointe Dorianna LaRusso Alyssa Lemire Meg LEsperance Andrea Levy Kelsey Linehan = Kelsey Logan Alanah Lopes Megan Lopez Lexi Lopiano Madison Lorenzen Sam Loures Grace Lynn Eliza MacDonald Sara MacDonald Meri Mackinlay Monica Rivadeneira MacLean Megan Madden Sarah Mahoney = Gina Mancini

Tricia Marut Kat Massaro Talia Matrumalo = Meghan Maxey Maggie May Ruth Goldthwait Maynard Katherine McCombs Sinead McDonagh Marie McGuire Alana McKay Alexa McKeon Katelyn Merchant Marissa Messina Alexa Metrano Amanda Miller = Lexi Miller Meghan Moore Bebe Moore-Strauss = Laura Moran Marie Morganelli Lauren Moses Shania Mulley Rachel Mullin Kaela Nikodem Jill O’Gara Emma OMalley Mikaela O’Neil Allison Pagliuca Julia Perna Emily Perrone = Kirsten Pfister Abby Pokraka = Grace Polak Corisa Quincey Mary Rayno Nicole Ricciardi Veronica Rose Leah Roselli Mary Kate Roukey Kelsey Ryder Rachel Salkind Emily Sceery Rachel Schiff Molly Sheehan Vanessa Sihombing Kellie Smith Jane Shaw Smoot Emily Soboleski Katie Sondheim Caro Stacey Christina Steere Bailey Steinberg Sam Stohr Sandra Strogen Kaitlyn Sullivan Maddy Surette Meaghan Swenson Caroline Sweny Ashley Tartaglia Taylor Taschner Lauren Tessier Hailey Thompson Morgan Timmins Brooke Tomlinson Liv Tortolini Taylor Tower Logan Tully

Paige Vallie Caitlin Walsh Maddi Walsh Alyssa Ware Michaela Wasson = Veronica Whitney Cat Williams Danielle Woodman Kylee Wrath Jessie Zionts Megan Zuliani


Albion College Symphony Giving Circle Joanne Braucher * Allison James Green Sisterhood Giving Circle Mag Goebel Sherry Palliaer Higgins Valerie Palliaer McCammon Claudia Barker Valente Donor Mackie Black = Grace Boudjalis = Carol Hawley Brouwer Eileen Hart Harrison Betty Hantz House Barbara Lindblom Heather Mallory May Taylor Sandberg = Jennifer Daniels Umberger Linda Washkewicz Jill Whitehouse Janet Gaiefsky Witkowski


University of Kansas Donor Hilary Roberts


The Ohio State University Cora Bollinger Block Giving Circle Betty French Unkel * Founders’ Giving Circle Sue Cooper Kirschner Lombard Giving Circle Nancy Drenan Prendergast Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Anders Adams-Smith Becky Reed Cairns Lydia Blalock Harto Winifred Kneisley Huffman Ellen Dettra Kunst Joan Brown Ladd Elizabeth Gans Lidington Cheryl Bowersox Louder Jean Walter Mahan Cathy Pierce Carol Russo Linda Amick Safford Kim Creager Wilver Donor Paula Dendiu Beale Jeanne Menyhert Campbell Shirly Smith Carr

Kelle Gross Coy Marsha Livingston Dupre Cindy Snide Evans Sue Riley Fackler Jane Pope Grindley Libby Groll = Marilyn Kropp Harrer Mary Miller Horner Lynne Miller Kuhn Bethany Martin Sara Nelson = Arlene Christman Rose Nikki Villoria Jan Volpe Vine Leslie Crump Zuk


Stetson University Lombard Giving Circle Margaret Payne Greene Sisterhood Giving Circle Patricia Byrd Shamrock Pat Byrd Shamrock Donor Abbie Bailey = Bettye Henderson briggs Mildred Campbell Gibson Rebecca Klonel = Mary Foard Nicholas Lauren Potts = Morgan Wailes = Margaret Payne Greene Donor Pat Garrison Chattaway Anna Foster Ashley Frederick = Mildred Elizabe Campbell Gibson Adelaide Godwin = Nancy Crable Kirk Mary FoarNicholas Rachel Saunders = Morgan Wailes = Ruth Henrickson Webb Brady Young =

Alpha Beta

Cornell University Sisterhood Giving Circle Nancy Coles Hallinan Carol Mayer Utter

Alpha Gamma

Coe College Sisterhood Giving Circle Pauline Herron Huston Miller Donor Marilyn Foster Erickson Carmen Whitecotton Hauser

Alpha Delta

Oregon State University Heritage Giving Circle Julie Lambert Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Riggs Arndt Janet Leonard Baillie Mary Jo Cox Capps

Phyllis Gray Hann Linda McNulty Barbara Ellett Schnabel Donor Kati Gray Austgen Nancy Cunningham Evans Martha Vancamp Richardson

Alpha Epsilon

University of Michigan Lombard Giving Circle Pamela Ann Tittle Collins Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Ann Smothers Gluski Judith Sellevold LaBreche Anne Fiske Lee Elizabeth Barber Murray Alveris Louise Bonnell VanFleet Corson Marian Sayward West Linda Rainwater Yates Donor Mary Lubienski Flanagan Lucy Niemann French Jennifer Frohock Charlene Edwards Kelsey Helen Neffner Misch Barbara Libs Murray Marie Panchuk Roberta Shaw Stimac

Alpha Zeta

University of Oklahoma Sisterhood Giving Circle Anna Simmons Hefner Donor Lisa Vaughn Hampton

Alpha Eta

Purdue University Heritage Giving Circle R Jean Busby Beard Mary Louise Haymaker Hill Lombard Giving Circle Kendra Becker Lewis Julia Naftzger Van Sickle Founders’ Giving Circle Sharon Ploch Bassler Lois Osenberg Streed Sisterhood Giving Circle Julie Andrews Susan Zuhl Bryant Diane McClure Dow Becky Fenstermaker Druetzler Karen Kallstrom Jenkin Audrey Rothwell Kleasen Ann Schmiedicke Klemm Jean Klick Joyce Matthey Litzler Lois Congram Myerholtz Barbara Bauman Plochman Anne Ruppe Shields Laura Watkins Skidmore Donna Speck Smith Sara Adair Sperry Carol Waite Stephens Theresa Busby Stripling

Doris Kenninger Stump Sara Peck Wilson Donor Sharon Albert Balka Nancy Jean Bennett Bray Kathryn Ann Metz Cavaleri Marilyn Odle Cooprider Jean Kay Tevebaugh Ehmsen Colleen Falk Marjorie Hienton Frantzreb = Mary George Hood Jeanette Jinks Horrall Nancy Campbel Huntzinger Sara Des Jean Konopka Mary Alice McCauley Kranz Barbara LaMair-Pierce Nancy Hahn Morgan Sara Elsbury Morgan Linda Anne Fort Pickett Mary Baughman Pulkrabek Kristi Brown Reininga Kristen Shepard = Sandra Smith Emily Vanatsky = Judith Turley Weadick Roberta Connelly Wygant Ann Gallatin Yager

Alpha Theta

Northwestern University Founders’ Giving Circle Charlotte Swanson Shade Sisterhood Giving Circle Linda Beia Elliott Lorraine Talcott Hoopes Pamela Butler James Suzanne Mitton Petru Marion Crain Stewart Donor Joan Cameron Denton Jane Parsegian Hovsepian

Alpha Iota

Drake University Founders’ Giving Circle Nancy Polk Bogenrief Sisterhood Giving Circle Camilla Olson Blakeslee Jeannette Belke DeLost Janice Forret Doudna Lori Bleich Gallogly Margaret McCay Kathleen Nissly Joni Lindale Williamson Donor Elzabe Kossow Huffman Pamela Simpson Nolting Daryl Simpson Norman Betty Zechiel Tomeo

Sisterhood Giving Circle Rena Hartzler Armatas Pauline Baldwin Baskett Kathryn Connor Joan Pool Farmer Sondra McQuillan Goar * Sherry Lamoreux Humphrey Frances Scott Mettle Cynthia Collingwood Saunders Joan Conover Schroeder Cynthia Yoder Stevens Theda Whelan Wendel Becky Anderson Wiseman Donor Deborah Stansell Barthel Bonnie Brettell Manuel Marsha Isaacson Chaffee Caroline Perkins Clinger Tracy Hughes Colitte Sheila Dicken Collins Barbara Herzog Coupe Betty Anderson Forbes Marilyn Banach Jennings Jo Stroup Lyman * Angela Malloy Noell Wulfkuhle Memmott Caroline McCain Peterson-Searls Amanda Phillips Raquel Ridder Plath Makena Utech = Nancy Pendarvis Zara

Alpha Lambda

University of Oregon Sisterhood Giving Circle Barbara Evonchuck Cyrus * Louise Robinson Dane Jane Kutch Mercereau Donor Carol Solberger Leatherman Eleanor Saunders Mueller Kathryn Huenergard Price Maryella Velguth Tierney

Alpha Mu

Ohio Wesleyan University Sisterhood Giving Circle Betsy Blesh Clark Virginia Brick Messing * Elinor Harper Spiller Jane Stone Donor Patricia Young Allen Lois Batschelet Lawrence Judith Melinsky Catherine Turner Salisbury Barbara Elder Vestal Carolyn Huling Wenzelberger

Alpha Kappa

Kansas State University Cora Bollinger Block Giving Circle Linda Barton Wiens Founders’ Giving Circle Amy Vangilder New

alphaxidelta.org 37


Alpha Xi

University of California-Los Angeles Symphony Giving Circle Bonnie Baker Blish Founders’ Giving Circle Elizabeth Topkis Sisterhood Giving Circle Allene Killough Harding Donor Patricia Dillon Clegg Margaret Tomalunas Holland Joan Knight Knowlton Elsie Martin

Alpha Omicron

Hunter College Donor Marie Massa Hanna Cecilia La Rotonda Helen McManus Murphy

Alpha Pi

Middlebury College Heritage Giving Circle Tana Sterrett Scott

Alpha Rho

Allegheny College Donor Rebecca Stewart Carter Nancy Reed Chatfield Barbara Buhlinger Oberding Catherine Richards Twyla Holmstrom Sales

Alpha Tau

University of Alabama Sisterhood Giving Circle Charlotte Alison Teddi Mackelden Gwendolyn Pryor Carol Williams Donor Patricia Koop Tracy Lois Taylor Williams Linda Fleming Xia

Alpha Psi

University of Denver Donor Susan Mohamed Downhower

Alpha Phi

University of Pennsylvania Symphony Giving Circle Beverly Case Rorer Sisterhood Giving Circle Florence Parker Cole Donor Elizabeth Skelton Ames Jeanne Korns Clark Carolyn Kerr Hickerson Leslie Hoffman

38 the


Alpha Omega

Florida State University Lombard Giving Circle Linda Kotowski Sisterhood Giving Circle Donna Shaw Burton Sharon De Vore Jean Sauer DeFrances Virginia Vaughn Fisher Barbara Guidos Janice Sapp McNeill Mary Slovak Janice Royer Sparks Sandy McNab Turnbull Donor Arlene Kotowski Bischoff Virginia Gerretson Brooks Suzanne Strupp Eno Marjorie Potts Evans Susan Harvey Hoerbelt Susan Stumpf Hunter Mary Mims Johnson Terrie Jones Whittier Jean Landrum Langston Trudy Portewig Charlotte Abney Rudy Francine Mirigliano Schwartz Maude Mims Scott Faye Dance Sheppard Charlotte West

Beta Alpha

University of Texas at Austin Lombard Giving Circle Sharon Brown Richardson Founders’ Giving Circle Mary Josie Cain Blanchard Sisterhood Giving Circle Carol Beatty Marth Small Greenlaw Micaela Isler Susan Garrott Raschke Sharon Smith Diane Ditta thornton Donor Dolly Dure Barclay Robin Soper Broumley Melissa Rios Brown Kellyn Rixford Dunn Darah Eckert Kristen Ellefson Elgie Catherine Trame Galanti Cande Kincaid Green Judy Martin Hickerson Terry Blaylock Keyser Kiannah Lagunas = Maria Mendez Lewis Anne Lievens = Laura Parks Lilley Marilyn Fife Sumner Melissa Masso Swanson Diane Womack Walberg Aida Kennedy Ziemnicki

Beta Beta

Washington University Sisterhood Giving Circle Elaine Doerbaum Seiler Kay Thurman Donor Rose Burmeister Fahien Carol Keymer Gerhart Doris Bolton Knight

Beta Gamma

Centenary College of Louisiana Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Armbrust Harvey Sandra Whitlock Mauney Donor Joan Dodson Kneipp Jeanne Sweete Spence Pace

Beta Epsilon

Monmouth College Symphony Giving Circle Marcia Brink Adair Margaret Bozarth Lombard Giving Circle Kathryn Yager Brown Founders’ Giving Circle Alice Pishan Croner Sonja Zedigian Lowry Sisterhood Giving Circle Julie Anell Susan Ann Barrett Boelke Karen Ogorzalek Judy Maxwell Schaeffer Barbara Guyer VanCura Donor Sarah Ellis = Nancy Lee Graves Margaret Jones Evy Lipecka Mary Kate Luzzo = Lois Gradous Myers Janet Forbes Myers Tara Oakes = Mary Schuch Hannah Snyder = Kristen Wyse Wagner

Beta Zeta

Lake Forest College Donor Phoebe Greenleaf Harper Sharon Joyce shutter

Beta Eta

University of Maryland College Park Heritage Giving Circle Jeanne Regus Kuller Founders’ Giving Circle Ilda Lunan Deming Sisterhood Giving Circle Lois Brassor Blevins Kathleen Burke Clark Michele Barone Hunn Jacquelyn Healey Kalinsky

Lorii Plazinski Nancy Stenger Todd Donor Kimberly Hooper Hilliard Jessica Martins = Mary-Stuart Price Dori Stibolt Foteni Tzanis Tiffany

Beta Theta

Michigan State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary McMath Bierlein Carol Rice Choulochas Frances Minges Isaac Lois Taylor Leavitt Tracy Kleinschmidt Osborne Betty Berquist Secaur Donor Elinor Adams = Annie Adams = Abigail Andrejek = Nora Asrar = Alexandria Barnett = Maura Bayagich = Ashley Berry = Natalie Biehl = Barbara Goodrum Breisch Danielle Brereton = Alexa Brown = Mary-Catherine Canavan = Alexandra Carley = Marian Cesar Chapman Ann Lundberg Chase Brittany Clark = Piper Cook = Alayna Dakers = Brittni Daley = Adriana Davila= Caitlin DeLuca= Meghan Donovan= Alexis Dunkel = Samantha Engelmeier = Kelly Eusebi = Katie Fabian = Maddie Falk = Allison Fargo Alexandra Felix Elizabeth Finazzo = Kathryn Fiorella = Karen Richey Forrester Shelby Fritts Sara Garcia = Kirsten Gilstorf Audrey Gotko = Natalie Gotko = Brooke Graber = Kathleen Harkins Molly Harmon = Abby Hart = Emma Heckelsmiller = Emily Henderson = Alison Hennessy = Lindsay Hickox = Bailey Hoffman = Shannon Hood =

Elizabeth Hornung = Maddie Houle = Erica Jackson = Sydney Jennings = Yas Kaddouh = Meaghan Keating = Hannah Kimmel = Abbey Kloss = Helen Hlavacek Knox Lauren Koepke = Kayla Krebs= Erica Kula= Emily Kurjan = Martha Lawlor Abigail Long = Paige Longhi = Catherine McKenna = Kathryn McKeown = Olivia Miller= Iola Kern Mitton Meghan Moore = Hailee Murphy = Katina Nicholas = Susan Alexander Outman Karine Pagus = Klara Piskitel Panontin Lauren Parker Allison Perkins = Gracie Pettit = Alissa Pupel = Kristin Stidham Randels Julia Randels = Molly Rust = Katelyn Rusz = Liane Gilbert Schall Haley Schepis = Natalie Schlesinger = Caitlyn Sellnau = Marissa Siegel = Bri Simon = Shirley Welch Stevens Sarah Stone = Lindy Vallier = Julia Vredenburg = Candace Waite = Alex Ward = Shelby Warner = Ericka Williams = Lexi Yenshaw= Juliana Zaslavsky =

Beta Iota

Louisiana State University Founders’ Giving Circle Rhonda Shives Sisterhood Giving Circle Andrea Patronas Fournet Gemelle Martin Linzy Donor Mary Alice Guitrau Joanne Deimel Granier Brenda Daigle Pipes

