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The Anchor Staff Editor: Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta Alumnae Editor: Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta Collegiate Editors: Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho; Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon; Kelli Purcell O'Brien, Delta Eta Photo Editor: Melanie Martin, Delta Eta

Dear Sisters, Happy spring! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. The spring season speaks to the vitality of rebirth and young life, and all the promise for the future that it holds. Thoughts of spring also lead me to the theme of this issue of The Anchor – collegians. Collegians are the lifeblood of our future – young Alpha Sigma Taus that will one day “hold high the torch” of our Sisterhood for themselves and the generations that follow. Some of our collegians will someday be national Sorority leaders. Others will lead and volunteer for alumnae groups or serve on Chapter Advisory Boards. In fact, many collegians are already leaders in their chapters and campus communities! Many will simply enjoy staying connected to each other for life, enriching themselves and their Sisters through meaningful, sincere, and lasting relationships. As I travel the country connecting with our collegians, I am always inspired by their accomplishments. What you will find in the following pages are just a few examples of our extraordinary collegiate Sisters. Like many of us, these six incredible young women routinely go above and beyond to make exceptional impacts on their chapters, campuses, and communities. They have vision and heart, and have overcome daunting challenges to achieve greatness. They embody our Creed and core values. Each are inspired to lead and leave her world better than she found it. In short, these women Define Excellence! To Allie, Bethany, Caylin, Lesley, Nevie, and Mary, the collegians featured in this issue: thank you for sharing your stories with your Sisters. I know collegians and alumnae alike will be as inspired as I am.

As of this writing, there are 5,221 collegians in Alpha Sigma Tau. To me, that is 5,221 reasons to be excited for the future of our Sorority! Enjoy this issue of The Anchor!

In Sisterhood,

Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu National President

In This Issue:

Alpha Psi University of Northern Iowa


Collegians ROCK!


Genevievre “Nevie” Miller: Greater Bonds for the Greater Good


Caylin Carson: Spirit of Service


Allie Marques: Hometowns Give Us Heart


Bethany Henson: Paths to Wellness


Mary Woodbury: Marching Towards Greater Connections


Lesley Venella: Giving Back: The Power of Giving (and Getting) Help


National Foundation


Crowning Achievements


Collegiate Chapter Updates


Alumnae Chapter Updates


Anchoring Thoughts

Epsilon Chi University of Minnesota Duluth

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Epsilon Psi Rowan University

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3 S P RIN G 2017

President's Letter


Epsilon Phi Winona State University




4 S P R IN G 2017


This issue marks an opportunity to showcase a group of Alpha Sigma Taus we haven’t profiled as much recently for feature articles— collegians. Many collegians routinely go above and beyond to make exceptional impacts on their chapters, campuses, and communities. The following pages feature six such collegians – compelling, accomplished women who represent the future of our Sorority. Like so many of our collegiate Sisters, they have made meaningful contributions as chapter leaders. Also, and just as importantly, they continue to inspire and empower others to be the best versions of themselves. It is worth noting that, at Alpha Sigma Tau chapters across the country, women just like these six collegians are making differences every day – living our ideals and values to the fullest. As you read these stories, we hope that you are inspired by their examples. Enjoy!

Opposite Page: Top Row: Alpha Epsilon, Beta Iota, Gamma Rho, Beta Eta, Alpha Second Row: Gamma Zeta, Beta Iota, Delta Eta, Delta Delta Third Row: Delta Delta, Epsilon Delta, Delta Eta, Delta Iota Fourth Row: Delta Omega, Epsilon Tau, Zeta Tau, Gamma Tau Fifth Row: Beta Nu, Psi, Delta Upsilon, Delta Eta



S P RIN G 2017

Genevievre “Nevie” Miller: Greater Bonds for the Greater Good By Elizabeth Schilling, Delta Upsilon (St. Leo University)


6 S P R IN G 2017 Meet Genevievre “Nevie” Miller, a freshman at Penn State Altoona and incoming Vice President of Community Relations with the Delta Omega Chapter. She took the officer position with the goal of sharing and spreading her vision for her chapter across campus. “It’s a goal of mine to expand the social reach of the Delta Omega women,” she says. “One of the best ways to do this is through community-building and campus engagement activities.” On campus, Nevie is active on the University’s cheerleading squad. She uses her involvement to not only expand the reach of Alpha Sigma Tau on campus, but also to garner interest in team members and others to become Sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau.

At any given time, Nevie can be found with a full schedule of activities, homework due dates, classes, social events, and Sorority life. Ensuring that everything is scheduled and every “to do” item is accounted for is essential to her success. “I love Alpha Sigma Tau,” Nevie says. “It’s taught me a lot, but especially that I have to focus on the bigger picture with everything in life. I can’t just take things one day at a time; if I do, I will fall behind. That’s an important life lesson, and it is definitely played out in my life in how I get things done.” For Nevie, being an Alpha Sigma Tau is also about being an active member of the campus community, to the point where people can look at the women of Delta Omega and see faces that are integrated into every aspect of the school. Her vision begins with Sisters understanding that being an AΣT is more than just being a member of the organization.

To achieve this, Nevie plans to draw on her experience as a cheerleader, and be a cheerleader for Alpha Sigma Tau as well. “Cheerleading taught me how to work with all types of people,” she says. “It’s served me well since joining the Sorority. We’re all so different, but as with cheerleading, we have shared values, the common goal of performance, and the common desire to see our chapter’s engagement expand on campus.”

“Two women who attended the event actually joined Alpha Sigma Tau this semester and are now Sisters,” Nevie says, proudly. “I’m hoping we can continue to host events that help cultivate relationships throughout the year.”

