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? read these instructions carefully before installing your equipment. ? install the wall bracket in a suitable location using fixing which are appropriate for the wall material and structure. consult a

qualified builder if you are in any doubt as to the structural integrity of the wall.

slim line wall bracket slim line, large lcd/plasma mount model - ab-lu701sl

? do not attempt to alter or modify any part of the wall mount or it's attachments. ? do not use if any parts are broken or appear to be damaged. ? tighten all bolts and fixings securely. only use fixings provided with this bracket. ? do not mount your tv near to sources of heat or moisture. ? always have a minimum of two persons to install the wall bracket and tv.

bracket assembly kit


assemble bracket

a - m6 nut and washer


b - spanner

x1 ax4

tv fixing kit c - m4 x 20mm d - m5 x 20mm e - m6 x 20mm


f - m8 x 25mm


g - m4 i - m6 h - m5 j - m8


k - m8 m - m5 l - m6 n - m4


o - m5 x 12mm


SMARTFIT installation helpline 0845 6029217



attach bracket to wall

attach screen fixing uprights to screen

position 1

c-nx4 note: ? for ease of installation mount bracket on wall using position 1 and mark other positions using a spirit level. then remove fixing from position 1, remove bracket and drill other positions ? fix bracket to wall using wall fixing points from outside inwards to help keep bracket level during installation. ? use fixings suitable for your type of wall construction. ? use all available fixing points ? if in any doubt of the suitability of the wall, it's construction or what type of fixings to use, consult a qualified builder or installer.

use spacers k-n for uneven rear panels

4 ox2

attach tv to bracket



AB-LU701SL Instructions-01  

SMARTFIT installation helpline 0845 6029217 slim line wall bracket ax4 c - m4 x 20mm d - m5 x 20mm e - m6 x 20mm assemble bracket o - m5 x 1...

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