Beta Kappa

Baldwin Wallace University Lombard Giving Circle Linda Lutz Dettmer

Founders’ Giving Circle Pamela McCormick Barkman Sisterhood Giving Circle Jody Dettmer Halley Donor Barbara Behnke Ayres Kelly Tomcheck Bryant

Beta Lambda

Pennsylvania State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Anne Brash Burns Beth Cohen Lou Ann La Roche DeRoode Joan Elias Ellen Helen Wojcik Fath Jennie Bryan Hampton Ilona Zoldos Donor Margaret Fisher Bosse Nancy Ries Brown Deborah Karkosky Covolus Nancy Sleber Davis Virginia Roe Grizzell Stacy Sydeski Hurt Mary Bryan Jones Sandra Zelek Lear Ruth Calhoun Yanos

Beta Mu

Bowling Green State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Berg Casto Christine Shellhammer Gilliam Leigh Perkins Kesling Diane Elizabeth Johnson Payne Kathryn Hulse Stewart Donor Annie Ayers = Candice Bambrick = Juliana Behnke = Rach Blakkolb = Katie Carter = Adrianna Cason = Maddie Chantler = Angela Clay = Emily Cohen = Taylor Day = Kayla Dennis = Quiana Douglas = Alysha Duelley = Ja’Lynn Dukes = Alexis Durham = Katie Falter = Linda Stout Ferguson Olivia Fortner = Katie Gabel = Lauren Garrison = Adrienne Getz = Taylor Ginnis = Alyssa Gorczyca = Jessica Hager = Margaret Quayle Hamilton Alyssa Herbe = Emily Hix = Taylor Humphrey = Alexanda Jenkins = Morgyn Jones =

Matching Gifts and United Way Support The following Sisters received credit to their giving total between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017 by participating in their employer’s matching gift program or by designating Alpha Xi Delta to receive funds through their United Way contribution. Check with your human resources representative to see if your employer participates in either of these programs. • Dianne Plattenburg Botefuhr, Northern Michigan, Allstate Giving Campaign • Shannon Stickney Burt, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Nationwide • Amy Greene Crist, Indiana University, Macy’s

Erika Katzenmayer = Annie Koza = Eryn Lorton = Ang Lucarelli = Mariah Magnus = Sierra Mathews = Meghan McQueen = Morgan Metzger = Parker Milby = Cheryl Bevan Miller Jessica Raburn Mormino Monroe Naill = Courtney Niswander = Lisa Obral = Sydney Osborne = Alexis Otstot = Madeline Pace = Maria Pace = Abby Patricy = Sydney Powell = Michela Provagna = Keira Rathsack = Ashley Ritchey = Taylor Rittenhouse = Katherine Ruby = Paige Rutschilling = Hannah Ryan = Lauren Schaffer = Nicole Schmid = Hannah Schnaterbeck = Olivia Schulok = Mariah Schurko = Amy Senn = Morgan Smolka = Ashley Snyder = Hannah Spaid = Emily Stein = Joely Stoller = Alexis Tomallo = Katelin Toporowsky =

• Martha Geppert, University of Illinois, Bank of America • Amy Johnston Herne, West Virginia Wesleyan, FedEx • Elizabeth Hakemian Muirhead, Millersville University, Vanguard • Elizabeth Eberle Payette, California State University – Fresno, Kaiser Permante • Jenny Pelkey, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Wells Fargo • Lori Plazinski, University of Maryland, Montgomery County • Lis Beck Stuller, Eastern Washington University, Expedia • Christina Knowles Wingenfield, California State University-Fresno, Nationwide • Betsie Keeler Zeedyk, Alma College, Kellogg’s

Morgan Verplank = Emily Viccarone = Marjeanne Wiley Walters Susan Dickey Williams Amberr Williams = Shania Williams = Kathryn Yoakum = Madison Yunker = Lauren Zaleski = Natalie Zywica =

Beta Nu

Culver Stockton College Sisterhood Giving Circle Alice Bailey Halberstadt Donor Darlene Myers Brickman Jodey Maxwell-Swee

Beta Xi

Marietta College Sisterhood Giving Circle Kay Porter Roekamp Lucinda Spaney Donor Cierra Bloom = Emily Brown = Loren Coontz = Emily Drabeck = McKenzie Fleeman = Shannon Garrison = Lauren Gerber = Sydney Gregory = Emily Gummere = Megan Hesson = Sofrina Hinton Barbara Smith Hintz Elizabeth Huffman = Maicy Kirk = Jodi Klempa =

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FOUNDATION NEWS Aimee Lane Bethany Leslie Jessican Lucas = Erika Masie = Amanda Medykowski = Dallas Montag = Mariah Orr = Jane Peterson = Susanne Gettings Ray Michaila Riley = Emily Schemrich = Courtney Streeter = Rachel Thompson = Abbey tornes =

Donor Jennifer Pearce Aldrich Mary Bond Berry Anna Young Brady Virginia Bridgeman Brohawn Amy Rossiter Crist Shirley Taylor Dolan Susan Sharpe Dotson Amy Johnston Herne Margaret Royse Hull Sarah Petitto * Carolyn Saxton Laura Thompson Susan Beriault Williams

Beta Omicron

Beta Tau

Missouri Valley College Founders’ Giving Circle Marcia Bowles Brown Sisterhood Giving Circle Judith Francis Parker Donor Marjorie Gerhard Coleman Linda DiToto Dolores Blew McHenry Kay Steinhauser Perkins

Beta Pi

Indiana University Symphony Giving Circle Linda Bernd Wrench Lombard Giving Circle Wendy Kurtz Levine Founders Giving Circle Joyce Banker Stanton * Sisterhood Giving Circle Myrna Kanning Bianchi Janice McBride Bobbs June Simpson Chartrand Marilyn Lipsett Holthouse Bettsy Creigh Leib Deanna Newell Anne Berlin Painter Ann Barrett Tao Donor Cheryl Mullett Comerford Amy Greene Crist Lindsay Eichelman Lauren Blankenbaker Felts Jennifer Brooks Foster Rhonda Lutton Greene Linda Yarling Hammel Ann Klunzinger Heilman Lauren Jolly Allie Jostrand Jessica Klopfer Christine Loncaric Helen Morse * Sharon Schendel Roselyn King Selmanoff Allison Hall Witmeier Susan Sovie Zanghi

Beta Sigma

West Virginia Wesleyan College Sisterhood Giving Circle Jeannine Lemon Burger Heath Suzette Matt Carbaugh Mary Dorsey Taylor

40 the


Kent State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Lori Hendrickson Susan Eicher Mamber Judy Michael Pachmayer Kathleen Downing Pownall Donor Tammy Jessen Andreyko Beverly Hudec Bellis Katharine Smith Blair Sandra Learner Brown Gayle Burris Kathleen Cogdeill Casper Susan Cavalier Sally Andrus Evans Kathleen Giles Giles Ruth Brugler Griffing Darlene Kelly Laura Baltrinic King Sherri Koppel Patricia Mackil Larson Katie Lerch = Ellen Daiuto McGregor Judy Kral Smith Jan Zboray Wolf Sarah Edwards Zambito

Beta Upsilon

University of Rhode Island Sisterhood Giving Circle Rickey Zeidler Jiranek Donor Claire Wildprett Binns Gail Miller Black Anne Brown Jennie Moroney Butler Rosemarie Sciotto Ciccone Jenny Ghelarducci Marilyn McCann Joan Bottino McMillan Judy Marble Mernick Beverly Herzog Midgley Tiffany Morris Janice Perna Nicholas Megan OConnell Marilyn Romano Pellini Lorna Millar Persson Linda Escalera Price Kendall Rankin Francine Siegel Stampnitzky Patty Reid Winderman

Beta Chi

Gettysburg College Heritage Giving Circle Pauline Dale Platt Sisterhood Giving Circle Debbie Eshbach Susan Gibble Wolf Donor Amy Priga Blavatt Amy Venable Ciuffreda Nancy Wing Dyer Cathy Hart Hartwick Elise Ferguson Jones Kae Meyer Spoerl Nancy Wertman Sterrett

Beta Psi

Carroll University Sisterhood Giving Circle Jacqueline Deutsch Welch Donor Ashely Alter = Natalie Berger Kaitlyn Braun Lauren Caraher = Beverly Goocher Clark Kaitlyn Cornella-Carlson = Taylor Deplazes = Brooklyn Donahue = Kayla Eustice = Taylor Gigl = Laura hamilton Meg Wilson Matejka Sloan McHugh = Kimmy Mehlert = Roxanne Plapp Jessica Pollack = Kristine Rayas = Melissa Schinker Reed Shelby Schoob = Gloria Bohn Smith Hailey Von Dross = Bayla Baite = Diane Harwood Wilson Amanda Yunker = Meredith Zimmermann = Jacqueline Deutsch Welch

Beta Omega

Memphis State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Frances Clark Norton Donor Mary Jane Hillard Jones Peggy Killough Nancy Shannon McPherson

Gamma Alpha

San Diego State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Linda Bewley Sue Ann Haverkamp Evelyn Schweigen MacCarthy Sandra Morrison Karin Hagen Riggs Pam Knoebel Tate

Donor Mona Williams Anderson Donnalee Adams Bubeck Nancy Burgeson Gloria Kleponis Hunt Patricia Smith Sellers Diane Murphey Witthauer

Gamma Beta

Marshall University Lombard Giving Circle Martha Guiney Duncan Founders’ Giving Circle Deborah Fenwick Maas Sisterhood Giving Circle Barbara Hess Bucciere Carol Legg Young Donor Toni Hatten Donahue Patti Damron Evans Loretta Mariotti Hammond Gale Kelsey Carolyn Ladd Kennington Chandler Ratcliff = Jane Wilson Rummell Elizabeth Victor

Gamma Gamma University of Arizona Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Clyde Donor Fran Holly Johnson

Gamma Delta

University of Nebraska-Omaha Cora Bollinger Block Giving Level Marilyn Herbes Horner Founders’ Giving Circle Bunnie Wybenga Olsen Donor Kathy Farris Andersen Deb Whitehill Bloom Wanda Peterson Duff Joan Eddy Sharon Ishii-Jordan Jaida Jackson = Riya Keyes = Breanna McGill = Kim Frye Olesker Sarah Rausch = Janet Seaman Susan Hopkins Taszarek Savanna Wallin =

Gamma Epsilon

California State University-Fresno Founders’ Giving Circle Joan Peres Hansen Sisterhood Giving Circle Margie Stolshek McIntyre Elizabeth Eberle Payette Courtney Caron Peters Donor Barbara Bates Ellis Paula Sarco Guzman Marie Campopiano Slater Barbar Christensen Spencer

Christina Knowles Wingenfield Suzy Manfredo Wren

Gamma Zeta

Eastern Michigan University Sisterhood Giving Circle Paula Pflepsen Brigham Susan Grossman Urbanek Donor Janet Heath-Morgan Janessa Monahan = Kristin Cusumano Neubar Carol Holwey Stidham Grace Weirich =

Gamma Eta

Georgia Institute of Technology Lombard Giving Circle Kay Adams Kelley Jo Kitta Hundt Cheryl Johnson Weldon Janice Nease Wittschiebe Founders’ Giving Circle Marguerite Frick Selma Jabaley Nell Stephenson Lynch Elizabeth McQuillin Julie Roers Turner Sisterhood Giving Circle Deborah Bell Cruickshank Kathryn Kitta Culbreth Janice Harden Cynthia Smith King Kelley Franzman Merck Lisa Johnson Papa Tammy Tuley Purves Sally Ann McRobert Wise Amy DeLozier Zarra Donor Layla Abdullatif = Adrianna Bernardo = Kathleen Bernhard Savannah Black = Sarah Bowling = Mary Katherine Branham Catherine Burns Bryan Shireen Budhwani = Erica Callahan= Anya Capps = Laura Carrillo = Annika Clawson = Kathryn Cotton = Kristin Dagley = Sam Davanzo = Andrea De Luca = Rachel Dekom = Grace Devine = Laura Duffy = Maddie Ellis = Donna Rambo Ennis Riley Galloway = Genavera Gannon = Brooke Gardner = Ambika Gupta = Katie Hampton = Carla Harker

Nicole Henson = Jess Hertzberg = Karen Elaine Hill Lindsey Holladay = Leila Hollis = Sabrina Huang = Melissa Dean Hugenberg Karen Smith Hughes Kayleigh Jennings = Dawn Carrico Kabbes Sun Kim = Nisha Lee = Kyra LeRoux = Mayuri Mamtani = Rebecca Mayer = Shivani Negi = Daniella Nieves = Varsha Padmanabhan = Nivi Prasad = Rachel Provost = Taylor Reitano = Jill Riley = Ellie Ristau = Katie Robinson = McKenna Sendobry = Tess Shaheen = Mackenzie Stockslager = Valerie Stolf = Lauren Stratton = Kalya Subramanian = Amy Thompson = Mara Tolksdorf = Sarah Verlander = Maddie Wiggins = Peyton Woods = Sydney Yang= Tiffanie Yang = Christina Zhang =

Gamma Theta

East Tennessee State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Patricia Harr Donor Ali Morrell Balanon Laura Berry = Hannah Cashatt = Melissa Courtney = Donna Delp = Haley Evans = Kaitlynn Frazier = Keneath Galyon = Madelyne Jones = Morgan Kerns = Brittany Lawson = Jada Nichols = Madison O’Neal = Retha Cole Patton Kennedy Peltier = Delany Stone = Yvette Vasquez = Bailey Walker = Ashley Ward =

Gamma Iota

Lambuth University Sisterhood Giving Circle Carol Archer Lovell

Gamma Pi

Susquehanna University Founders’ Giving Circle Bonnie Eiker Lightcap Sisterhood Giving Circle Patricia Ney Booth Suzanne Springer Zeok Donor Irene Etter Schmehl

Northern Illinois University Sisterhood Giving Circle Barbara Oras Blatchford Colette Crown Linda Michel Paul Donor Anita Petersen Drake Kris Selmarten Gustafson Gloria Grandgeorge Hopewell Dolores Gotkowski Killian Ramona Pearson Kubica Karen Durbin Lemcke Penny chmielewski Perles

Gamma Lambda

Gamma Rho

Gamma Kappa

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Symphony Giving Circle Jane Dunlap Gaby Sisterhood Giving Circle Lucinda Tiller Cordo Janice Kidd Donor Elizabeth Dodd Barton Linda Loucks Black Shannon Stickney Burt Debora Berry Davis Madge Jones Essary Janna Thacher Findley Lisa Gaines Lethi Peggy Tucker Widener

Gamma Nu

Southeast Missouri State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Julie Robinson Mary Ortmann Ryan Donor Allison Elking = Alberta Schatzle Germann Jennifer Gianino Kellie Hanser = Jane Moonier Hudson Ali Janet = Katie LoRusso Militello Zoe Popp = Tamara Adams Sevcik

Gamma Xi

Valdosta State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Judy Kear Barry Brenda Underwood Sirmons Donor Paige Cronia Bushart Eileen Wachowiak Harris Pam Langston Durrett Bradford Moerman

Gamma Omicron

Central Michigan University Lombard Giving Circle Mary Shellenberger Brown Sisterhood Giving Circle Barbara Christi Bachman Susan Hopkindson Darold Patricia Barrett Stehl Betty Suzanne Tatar Wiseman

Parsons College Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Lippitt Buckles Donor Marjorie Brockway Archer

Gamma Sigma

Thiel College Sisterhood Giving Circle Monica Anderson Anne Wilson Hemingway Donor Bette Feather DeGraw Tammy Kysor Kearney Sharyn Lee Kordes Sibera Nancy Pribble Wert

Gamma Tau

Ohio Northern University Sisterhood Giving Circle Carrie Kashawlic Karen Frey Stoudt Kathryn Westlake Donor Barbara Ridenour Brooks Nancy Tier Brumagen Betty Foulkes Darst Pamela Hunter Dishman Teri Wynn Okrutny Kara Reynolds Kristina Sarris = Kim Parsons Smittle Amanda Shaw Timmons Linda Urban Amy Vasinko Abigail Warren

Gamma Upsilon

University of Georgia Sisterhood Giving Circle Paula Long Anderson Jo Ann Smith Evans Marie Montante Hall Sandra Keim Shackelford Carol Spring Carol Lunceford Weaver Donor Linda Gorman Rodriguez

alphaxidelta.org 41


Gamma Phi

East Carolina University Sisterhood Giving Circle Judith Wilson Harrell Donor Terrie Smith Boggs Peggy Ratley Economidis Paula Noffsinger Fergusson Judyth Eargle Hustrulid Claudia Jean Taylor Mills Glenda Ruth Phillips Norford Katie Kennedy Schafer