Top Row (from left to right): Rachel Fowkes, Nevie, Alyssa Meany, Shannon Schubert, Alyse Lacava, Samantha Nash, Lily Akhtar, Haley Thomas Second photo: Nevie and Alexis Schumacher Third Photo: Nevie and Khadesia Walker

7 S P RIN G 2017

Principally, Nevie sees social and philanthropic events with other campus clubs and sports teams as a way to achieve greater engagement. “Philanthropy and social events are fun,” she says excitedly. “They give our Sisters and the community the opportunity to get away from the stress of everyday college life and come together for a greater purpose.” For example, the chapter recently held a Zumba event where they brought to campus two professionals to teach a class. All of the Delta Omega Sisters attended and they opened the event to the campus community at large. They charged a small entry fee, and all of the proceeds were donated to Dress for Success, the National Service Partner of the Sorority’s Women’s Wellness Initiative.


“I want people to look at us and say, ‘she’s on the orientation team,’ ‘she’s a cheerleader,’ or ‘she’s a member of a club I want to join,’” Nevie explains. “I want us to be known for more than just the three letters on our chest because those three letters, while incredibly special and important, serve as a tie to our broader campus community.”

Caylin Carson: Spirit of Service By Kelli O'Brien, Delta Eta (Belmont University)


8 S P R IN G 2017 From the moment she enters a room with a smile on her face, it’s obvious that Caylin Carson, Alpha Gamma, lives to engage with others. Caylin’s love for other people is central to her life – be they her Sisters in Alpha Sigma Tau or her fellow students at Henderson State University. From the start, she has continually jumped feet first into her campus community. She has served in numerous leadership roles with the Alpha Gamma Chapter, most recently as Chapter President, and is already looking forward to being an active alumna with her Sisters in central Arkansas. Caylin also is President of the campus’ Heart and Key service organization, where she organizes and leads campus and community service

activities. As the Student Government Vice President of Academic Affairs, Caylin’s fundraising efforts will help install an incinerator for the Biology Department – a purchase that will greatly enhance the department’s academic potential and output. “Serving this community is like gravity,” she says, proudly. “It just pulls me in.” So, when the opportunity to serve as a Reddie Ambassador opened, she jumped at it. Named after Henderson’s mascot, the Reddie (named for their teams’ traditional red shirts), ambassadors conduct campus tours for parents and new students. However, the job is more than just giving tours and answering questions. As a Reddie Ambassador, Caylin helps set the stage for school spirit that incoming freshmen will feel throughout their time at Henderson and beyond.

Caylin continues to connect with new and prospective students by writing and sending postcards and other messages to them.

Caylin graduates this spring and will begin her studies in the PharmD program at the University of Arkansas Medical School in the fall. She has always been interested in the medical community, and appreciates the diversity of experience and interactions that working in a pharmacy entails. As a pharmacist, Caylin’s legacy of service will carry on through her professional life, just as her service to Alpha Sigma Tau and her Reddie Spirit will carry on far past graduation from Henderson.

9 S P RIN G 2017

For her efforts, Caylin recently was honored as Greek Woman of the Year – a true reflection of her commitment to Sisterhood and service. “It was no easy feat,” Caylin explains. “I had to submit references, an essay, and my résumé of Sorority, campus, and community activities to a faculty panel. There were a lot of wonderful candidates, and I felt honored just to be among them.”


“There’s so much fascinating history here,” Caylin explains. “I get to tell the story of the Reddie Spirit to these new students, and share the long history of service that they are joining. The campus was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1914, and students faced the decision to transfer or to rebuild. They chose the latter. The spirit of giving, building, and creating that surrounded these students is the same spirit of community that exists at Henderson today. It’s a joy to spread this message and hopefully instill these beliefs in our community’s newest members."

Allie Marques: Hometowns Give Us Heart By Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi (Eastern Illinois University)


10 S P R IN G 2017 For Allie Marques, Gamma Gamma, childhood was more difficult and challenging than most. However, even from a single conversation, it is apparent that she has never let any single difficult part of her past define her. A survivor of domestic childhood abuse, she attributes her successes to overcoming her past with the loving support of adults like her father and her community. “I grew up in a very tight-knit town,” Allie recalls, with an obvious passion and enthusiasm for her community. “Everyone came together and helped me get through my circumstances in some way." For Allie, her community’s compassion instilled a laserfocused, give-back attitude in her, which she carries to this day. “My hometown gave me heart,” she says. “It takes a lot of heart to not only overcome, but to look at the good instead of focusing on the bad around you.” That is just what Allie does. She embraces nearly every opportunity she sees to give back and do good – be it with her Alpha Sigma Tau chapter, her campus (University of West Alabama), or her community in and around Livingston, Alabama.

For Allie, this means, in part, jumping feet first into campus life. She is Chapter President of the Gamma Gamma Chapter, after serving in numerous other officer and leadership roles. She participates in Student Government as a Representative, Senior Senator, and head of the Community Service committee. It also means being involved off-campus. Allie’s extensive contributions as an undergraduate include over 130 community service hours, in addition to her already high on-campus involvement. She collects donations to support autism awareness and research, assembles care packages for groups such as Adopt-A-Service Member and women at a domestic violence shelter, and she tutors struggling elementary, high school, and college students.

When she graduates this spring, Allie wants to move back to her hometown in western Alabama and be a school teacher, helping students learn to overcome problems and troubles. “I want to teach in a Title I school, like what I grew up in,” she explains. “I want to help kids like me. My view is, I've overcome this. Let me use my knowledge and experience to help somebody else do the same."

When asked where she hopes to go with her many contributions, she proudly says she couldn’t wander too far from home sweet home, Livingston, Alabama. After all, they gave her so much, and now it’s her chance to return the favor.

11 S P RIN G 2017

Title I schools are those with high numbers of children from low-income families.


Allie’s childhood experiences led her to her studies and true passion: K-12 education. She is majoring in special education with a minor in early childhood education. In this area of study, she has flourished. Tell-tale signs of her academic success include several invitation-only memberships she holds in honor societies on campus. These include Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, and most notably Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in the field of education, where she currently serves as her chapter's president.

