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AD100 - S Supporting the surround speakers of home cinema systems

• Universal fitting kit supplied for mini Home Theatre surround loudspeakers and users of *Dolby Pro-Logic Systems.

• Compatible with the majority of the leading brands of surround loudspeakers, including Acoustic Energy, Sony, Bose and many others.

• Adjustable height for personal preference, with 'Twist-Lock' mechanism.

• Attractive Safety Glass base toughened to BS6206A, complete with stylish conical spikes. The addition of a new Chrome finish weight provides extra stability when used to support heavier surround speakers.

• Unsightly cables concealed via central hole in the provided brackets or into the strategically placed port positioned at the top of tubes.

• Complementary products in the AD range

(Equipment not included)

include supports for TV, AV and Plasma (AD3/67, AD3/93 & AD3/105) Full size hi-fi separates (AD5/47) and Mini hi-fi separates (AD5/31 & AD3/31).

*Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories Inc.

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