Gamma Psi

Frostburg State University Lombard Giving Circle Nadine Roberts Founders’ Giving Circle Rebecca Neilson Sisterhood Giving Circle Nancy Carman Camilla Janiczek Dacombe Sandy Priebe Day Pam Gardiner Enger Audrey Huthwaite Eleanor Taylor Paulman Susan Robinson Linda Zerfing Donor Sheila Klase Benac Hanora Morley Blau Linda Roberts Bush Jo-Ann Perry Chernega Bonnie Sweeney Heller Jennifer Verge Morphew Jeannette Remy Helene Steadman Schappell Janet Gleason White

Gamma Omega

Henderson State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Sharon McCone Kathy Nicklaus Owrey Donor Karen Herbert Kristie Fox Johnson Madie McCaslin Shannon Slatton Schwartz Suzanne Smith Spoon

Delta Alpha

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Sisterhood Giving Circle Diane Gmoser Byrne Donor Linda Becker Carlson Elizabeth Fricke = Claire Goldbin = Emily Ingram = Rhiannon Kernstock = Marianne Stark Klinkhammer Kristin Miller = Rachel Novakovic = Elizabeth De Groot Russell Bailey Slater = Barbara Lee Vanderploeg

42 the


Nicole Witt = Erin Wysocki =

Delta Gamma

University of Nebraska At Kearney Sisterhood Giving Circle Diana Erpelding Wubbenhorst Donor Tasha Anderson = Lexie Ansbach = Melissa Bachrach = Zoeie Bacon = Megan Benson = Brittany Blaser = Shelbi Burke = Josie Burke = Katelynn Butler = Breanna Carter = Lexi Chapelle = Sam Clark = Brianna Deines = Kim Deleon = Bailey Denker = Bailey Dostal = Emily Flood = Whitney Frost = Rachel Gaston = Sami Gaston = Phalon Gill = Savannah Goodall = Jessica Goodier = Shannon Green = Kelsey Gretch = Megan Hawks = Jaci Henderson = Nicole Hoffman = Maddie Hyberger = Kylie Johnson = Shanelle Johnson = Nya Keys = Lily Lutter = Ahnika Lutz = Ashlynn Marx = Megan McAlevy = Ruby Mendez-Lopez = Maaika Mestl = Maddie Moor = Ashley Nielsen = Briana Orellana = Sarah Overman = Abby Pane = Gabi Patterson = Miranda Petersen = Taylor Peterson = Halie Platt = Mary Porter = Anna Porter = Tiffany Potter = Sidney Preister = Megan Rash = Arin Reimers = Beth Revelo = Taylor Rieper = Lindsey Ruiz = Sara Salzman = Miranda Sargent = Rachel Shackelford = Morgan Shradar =

Erika Smith = Katie Smith = Gillian Smithson = Lea Stenslokken = Kalynn Stoner = Kristina Syring = Tiffany Vavricek Willow Waldock = Caitlin Welker = Liz Wright =

Delta Delta

Delta Iota

Chadron State College Donor Valerie Johnson Bailie Karen Adams Leicht

Delta Kappa

Slippery Rock University Donor Michelle Burichin Murray Allie Stokes

Northern Michigan University Lombard Giving Circle Dianne Plattenburg Botefuhr Sisterhood Giving Circle Marianne Arnestad Boyak Roberta Smith Machata Michelle Hiebel Todzy Donor Jane Jeffries Piester

Delta Lambda

Delta Epsilon

Delta Mu

University of New Orleans Sisterhood Giving Circle Tracey Cannon Maureen Turner Masson Marilyn Muniz Silbernagel Cheryl Baiamonte West Donor Amanda Counts Apfelblat Morgan Cole = Robin LaGrange Juneau Kelly Sellers Kron Meara McNitt = Jane Vanderbrook Philibert

Delta Zeta

Long Island University-C.W. Post Sisterhood Giving Circle Virginia Ruediger Melrose Donor Robin Minor Brennan Katy Caraveo = Vanessa Finazzo = Kat Gaffney = Karen Sabo Indusi Lillian Birkland Potts Jane Immler Satkowski Barbara Hall Wullschleger

Delta Eta

California University of Pennsylvania Sisterhood Giving Circle Barbara Williams Fetsko Donor Paulette Hrebenar Griglack Kathleen Yoder Landis Virginia Schuenzel Michitsch

Delta Theta

St. Cloud State University Lombard Giving Circle Marianne Clausing-Lee Sisterhood Giving Circle Carolyn Puzak Luken

Rochester Institute of Technology Sisterhood Giving Circle Devon McGoldrick Donor Stephanie Roycewicz Bauschard Felicia Boria = Jennifer Cougler = Paula Tully Quinones

Old Dominion University Founders’ Giving Circle Jennifer Bellas Lee Sisterhood Giving Circle Linda Foster Absalom Deirdre Midgett Cook Donor Rebecca Angerome = Carolyn Russell Cunningham Anna Deeds Molly ellis Tara Franklin = Karen Steelman Hair Victoria Dowling Ishee Brianna Sadler = Suzanne Buck Short Theresa Deal Wachal

Delta Nu

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Founders’ Giving Circle Phyllis Rochelle Forte Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Christopher Preissner Kathryn Wickstrom Smith Marijean Konopke Williams Donor Katelyn Anderson = Megan Horst Foster Edie Paolina Klebacha Shirley Gausman Marchand Brooke Souder Bridget Fishburn Wade Margo Weaver

Delta Xi

Georgia State University Founders’ Giving Circle Alicia Woo Sadler Sisterhood Giving Circle Tracy Andersen Roberts Gail Brooks Torrence Donor Marsha White Curtis Angela Sloan Allan

Jacquelyn Custer Brandon Deborah Sherer Curlette Mary Stephens Gilbert Caroline Cathcart Gilmore Ashley Hunt = Taylor Powell = Myky Truong = Carol Spalding Wakamo Ashley Wampler

Erin Zimmerman Grimes Pauline Solberg haug Annika Hobson = Jillian Hoffman = Theresa Tilkens Jorgensen Frankie Rabas = Bonnie Haack Ries Alyssa Scott = Lorena collins VerBoort

Delta Omicron

Delta Upsilon

Fairmont State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Janice Falkenstein Denison Donor Frances Kay Akona Paula Casella Burnett

Delta Pi

Defiance College Sisterhood Giving Circle Jill Foster Bortel Donor Morey Bowen = Bonnie Clark Jefferis Marissa Kosier = Sherri Schenkel = Lex Schriefer =

Delta Rho

California State UniversityNorthridge Lombard Giving Circle Deanna Wollam Detchemendy Founders’ Giving Circle Marianne Moritz Russo Sisterhood Giving Circle Kathleen Cates Cantarine Susan Leeds-Horwitz Debbie Levy Rubin Donor Vickie Bourdas Martinez Kayla Gatmaitan = Sandra Posthumus Holcomb Nicole Kashou = Nicole Kucera = Linda Clark McMillan Dayna Rosenthal = Kani Serlin

Delta Sigma

Ferris State University Founders’ Giving Circle Sara Pullis Molnar Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Dekker Danhof Donor Erin Finn Terree Gray Kuiper Ellie Lauer = Carrie Graham Russell Holly Hedrick Woodhall

Delta Tau

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Donor Jada Baum = Bridget Hudzinski Buell

University of Wisconsin - Superior Sisterhood Giving Circle Jean Lundberg Olson

Delta Phi

University of Charleston Sisterhood Giving Circle Cathy Kawash Leikhim Donor Doris Muller Burton Mary Lou Milam Entzminger Brenda Clark Lee

Delta Chi

University of Northern Iowa Founders’ Giving Cirlce Jennifer Emerick Kuntz Sisterhood Giving Circle Roxanne Porth Feakes Carol Heselton Tracy Borlaug Pursell Donor Megan Allison = Abby Dickinson = Debra Bryson Goodman Rachel Kerger = Michele McGinnis Kloth Amanda Lemanczyk Jessica Rupp Elizabeth Simmons = Jeanette Pickel Smith Donna Schutte Stahlhut Sara Welty Strunk

Delta Psi

Texas State University-San Marcos Sisterhood Giving Circle Betty Robbins Bendall Courtney Hankins Fluty Brenda Schrader Keller Charlotte Eliza Eller Poston Linda Dornbusch Schuessler Donor Maci Allee = Tessa Blomberg = Frances Tomlin Dudenhoeffer Chyloe Fife = Janel Gigliotti = Shirley Brunet Herrin Marisa Walden Lacey Mara Leamon = Toria Luette = Ashley Redding = Morgan Taylor = Erin Timothy=

Delta Omega

Winona State University Donor Sue Kniebel Bergman Mary Barton Rankin

Epsilon Alpha

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Founders’ Giving Circle Jenny Pelkey Sisterhood Giving Circle Jennifer Beeman Zipf Donor Annalyn Alt = Kayla Billman = Molly Brewer = Kaley Capocasa = Jennifer Mackley Degel Virginia Fritz = Kelli Diane Groth Kristin Trettin Leverson Mary Manion-Bick Grace Mikkelson = Annabell Pedersen = Rachel Pieper = Jenny Pelkey

Epsilon Beta

University of Findlay Sisterhood Giving Circle Roseann Keller Samson

Epsilon Gamma

Western Carolina University Lombard Giving Circle Jane Hooper Sutton Dorothy Sheldon Williams Sisterhood Giving Circle Laverne Harris Crawford Karen Blackwell Lineberger Donor Lisa Pope Atwater Beverly Sanders Barr Donna Cline Nancy Bonanza Foreman Vickie Dinkins Long Jacqueline Sutherland McInvale Jo-An Baggett Pittard Kathy Stutts Portaro Barbara Lynn Howard Waggoner

Epsilon Delta

Indiana State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Deborah Smith Saska Donna Gettle Worthley

Epsilon Zeta

Eastern Washington University Sisterhood Giving Circle Elisabeth Beck Stuller Donor Pavandeep Bolena = Laura Fiske Erin MacDonald Peck Taylor MacKenzie = Katie Walton =

Foundation Grants AmaXIng Challenge Grant Awarded to empower and support chapters and associations in growing their events and fundraising capabilities in support of Autism Speaks • Beta Tau Chapter, Kent State, $500 for Xi Man • Delta Chi Chapter, University of Northern Iowa, $600 for Step It Up • Epsilon Eta Chapter, South Dakota State University, $250 for Step It Up • Gamma Delta Chapter, University of Nebraska-Omaha, $1,000 for Step It Up • Gamma Eta Chapter, Georgia Institute of Technology, $500 for Step It Up • Kappa Chapter, University of Illinois, $825 for Football FrenXi • Nu Chapter, University of Washington, $825 for Step It Up • Theta Rho Chapter, California State University San Marcos, $500 for Step It Up Blasen Grant Awarded in memory of Evelyn Blasen, Washington State University ’68, to an agency in the state of Washington serving children with diabetes • Camp Stix, $2,700 for camperships Carol Cope Grant Provides an undergraduate leadership experience for a deserving member of Delta Gamma Chapter at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. The initial distribution funded registration and travel to Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute in summer 2017. • Ruby Mendez-Lopes, University of Nebraska – Kearney ’15 Dorothy Clarkson Dodd Grant, Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute Provides tuition to the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute • Lydia Crouser, Texas Tech University ’16 Mary Winters Grant Awarded in memory of Mary Kenner Winters, University of Texas ’35, to Beta Alpha Chapter for education or philanthropic purposes • Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas, $1,875 grant to support the chapter’s Football FrenXI AmaXIng Challenge Zelma Patchin Continuing Education Program Grants Awarded to alumnae seeking professional development in a nondegree program • Kimberly Feeney, University of Iowa ’98, $600 grant to support her participation at The Theraplay Institute • Kim Olesker, University of Nebraska – Omaha ’87, $1,000 grant to support Kim’s participation in the 2017 United Way Executive Leadership Development Program

alphaxidelta.org 43


Epsilon Eta

South Dakota State University Founders’ Giving Circle Michele Herbst Evink Sisterhood Giving Circle Andrea Fouberg Donor Taylor Anderson = Julia Andrus = Lizzie Angerhofer = Christina Brennan = Grace Davidson = Tess Enstad = Kylee Essen = Sarah Hammond = Mary McCormick Herbst Bailee Hetland = Jeanette Klein = Kiersten Koehler = Nicolette Lecy = Jacie McDonald = Maria Nagelhout = Kathleen Olson = Emily Pederson = Rebecca Peick = Rachel Podraza = Morgan Schaefer = Meghan Schenk = Sarah Schoon =

Epsilon Theta

West Liberty University Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Cox Johnson Donor Laurie Kinter Jones Jordan Lewis

Epsilon Iota

Newberry College Donor Sharon Shipley Crochet Tabitha Dorsey CeCe Mikell Sarah Reed = Leslie Grace Oltmann Sligh

Epsilon Kappa

Western Kentucky University Lombard Giving Circle Paige Faries Katharyn Faries Herndon Sisterhood Giving Circle Susan Buhay Du Part Kristin Stuedle Donor Rebecca Cooper Fenimore McKenzie Huskey = Keaton Woodliff =

Epsilon Lambda Rider University Founders’ Giving Circle Michelle Supplee Reda Sisterhood Giving Circle Judith Dispenza Stabile

44 the


Donor Melissa Castro = Sarah Colon = Joan Philibert Gaffin Sarah Lent = Clare Giovannetti Longworth Jillian Mann Potts Deborah LaCorte Schneider

Epsilon Mu

University of Northern Colorado Sisterhood Giving Circle Diane Andrich Vicki Postas Byrne Margaret Larsen Fazzio Donor Michelle Ellwanger Vicki Plummer Gardner Patricia Leonard

Epsilon Nu

University of Hartford Donor Lois Jacobs Beth Rosenberg Sanders

Epsilon Xi

University of Missouri-St. Louis Sisterhood Giving Circle Karen Wyka Kapral Donor Teaira Banks = Lisa Pagano Boyer Madeline Eschbacher = Trista Lawson = Tayler Leverenz = Annie McEntire = Mary McGinnis = Kathryn Bicker Schlag Kristen Schmutzler = Kaitlyn Sladek = Madisyn Weiss =

Epsilon Omicron

Oklahoma State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Margaret Shrontz Tenzythoff Donor Katie Dzurilla = Lee Arney Myers Shelby Stavins

Epsilon Pi

Jacksonville State University Founders’ Giving Circle Regina Willis Hawkins Claudette Smith Sisterhood Giving Circle Saralyn Crawford Mitchell Donor Emilee Arledge = Kasey Cofield = Cailee Cole = Allyce Cole = Paula Entrekin Evans Faye Thompson Helms Vanessa Sparrow Hill

Jade McCurdy = Ashley Nall = Tracie Teem Sessoms

Paula Schmeck Myers Cynthia Marie Zelenak

Epsilon Rho

University of Mississippi Donor Beth Ann Eadie Wendy Mikell Piepke

University of Southern Maine Donor Kristen Annis = Allexandra Giaquinto = Olivia Gilvey = Emily Hodge = Suzanne LaCroix Ciera Megginson = Casey Ross = Danielle Sanders =

Epsilon Sigma

Georgia Southern University Sisterhood Giving Circle Monica Burke Ann Spalding Cochran T.J. Merck Parker Donor Elizabeth Elijah

Epsilon Tau

Central Missouri State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Teresa Ankenbauer Feutz Donor Jill Griffin Lunsford

Epsilon Phi

Iowa State University Symphony Giving Circle Nancy Fehrmann Gainer Founders’ Giving Circle Judy Erickson Sisterhood Giving Circle Janet Lahti Schultze Donor Karen Miller Bahr Elizabeth Tursi Cosner Amy Gaffney-Ingalls Valli Fletchall Hale Monica Shope Lursen Barbara Straight Marr Rebecca Soderholm Tiffany Hopper Vokt

Epsilon Chi

Villanova University Donor Diana Ayella Rizzo

Epsilon Psi

Boise State University Donor Lindsey Raaker =

Zeta Beta

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Donor Dorinda Barnett Eckenroad Debra McAllonis Margaret Kiskaddon McFate Carolyn Butterfield Meisinger