Bethany Henson: Paths to Wellness By Samantha Rill, Delta Delta (University of Illinois at Chicago)


12 S P R IN G 2017 Bethany Henson has spent the last few months reflecting on how Alpha Sigma Tau has impacted her life for one simple reason: this is her last semester as a collegian. Wellness, both her own and that of her Sisters, is one of the top benefits of her Sisterhood that springs to her mind. “I’ve always dreamed of helping women,” she says. “Alpha Sigma Tau has had a huge impact on that dream throughout my college career.” Bethany is President and Director of Philanthropy of the Gamma Zeta Chapter at Frostburg State University where she has worked to “spice up” the chapter’s philanthropic endeavors. “Philanthropy had sometimes become routine; well-meaning, but just another thing to do,” she explains. “I wanted to bring something new to the chapter so Sisters would have something in which they wanted to engage.” For Bethany, wellness fit the bill. Bethany feels that their biggest success was the Zumbathon the chapter hosted on campus. “It was the largest event we’d ever put together,” she recalls. “The whole community came out! It was fun, active, and one of the largest fundraisers we’ve held.”

She also implemented a buddy system pairing her Sisters with senior citizens at a local nursing home. “We visit a couple times a month and just keep them company,” she says. “It makes them so happy, but we love it, too. They put things in perspective for us and I see how happy they are when everyone visits. It’s a win-win!” Under Bethany’s leadership, the chapter also took part in the Clothesline Project after being impacted by Alpha Sigma Tau’s Not Anymore program that educates members on sexual assault and relationship violence. “We hung t-shirts on a clothesline that had personal messages of awareness, support, and in memoriam messages about sexual assault and its survivors.” The Clothesline Project is a national movement to raise awareness surrounding sexual violence. T-shirts are decorated and displayed to honor survivors and act as a memorial for people who have been lost to violence. The chapter then hosted the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Forum, which served as an outlet for those who were affected by sexual assaults and harassment.

Bethany hopes that the chapter will continue using Zumbathon and other wellness-focused events even after she graduates. “We’ve gotten to a point where we are recognized by the Panhellenic community at Frostburg for what we’ve done,” she says. “We’re in the running for Sorority of the Year, which hasn’t happened in a long time.”

For Bethany, wellness is two-fold – helping others achieve it, and helping yourself. One of the first skills she learned as a member of Alpha Sigma Tau was to keep her emotional wellness in check with time management. As a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) at a local nursing home, Chapter President and Director of Philanthropy, and a pre-med student, she has a full plate, even as a senior. She credits learning how to effectively manage her time as the key to keeping her life balance. “Time management is a huge factor in keeping my mind, body, and soul in alignment,” she says with a chuckle. “Alpha Sigma Tau is a big part of that, too. It helps my mental health to talk to my Chapter Sisters about difficulties in my classes because they give a valuable perspective. My Sisters are always around. They’re my outlet.” Bethany plans to continue her focus on women’s wellness after college. “I’m studying to be an OB/GYN because I think it’s important to help women take care of their bodies,” she says. “Also, I love babies and want to help women through that process, too.” Right: The Clothesline Project at Frostburg State University.

13 S P RIN G 2017

The chapter is especially excited about the Sorority’s philanthropy, the Women’s Wellness Initiative – a concept Bethany loves. "The premise of the Women's Wellness Initiative is not only essential and enriching for the women of Alpha Sigma Tau, but for sorority women in general,” she says. “The new focus of a holistic wellness approach will provide our members with a mindset that each will be able to carry into their future."

“I know I need to pay attention to who I am, as a person and as a woman,” she says. “I think most importantly, I’ve become more authentic in how I live my life.”


“It was an eye-opener not just for Gamma Zeta, but for Frostburg as well,” Bethany explained. “People were really affected by seeing the shirts. It became real and helped people realize how common sexual assault is. We’re definitely going to do this event again.”

After taking a year off from her studies, she plans to go to medical school. As she prepares for the next stage of her life journey, she reflects on how Alpha Sigma Tau has impacted her life beyond building a good résumé.

Mary Woodbury: Marching Towards Greater Connections By Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho (Seton Hall University)


14 S P R IN G 2017 For many people, the word inclusion is one that might be heard at a conference or workshop that focuses on diversity. But for Mary Woodbury, Epsilon Sigma, it’s much more than a word: it’s a call to action. Mary is currently finishing her senior year at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She is majoring in economics, and her post-graduation plans include obtaining an MBA and working in the financial services industry. She has a habit of being very involved on campus and in Alpha Sigma Tau. She served as Epsilon Sigma’s Vice President of Finance and then as Chapter President. Mary also was President of the American Marketing Association for two years, and was a Resident Assistant. She served as the re-chartering Vice President and President of the Rho Nu Chapter of Order of Omega Greek Honors Society, and is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, an international honor society for economics students. “On-campus involvement is very important to me,” Mary says. “My most memorable moments as a collegian are when I worked to make others to feel included in our campus community.”

For Mary, inclusion is a very specific – and therefore achievable – goal. “Inclusion happens when everyone can be engaged in the things that they want to be engaged in, and they aren’t limited by things that make them uncomfortable,” she explains. “It also means that people are included regardless of their physical or mental capabilities, and that everyone creates a welcoming environment for others.” Bearing that concept in mind, Mary – who coached diving at a local high school – seized the opportunity to organize the “Olympic Village” for Special Olympics on Bridgewater’s campus. This gave the hundreds of talented athletes who participated a chance to achieve within a friendly competition.

However, Mary’s proudest moment came when organizing the Bridgewater Stands United Peace March with fellow students on campus. It was a natural continuation of her effort to encourage others to be inclusive and test new waters.

