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AlphaTranslations CANADA

leader in expert legal Alpha Translations Canada is a global

and financial translations.

Expert Legal & Financial Translations Overnight-Overseas

We provide rapid and highly accurate translations for law firms and corporations across the world, with the care and attention of a boutique firm and the scalability of a true global reach .

We make the impossible possible!

AlphaTranslations CANADA

Michèle Hecken Founder and CEO




Alpha Translations Canada Inc. is a Canadian-based company, offering translation and language consulting services to companies spanning the globe. We specialize in providing top quality translations, localization, professional and industry sector specific project and terminology management. Our core capabilities include the areas of law, finance and investment, patents, marketing and communication as well as software and technology. Alpha Translations Canada Inc. was established in June of 1994 and has since then grown from a two-person operation into a thriving business with a conscientious, energetic global team. OUR MISSION ... …Our Mission is to service our clients’ need for high-quality specialized translations – even within the tightest deadlines. We do so by utilizing the world’s time zones and working with the most qualified professionals. Our unsurpassed personal service and project-driven solutions are tailored to our clients’ unique global business requirements.

OUR VALUES Clients’ Needs First

Lean Growth

We actively seek to understand our clients’ needs and offer innovative and flexible solutions that add value to our clients’ business. This is the core principle which guides all our decisions.

In providing our services we strive to grow and add value to all our stakeholders. We will do so by applying lean principles, innovative thinking and finding creative solutions.

Strong Relationships (1+1=3)

Empowered People

We build and nourish strong relationships with our clients, our team and our service partners to each others’ mutual benefit.

Each member of the Alpha Team has a vested interest in and is personally accountable for the successful outcome of each project and the satisfaction of each client.

Respect and Cross Cultural Integrity

Fun and Fulfillment

We will act with awareness, openness and respect towards other people and other cultures, and always seek first to understand, then to be understood.

We will have fun doing so and give every member of our team the opportunity to reach their dreams and goals, and to find strength and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

Core Competencies EXPERT LEGAL TRANSLATIONS Alpha Translations Canada specializes in providing professional solutions for legal translations. We focus on being the best in this field, servicing more than 30 of the world`s top 50 largest law firms internationally for nearly 20 years. We provide professional and scalable legal localization solutions which are flexible to meet your needs and timelines. Our teams are comprised of professional legal translators, legal translators with a law degree as well as local professionals with subject matter expertise (e.g. engineers, IP experts etc.) to act as advisors and resources. These teams can be scaled to meet the demands of any project, be it simply the translation of Terms & Conditions or to translate and coordinate complex crossborder legal transactions that involve several parties and require a legal expert on the project team.

–– Patents –– Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures –– Antitrust, Competition, Trade (ACT) –– IPOs –– International Law –– Private Equity –– Contracts –– Due Dilligence –– Restructuring/Insolvency –– Corporate Compliance –– Cross-Border Transaction –– Real Estate Projects


Alpha Translations Canada is your trusted partner for all translations in these and other practice areas:

AlphaTranslations CANADA

EXPERT FINANCIAL TRANSLATIONS At Alpha Translations Canada we deliver superior grade financial translations that meet your internal quality assurance standards. Our international teams of translators and project managers are experts in finance and investment. We have the required expertise necessary to understand your needs and offer innovative and flexible solutions that add value to your business. We specialize in professional translations that cover a wide range of the spectrum of the financial services industry including: –– Banking & Corporate Finance –– Private equity –– Capital Markets –– Investment Markets –– Investor Research –– Mergers & Aquistion –– Insurance Claims

We know that is important to react swiftly to market situations and we are prepared to make the impossible possible. You can also take the stress out of those last-minute jobs with our other Express Services. We take advantage of the various time zones in which our translator teams are located to coordinate rush projects, making certain that your translation is completed within your schedule.

Use Alpha as your secret weapon and competitive advantage in meeting your tightest deadlines. We offer Same-Day, Weekend and Holiday services to ensure all translations are completed on time.


Due to our enabling technologies our teams can work in virtual environments where each resource assigned to a specific file can see his colleagues work on the same files in real-time, independent of their physical location. Combined with Online Team Collaboration and fully integrated Linguistic Asset Management our teams can work seamlessly and across continents and timezones to achieve high-volume, short turn-around translations, with virtually no loss of accuracy or consistency.




The Team THE ALPHA TEAM Alpha Translations Canadas team of language professionals is committed to making sure that each translation and culturl consulting project is managed with expertise and precision, and that the target document is delivered on time and ready to use. Our company’s greatest strength undoubtedly lies in the skill, dedication, and enthusiasm exhibited by each member of the Alpha Team. At Alpha Translations Canada Inc. a strong and competent management as well as knowledgeable, dynamic team are key to providing our customers with an excellent product and quality service.

GLOBAL TEAMWORK Translation, trans-creation and localization is Teamwork. To accomplish the tasks assigned to us, multiple language and subject matter specialist teams must work hand-in-hand, while all generated linguistic assets, quality control processes and collaboration support must be available to everyone simultaneously in real time. COMBINING LINGUISTIC AND SUBJECT MATTER SPECIALIZATION: Each member of Alpha’s network of translators and editors is an experienced and fully qualified language service provider with extensive expertise in their respective subject area. Each member holds a degree in either language studies or translation, ensuring high quality, conciseness and accuracy are maintained during translation of your documents. We pair these with an extensive network of subject matter specialists that provide the necessary support in many practice areas, industries and geographical areas.

AlphaTranslations CANADA

CONFIDENTIALITY Alpha Translations Canada realizes that documents for translation often contain proprietary information that must be safeguarded against early release or distribution to unauthorized parties. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your information and ensuring the security of the documents you submit for translation and we follow this policy rigidly.

SECURE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT We take data security seriously. Our production environment can be highly secured, yet distributed across continents to allow the right people with the right expertise access at the right time. The company recognizes the importance of protecting confidential information and through its adoption of Secure Data Room Technologies, it can provide a secure sharing environment. One of its many advantages is providing real-time secure Online Team Collaboration and Secure Data Access as well as fully integrated Linguistic Asset Management in addition to it being a complete online training and evaluation platform. Your files and data are not transferred to other locations, but accessible to our team members via secure online access, which is granted for the period of production and with the respective access limitations for the tasks assigned to each resource. Our secure Translation Management Platform ensures confidentiality at every level, for every translation project. These tools provide our linguistic services in a confidential and secure environment while maintaining the quality, accuracy and consistency that our clients need. Our teams can access all necessary information and discuss the project specifics freely without the danger of disclosure or necessity of any transfer of data outside the secure environment.

AlphaTranslations CANADA


Ann MacDonald Business Development Representative - North America

Direct: (613) 867-3584 Office: (780) 962-7821


Alpha Translations Canada Inc. Suite 216, Hillside Centre 636 King Street Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 4K5 Canada Phone: + 1 (780) 962 7821 Phone DE + 49 152 047 06 081 Quote request:

AlphaTranslations CANADA

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