Zeta Gamma

Zeta Delta

Indiana University South Bend Sisterhood Giving Circle Amy Holobyn

Zeta Eta

West Chester University Donor Alexa Acchione Tori Acevedo Gabby Acosta Jailyn Adams AJ Alvarez Claudia Anderson = Kelsey Andresen Devyn Antonucci = Carrie Ariza Shannon Basquill Mandy Berardi Christine Biddick Marissa Blazier Kaeleigh Bowman = Colleen Brennan = Ashley Brooks Megan Brooks = Karly Burdette Alex Burns = Marissa Cafone = Hayley Campbell Alexis Carter Bri Carbone Brianna Cascio = Alison Chack = Alex Cigan Alexa Clark Kylie Clark Alyssa Coley = Taylor Conner Danielle Conti Carolyn Rylko Conwell Brigid Curley Kelly Darata = Monica Distefano Catie Donia Erin Donnelly = Cara Dougherty = Amara Drew Elissa Duffield = Abbey Ellis = Tori Festa = Jess Fiore Kelsey Floyd = Tiff Fluri Casey Fratzola = Megan Gebhardt Emily Gifford Rachel Glassman Eliana Glassman =

Caroline Gray Alyssa Greco Mackenzie Grogan = Riley Haller = Callie Hamilton Brooke Hanssens = Lexi Heckman Devyn Hetman Courtney Hofmann Abbie Horan = Danielle Kane Lauren Kelley Sarah King = Julia Kistner = Lauren Konieczny = Amanda Koser Haley Kypers Taylor Latimer Maggie Lewallen = Julia Litle = Kari Lochstoer Kellie Lynch Catherine Cahill Macrina Amanda Maira = Jess Marcus = Kate McBryan Erin McCarthy Allie McCutchen Maddy McElroy = Sarah McFadden Kate McKenna Katie McLaughlin Julie McNabb AJ Michaels Lauren Miklosey Colette Miller = Linsey Moyer = Grace Mullarkey Ashley Nackers Nikki Owens Tiffany Padillia Amanda Paolini = Shelby Parker = Andrea Peterson = Gabby Pilla Brittany Polidoro Bradie Pollard Jena Polyak Jackie Pyne Meaghan Quay Nikki Raymond Mary Reardon Becky Reason Mary Hallman Richards Bianca Rinaldi = Sarah Rosecrans Christina Salese Kara Sanford Morgan Sapia Maddy Shaw = Paige Shepherd = Nikki Spaulding Megan Steelman Lindsay Streit = Lauren Thomas Britt Tokarick Karli Trainer =

Seline Uithol Danielle Vallino Kara Vartanian Alexa Vettori = Christina Viscidy Jordan Walker Grace Watkins = Samantha Weaver = Carly Westburg Amanda Whitehead Jenn Widdicombe = Joc Wilkerson Amani Williams = Ciara Williams = Lauren Williamson Zoe Willis = Syd Woodruff Payton Yoder

Zeta Theta

Wright State University Donor Miranda Almy = Mica Arnett = Liz Asman = Jessica Austin Tessler Baird = Amanda Becerril = Leah Brembeck = Elise Brown = Holly Buten = Mallory Buten = Karlie Cade = Brenna Doll = Emily Dotson = Ashley Duncan = Morgan Emmel = Brittany England = Emily Fagan = Farley Farley = Addie Focht = Hannah Gobbo = Sydney Griffith = Libby Groll = Sarah Hang = Kristin Hauser = Maria Helbig = Courtney Holzapfel = Patty Camden Izor Porscha Jordan = Sarah Alice Throckmorton Keiser Stephanie Kessen = Jordan Kilby = Harley Larson = Michaela Leach = Paige Magee = Paige McRoberts = Tori Merritt = Allison Rawlins = Amanda Rawlins = Kelsi Regan = Michele Thompson Richmond Molli Shaw = Amber Smith = Bridget Snyder = Alyssa Street = Kathleen Strickland

Katie Sturgis = Megan Ward = Melissa Warnimont = Kiki Welker = Lori Long Wintrow Jessie Wynk = Krislyn Yoakum =

Zeta Iota

Lyon College Sisterhood Giving Circle Mary Jane Pierce Norton Donor Megan Crook = Winona McCaulley = Jamachia McKesson = Maddie Miller = Cassidy Mitchell = Brittany Northern = Hayley Sederberg =

Zeta Kappa

University of Pittsburgh at Johnsontown Donor Nancy Solic Plows

Zeta Lambda

Texas Wesleyan University Founders’ Giving Circle Leslie Storey Donor Jane Rattan Cooper Sarah Rangel =

Zeta Mu

Methodist University Donor Mary Lou Hernandez O’Connor

Zeta Nu

Miami University Donor Kathy Baker Blackburn Jacklyn Knuckles Olinger

Zeta Xi

Auburn University Sisterhood Giving Circle Lisa Paramore Pickelsimer Leslie Wallace Taylor Donor Madison Alford McKenzie Alford Lauren Alger Christina Alibozek Kate Baker Patti Baker Amanda Barag Kennedie Bass Raven Beasley Grayson Bell Abby Benzek Kaylee Bishop Danielle Bolton Evelyn Bostany Anne Bowab

Grace Breitenfeld Madeline Broussard Madison Brown Alexis Bruton Kristin Burton Alexis Cahalan Samantha Campbell Addy Canavan Kelsie Carn Lorel Cartee Julia Carter Neala Casey Karlee Castleberry Janet Catano Jaden Chandler Morganne Cieslak Lauren Clark Christie Clayton Victoria Clayton Josie Cochran Shelby Cone Liv Cooper Neeve Curley Corrine Darwin Leigh Biven Davis Elli Davis Megan Degarate Lyss Deslauriers Jamie Dickman Crystan Dover Carly Drake Sidney Edgar Allison Edmonson Heather Ellis Haylee Ellis Ellie Falconer Jennifer Annette Fidler Christine Gerlach Frank Olivia Frazier Kathryn Fuller Anna Gandy Mary-Claxton Gatti Allie Gentry Elli Giacomazzi Lindsay Goetzenberger Janet Golson Isabella Gomez Emma Graham Brittany Grimes Kiah Haddock Tayler Hames Mackenzie Hammond Brigid Hans Regan Harris Chloe Haverkamp Caroline Hawkins Meredith Hemmer Makenzie Hickman Natalie Hill Katelyn Hines Katie Horn Kelsey Howell Allyson Huber Hannah Hutchinson Amy Jensen Sarah Johnson Caroline Kaiser

alphaxidelta.org 45

FOUNDATION NEWS Chelsea Kaldrovics Olivia Kampwerth Emily Kayworth Delaney Kennedy Caroline Kester Kensie Kile Emily King Erin Kinney Juliana Kirby Jessica Knotts Jessie Jordan Koch Kaitlynn Krupp Alyssa Lambert Ella Lawley Tina Le Peyton Learned Ashton Leddon = Kathryn Lee Sara Linton Emily Livings Erin Luks Kara Lunny Madi Malpass Jessica Maly Morgan Martin Claire Mathews Madison Matthews Haley Maul Lauren McClure Ferrell McGinnis Kyleigh McGrail Marissa McKee Carre McLain Claire McNamara Avery Medinis Carline Medley Gabriela Menezes Abby Mervis Savanna Metzler Morgan Meyerholt Megan Midkiff Haley Miller Jennifer Miller Dorothy Mitchell Jennifer Gillis Moore Jordan Morgan Rebecca Morris Meg Moser Meredith Mullin Madeline Mullins Ashley Musachia Karlie Norris Savannah Norris Nora O’Neill Julia Ovesen Abby Paxton Kathy Beam Peeples Morgan Pence Amy Pereira Kelly Peterson Anna Pruitt Heather Rabbit Haley Radford Mary Grace Rea Kathryn Richards Grayson Rowan Julia Russ

46 the


Katie Russell Taylor Sansone Clara Scott Caroline Seeley Allison Sell Catie Sergis Nina Sessler Sarah Shaner Madison Shelley Taylor Shivers Savannah Simpson Katelyn Skipper Frances Sledge Katie Sneed Lauren Snell Mary Charles Spivey Lydia Stambaugh Rebecca Stanley Kaitlyn Stephens Camille Stephens Lexie Stewart Allie Stomberg Madison Sutton Harrison Svrcek Alexandria Szabo Colleen Targonski Hannah Tatum Darby Taylor Emily Taylor Layne Taylor Emily Theus Abbie Tischer Addison Traylor Madeline Tucker Lesley Turner Sarah Waldrep Emma Walker Kristen Watkins Julia Waud Layne Weaver Amelia Webster Caitlyn Wiley Casey Wilson Anna Catherine Wilson Emmy Wilson Sophie Wilson Dawn Rylee Winkler Sarah Wisneski April Wolf Catie Wood Erin Woods Margaret Wray Megan Ybarra Leslie Gillis York Meredith York Sophia Youmans

Zeta Omicron

University of Florida Founders’ Giving Circle Kate Listwan Martin Sisterhood Giving Circle Kristine Carol Polo

Zeta Sigma

Hillsdale College Donor Christina Munck O’Hara Dawn Locniskar Parker Leslie Caldwell Shearer

Zeta Tau

University of North CarolinaAsheville Sisterhood Giving Circle Fatima Johnson Suzanne Kirschbaum Rebecca O’Bryon Donor Mahalya Benjamin = Lauren Glennon Amy Campbell Jefferies Savanna Lloyd = Laura Long = Wrenna Martin = Phoenicia Schwidkay = Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan Nhi Tran =

Rachel Eaton White Donor Patricia Fostvedt Chastain Kirby Earp = Courtney Peek Gable Chelsea Holmgren Merrie Griffith Martin Christina Kerlin Spivey

Theta Alpha

Binghamton University-State University of NY Sisterhood Giving Circle Joan Schwartz

Millersville University Donor Allie Carberry Stephanie Carpenter Giovanna Cimino Becky Dame Brooke Dobbs = Allison Fermani Misha Glickman Hope Golden Rachel Gonzalez-Diaz Julia Goussetis Amanda Hardin Mary-Kate Helm Rachel Hentnick Amanda Hoch = Kimberly Huey Kyndal Jacobs Alexis Kiess Katelyn Lamb Phoebe Liew Joscalyn Lynam Elizabeth Menna = Laura Molina Alex Mossaidis Elizabeth Hakemian Muirhead Laura Payea = Lex Pinkerton Brittany Saello Elise Sbandi Katlyn Selekman = Kasey Shimandle Cassie Twyman Frances Wenrich

Zeta Chi

Theta Beta

Zeta Upsilon

Alma College Sisterhood Giving Circle Bethany Cain Green Betsie Keeler Zeedyk Donor Erika Brown = Cathleen Curley Jessica Greyerbiehl Ronda Guimond Mackenzie Harris = Sydney Vandeveer Elizabeth Cain Green

Zeta Phi

University of North CarolinaWilmington Donor Shanda Williams Bordeaux Jacqueline Hartman =

Zeta Psi

University of Virginia Sisterhood Giving Circle Elizabeth Pope Battaglia Laurie Howard Felton Donor Suzanne Goldlust Stluka

Zeta Omega

University of West Georgia Founders’ Giving Circle Christina Robertson Nealy Patty Wheat Sisterhood Giving Circle Valerie Cobb Mallon

Sonoma State University Lombard Giving Circle Kristin Olson Billingsley Sisterhood Giving Circle Jennifer Knowles Elliott Donor Miriam Limon =

Theta Gamma

University of Delaware Donor Jamie Abato Milannah Aguirre Julia Alt Makaela Andes Alexa Andrisani Carleigh Antico Jenna Azzolini Aubree Bahlman Sophia Banafato Rebecca Banfield

Avery Beer Francesca Bonaviso Julia Bondrowski Alyssa Bossbaly Eryka Bradley Katherine Brady Megan Brockelman Stefanie Brodowski Jessica Brown Megan Brown Olivia Buckley Merideth Butler Jaclyn Campanella Christina Capobianco Victoria Cappadora Gabrielle Carmona Alexandra Casciato Kristen Ciarmoli Deborah Ciesielka Emily Clover Andrea Spool Comerchero Amanda Connors Dana Copeland = Mailin Craig Alexandra Cubeddu Madison D’Amico Suzanne D’Amico Amber Davies Erica Davis Mallory Davis Makena De Krafft Taylor DeBello Briana D’Esposito Erika Dodd Jessica Downes Claire Dronzek Chloe Dudzinski Jagoda Dul Jenna Ehrlich Samantha Ehrlich = Lauren Epstein Nicole Farello Amanda Farkas Lisa Federico Jill Fenniman Mailyse Ferber Brooke Feuerman Melanie Fine Stephanie Flemming Madeline Fletcher Jaclyn Forman Kayleigh Frey Victoria Fusco Selena Gallagher Madison Gallagher Angela Gandarillas Erin Gauck Isabella Geraci Olivia Giannotti Monica Gill = Beatrice Gillum Lauren Gindoff Amanda Gonzalez Mackenzie Goode Samantha Gordon Julia Graney Caitlin Grasso

Kaitlin Greenstein Mariah Grumet Lindsay Gugerty Jamie Hagemann Catherine Hall Samantha Halvorsen Leah Hammer Alex Hanna Jaclyn Harkins Zoe Harris-Hohne Deniz Hatiboglu Maggie Haverty Grace Heller Kristen Helwig Jennifer Hoffman = Allison Hollinger = Keirstin Hughes Caroline Husband = Chloe Iturralde Sarah Jacobs Erin Joyce Aislinn Jubb Ashley Katz Katelyn Klimowich Anna Kowalczyk Grace Kramer Megan Kret Sandra Krissinger Caroline LaMarca Claire Lanzo Natalie Laubach Risa Lederberg Taylor Lee Jamie Levy Emilie Liron Jillian Loeffler Taylor Long Taylor Lukasik Faith Lumpkin Allie Lustbader Laura Lyman Juliana Magardino Madison Maisel Gina Marota Mary Martino Marissa Masters Haley Matherson = Kelly Mattsson Caroline McCorry Nicole McCreesh Casey McGeown Madeleine McGrail Maggie McNiff Victoria Messier Carly Meyers Morgan Miskovitz Clare Murphy Shannon Murphy Kathryn Murray Destiny Neumann Marietta Niamonitakis = Kayla Nodecker Hazen Noell Isabella Noll Kristin Ondrejack Sarah O’Neill Melissa Ostien

Brigette Palombo Stephanie Paoletti Elizabeth Peled Jenna Phillips Sabrina Picone Maria Plizak Alexa Ploss Kaitlin Poillon Sarah Polacek Morgan Popovich Kelly Reese Paige Reich Jacklyn Rind Madison Rome Ellie Rudman Caitlin Ryan Julia Scali Marina Scalise Morgan Schaeffer Emilee Schaney = Jessica Schuszler Michelle Schwartz Emma Schwartz Anekka Scott-Gray Jordan Shakof Brianna Shapiro Nicole Simon Rachele Sklar Maddy Smith Tara Smith Audrey Sokol Nora Spillane Anna Statz Bridget Stucklen Morgan Sussman Madeline Tavino Alexa Tillis Alyson Tocicki Nicole Tomic Margaret Tragakis Alexandra Troetti Anna Volohov Meg Voorhees = Paxton Wasilefsky Olivia Welter Alexa Whitehead Emma Williams Margaret Wilson Cassandra Wilson Sophia Zaporoshan Allison Zidwick

Theta Eta

Western Michigan University Donor Lisa Balanda = Payton Bosma = Cate Bradley = Lauren Dodd Jenna Lanzetta Denise Lynch

Theta Iota

Florida Atlantic University Donor Morgan Donnelly Nora Patey

Theta Kappa

University of Albany Donor Dana Waldman Lane

Theta Lambda

Southwestern University Sisterhood Giving Circle Susannah Prucka Donor Natalie Lesnick =

Theta Mu

Case Western Reserve University Founders’ Giving Circle Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols Donor Kim Riesmeyer Kerber

Theta Nu

Elon University Donor Bridget Gibson McGuire Laura Lyerly Milliken Jessica Pusch

Theta Xi

Florida International University Donor Gabriela Millan =

Theta Omicron

Marquette University Sisterhood Giving Circle Danica Vanasse Olson Donor Juliana Amoruso = Kelly O’Malley

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Donor Nicole Fraize Arslanbas Karie Clearwater Farrah Hassan Carley James Kim Kissh = Kelsey McDonnell = Kim Sponholz =

Theta Zeta

Theta Pi

Theta Epsilon

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott Donor Julia Mihaylov = Mariah Muchtar = Chelsie Reid =