Mary worked alongside her co-chair Marco, who is a fraternity member at Bridgewater, on their shared goal of providing opportunities for the entire community to stand united. They held student informational meetings on campus and met with faculty, staff, university administration, campus police, and local law enforcement. Their efforts paid off. Students from all walks of life and all corners of the campus came to take part in an event that was widely supported by university administration. “People are sometimes scared to have conversations and broaden their horizons beyond what they are used to, “Mary says. “So, it was really great to see everyone engaging with people who they don’t usually talk to.” What was the best part for Mary? “Everyone had conversations with different people and built new connections.”

Students from all over campus joined in The Peace March.

15 S P R IN G 2017

“The Peace March originally stemmed from the idea of having students more engaged and feel like they have a voice on campus,” Mary explained. “It was the brainchild of a Student Trustee. We wanted to be sure that the campus was welcoming and compassionate while creating a great learning environment.”


“The Special Olympics take place annually at Bridgewater,” Mary recalls. “During my freshman year, I volunteered as a member of the swimming and diving team. When I became more engaged in Alpha Sigma Tau, I joined our chapter’s Director of Philanthropy to plan the different games and activities that took place before, during, and after competing. To work alongside my peers in creating an atmosphere where they could truly enjoy their time competing was priceless.”

Lesley Venella: Giving Back: The Power of Giving (and Getting) Help By Lauren Welch, Delta Psi (Denver Campus of Johnson & Wales University)


16 S P R IN G 2017 For Lesley Venella, Gamma Omega Sister and senior at LaSalle University, academic success is paramount. She is a member of the Alpha Epsilon Honors Society, an achievement that places her in the top five percent of her graduating class. Lesley also was asked to join the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society, and already has accepted a job after graduation as a New Store Planning Analyst for Burlington Stores, Inc. However, exceling academically did not always come easy for Lesley. She transferred schools in the third grade, which made it difficult for her to keep up. From grades three to seven, Lesley performed poorly. “I eventually gave up,” she recalls. “I was constantly playing catch up and had anxiety, which made school even more challenging.” Lesley’s parents and seventh-grade teacher suggested enlisting a tutor. Little by little, her grades improved as she

moved through middle school and into high school. Over the years, Lesley received tips for testing and how to study, as well as specific assistance for the challenges she was facing. After spending hours reviewing materials and study skills, Lesley and her tutor realized it was not the content that was a struggle, as much as knowing how to study. Once they realized the true difficulty and came up with strategies for studying and organization, her grades and confidence improved drastically and quickly turned around. As Lesley entered college her freshman year, she continued to seek the assistance of a tutor. In her sophomore year, she became a tutor herself. Now Lesley tutors students in 22 different subjects.

Life is full of challenges, and it is easy to just give up and accept where you are. But Lesley believes otherwise: “It takes perseverance. Whether you are struggling with academics or something else, don’t give up; you can get where you want to go. There are resources and opportunities available if you seek them out.”


“I tutored someone sophomore year who was an International student,” she recalls. “He really struggled, like I did, but is now in graduate school. The time I spent with him was just as necessary and memorable as the time other tutors spent with me. I tutor because I know the value that a tutor can have on a student’s life. I know the value they had on mine.”

17 S P R IN G 2017

Top Photo: Lesley and her Little Little, Bria Trewin Second Photo: Lesley and New Member Sister, Alex Antonio Third Photo: Lesley Venella Bottom Photo: Lesley and her family

National Foundation Dear Sisters, As we celebrate the extraordinary collegians featured throughout this issue, my pride in the work of the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation continues to grow. These Sisters exemplify the values of our organization, and the Foundation’s support of the Sorority’s charitable and educational initiatives is paving the path for these young women and the thousands that will follow. T H E AN C H OR

18 S P RIN G 2017

The last year has been one of tremendous impact for the Foundation. We held a record-breaking Convention Campaign and made Alpha Sigma Tau history with our inaugural Founders Day of Giving. We also proudly offered more than 40 academic scholarships, funded the Sorority’s development of a Chapter Advisory Board Talent Development initiative, and continued to support innovative, life-changing programs for our collegiate Sisters. In the lists on the pages that follow, we recognize the individuals and groups qualifying for our cumulative and annual giving societies and circles, as well as highlight active recurring donors and the inaugural members of our premiere Anchor Society. These individuals, as well as hundreds of other Sisters and friends around the country, committed themselves – many for the first time ever - to supporting this

Sisterhood in 2016 and beyond. Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued generosity. If you haven’t yet made your own gift to the Foundation, or if it’s been awhile, I hope 2017 is the year you’ll join us. Together, we are empowering women and growing the future for Alpha Sigma Tau, and as you can see by these outstanding collegians, the future is bright. In Sisterhood and Friendship,

Kris Haskin, Beta Pi President, Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation

Together, we are empowering women and growing the future for Alpha Sigma Tau

Annual Giving Circles – 2016 Donor Recognition The Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation is pleased to recognize individuals, chapters, foundations, and businesses contributing $100+ annually (January 1 – December 31, 2016) to any fund through the giving circles listed below. Annual giving is integral to the success of our organization, and recognition

Ruby Circle ($5,000 – $9,999) Michele Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu James R. Paponetti Eternal Light Circle ($2,500 – $4,999) Dr. Edward Jervey Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta Joell Sperry, Gamma Theta Delta Tau Chapter Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority Kenneth & Hazel Roe Foundation, Inc.

Believer’s Circle ($250 – $499) Alice Ball, Epsilon Gamma Marcia Barr, Phi Esther Fontenot Barrios, Phi Rebecca J. Bathon, Beta Pi Sally Brancheau Belknap, Alpha Angie Bong Tamara Stegehuis Bonifield, Beta Xi Emily Boockoff, Epsilon Sigma Michel Brindell, Beta Psi Lauren Bromley, Epsilon Alpha Cydnei Crust, Gamma Pi

Supporter’s Circle ($100 – $249) Allison Abayasekara, Gamma Tau Susan Anghel, Alpha Rho Melissa Hatfield Atkinson, Gamma Mu Katherine Baber, Alpha Lambda Erin Backer, Alpha Phi Kathy Pulice Baecker, Theta Carol Baril, Beta Zeta Katie Harris Bartholomew, Beta Xi Elizabeth Gray Bazemore, Alpha Lambda Kari Belanger, Beta Xi Mary Glor Bolton, Sigma Jennifer Bowers, Delta Airin Bragagnini, Gamma Upsilon Amanda Worthy Briganti, Phi Shannon Snyder Burton, Gamma Xi Sharon Langford Carpenter, Epsilon Alpha Kathleen Chase-McGrath, Delta Nu Tracy Ciabattoni, Zeta Ashley Clark, Gamma Mu Jennifer Cohen, Gamma Rho Stefani Coleman, Omicron Donna Cook, Omicron Jennifer Cornelius, Beta Eta Emily Craig, Alpha Lambda Riley Davidson, Gamma Xi Amanda Davis, Delta Upsilon Lindsay McDowall Davis, Gamma Mu Martha DeCamp, Alpha Melissa Fleegal DeMotta, Gamma Tau

Kathy Phipps Dennis, Alpha Lambda Carol Denton, Alpha Alpha Pam Weber Dixon, Beta Delta Angela Adolph Dunnington, Phi Michelle Dusky, Beta Eta Danielle Madenford Earp, Gamma Pi AJ Smith Ezersky, Alpha Lambda Christie Fidura, Zeta Tau Patricia Flaugher, Psi Vanessa Florence, Zeta Patricia McCollough Flowers, Alpha Alpha Gretchen Stahl Foran Jordan Frederking, Upsilon Crystal Freker, Delta Psi Sandra Groman Gackenbach, Gamma PI Catherine Gervase, Sigma Anna Golladay, Chi Meilyng Gonzalez-Adams, Gamma Theta Tracey Gordon, Alpha Lambda Christina Goss, Alpha Lambda Angela Grant, Zeta Tau Bonnie Gurney, Alpha Lambda Amanda Haig, Delta Alpha Donna Halstead, Beta Jessica Harper, Delta Mu Kimberly Bradley Harr, Alpha Lambda ReAnna Hart, Epsilon Omicron Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi Amanda Monday Heisey, Gamma Pi Bethany Henson, Gamma Zeta Veronica Hill, Psi Jenn Marie Holdren, Gamma Pi Jessica Huber, Gamma Pi Ronica Jackson, Epsilon Beta Linda James, Alpha Lambda Olivia Johnson, Delta Sigma Kasie Hamm Johnson, Alpha Gamma Carol Matthews Johnson, Beta Zeta Cecilia Kadane, Alpha Gamma Kimberly Trunzo Kaminsky, Delta Mary Beth Kelley, Delta Karen Laursen Kessler, Beta Xi Brandy Bosler Kift, Gamma Pi Jennifer Hibar, Gamma Theta Jessica L. Kromer, Delta Beta Michelle Lame, Alpha Lambda Amy Greenough Lane, Psi Jennifer Lee Lapacek, Beta Pi Dawn Lecker, Beta Delta Jenna Lewis, Gamma Gamma Megan Longanacre Martin, Gamma Mu Brianne Ludlow, Epsilon Theta Megan MacFeat, Beta Mu Allison Mackin-Donahue, Gamma Delta Nadia Maddens, Theta Mary Mancino, Alpha Omicron Samantha Perry Manley, Epsilon Alpha Brittany N. Martinek, Delta Psi Janet Mascaro, Delta Marcia McDonnell Nancy Dech McGovern, Gamma Pi Kelly McCloskey McInnis, Phi Emily Ashby McIntire, Alpha Lambda Shae McLin, Phi Jean Ryckman McNamara, Sigma Elizabeth McOsker, Alpha Lambda Deborah Melancon, Phi Laura Squires Meza, Phi Megan A. Middleton, Delta Psi Jennifer Miles, Phi Allison Miller, Phi

19 S P R IN G 2017

Investor’s Circle ($500 – $999) Mary Askins, Alpha Lambda Jean Balgrosky Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon Sara Brown, Gamma Pi Janet Dodson, Iota Nicole Noyse France, Alpha Rachel Bourgeois Green, Phi and Geoffrey Green Anne Curran Gruber, Alpha Jenni Kemmery, Delta Emily Hamsher Kindred, Beta Delta and Jonathan Kindred Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky, Rho Carol Mooney, Alpha Lambda Holly Primus Morris Patricia Nayle, Phi Katherin King Powers, Beta Zeta Deborah McCain Pyszka, Alpha Nu Christine Sario-Valdes, Gamma Upsilon Gina Griffith Schroder, Alpha Lambda Ashley Smith, Psi Leah Smith, Beta Delta Justina Solties, Gamma Theta Lauren Warren, Beta Xi Diane Marie Wehby, Gamma Xi Bethany Nicole Yost, Beta Delta Southeastern Louisiana Alumnae Chapter

Chrissi Ward Cullen, Psi Kathy Keith Curfman, Delta Mu Sarah DiDavide, Delta Delta Kristina Moron Eaton, Gamma Delta Beth Carney Ebberman, Phi Allie Ellis, Gamma Gamma Gail Fowler, Alpha Lambda Krista Fox, Beta Chi Janice Grundy, Beta Xi Seth Hinshaw Steven Hinshaw Jennifer Honaker, Psi Ashley Nicole Hoogstraten, Beta Pi Lauren A. Irby, Zeta Tau Mark and Bobbie Jones Canda Kroger, Rho Jennie Wysocki Kuhns, Gamma Rho Cynthia A. McCrory, Alpha Alpha Michelle Meyers, Beta Chi Beverly Molnar, Delta Ben Nemenoff Lynn Wilkie Newberry, Alpha Lambda Bobbie Nichols, Alpha Gamma Rajesh Patel Kortney Powlison, Gamma Tau Vyonne Puffenberger, Psi Jessica Langkamer Quinones, Delta Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi Angela Prudot Roeske, Alpha Lambda Patricia Simmons, Delta Tiffany Sparks, Omicron Kathy Strickland, Gamma Gamma Allison Elizabeth Termyna, Beta Upsilon Samantha Pankau Thomas, Beta Nancy Vander Zwan, Delta Lara Cegala Williams, Psi Epsilon Eta Chapter Detroit Metro Alumnae Chapter Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter University of Northern Iowa Panhellenic Association