Christian Brothers University Donor Meghan Hutton Annie Posey =

alphaxidelta.org 47


Theta Rho

California State University-San Marcos Sisterhood Giving Circle Deborah Norton Donor Lexi Alfaro Rio Ammari = McKayla Anderson = Talia Antoniou = Michelle Anuskiewicz = Madison Barker = Haylee Barritt = Lindsay Baughn = Danielle Baur = Nohemi Bazua = Alyson Bean = Lyndsey Bentley = Kelsey Bentson = Jennifer Betz = Kendall Black = Megen Burnett = Baylee Cain = Caroline Cherry = Alondra Colon = Jo Ann Wind Compton Mia Delgadillo = Hailee Desmond = Angel DiMaria = Lexi Directo = Bailey Dismang = Kyra Du = Brigitte Duggan = Emily Dunn = Makenna Entrikin = Paris Flanagan = Denise Flores-Ochoa = Naseli Fotoohi = Courtney Garbe = Ariana Garcia = Monika Garcia = Hayley Gladson = Morgan Guenther = Hannah Hernandez = Ali Hober = Maddison Hotaling = Arielle Hudson = Les Ibarra = Vanessa Jara = Jasmine Jasso = Olivia Kincaid = Sidney Knudsen = Kimberly Kosters = Bri Kutscher = Lindsey Lange = Lindsey Lawlor = Coty Le = Darian Lewis = Britney Littlejohn = Tiana Love = Bre LuQue = Nikki Martin = Alyssa Martinez = Valerie Mbonu = Brittany McCue = Taylor McGovern = Tori McNeill =

48 the


Marissa McShane = Kady Michel = Noralliza Morales = Tasha Muskavitch = Callie Norton = Soleil Olsen-Corona = Becca Ostermeier = Tara Polich = Chelsea Portwine = Allie Purser = Logan Randolph = Claudia Reardon = Molly Regan = Savannah Reid = Shalyn Reynoso = Kacie Rice = Ging Rogers = Hailey Rosen = Dayna Sanchez = Claire Shappie = Jenny Showers = Gillian Dixon Simcox Jessica Smith = Kelsey Smith = Elizabeth Snowden = Megan Southgate = Savannah Strieby = Madison Stroman = Stacy Van Blerck = Ange-Elise Venet = Chele Virgilio = Audrey Voris = Taylor Wendland = Amanda Wiles = Maddie Williams = Melanie Woolslayer = Kaylei Wright-Hogan = Casey Young =

Theta Sigma

University of Central Florida Donor Michele Boward = Kelly Jones = Melissa Kays = Carrie Loveless = Rachel Purdy = Nicole Valdes =

Theta Tau

Marian University Donor Jessi Oaks

Theta Upsilon

Youngstown State University Donor Ashley Hudzik = Sarah Newman = Rebecca Potkanowicz = Emily Walker =

Theta Phi

University of Alabama at Birmingham Donor Ashley Brock = Becca Brooks = Julia Bullock = Shannon Butler = Abby Cantrell = Allison Carroll = Gabriela Christian = Katy Cop = Megan Crumpton Taylor Earley Emily Elliott = Jakira Gilbert = Madison Jones = Madison Jones = Katilyn Lankford = Lacy LeMaster = Annie Leonelli = Hayley Nichols = April Oberman = Lisbeth Seale = Delaney Simpson = Kathryn Skelton = Olivia Skillern = Kristina Thoenes =

Theta Chi

University of Toledo Sisterhood Giving Circle Danielle Beaverson Donor Caroline Althouse Char Dangler Carrie Wolfrum Humes Brittany layden = Kaitlynn McCamey = Halle Ponter = Cassie Welsh

Iota Alpha

George Mason University Donor Jenny Eda = Alanna Ellias = Lea Fowlie Ashley Murphy = Alex Short = Katharine Smith

Iota Delta

University of Central Oklahoma Donor Chelsey Bradley = Lauren Dickson = Katie Grundy = Rachael Johnson = Cat McCain = Payton Pavao = Shadow Row = Hanna Snodgrass =

Iota Epsilon

University of Nevada-Las Vegas Donor Bailey Barnson = Nicole Cordova Marie Granoff Samantha Ranaudo = Kimberly Threlkeld = Sabrina Summers

Iota Zeta

Wingate University Donor Christina Andrews = Dare Bakker Natalee Clayton = Emily Cook Jenna Dotson = Alex Elder = Amanda Graumann = Kristen Speight = Cortney Thomas = Kirby VonEgidy =

Iota Eta

University of Texas-El Paso Donor Angel De La Cruz = Jessica Tellez

Iota Theta

Southern Polytechnic State University Sisterhood Giving Circle Amanda Benson Hicks Donor Ariyanna White

Iota Iota

Greensboro College Donor Elaine Hankins Jordyn Peterson = Parker Powell = Meryl Martin Saric

Iota Kappa

Idaho State University Donor Ashley Borg = Helene Dang = Kenzie Ehle = JoJo Ngo = Allison Scheuerer =

Iota Lambda

St. Norbert College Donor Cassandra Baker

Iota Mu

Lycoming College Donor Coral Chiaretti = Bethany Hipple = Bonnie James Margot Rankins-Burd =

Rebecca Reed = Susan Yerkes

Iota Xi

Kim Kirkman = Hannah West = Lean Yuhas =

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Donor Morgan Mitchell = Sierra Palmer = Anna Valdez =

Iota Phi

Iota Omicron

Iota Chi

San Jose State University Donor Brooke Zelnik

Iota Pi

Coastal Carolina University Donor Tamara Hauck = Nicole Gardiner = Megan Garrell = Steffanie May

Iota Rho

DePaul University Donor Kaitlyn Barcal Brooke Bargholtz = Christina Blanek = Mackenzie Carlson = Jessica Correa = Jenny Cummings = Erika Edmondson = Izzy Gargano = Kayleigh Greenwood = Deana Hanns = Liz Iverson = Lauren Johnson = Natalie Kaminski = Jordan Kavanaugh = Caleigh Koss = Natalia Mangieri = Jenna McDonnell = Emily Mosher = Tessia Phillips = Sara Stoffels = Andrea Teran =

Iota Sigma

Virginia Commonwealth University Donor Shauna Anderson = Kari Schackmann =

Iota Tau

Bucknell University Donor Jane McCurdy =

Iota Upsilon

Southern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville Donor Allison Buchmiller = Chelsea Franklin = Catherine Gilmore = Carly Hamilton =

American University Donor Sharon Lee = Emily Norris

Temple University Donor Olivia Farkas = Kaitlin Manion

Iota Psi

Franklin & Marshall College Donor Michaela DeForest =

Iota Omega

College Of New Jersey Donor Roisin Dougherty = Victoria Lai = Jennifer Schablik =

Kappa Alpha

Kennesaw State University Donor Jordan Hand = Allison Holt = Lucia Iriarte = Maddie Moore = Rachel Oudt = Cat Wynns =

Kappa Beta

Texas Tech University Donor Diandra Castro = Callie Charlton = Sara Galloway = Haley Gomez = Brittany Hamons = Elizabeth Kane = Tyler Ky = Johanna McCal Reagan Neumann = Payton Northam = Abigail Parnell = Katherine Sproed = Alyssa Storm = Nicole Wigington =

Kappa Gamma

University of South Carolina Donor Lauren Audycki = Taylor Diebold = Kat Hargrove = Jessica Neiman = Zoe Rhodes =

Alpha Deuteron Sisterhood Giving Circle Lori Bruns Holt Donor Stephanie Bennett Cornelia DeLee Rachel Martin Dorothy Meyer Lyn Duncan Pharris

Friends of Alpha Xi Delta

Symphony Giving Circle George Brown, Jr. Lyles Foundation Willard E. Smucker Foundation Omega Financial, Inc. Lombard Giving Circle Foundation Trustees Founders’ Giving Circle Alpha Xi Delta Building Corp. Theta Gamma Sisterhood Giving Circle Anthony Ching Tom Godlewski CSL Management LLC Donor Melissa Adams Cindy Adkins Karen Alderson Susan Haugh Aldridge Angela Alexander Valerie Arkin Debbie Arnold Pat Aysse Karen Baker Jane Baucum Ellen Baum Diana Beazley Angie Becker Joyce Becker Dan Beluk Fulvia Berton Amy Beshilas Patricia Bazemore Bishop Berly Black Leslie Blevins Elizabeth Hood Blount Charles Blum Renee Bonsignore Dave Boone Kathleen Borally Dick And Kathy Borton Tracie Bowles Kelly Brandstatter Kari Smith Breckon Catherine Britton Marsha Brown Dagmar Cameron Lisa Carroll Heather Carroll Scooter Carson Craig Carson Tania Carter Shaquan Cash Christine Castillo Janet Catagnus

Robbin Chiaramonte Allan Chilton Lelamd Chynoweth Joanna Clark Laura Coley Digital Pix Composites Barbara Cooper Deanna Cornelius Gary Corrigan Terri Corriston Lisa Corrone Whitney Crow Mary Culver Pauline Davidson Barb Davis Nancy Davis Brenda Deidrich Nancy Dille Tessie Doblar Jill Donato Erica Edgar Kris Edgerly Betsy Eger Tracey Elking Joan Engelmeier Kay Lawlor Enriquez Jodie Peyton Entrikin Tracy Eschbacher Lisa Esteb Jo Falcone Buseman Family Tammy Faust Susan Fayette Deborah Feldman Thomas Felts Pauline Fennessy Kirsten Ferguson Pam Fletcher AmazonSmile Foundation Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Sandy Funk Sylvia Gessner Ali Ghazi Lisa Giles-Caison Tom Gill Jim Goodman Tina Gretak Lorie Groll Linda Gross Nina Guba Frank Gudgell Amber Hageman Michelle Hagen Lene Handley Kim Harlow Jamie Harris Shawn Hatfield Alicia Hawkins Deborah Hedgecock Leah Henderson Diane Hickox Daniel Hintze Tami Hitchcock Billie Hoch Joe Hodge Dan And Mary Hogan Holmes Murphy & Associates

alphaxidelta.org 49

FOUNDATION NEWS Linda Horan Cheryl Hughes Kathy Huneycutt Gretchen Hunter Rosario Infante Susan Williams Inman Janet Jabusch Todd Jackson Katherine Barnett Jones Insook Joo Jan Karnes Lori Kearney Darren Kenner Traci Kerns Linda King Jeff Kleefisch Tom Kopinski Roberta Kraynek Natalie Kuldell Cheryl Kunevicius Kuntz Family Foundation Angela Kusler Linda Langer Lisa Larkin Melissa Lawton Tracy Leddon Michael Lee Diane Lemke Jacqueline Leon-Christ Lori Lite Rhonda Loe Gail Rippey Lundberg Laurie Lundin Linda Luther Kelly Mackerer Susan Magana Eileen Maisel Georgina Maldonado Diane Malloy Carrie Manongdo Yager Beth Maroney Carol Marten Pam Martin Paul Martincic

Doreen Martinez Cecilia McAtee Jane McAvoy Sally McCallum Terri McCrery Christi McCuiston Charlene McHugh Ann McInerney Carolyn McNamara Heather McSween Susan Micklesen Deeley Middleton Marcia Milward Kathleen Monaco Tammy Morgan Erica Morin Ann Morris Charleen Nagy Monterey Bay Area National Alumnae Panhellenic Alyssa Nelson Thomas Nelson Debbi Neumann Jim & Elizabeth Newsome Vu Nguyen Kristin Nida Janice Conley Nikkel Loretta O’Donnell Helena Oh Liz Olson Kim Maness Osborne Niecy Oudt Joann Pacifico Donyale Paillon Mary Patrick Sugar Peacock Brenda Peick Karen Pena Ruth Pence Tracy Pepin Kristin Perry Anthony Pick Kathy Pitcher Linda Pittman

Daryl Pittman Vicki Pope Nancy Power Cheryl Press Gail Runyan Ransford Jamie Raso Cheryl Ray Wendy Raynor Diane Reilly Rhonda Reinacher Sue Rello Donna Hokanson Rhodes Magdalena Rickelman Karen Ritterbusch Kimberly Robertson Susan Rocca Xenia Rojas Sharon Kirkpatrick Ross Lucille Rossi James Rudolph Jill Rungaitis Michelle Sagraves Diana Saldana Stacy Sanders Patty Santa Cruz Connie Santana Ann Schafer Brad Schard Jacqueline Schmidt Jeffrey Schmierer Tammi Schroeder Shannon Shinaberry Maureen Sidbury Jodi Silow Regenia Thomas Simmons Cheryl Sink Lori Skeath Michele Smego Joyce Jekot Smith Anne Snowden Emily Thompson Snyder Kimberly Spangler Sidney Spires Beth Stoothoff

Janine Storm Roselani Straus Doreen Summerall Pete Suski Rhonda Wyss Swindell Edward Tancer Tracey Thoenes Mark Thompson Christopher Tirotta Debbie Tisdel Janet Todorczuk Axel Tolksdorf Laurie Townsend Kris Trovas Kim Truman Susan Tyzzer Carlos Ugarte Joni Vest Steve And Elizabeth Wallack Denise Walters Tonya Walters Khristanne Ward Elizabeth Waugh Tammy Weatherman Warren Weeks Anne Wendling Lori Wernikoff Pam West Joyce West Twiggy Wieczorek Lisa Wilhelm Charla Wilkerson Annemarie Long Wilson Laurie Wilson Christina Wingrove Seema Winsor Lynn Witkowski Janice Kelly Wolfe Kristy Cash Wollam Kelly Wood Wendy York Karen Zawacki Beth Zemach Fabiola Pellicer Zequeira

Alumnae Association Donors The Foundation thanks the following alumnae associations who made donations between June 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017. The following list reflects annual giving totals to all Foundation funds.



$500-$999 Chicago North Shore, IL Naples, FL

$124-$249 Atlanta-South Metro, GA Chesapeake, MD Cincinnati, OH Houston, TX Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Sarasota, FL

Rose $250-$499 Atlanta-North Metro, GA Lincoln, NE Pikes Peak Area, CO Pittsburgh, PA Seattle, WA Tucson, AZ

50 the

Donor Ann Arbor, MI Arlington, TX Auburn-Opelika, AL


Birmingham, AL Bloomington-Normal, IL Brevard County, FL Chicago City, IL Chicago Northwest Suburban, IL Chicago-West Towns, IL Corvallis, OR Cuyahoga West Shore, OH Dallas, TX Dayton, OH Denver, CO Greater Boston, MA

Greater Kansas City, MO/KS Greater Milwaukee Area, WI Greater Rhode Island, RI Indianapolis, IN Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles, CA Louisiana North Shore, LA Madison, WI New Orleans, LA Newark-Granville, OH Northern New Jersey, NJ Oklahoma City, OK Orlando, FL

Palm Beach, FL Philadelphia, PA Pinellas County, FL Sacramento, CA Salt Creek, IL San Diego County, CA Southern Maine, ME Springfield, OH Stanislaus, CA Tallahassee, FL Tampa, FL Western North Carolina, NC

Chapter Donors

Theta Beta, Sonoma State University

Iota Zeta, Wingate University

The Foundation thanks the following chapters who made donations between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017. The following list reflects annual giving totals to all Foundation funds.