Yellow Rose Circle ($1,000 – $2,499) Rita Bertolino, Phi Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho and Jonathan Bukva Laura Clark, Psi Christina Covington, Alpha Lambda Sailynn Meghan Doyle, Gamma Delta Lettie Cottrell Dreyer, Delta Delta Charlotte Evans Floyd, Psi Stacey Daniel Fragile, Gamma Mu Lisa-Marie Cox Fredericks, Beta Xi Kristin Haskin, Beta Pi Jamie Jones Miller, Psi Melinda H. Oates, Gamma Gamma Dr. Theresa Gallo Osorio, Delta Phi Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu Kristin Walker, Alpha Lambda C & K Clark Family Foundation Gamma Pi Chapter

benefits include an exclusive annual donor gift, name tag ribbon recognition at national events, and recognition on the Sorority website and in Foundation-related print and electronic materials.

Supporter's Circle ($100 - $249) Continued Tina Miller, Sigma Christy Mogel, Gamma Theta Lynn Mona, Delta Marlene Moreau Athena Gagnon Mota, Gamma Delta Meredith Rambo Murray, Gamma PI Noel Netzhammer, Phi Teri Heisey Nytz, Beta Iota Christina Alexandria Oates, Gamma Gamma Lindsay Ezersky O’Brien, Alpha Lambda Holly O’Hara, Gamma Pi Katherine Onyshko, Delta Phi Melissa Parks, Beta Xi Cathrine Pfeiffer, Epsilon Epsilon Lori Strong Poore, Beta Pi Eugenie “Genie” Carter Powers, Phi Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi Aulga Prokopowicz, Theta Frances Purdum, Psi Emily Matles Quinn, Gamma Xi Diana Ramirez, Epsilon Beta Diane Rand, Beta Pi Tina Ratcliff, Alpha Lambda Deborah Ray, Alpha Charlie Wilder Reed, Delta Pi Erica Richards, Beta Mu



Rebecca Jackson Riede, Gamma Gamma Tara Riggs Foncannon, Epsilon Omicron Samantha Rill, Delta Delta Ann Holmes Ritterspach, Alpha Lambda John Rodgers Susan Rogers, Alpha Lambda Betsy Ross, Alpha Alpha Jamie Rossi, Gamma Theta Dorothy Rowe, Psi Mark Rubin Tiffany M. Saragian, Beta Tau Melissa Savich, Beta Cathy Schreiner, Chi Ciara Shearin, Epsilon Alpha Patricia Sigle, Chi Briana Simko, Beta Delta Lesandra Benge Skinner, Alpha Gamma Jessica Smith, Gamma Tau Carol Waller Smith, Gamma Gamma Amy Smith Amy Sherman St. John, Zeta Tau Richard Stephens Colleen Stiening, Zeta Marie Stott, Beta Delta Connie Street, Delta Mu Loretta Stuber, Alpha Alpha

Deborah Sunday, Beta Iota Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta Michele Tenore, Alpha Lambda Jenny Kay Thomason, Rho Lisa Throckmorton, Alpha Lambda Ann Turner, Alpha Kappa Dana Vann, Delta Rho Christina Opal Velt, Alpha Lambda Jamie Alunni Vinci, Zeta Kirsten Vis, Zeta Tau Brenda Bennett Walker, Alpha Lambda Joanne Rupprecht Walter, Psi Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi Amy Wieczorek, Beta Delta Mary Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rho Jennifer Wood, Gamma Mu Lucinda Younce, Alpha Alpha Jessica Leigh Zabriskie Lynne Zaledonis, Psi Epsilon Alpha Chapter Boston Massachusetts Alumnae Chapter Buffalo Alumnae Chapter Lowell Alumnae Chapter St. Louis Alumnae Chapter Tidewater Area Alumnae Chapter

Cumulative Giving Societies – Donor Recognition The Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation is proud to offer Cumulative Giving Societies to recognize the lifetime giving of $5,000+ by individuals, chapters, or associations contributing to any of the Foundation’s initiatives. The names of these societies honor outstanding women

S P R IN G 2017

Rose Marie Schmidt, Ed.D. Society ($190,000+) Rose Marie Schmidt, Theta (lead donor) Charlotte Evans Floyd Society ($75,000-$189,999) Charlotte Evans Floyd, Psi (lead donor) Sybil and Jerry King Society ($30,000-$74,999) Lenore Seibel “Sybil” King*, Psi and Thomas “Jerry” King, Jr.* Robert O’Dell* in Memory of Lois O’Dell*, Lambda Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority Lois Anne Cooke Society ($20,000-$29,999) Michele Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu Dr. Edward Jervey June McCarthy*, Pi Kenneth & Hazel Roe Foundation Elliott Family Society ($10,000-$19,999) Martha DeCamp, Alpha Gail Fowler, Alpha Lambda

Anchor Society The Anchor Society recognizes collegiate or alumnae members, parents, and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau contributing $1,899+ annually (January 1-December 31) to the Anchor Fund. Gifts made to the Anchor Fund support the most pertinent initiatives of the Foundation, including the operating budget, and individuals recognized through the Anchor Society make up the building blocks of our Foundation.

in Alpha Sigma Tau’s history and are indicative of the extraordinary commitments those recognized through these societies have made to the Foundation. This list is accurate as of March 23, 2017.

Mary Beth Kelley, Delta Patricia Nayle, Phi James R. Paponetti Meda Ray Elliott Sewell*, Omicron Delta Chapter Beta Eta Chapter Buffalo Alumnae Chapter Detroit Metro Alumnae Chapter Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter Elizabeth Wilson Society ($5,000-$9,999) David Atkinson Marcia Barr, Phi Julie Bell Bruington, Iota Christina Covington, Alpha Lambda Mary Louise Mandrea Doyle*, Theta Edith Elliott*, Omicron Kris Haskin, Beta Pi Jamie Jones Miller, Psi Bobbie Nichols, Alpha Gamma Melinda H. Oates, Gamma Gamma

Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu Vera Walkup*, Pi Mary Ellen Willmitch, Alpha Rho Elizabeth Wilson*, Pi Beta Chapter Zeta Chapter Omicron Chapter Alpha Epsilon Chapter Alpha Rho Chapter Beta Pi Chapter Gamma Xi Chapter Epsilon Gamma Chapter St. Louis Alumnae Chapter Tidewater Area Alumnae Chapter *deceased

2016 Donor Recognition - Inaugural Members

2017 Donor Recognition

The Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation is pleased to recognize collegiate or alumnae members, parents, and friends of Alpha Sigma Tau contributing $1,899+ annually (January 1-December 31) to the Anchor Fund. Annual giving is integral to the success of our organization, and your generosity is truly appreciated. Special thanks to the inaugural members of the Anchor Society:

Michele Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha Kris Haskin, Beta Pi* Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu James R. Paponetti*

Michele Hujarski Golob, Delta Alpha Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu Jamie Jones Miller, Psi James R. Paponetti Joell Sperry, Gamma Theta Tiffany K. Street, Delta Mu

*Recurring donor expected to achieve Anchor Society by December 31, 2017

We Want to Share Our Sisterhood with

More Women! Help Alpha Sigma Tau find “Lost” Sisters who are missing the following information in their member records:

phone number


mailing address

That way, the Sorority can reach out and keep them in our Sisterhood - enriching everyone's experience.

Do you know a Lost Sister? Find out at There you can search for individuals by chapter. If you see someone you know, you can click her name and suggest contact info be added to her member record.

Crowning Achievements Top 40 Under 40 in Atlantic City Alumna Courtney Keim, Beta Upsilon, was recently honored as one of the Atlantic City Weekly's Top 40 Under 40 awardees. The Top 40 Under 40 Awards are a collaborative effort between the Greater Atlantic City Junior Chamber of Commerce and Atlantic City Weekly. These awards are given to those in the community who have achieved success in not only their professions, but also in the cultural and civic life in the Atlantic City area. T H E AN C H OR


Courtney is a seventh-grade math teacher at Texas Avenue School. Both of her parents were teachers, and Courtney was inspired by them to make meaningful impacts on young lives. At Texas Avenue, she expanded the school’s Urban Garden with the support of A Work in Progress Foundation and instructs after-school SAT math programs, among other above-and-beyond school activities. In addition to teaching, she volunteers at her children’s school and runs a successful photography and design studio, where she distributes her work through Offset by Shutterstock and Getty Images.

S P RIN G 2017

Courtney lives in Atlantic City with her husband and three children.

B&B Marketer of the Year, the world’s largest B&B travel website, has honored alumna Tammy Green Holloway, Alpha Lambda, with the third annual B&B Marketer of the Year Award. Tammy is the owner of the Bay Haven Inn of Cape Charles in Cape Charles, Virginia. She won the award for implementing unique, locallyinspired programs such as the inn’s popular Shellfie Project. Guests are invited to decorate clamshells available in a community space at the inn, and to post photos of their creations on social media sites using #TheShellfieProject and #BayHavenInnShellfie. Guests are also invited to leave their shells at the inn until their next visit – part of the inn’s “create, snap, post and return” marketing campaign. The Shellfie Project is just one of many programs that Tammy shares via blog posts, newsletters, news releases and social media to showcase the Bay Haven Inn. As a result, the inn has seen a significant increase in social media interactions and local, regional, and national media coverage. Tammy owns the Bay Haven Inn with her husband Jim.

Send information about your (or a Sister's) notable accomplishments to with the subject "Crowning Achievements"!

Exceptional. Loyal. Proud.











M. K.



L. A. Crown Pearl Badge (Available through your HQ) B. Chapter Letter(s) Guard C. Chapter President Dangle D. Recruitment Counselor Dangle E. Director of Collegiate/Alumnae Engagement Dangle F. VP Member Development Dangle G. VP of Growth Dangle H. Tau Honor Council Delegate Dangle I. Alumna/Graduating Senior/Anchored for Life Dangle J. Big Sis/Lil Sis Dangle

K. Stole L. Juliette Watch M. Chapter President/Officer Ring N. Snake Chain (Charm sold separately) O. Chapter President Gavel Charm P. Pearl Brooch (Available as pendant) Q. Oval Onyx Mini Crest Ring with CZ • 800.451.3304 Not all items shown actual size. 34-4329



Collegiate Chapter Updates Winter is finally winding down and warmer weather is moving in! We asked collegiate chapters about their spring and summer plans to celebrate the sunshine. Here's what they had to say.


Beta, Central Michigan University This spring break, a group of 17 Sisters spent their week at Pine Mountain Settlement School! While there, they will help with programs put on by the school, as well as with environmental preservation tasks.

Sigma, SUNY Buffalo State The Sigma Chapter is excited to celebrate wellness and Sisterhood at Buffalo State. They recently collaborated on a week of events to promote self-love, social justice, diversity, and wellness!

Alpha Xi, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania We are holding an alumni event with the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as well as a softball tournament supporting Wounded Warrior Project!

Omicron, Concord University The women of the Omicron Chapter recently held an event to play giant versions of favorite board games. They had fun despite the West Virginia cold!