Theta Nu, Elon University

Iota Eta, University of Texas-El Paso

Theta Xi, Florida International University

Iota Rho, DePaul University

Theta Phi, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Kappa Alpha, Kennesaw State University

Iota Alpha, George Mason University

Kappa Gamma, University of South Carolina

Iota Beta, California State University-Stanislaus Iota Omicron, San Jose State University


Iota Pi, Coastal Carolina University

$2,500 and above

Iota Tau, Bucknell University

Zeta Xi, Auburn University

Iota Upsilon, Southern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville

Theta Rho, California State University-San Marcos

Anniversary $124-$249 Zeta, Wittenberg University Phi, Albion College Beta Sigma, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Iota Phi, American University

Beta Psi, Carroll University


Iota Chi, Temple University

Gamma Sigma, Thiel College


Kappa Beta, Texas Tech University

Delta Alpha, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Theta, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Delta Epsilon, University of New Orleans

Tau, University of New Hampshire


Beta Theta, Michigan State University


Epsilon Iota, Newberry College

Beta Mu, Bowling Green State University

Iota, West Virginia University

Epsilon Nu, University of Hartford

Delta Gamma, University of Nebraska At Kearney

Pi, Ohio University

Epsilon Xi, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Theta Gamma, University of Delaware

Alpha Beta, Cornell University

Epsilon Rho, University of Southern Maine

Theta Sigma, University of Central Florida

Alpha Eta, Purdue University

Zeta Theta, Wright State University

Beta Alpha, University of Texas at Austin


Zeta Tau, University of North Carolina-Asheville

Beta Epsilon, Monmouth College


Zeta Upsilon, Alma College

Beta Tau, Kent State University

Gamma, University of Mount Union

Zeta Omega, University of West Georgia

Gamma Zeta, Eastern Michigan University

Epsilon, University of South Dakota

Theta Eta, Western Michigan University

Gamma Theta, East Tennessee State University

Eta, Syracuse University

Theta Upsilon, Youngstown State University

Gamma Nu, Southeast Missouri State University

Kappa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Theta Psi, Dartmouth College

Gamma Tau, Ohio Northern University

Sigma, University of Iowa

Iota Delta, University of Central Oklahoma

Gamma Omega, Henderson State University

Psi, The Ohio State University

Iota Kappa, Idaho State University

Delta Zeta, Long Island University-C.W. Post

Omega, Stetson University

Iota Lambda, St. Norbert College

Delta Lambda, Rochester Institute of Technology

Alpha Kappa, Kansas State University

Iota Mu, Lycoming College

Delta Mu, Old Dominion University

Beta Eta, University of Maryland - College Park

Iota Psi, Franklin & Marshall College

Delta Tau, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Beta Xi, Marietta College

Delta Chi, University of Northern Iowa

Kappa Delta, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

Beta Pi, Indiana University Bloomington

Epsilon Alpha, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Beta Upsilon, University of Rhode Island

Epsilon Zeta, Eastern Washington University

Gamma Beta, Marshall University

Epsilon Lambda, Rider University

Gamma Delta, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Epsilon Omicron, Oklahoma State University

Gamma Eta, Georgia Institute of Technology

Epsilon Pi, Jacksonville State University

Gamma Phi, East Carolina University

Theta Alpha, Millersville University

Delta Rho, California State University-Northridge

Theta Epsilon, Marquette University

Delta Psi, Texas State University-San Marcos Epsilon Eta, South Dakota State University

Theta Omicron, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach

Epsilon Kappa, Western Kentucky University

Theta Pi, Christian Brothers University

Epsilon Psi, Boise State University

Theta Chi, University of Toledo

Zeta Eta, West Chester University

Theta Omega, New Mexico State University

Zeta Chi, University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Iota Epsilon, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Epsilon Gamma, Western Carolina University

Donor Delta, Bethany College-West Virginia Epsilon Theta, West Liberty University Zeta Lambda, Texas Wesleyan University Theta Tau, Marian University Iota Iota, Greensboro College

alphaxidelta.org 51


The Foundation thanks the following Sisters and friends demonstrating the highest level of commitment by donating $124 or more to the Foundation between June 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017. The following list reflects annual giving totals to all Foundation funds.

Annual Giving Circles Presidents’ $2,500+ Quill $1,000-$2,499 Pearl $500-$999 Rose $250-$499 Anniversary $124-$249 * Chapter Eternal

Presidents’ $2,500+ Janice Sheldon Baumback, University of Washington Margaret Bozarth, Monmouth College Joanne Braucher, Albion College * Linda Belles Dinus, University of Washington * Lyles Foundation Willard E. Smucker Foundation Jane Dunlap Gaby, University of Tennessee-Knoxville Marilyn Herbes Horner, University of Nebraska-Omaha Jeanne Regus Kuller, University of Maryland - College Park Julie Lambert, Oregon State University Wendy Kurtz Levine, Indiana University Bloomington Jackie Fonder Pechette, Syracuse University Pauline Dale Platt, Gettysburg College Joyce Banker Stanton, Indiana University Bloomington * Alpha Xi Delta Building Corp. Theta Gamma Betty French Unkel, The Ohio State University * Linda Barton Wiens, Kansas State University

Quill $1,000-$2,499 Marcia Brink Adair, Monmouth College Lynn Andrews, University of Iowa Jean Busby Beard, Purdue University Bonnie Baker Blish, University of California-Los Angeles Dianne Plattenburg Botefuhr, Northern Michigan University George Brown, Jr. Anthony Ching Betsy Blesh Clark, Ohio Wesleyan University

52 the


Kathleen Burke Clark, University of Maryland - College Park Barbara Evonchuck Cyrus, University of Oregon * Elizabeth Shelly De Jong, Bethany College-West Virginia Michele Herbst Evink, South Dakota State University Paige Faries, Western Kentucky University Martha Geppert, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chris Shellhammer Gilliam, Bowling Green State University Tom Godlewski Linnea Thodt Hadlock, University of Iowa Michelle Soderquist Hartnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jen Bauer Henson, Wittenberg University Nickie Haymaker Hill, Purdue University Sally Haislip Hutchinson, West Virginia University Judi Jones Jacobs, University of Kentucky Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols, Case Western Reserve University Anne Fiske Lee, University of Michigan Kendra Becker Lewis, Purdue University Bonnie Eiker Lightcap, Susquehanna University CSL Management LLC Sonja Zedigian Lowry, Monmouth College Debbie Fenwick Maas, Marshall University Kate Listwan Martin, University of Florida Jane Davidson Olson, University of Iowa Omega Financial, Inc. Eleanor Taylor Paulman, Frostburg State University Becky Richter Perrett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nancy Drenan Prendergast, The Ohio State University Jane Fursey Ralston, University of Mount Union Liz Stuckert Ray, University of Kentucky

Janice Zajac Sayatovic, Syracuse University Jane Wilkens Schroeder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tana Sterrett Scott, Middlebury College Mary Slovak, Florida State University Bobby Allphin Stanton, University of Kentucky Theresa Busby Stripling, Purdue University Jane Hooper Sutton, Western Carolina University Veronica Pontarelli Toussaint, University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Julie Rogers Turner, Georgia Institute of Technology Julia Naftzger Van Sickle, Purdue University Nealy Patty Wheat, University of West Georgia Dottie Sheldon Williams, Western Carolina University Shirley Albrecht Winckler, University of Iowa Linda Bernd Wrench, Indiana University Bloomington

Pearl $500-$999 Sharon Ploch Bassler, Purdue University Liz Pope Battaglia, University of Virginia Mary Josie Cain Blanchard, University of Texas at Austin Nancy Polk Bogenrief, Drake University Terrie Smith Boggs, East Carolina University Beth Cohen, Pennsylvania State University Pamela Tittle Collins, University of Michigan Alice Pishan Croner, Monmouth College Ilda Lunan Deming, University of Maryland - College Park Deanna Wollam Detchemendy, California State University-Northridge Rigby Guiney Duncan, Marshall University Judy Erickson, Iowa State University

Mary Goers, University of WisconsinMadison Frank Gudgell Nancy Coles Hallinan, Cornell University Jill Harley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Audrey Huthwaite, Frostburg State University Micaela Isler, University of Texas at Austin Shellie Healey Kalinsky, University of Maryland - College Park Audrey Rothwell Kleasen, Purdue University Jennifer Bellas Lee, Old Dominion University Nell Stephenson Lynch, Georgia Institute of Technology Erin Macdonald Peck, Eastern Washington University Marilyn McCann, University of Rhode Island Claudia Taylor Mills, East Carolina University Sandy Morrison, San Diego State University Bunnie Wybenga Olsen, University of Nebraska-Omaha Alexandra Ballard Reynolds, West Virginia University Karin Hagen Riggs, San Diego State University Nadine Roberts, Frostburg State University Sandy Keim Shackelford, University of Georgia Sue Bostwick Shiring, University of Mount Union Rhonda Shives, Louisiana State University Claudette Smith, Jacksonville State University Kathryn Wickstrom Smith, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Lois Osenberg Streed, Purdue University Lis Beck Stuller, Eastern Washington University Carol Mayer Utter, Cornell University Barbara Guyer VanCura, Monmouth College

Jennifer Beeman Zipf, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Rose $250-$499 Linda Foster Absalom, Old Dominion University Kay Adams, Georgia Institute of Technology Mary Adams-Smith, The Ohio State University Charlotte Alison, University of Alabama Pam McCormick Barkman, Baldwin Wallace University Danielle Beaverson, University of Toledo Dorothy Borneman Bell, Syracuse University Stephanie Holliday Bennett Kristin Olson Billingsley, Sonoma State University Kathy Baker Blackburn, Miami University Marcia Bowles Brown, Missouri Valley College Jeannine Lemon Burger Heath, West Virginia Wesleyan College Michelle Groce Cahoon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Kathleen Cates Cantarine, California State University-Northridge Digital Pix Composites Donna Rosenbaum Cooper, Wittenberg University Julie Wilson Dillon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alice Frampton Dittman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Susan Buhay Du Part, Western Kentucky University Laurie Howard Felton, University of Virginia Courtney Hankins Fluty, Texas State University-San Marcos Marguerite Frick, Georgia Institute of Technology Yallah Gault, University of Mount Union Kirsten Gilstorf, Michigan State University Joanne Deimel Granier, Louisiana State University Jennie Bryan Hampton, Pennsylvania State University Joan Peres Hansen, California State University-Fresno Katherine Hanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Judy Wilson Harrell, East Carolina University Lori Hendrickson, Kent State University Kitty Faries Herndon, Western Kentucky University Holmes Murphy & Associates Kelley Kitta Hundt, Georgia Institute of Technology Selma Jabaley, Georgia Institute of Technology Suzanne Kirschbaum, University of North Carolina-Asheville Ann Schmiedicke Klemm, Purdue University Linda Kotowski, Florida State University Barbara Shafer Kraemer, University of South Dakota Jennifer Emerick Kuntz, University of Northern Iowa Michelle Marchand, University of Mount Union Linda Biersach Matkowski, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sharon McCone, Henderson State University Karen King McConnell, Knox College Devon McGoldrick, Rochester Institute of Technology Kelley Franzman Merck, Georgia Institute of Technology Becky Neilson, Frostburg State University Kathleen Diesi Nissly, Drake University Elizabeth Eberle Payette, California State University-Fresno Jenny Pelkey, University of WisconsinEau Claire Courtney Caron Peters, California State University-Fresno Suzanne Mitton Petru, Northwestern University Suzy Prucka, Southwestern University Tracy Borlaug Pursell, University of Northern Iowa Marianne Moritz Russo, California State University-Northridge Alicia Woo Sadler, Georgia State University Joan Schwartz, Binghamton University - State University of NY Charlotte Swanson Shade, Northwestern University Vicki Reichert Skidmore, University of South Dakota Lucinda Spaney, Marietta College Christina Kerlin Spivey, University of West Georgia

Carol Spring, University of Georgia Cynthia Yoder Stevens, Kansas State University Kristin Stuedle, Western Kentucky University Diane Ditta Thornton, University of Texas at Austin Michelle Hiebel Todzy, Northern Michigan University Liz Topkis, University of California-Los Angeles Tiffany Hopper Vokt, Iowa State University Theda Whelan Wendel, Kansas State University Becky Anderson Wiseman, Kansas State University Susan Gibble Wolf, Gettysburg College Betsie Keeler Zeedyk, Alma College Ilona Zoldos, Pennsylvania State University

Anniversary $124-$249 Kathy Farris Andersen, University of Nebraska-Omaha Tammi Trebs Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Julie Andrews, Purdue University Diane Andrich, University of Northern Colorado Julie Anell, Monmouth College Patricia Bunting Angelici, University of Iowa Rena Hartzler Armatas, Kansas State University Margaret Riggs Arndt, Oregon State University Janet Leonard Baillie, Oregon State University Judy Kear Barry, Valdosta State University Hope Beck Goldsmith, University of Wisconsin-Madison Susan Kniebel Bergman, Winona State University Linda Bewley, San Diego State University Camilla Olson Blakeslee, Drake University Marcia Boden, University of NebraskaLincoln Susan Barrett Boelke, Monmouth College Lisa Pagano Boyer, University of Missouri-St. Louis Paula Pflepsen Brigham, Eastern Michigan University

Barbara Ridenour Brooks, Ohio Northern University Virginia Gerretson Brooks, Florida State University Sandra Learner Brown, Kent State University Nancy Tier Brumagen, Ohio Northern University Susan Zuhl Bryant, Purdue University Peggy Lippitt Buckles, Parsons College Vicki Postas Byrne, University of Northern Colorado Becky Reed Cairns, The Ohio State University Tracey Cannon, University of New Orleans Florence Parker Cole, University of Pennsylvania Mary Banks Connett, Ohio University Lucinda Tiller Cordo, University of Tennessee-Knoxville Kathy Kitta Culbreth, Georgia Institute of Technology Cathleen Curley, Alma College Louise Robinson Dane, University of Oregon Nancy Davis Sharon De Vore, Florida State University Anna Deeds, Old Dominion University Bette Feather DeGraw, Thiel College Shirley Taylor Dolan, West Virginia Wesleyan College Janice Forret Doudna, Drake University Becky Fenstermaker Druetzler, Purdue University Sandi Edwards, University of Kentucky Jennifer Knowles Elliott, Sonoma State University Pam Gardiner Enger, Frostburg State University Margaret Larsen Fazzio, University of Northern Colorado Roxanne Porth Feakes, University of Northern Iowa Paula Noffsinger Fergusson, East Carolina University Andi Fouberg, South Dakota State University AmazonSmile Foundation Jennifer Frohock, University of Michigan Nancy Fehrmann Gainer, Iowa State University Elysia Balster Gallivan, University of South Dakota Patricia Bolin Glenn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

alphaxidelta.org 53


Jessica Greyerbiehl, Alma College Jane Pope Grindley, The Ohio State University Mary Alice Guitrau, Louisiana State University Jody Dettmer Halley, Baldwin Wallace University Linda Yarling Hammel, Indiana University Bloomington Phyllis Gray Hann, Oregon State University Anne Wilson Hemingway, Thiel College Amanda Benson Hicks, Southern Polytechnic State University Vanessa Sparrow Hill, Jacksonville State University Susan Harvey Hoerbelt, Florida State University Lori Bruns Holt, Alpha Deuteron Winifred Kneisley Huffman, The Ohio State University Sherry Lamoreux Humphrey, Kansas State University Stacy Sydeski Hurt, Pennsylvania State University Pamela Butler James, Northwestern University Rickey Zeidler Jiranek, University of Rhode Island Fatima Johnson, University of North Carolina-Asheville Margaret Cox Johnson, West Liberty University Brenda Schrader Keller, Texas State University-San Marcos Barbara Economides Kelly, Syracuse University Leigh Perkins Kesling, Bowling Green State University Jean Klick, Purdue University Ellen Dettra Kunst, The Ohio State University Susan Leeds-Horwitz, California State University-Northridge Jean Koza Leider, University of Iowa Barbara Lindblom, Albion College Joyce Matthey Litzler, Purdue University Juliann Livingston, University of South Dakota Beth John Loehne, University of Wisconsin-Madison

54 the


Carolyn Puzak Luken, St. Cloud State University Teddi Mackelden, University of Alabama Jean Walter Mahan, The Ohio State University Valerie Cobb Mallon, University of West Georgia Meredith Malone, University of Iowa Celia Samaras Maneatis, University of California-Berkeley Gina Todero Mangine, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mary Shaughnessy Marquis, University of New Hampshire Debra McAllonis, Clarion University of Pennsylvania Margie Stolshek McIntyre, California State University-Fresno Claire Stoltenberg McKinzie, University of Iowa Liz McQuillin, Georgia Institute of Technology Pamela McVeigh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Sharon Johnson Micek, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Laura Lyerly Milliken, Elon University Patricia Bailey Moore, University of Kentucky Jenny Olson Mullen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nancy Nelson, Syracuse University Deanna Newell, Indiana University Bloomington Kathleen Nicol, University of Kentucky Pamela Simpson Nolting, Drake University Deborah Norton, California State University-San Marcos Rebecca O’Bryon, University of North Carolina-Asheville Kim Frye Olesker, University of Nebraska-Omaha Justine Lougee Olive, University of New Hampshire Danica Vanasse Olson, Marquette University Jean Lundberg Olson, Univ. of Wisconsin - Superior Kathy Nicklaus Owrey, Henderson State University

Judy Michael Pachmayer, Kent State University Kathy Beam Peeples, Auburn University Kay Steinhauser Perkins, Missouri Valley College Linda Fort Pickett, Purdue University Mary Jane Pierce Norton, Lyon College Lori Plazinski, University of Maryland College Park Julie Uehling Popken, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Charlotte Eller Poston, Texas State University-San Marcos Rachel Purdy, University of Central Florida Tammy Tuley Purves, Georgia Institute of Technology Michelle Supplee Reda, Rider University Sharon Brown Richardson, University of Texas at Austin Susan Robinson, Frostburg State University Kay Porter Rowekamp, Marietta College Debbie Levy Rubin, California State University-Northridge Mary Ortmann Ryan, Southeast Missouri State University Catherine Turner Salisbury, Ohio Wesleyan University Roseann Keller Samson, University of Findlay Cynthia Collingwood Saunders, Kansas State University Joan Conover Schroeder, Kansas State University Sally Schuck, Iowa Wesleyan University Linda Dornbusch Schuessler, Texas State University-San Marcos Virginia Harrell Schultz, University of California-Berkeley Faye Dance Sheppard, Florida State University Gillian Dixon Simcox, California State University-San Marcos Brenda Underwood Sirmons, Valdosta State University Jeanette Pickel Smith, University of Northern Iowa Becky Soderholm, Iowa State University

Janice Royer Sparks, Florida State University Dori Stibolt, University of Maryland College Park Kathleen Strickland, Wright State University Jamie Swan, University of Iowa Pam Knoebel Tate, San Diego State University Leslie Wallace Taylor, Auburn University Jill Shrontz Tenzythoff, Oklahoma State University Marian Harding Thompson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Amanda Shaw Timmons, Ohio Northern University Alveris Bonnell VanFleet Corson, University of Michigan Kay Kuechenmeister Vaughan, University of Wisconsin-Madison Tonya Walters Judith Turley Weadick, Purdue University Jacqueline Deutsch Welch, Carroll University Kathryn Westlake, Ohio Northern University Rachel Eaton White, University of West Georgia Jill Whitehouse, Albion College Carol Wilson Wilking, West Virginia University MJ Konopke Williams, Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sara Peck Wilson, Purdue University Kim Creager Wilver, The Ohio State University Allison Hall Witmeier, Indiana University Bloomington Janice Nease Wittschiebe, Georgia Institute of Technology Donna Gettle Worthley, Indiana State University Diana Erpelding Wubbenhorst, University of Nebraska At Kearney Susan Yerkes, Lycoming College Linda Zerfing, Frostburg State University

Scholarships The Alpha Xi Delta Foundation is proud to announce recipients of the 2017 scholarships! They are talented women who exemplify our Founders’ commitment to achieving academic success. The Alpha Xi Delta Foundation is honored to recognize their accomplishments and support their higher education goals. Allison James Green Scholarship Alanna Schmeichel, University of South Dakota ’15 Alpha Epsilon Scholarship Noor Abushagur, University of Texas-El Paso ’10 Haylee Luedtke, Ferris State University ’13 Ariyanna White, Southern Polytechnic State University ’10 Alpha Xi Delta Building Corporation of Tuscaloosa, AL Scholarship Lauren Alger, Auburn University ’15 Morgan Banks, University of Alabama at Birmingham ’16 Anne McDonald Godlewski Scholarship Nichole Scheid, Kent State University ’15 Anne Mehus Verbon Scholarship Grace Barrera, University of New Hampshire ’16 Leah Becker, Sonoma State University ’14 Katherine Cassidy, University of Alabama at Birmingham ’12 Alessandra Chiaramonte, Worcester Polytechnic Institute ’14 Lauren Clemence, American University ’15 Justine Collier, Rider University ’16 Maria Costa, Coastal Carolina University ’15

Sarah Ellis, Monmouth College ’14

Charline Blind Merrill Scholarship

Alicia Herzog, University of Northern Iowa ’10

Annalyn Alt, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire ’14

Alyssa Huff, Western Kentucky University ’12

Caitlin Wysocki, Michigan State University ’14

Ashley Joshi, Texas Tech University ’16 Lindsay Kahoe, University of Central Oklahoma ’02

Christine May Hutchinson Class of ‘91

Sydney Lyman, Kennesaw State University ’13


Ashley Maurer, Monmouth College ’15

Natalie Gotko, Michigan State University ’14

Emma Melton, Coastal Carolina University ’16 Julia Mihaylov, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott ’15

Delores Wachsmann Child Scholarship Rachel Barclay, University of South Dakota ’15

Mikala Ross, San Jose State University ’15 Kristen Schmutzler, University of MissouriSt. Louis ’15

Dorothy M Nichols Scholarship Meghan Schenk, South Dakota State University ’16

Vanessa Sihombing, University of New Hampshire ’16 Tess Strasser, Ferris State University ’15

Dr. Marianne Clausing-Lee Scholarship Annika Osell, St. Norbert College ’15

Sarah Surgeoner, Southwestern University ’14 Victoria Trump Redd, Dartmouth College ’12

Ethel Garnier Thompson Scholarship

Breanne Velazquez, Boise State University ’14

Sarah McConnell, Kansas State University ’14

Arts & Letters Scholarship

Florence Stoermer Voelker Scholarship

Melissa Bilza, Lycoming College ’16

Allison Sullivan, Georgia State University ’13

Christina Blanek, DePaul University ’15 Joy Blazofsky, Pennsylvania State University ’15

Founders’ Memorial Scholarship Katie Bonfiglio, Rochester Institute of

Baker-Blish Scholarship Kylee Essen, South Dakota State University ’15

Technology ’11 Marlena Bruno, Florida International University ’13 Randi Kirkland, University of Alabama at

Beta Upsilon Scholarship

Birmingham ’04

Emily Roche, University of Rhode Island ’15 Frances Trewyn Kuechenmeister Carol Topping Barr Scholarship


Mary Hodge, Marshall University ’15

Anna Malcom, Georgia Institute of Technology ’13

Regan Denny, Boise State University ’15

alphaxidelta.org 55


Gamma Delta Scholarship

Marilyn A. & Walter C. Horner Scholarship

Ruth Bartlett Nemec Scholarship

Samantha Anderson, University of Nebraska-

Riya Keyes, University of Nebraska-Omaha ’15

Monia Zmudzki, University of Illinois at Urbana-

Omaha ’13 Lauren Harding, University of Nebraska-Omaha ’14

Champaign ’16 Mary Burt Nash Scholarship Virginia Brown, Kansas State University ’13

Gamma Eta Scholarship Sarika Ghangurde, Georgia Institute of Technology ’15

Ruth Fowler Brown Scholarship Caroline Davidson, University of Wisconsin-

Nancy Fehrmann Gainer Scholarship

Madison ’16

Ahnika Lutz, University of Nebraska At Kearney ’15

Emily Moor, University of South Dakota ’17

Haymaker-Hill Scholarship

Northern Virginia Alumnae Association

Spaulding-Mowry Scholarship

Carolyn Detora, Worcester Polytechnic Institute ’15


Leslie Carson, Cornell University ’10

Kathleen Russell, Auburn University ’16

Haleigh Hitzing, University of Central Florida ’12

Michelle LeBlanc, University of Alabama at

Lindsay Kahoe, University of Central Oklahoma ’02 Janice Sheldon Baumback Scholarship Emily Hanson, University of Iowa ’14

Birmingham ’12 Christina Manzanares, Southwestern University ’12

Olive Gabriel Faries Scholarship Rebekah Miller, Western Michigan University ’15

Samantha Thompson, University of North CarolinaWilmington ’12

Jayne Wade Anderson Scholarship Kady Allmon, Western Carolina University ’15 Jean Leider Scholarship Elizabeth Van Zyl, Worcester Polytechnic Institute ’15

Phillips Scholar Scholarship

Tana Sterrett Scott Scholarship

Lauren Becker, University of Missouri-St. Louis ’16

Miranda Byrne, Pennsylvania State University ’15

Sidney Betancourt, University of NevadaLas Vegas ’15

Theta Gamma Scholarship Taylor Long, University of Delaware ’15

Kathryn Faul Wallace Scholarship

Pi Chapter Scholarship in Memory of Vrina

Tayler Leverenz, University of Missouri-St. Louis ’16

Stebbins Scholarship Shannon Schaffner, Ohio University ’14

Lambert Alumnae Scholarship Katherine Cassidy, University of Alabama at Birmingham ’12 Megan Crumpton, University of Alabama at

Pulcipher Communications Scholarship Katherine Bunsold, Wittenberg University ’16 Karie Duncan, University of South Carolina ’17

Birmingham ’05 Ronald and Denise Prince Scholarship Mabel Gottburg Schoen Scholarship Megan Allison, University of Northern Iowa ’14

56 the


Lauren Schatz, University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign ’14

Faith Lumpkin, University of Delaware ’14

MARY BURT NASH SOCIETY The Mary Burt Nash Society recognizes leadership donors stepping up to support Alpha Xi Delta Foundation by giving $1,000 or more annually. All restricted and unrestricted gifts count toward Mary Burt Nash Society recognition. The Foundation is pleased to recognize the following Sisters and friends giving $1,000 or more June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017.

Marcia Brink Adair, Monmouth College Lynn Andrews, University of Iowa Janice Sheldon Baumback, University of Washington Jean Busby Beard, Purdue University Beta Mu, Bowling Green State University Beta Theta, Michigan State University Bonnie Baker Blish, University of CaliforniaLos Angeles Dianne Plattenburg Botefuhr, Northern Michigan University Margaret Bozarth, Monmouth College Joanne Braucher*, Albion College George Brown, Jr. Anthony Ching Kathleen Burke Clark, University of Maryland College Park Betsy Blesh Clark, Ohio Wesleyan University Barbara Evonchuck Cyrus*, University of Oregon Elizabeth Shelly De Jong, Bethany CollegeWest Virginia Delta Gamma, University of Nebraska at Kearney Linda Belles Dinus*, University of Washington Lyles Foundation Michele Herbst Evink, South Dakota State University Paige Faries, Western Kentucky University Willard E. Smucker Foundation Jane Dunlap Gaby, University of Tennessee-Knoxville Martha Geppert, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chris Shellhammer Gilliam, Bowling Green State University Tom Godlewski Linnea Thodt Hadlock, University of Iowa


Michelle Soderquist Hartnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jen Bauer Henson, Wittenberg University Nickie Haymaker Hill, Purdue University Marilyn Herbes Horner, University of Nebraska-Omaha Sally Haislip Hutchinson, West Virginia University Judi Jones Jacobs, University of Kentucky Jeanne Regus Kuller, University of Maryland College Park Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols, Case Western Reserve University Julie Lambert, Oregon State University Anne Fiske Lee, University of Michigan Wendy Kurtz Levine, Indiana University Bloomington Kendra Becker Lewis, Purdue University Bonnie Eiker Lightcap, Susquehanna University CSL Management LLC Sonja Zedigian Lowry, Monmouth College Debbie Fenwick Maas, Marshall University Kate Listwan Martin, University of Florida Jane Davidson Olson, University of Iowa Omega Financial, Inc. Eleanor Taylor Paulman, Frostburg State University Jackie Fonder Pechette, Syracuse University Becky Richter Perrett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pauline Dale Platt, Gettysburg College Nancy Drenan Prendergast, The Ohio State University Jane Fursey Ralston, University of Mount Union Liz Stuckert Ray, University of Kentucky Janice Zajac Sayatovic, Syracuse University

Jane Wilkens Schroeder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tana Sterrett Scott, Middlebury College Mary Slovak, Florida State University Bobby Allphin Stanton, University of Kentucky Joyce Banker Stanton*, Indiana University Bloomington Theresa Busby Stripling, Purdue University Jane Hooper Sutton, Western Carolina University Tau, University of New Hampshire Theta, University of Wisconsin-Madison Theta Gamma, University of Delaware Alpha Xi Delta Building Corp. Theta Gamma, University of Delaware Theta Rho, California State University-San Marcos Theta Sigma, University of Central Florida Veronica Pontarelli Toussaint, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Julie Rogers Turner, Georgia Institute of Technology Betty French Unkel*, The Ohio State University Julia Naftzger Van Sickle, Purdue University Nealy Patty Wheat, University of West Georgia Linda Barton Wiens, Kansas State University Dottie Sheldon Williams, Western Carolina University Shirley Albrecht Winckler, University of Iowa Linda Bernd Wrench, Indiana University Bloomington Zeta Xi, Auburn University

*Chapter Eternal

alphaxidelta.org 57


MADISON Madison, Wisconsin, Area Alumnae Association Sisters attended a Founders’ Day brunch at Monona Terrace. Seated from left to right are Marlyn Donagan and Sally Ouellette. Standing from left to right are Betsy Polousky, Terri Rorek, Sandy Rodriguez, Cheryl Moskoff, Marilyn Workinger, Linda Bellman, Jody Morey and Kay Jarvis-Sladky. – Bridget Buell, bibiandbb@gmail.com

58 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

LINCOLN The Lincoln Alumnae Association had a busy year hosting a barbecue for the Rho Chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) during its recruitment preparations, making puzzle piece door hangers for World Autism Month, hosting networking luncheons and donating funds raised to a UNL campus food and toiletries pantry. They are proud to also have raised more than $700 for Autism Speaks and the Autism Family Network at their March Make It, Bake It, Take It Fundraiser. – Stacie Kleager Walton, staciek@neb.rr.com

MINNEAPOLIS The Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumnae Association observed Founders’ Day with a luncheon and ceremony at the Edina Country Club on April 23. More than 20 Sisters were in attendance, representing 15 chapters in 11 states. Six women shared Alpha Xi Delta memories after induction into the Order of the Rose. A silent auction and raffle accompanied the event and raised more than $1,600 for Autism Speaks. – Shannon Schwartz, shannonslatton@gmail.com

alphaxidelta.org 59


COLORADO Alumnae groups from Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado and Denver celebrated Founders’ Day by honoring five Sisters with Order of the Rose and three Sisters with Orders of the Diamond. Seated in the front row, left to right, are Sisters who received Order of the Diamond: Lou Aiello Duvall, Maryland ’42, Betty Soughers Kirby, Purdue ’42, and Ruth Oliver Larson, Monmouth ’42. Standing are Sisters who received Order of the Rose, from left to right: Linda Trzyna, Northern Colorado ’67, Nancy Ries Brown, Penn State ’67, Diane Andrich, Northern Colorado ’67, “Cookie” Schmid Knoll, Nebraska-Kearney ’67, and Carol Murphree Gresky, Tennessee ’61. – Debbie Tapp, debbie@tappfamily.net

INDIANA Sisters of Alpha Xi Delta’s Beta Pi Chapter at Indiana University participated in the University’s annual Little 500. This is a bike race held annually during the third weekend of April at Bill Armstrong Stadium at Indiana University. Chapter Sisters and past alumnae met up and celebrated our Sisterhood on race day, and Alpha Xi Delta placed 11th out of 32 teams. Pictured from left to right are riders Alli Jostes, Amelia Nelson, Ellen Potocsnak, Paige Masterson and alumna Michelle Damrell. - Michelle Damrell, michelle@thewildolive.com

60 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

SONOMA STATE The Theta Beta Chapter at Sonoma State University enjoyed some fun in the sun at their annual beach Sisterhood to start off the year. – Jacqueline Schmidt, schmijac@sonoma.edu

KANSAS STATE A beautiful spring weekend welcomed Order of the Rose honorees to a wonderful Founders’ Day celebration at the Kansas State University Alumni Center. The Alpha Kappa Chapter hosted a brunch followed by programs for Founders’ Day, along with chapter awards, honors and activities, a preview of plans for the next year, and a presentation of the Order of the Rose. House tours, sharing stories and songs, and refreshments followed at the chapter house. The 1966 fall member class organized a mini-reunion to celebrate their 50 years as Alpha Xi Delta Sisters. Of the 47 fall pledges, 40 were initiated in 1967! 16 honorees returned to campus for the reunion to receive their Order of the Rose. Many other Sisters from the 60s were also in attendance. These alumnae hope to have started a tradition for Order of the Rose honorees at Alpha Kappa Chapter to organize a reunion of their member class to show the current collegiate Sisters that Alpha Xi Delta membership is for life. - Nancy Pendarvis Zara, Nipenz@yahoo.com

alphaxidelta.org 61


JACKSONVILLE The Jacksonville Alumnae Association celebrated Founders’ Day at Bonefish in Mandarin, Florida. Seated from left to right are Polly Peyer, Gloria Murray (Order of the Pearl), Holly McMurry, Cynthia Goff and Jackie Piontek. Standing from left to right are Alumnae Association President Susie Crosbie, Treasurer Ashley Nettles, Carleen Marianek, Alumnae Association Vice President Lindsey Jones, Dr. Patricia Daniel, Melissa McPherson, Kim Ward, Karen Glover and Christy Worthington.

MADISON The Theta Chapter of the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently competed in the second round of Humorology with Tau Kappa Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Phi. Humorology is a campus-wide annual musical show that takes place at the Memorial Union Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. The Theta Chapter raised approximately $20,000, while Humorology as a whole raised $180,000. – Georgia Ansley, gansley@wisc.edu

FRANKLIN & MARSHALL The Sisters of the Iota Psi Chapter at Franklin & Marshall College, along with Sisters from Millersville University, showed their support for the annual Autism Speaks Walk.

62 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

CENTRAL OKLAHOMA The University of Central Oklahoma and The Children’s Miracle Network Hospital paired together on April 8, 2017 for the inaugural BronchoThon and raised $68,405, with the Iota Delta Chapter at the University of Central Oklahoma being the top fundraiser with $10,369 raised. Two Iota Delta Chapter Sisters served on the executive board for the Marathon. Ashley Palmer served as Executive Director and Kennedi Jarvi served as In-event Fundraising Coordinator. Pictured are Dezarae Washington (left) and Kennedy Porter (right) during BronchoThon. – Dezarae Washington, axiducopublicrelations@gmail.com

TALLAHASSEE Alumnae met up to share stories and memories from their time as Alpha Xi Delta collegiate members. Following dinner, guest speaker Anne Mackenzie, Florida State Representative and House Majority Leader, shared some of her life and political experiences. Carol Spring, Georgia ’66, provided the program about the Founders. - Shirley V. Campbell

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DAYTON Jessica Austin, Wright State ’04, uses World Autism Month in April to bring autism awareness to her school, Pathway School of Discovery. There are numerous students affected by autism and this gives the entire school the opportunity to discuss how all people are different and how to accept those differences. The students and staff each donate to dress out of uniform, wear blue beads or other fun activities to raise money. More than $1,000 was donated by the school to Ms. Austin’s fundraising for her local Autism Speaks Walk event, and she was interviewed by the local news for her fundraising and awareness efforts. – Jan Austin, janaustin77@gmail.com

EASTERN WASHINGTON Epsilon Zeta Chapter from Eastern Washington University strengthened their Sisterhood at their overnight retreat to Camp Reed where they participated in team building activities and embraced the beauty of nature. “It was a blast being able to understand the deeper meaning of our ritual and make our bond tighter,” said Briana Sayler, Eastern Washington ’15.

64 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

SAN JOSE STATE Iota Omicron Chapter freshman Lucille Cao, San Jose State ’16, proudly stands with her Student Organization Member of the Year Award at San Jose State University. – Jennifer Rios, jenn10rios@gmail.com

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SYRACUSE Catherine Bertino Frymark, Syracuse ’92, (left) and fashion icon and fellow Sister Betsey Johnson, Syracuse ’62, (right) together at TLC’s “Say Yes to the Prom” event in Los Angeles this past spring. An extension of TLC’s popular “Say Yes to the Dress” franchise, “Say Yes to the Prom” has been making prom dreams a reality for deserving high school students since 2012, and in 2017 alone, impacted more than 1,000 students across the country. Johnson joined the nationwide giveback initiative for the first time this year, co-hosting in Los Angeles and New York City and donating shoes, handbags and accessories to each of the five 2017 events. Frymark works for TLC parent company, Discovery Communications, as Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications. – Catherine Frymark, Catherine_Frymark@discovery.com

AMERICAN Sisters from the Iota Phi Chapter at American University celebrating their graduation at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

SACRAMENTO Alumnae from the Sacramento area gathered in Roseville to celebrate Founders’ Day and honor Sisters who reached significant milestones. Marcia Boden, Nebraska ’57, and Marianne Blake, Indiana ’57, received Order of the Pearl, and Dorothy Ebi, Illinois ’42, received Order of the Diamond. This multi-generational alumnae group has been celebrating Founders’ Day for more than five years and looks forward to many more celebrations together. – Brittany Jibby brittany.jibby@gmail.com

CINCINNATI The Cincinnati Alumnae Association celebrated Founders’ Day at the Cincinnati Woman’s Club with 29 Sisters in attendance. Betsy Schapp, Washington U ‘55, Wilda Dunlop-Mills, U of Washington ’47, and Carol Derry, Kentucky ’57, received Order of the Pearl. – Annette Stambaugh stambaughka@gmail.com

PALM BEACH Palm Beach County Alumnae Association members celebrated Founders’ Day with the Theta Iota Chapter at Florida Atlantic University. Maureen Dickson Lukenbill, Florida State ’57, was awarded Order of the Pearl. – TJ Parker, tjpv8@aol.com

66 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017


from the


Alpha Xi Delta Field Counselors getting ready to hit the road to visit college chapters across the country for the 1967-68 academic year. This photo was taken outside of Alpha Xi Delta’s former Fraternity Headquarters office at 3447 N. Washington Boulevard in Indianapolis, Indiana. Today’s Educational Leadership Consultants and Leadership Coaches travel a little lighter to chapter visits today thanks to advancements in technology! Learn more about the 2017-18 travel team on pages 10-11.

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Alumnae Association Directory Are you looking to reconnect with Alpha Xi Delta and meet new Sisters? Join an alumnae association! Don’t see an association in your area? Interested in starting one? Contact Sarah Alice Keiser, Lifetime Engagement Manager, at skeiser@alphaxidelta.org. You can access links to associations’ social media accounts and websites on alphaxidelta.org by clicking on the ‘Alumnae’ tab at the top of the page.

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The summer/fall 2017 Chapter Eternal

includes all the names of Sisters whose passing was reported to Fraternity Headquarters between February 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017. Sisters are listed alphabetically in chapter order, along with their initiation year. To notify the Fraternity of a Sister’s passing, please send an obituary notice, memorial service pamphlet or other written confirmation to Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity Headquarters.

Alpha Chapter Knox College Rose Wilson Burhop ’42 Lois Kehlenbach Hurth ’42 Shirley Edmands Lenderman ’42 Natalie Woodward Morris ’42 Beta Chapter Iowa Wesleyan University Mary Helen Cammack Curtis ’39 Reba Coltrane Pratt ’44 Frances Gabeline Tate ’42 Gamma Chapter University of Mount Union Carol Miller Cassidy ’57 Ruth Kutsch Krumlauf ’36 Margaret Conway Kuniewicz ’41 Blanche Neill Mason ’44 Dena Harshman Richeson ’17 Helen Harshman Shanewise ’42 Marilyn Hartman Sutton ’63 Martha Walker Lutz Unger ’45 Delta Chapter Bethany College Antoinette Moody Parkhurst ’45 Epsilon Chapter University of South Dakota Jeanne Manley Bradshaw ’43 Rosemary Donnelly Ohlmacher ’42 Zeta Chapter Wittenberg University Martha Deford Carnes ’60 Barbara Searing Gilanyi ’57 Martha Feldkircher Hartje ’43 Carolyn Largent Keenen ’20 Betty Hartman Martin ’35 Eta Chapter Syracuse University Christine Sanders Ranke ’42 Charlotte Stiglitz Vanloan ’42 Theta Chapter University of Wisconsin-Madison Patricia Clifford ’67

70 the

/ Summer/Fall 2017

Patricia Brazelton Consigny ’50 Mary Yount Davis ’43 Sandra Champion Godsey ’53 Lenore Marlow Manning ’31 Mary Carter Faust McEwen ’42 Mary Goebel McGary ’53 Barbara Harris Meyer ’54 Margaret Mutchler Mutti ’41 Iota Chapter West Virginia University Pearl Buffington Bolton ‘43 Anna McNemar Carlson ‘42 Ruth Bacon Hawes ‘42 Betty Cronin Lilly ‘42 Kappa Chapter University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Juliette Coderre Watson ’42 Lambda Chapter Tufts University Nancy Estwick Cantwell ’42 Elizabeth Atwater Copithorne ’42 Maxine Lybeck Kajander ’43 Helen Sears ’42 Barbara Schroedel Slysz ’52 Mu Chapter University of Minnesota Gwen Hagen ’58 Lenore Stuart Hunt ’18 Elizabeth Miller Larson ’56 Nu Chapter University of Washington Evelyn Vera Soules Amyes ’42 Linda Belles Dinus ’60 Lelonne Wright Holt ’44 Celia Lucas ’42 Barbara Klock Wigen ’55 Xi Chapter University of Kentucky Joan Barnett Cornwell ’44 Emogene Gregory Huffman ’46 Linda Patteson ’50 Betty Fraysure Slocum ’42

Omicron Chapter University of California-Berkeley Phoebe-Jean Maccaughey Fulmer ’42 Carol Gear Powers ’25 Sylvia Smith Razum ’42 Gloria Avila Schwabenton ’42 Pi Chapter Ohio University Betty Brooks Griswold Baker ’43 Phyllia Wilday Doyle ’42 Alice Ellerman Ensminger ’37 Rosemary Rakestraw Pratt ’42 Doris Mayers Smith ’42 Rho Chapter University of Nebraska-Lincoln Jeanne Bowers Deffenbaugh ’42 Lenore Kerl Eckle ’26 Helen Hansen Kohn ’44 JoAnn Borgman Mortensen ’13 Cara Hutchinson Perkins ’56 Diane Dirks Peters ’67 Marie Donnelly Phillips ’39 Helen Anderson Sundell ’47 Ruth Taylor Vogler ’49 Janice Skiff Wells ’53 Sigma Chapter University of Iowa Patricia Paul Berklund ’42 Marjorie Waldorf Clem ’44 Tau Chapter University of New Hampshire Edith Johnson Hatch ’42 Joyce Smith Mott ’42 Evelyn Bardis Sutton ’51 Upsilon Chapter University of Vermont Lois Cotton Hotchkiss ’42 Patricia Maxfield McCormick ’42 Phi Chapter Albion College Elizabeth Marshall LaVine ’48 Kathryn Benja Klager Vanbruggen ’42

Chi Chapter University of Kansas Clarinda Joseph Ames Byerly ’17 Marjorie Banker Hooper ’22 Helen Sumpter Sheppeard ’22 Psi Chapter The Ohio State University Roberta Skelley Chrisman ’42 Mary Miller Davis ’42 Mary Demas ’50 Joyce Skeen Lively ’46 Mary Keys Thomas ’53 Omega Chapter Stetson University Carolyn Howes Branch ’42 Edith Bennett Confehr ’42 Johnola Musgrove Jordan ’51 Virginia Chamberlin Malarney ’42 Mary Winkenwerder Wickes ’42 Alpha Beta Chapter Cornell University Arlene J. Lebeau Branch ’48 Lenore Kennedy Duncan ’42 Wilma Lauterbach Johnson ’44 Beverly Pratt Schaufler ’45 Dorothy Ruth Hopper Sears ’29 Alpha Gamma Chapter Coe College Betty Fosher Canfield ’42 Martha Fosher Hammans ’42 Joan L. Laschinski Hinman ’56 Alpha Epsilon Chapter University of Michigan Barbara Ellacott Benisek ’50 Nancy Boyd Lanzetta ’58 Jeannette Collins Schneeberger ’45 Alpha Zeta Chapter University of Oklahoma Wilma Waggoner Cox ’42 Annette Herald Floyd ’42

Alpha Eta Chapter Purdue University Helen Henn Groebner ’42 Margaret Sattler Karner ’83 Helen French Martin ’43 Ruth Place Salveter ’46 Eleanor Houska Sanford ’46 Alpha Theta Chapter Northwestern University Mary McGill Jordan ’42 Allien Wuest Netter ’44 Barbara Scott Orear Wendelsdorf ’42 Alpha Iota Chapter Drake University Elgene Nolte Sander ’50 Jean Hutto Short ’47 Patricia Kautz Sullivan ’42 Alpha Kappa Chapter Kansas State University Leigh Gordon Adams ’53 Penne Buchner ’82 Beth Watt Carr ’42 Lou Ellen Poore Gehlbach ’50 Linda Felton Innes ’58 Mildred Strathman Jilka ’47 Margaret Josserand ’42 Nikki Liening ’93 Jo Ann Stroup Lyman ’46 Joyce Stewart Mackender ’54 Margaret Kerr Marshall ’42 Betty Jean Marts Miller ’45 Loretta Cornelius Newkirk ’42 Eunice Coski Roberts ’62 Margaret Swift Sondker ’42 Lauri Southard Wenberg ’82 Alpha Lambda Chapter University of Oregon Clara McCormick Bold ’42 Edna Kostol Meusborn ’48 Alpha Mu Chapter Ohio Wesleyan University Betty Easterly ’49 Mary Molineux Merrill ’42 Virginia Drick Messing ’60 Lenore Debow Wheeler ’27 Alpha Xi Chapter University of CaliforniaLos Angeles Joanna Hart Griset ’51 Carol Doolittle Roberts ’58 Dorothee Taylor Roe ’51 Alpha Omicron Chapter Hunter College Elfriede Thiele Kelso ’42

Alpha Pi Chapter Middlebury College Ruth Shonyo Trask ’51

Beta Kappa Chapter Baldwin Wallace University Lynne Smith Richards ’64

Gamma Epsilon Chapter California State University-Fresno Joan Pantell Knapp ’54

Alpha Rho Chapter Allegheny College Jane Wendel Haskell ’58 Virginia Slocum Heron ’42

Beta Lambda Chapter Pennsylvania State University Helen Huston Berkley ’42 Elaine Cox Clever ’42 Virginia Viner Starner Franklin ’60 Elizabeth Bertolette Powers ’42

Gamma Zeta Chapter Eastern Michigan University Beulah Martin Kish ’54

Alpha Phi Chapter University of Pennsylvania Marjorie Dackerman Carlson ’41 Barbara Neely Gilford ’47 Ruth Hanners Howard ’45 Carolyn Johnson Mayer ’50 Janet Dackerman McKay ’42 Marion McHarg Pasewark ’46 Violet Rietheimer Thompson ’42 Augusta Ulmann Toole ’42 Alpha Psi Chapter University of Denver Harriet Conner Hahn ’45 Beulah Gallegos Sutton ’29 Beta Alpha Chapter University of Texas Zoe Linz Leahy ’42 Beta Beta Chapter Washington University Billie Grindle Easterly ’42 Elizabeth Waple Powell Saylor ’34 Beta Gamma Chapter Centenary College of Louisiana Eloise Thompson Christian ’38 Rosalind Dell Verduzco Shirley ’60 Beta Delta Chapter Denison University Nelda Smith Allison ’42 Helen Ballard Chamberlin ’42 Beta Epsilon Chapter Monmouth College Joy Hughes Fletcher Nicklas ’50 Lucille Schelling Owen ’42 Louise Shimmin Pogue ’42 Beta Eta Chapter University of Maryland Elizabeth Harris Lipp Monahan ’44 Malinda Kieny Norford ’43 June Cameron Robinson ’42 Grayce Martin Saville ’42 Patricia Hardie Smiley ’42 Dorothy Robinson Vanous ’57 Beta Theta Chapter Michigan State University Marie Buchbinder Swinbank ’50

Beta Mu Chapter Bowling Green State University Doris Harshman Linsley ’45 Ann Voth Longanbach ’50 Virginia Zeigler Meister ’45 Irma Demoney North ’44 Ruth Lenert Pifer ’45 Jane Pringle Sears ’46 Beta Nu Chapter Culver Stockton College Ann Gorton Coder ’44 Zetta Craig Harrison ’46 Mary Stephenson McReynolds ’43 Beta Xi Chapter Marietta College Nedra Jane Harper Nokes ’56 Beta Omicron Chapter Missouri Valley College Sabra Davis ’84 Jeanne Bromeling Wells ’46 Beta Rho Chapter University of Utah Raona Evans Hilton ’46 Beta Sigma Chapter West Virginia Wesleyan College Casey Cowan Doran ’01 Beta Tau Chapter Kent State University Gwen Darsie Babcock ’53 Shari Breckenridge Blackann ’69 Anne McDonald Godlewski ’80 Joanne George Goumas ’51 Beta Upsilon Chapter University of Rhode Island Joan Desano Depasquale ’53 Beta Omega Chapter Memphis State University Susan Stephenson McGee ’67

Gamma Iota Chapter Lambuth University Judy Peterson McClellan ’60 Barbara Josepha Vanallen ’72 Gamma Kappa Chapter Susquehanna University Patricia Bodle Winey ’57 Gamma Lambda Chapter University of Tennessee-Knoxville Margaret Yearwood Fontenot ’58 Gamma Upsilon Chapter University of Georgia Mary Burt Bell ’60 Mathilda Hurning Eakin ’63 Margaret Head Roark ’60 Gamma Psi Chapter Frostburg State University Alma McLean ’66 Delta Xi Chapter Georgia State University Barbara Calhoun Carter ’66 Delta Psi Chapter Texas State University Nancy Cheaney Jackson ’71 Epsilon Zeta Chapter Eastern Washington University Stacia Adderley ’15 Epsilon Tau Chapter Central Missouri State University Deborah Wolcott Smith ’69 Epsilon Phi Chapter Iowa State Univeristy Sally Bucher Long ’84 Zeta Beta Chapter Clarion University of Pennsylvania Rebecca Bateman ’79 Zeta Psi Chapter University of Virginia Shawn Crossett ’87

Gamma Delta Chapter University of Nebraska Omaha Charlotte Longville Alberti ’50 June Stepanek Hodak ’51 Kathy Welniak McFarlin ’62

alphaxidelta.org 71

Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity 8702 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID Bolingbrook, IL Permit No. 2411

Profile for Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Summer/Fall 2017  

The Quill of Alpha Xi Delta - Summer/Fall 2017