Zeta Tau, Longwood University Many Zeta Tau Sisters will be studying abroad this summer. From presenting nursing research in Ireland, to an archaeological dig in the Virgin Islands, to studying culture in Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, and Germany, the chapter is so proud of their Sisters’ accomplishments!

Alpha Pi, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania We have been taking advantage of the beautiful nature parks off-campus and doing some exploring! Our Chapter Sister Morgan Yoney, who has cystic fibrosis, just received her second double-lung transplant and is doing great!

Rho, Southeastern Oklahoma State University Rho Sisters are celebrating the sunshine by sharing our Sisterhood through spring recruitment events!

Upsilon, University of Central Arkansas Upsilon’s members are welcoming the sunshine with open arms by hiking, enjoying brunch outside, and keeping up with their studies in the fresh air!

Alpha Psi, University of Northern Iowa Our chapter held a fun-filled Sisterhood retreat on Sunday, February 19! We shared stories, played games, and learned more about one another. We became closer as a chapter from this get-together and strengthened the bonds that anchor us to Alpha Sigma Tau!

24 S P R IN G 2017

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Beta Chi, Ferris State University Our chapter had a Sisterhood event in which we all made tie blankets for a variety of people. We sent the blankets to military personnel who are serving our country, one of our alumna's mother who is in the hospital, and to a children's hospital.

Gamma Xi, Grand Valley State University The Gamma Xi Chapter held an “Under the Sea” themed Bid Day full of inflatable palm trees, shark costumes, and loads of other beachthemed decorations and fun!


Beta Epsilon, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania As a chapter, we have multiple events coming up in celebration of the sunshine. We have primarily focused more on Sisterhood events and doing things together. We have had multiple Sisterhood events involving hiking, hanging out, and doing beneficial things for our chapter!


Gamma Iota, York College of Pennsylvania The Gamma Iota Chapter is excited about all their upcoming Sisterhood activities, especially their Spring Alumnae picnic!

Gamma Omega, La Salle University Gamma Omega Chapter’s Executive Committee members are excited to meet Sisters from across the country at this summer’s Officer Academy!

Beta Iota, Millersville University of Pennsylvania As the sun continues to shine, we will have events with other organizations on campus. For example, the four Panhellenic sororities on campus are going to come together for a day filled with fun and tie-dye!

Gamma Lambda, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Gamma Lambda Sisters are enjoying soaking up the sun after a long and cold winter! The ladies will be on the go this summer, from studying abroad in Spain to having fun at Disney World!

Delta Alpha, Gannon University The sisters of the Delta Alpha Chapter had a great start to the spring semester by welcoming 19 wonderful ladies into our Sisterhood!

S P RIN G 2017

Beta Xi, Michigan Technological University After winning 1st place in the women's division for our month-long snow statue, we have been celebrating by relaxing. Over spring break, a group of our Sisters will be traveling to Tacoma, Washington, to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Collegiate Chapter Updates


Delta Beta, Fairmont State University So far this semester, the women of the Delta Beta Chapter haven't seen too much sunshine, but we plan to take advantage of some nice weather this week! We're going to paint the school spirit bell on campus! This summer, we plan on attending Officer Academy and Recruitment Boot Camp!

Delta Pi, Oglethorpe University This semester, Delta Pi members have been so excited about gaining two new advisors! Our chapter won a basketball banner decorating contest, and pretty soon Delta Pi will be hosting a nacho bar philanthropy event!

Epsilon Alpha, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University We kicked off this semester with a floral-inspired recruitment week and welcomed nine wonderful ladies into our chapter! Northern Arizona is still a little chilly, so we've been dreaming of warmer days as we sit in the library studying.

Delta Eta, Belmont University The Delta Eta Chapter is prepping for warmer weather! We have held our annual philanthropy event, Mardi Tau, to kick off the spring semester. To spread and celebrate the sunshine, we passed out flowers on campus on the first day of spring!

Delta Tau, Oakland University Delta Tau is looking forward to the exciting events we have this semester! We are planning our formal, which we will hold in Meadowbrook Mansion on campus, and are preparing for our annual event, Dancing with the Taus. We wish a happy and successful term to all our sisters!

Epsilon Beta, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley The women of the Epsilon Beta Chapter have had an amazing time at our Sisterhood retreat! We did some great crafts and spread the love of AΣT to our people in our community by making them one-ofa-kind Valentine's Day cards. We also bonded around the pool.

Delta Nu, Beloit College The Delta Nu Chapter is planning a philanthropy event with Saint Baldrick's: a fundraiser for childhood cancer research. People are invited to raise money to shave their heads in solidarity with the children fighting cancer.

Delta Phi, New York University Delta Phi Sisters just finished spring recruitment and had a wonderful Bid Day in a penthouse overlooking the NYC skyline! Our newest Sisters are excited to take on our Habitat for Humanity and Women's Wellness Initiative fundraisers this semester, including our annual Tau-lent Show!

Epsilon Delta, Rogers State University The ladies of Epsilon Delta are hosting a campus dog kissing booth to promote mental health during finals. They will also be celebrating family and sorority ties with picnics for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this spring and summer!

26 S P RIN G 2017

Collegiate Chapter Updates

Epsilon Pi, Rhode Island College The Epsilon Pi Chapter has been hard at work planning flower powerthemed spring recruitment and Sisterhood activities! T H E AN C H OR

Epsilon Theta, Fairleigh Dickinson University The Epsilon Theta Chapter is ecstatic about the spring semester, which started with 10 brand new members – making us the largest fraternity or sorority on campus!


Epsilon Rho, SUNY Geneseo Epsilon Rho has 108 reasons to celebrate as they begin the spring semester with their new member class and 108 total Sisters! Chapter sisters are also studying abroad all over Europe in Greece, Italy, France, England, and the Czech Republic!

Epsilon Omicron, University of Southern Indiana Epsilon Omicron Sisters are eagerly anticipating their annual campuswide cook-off, tASTe! All proceeds from this fun event will benefit SMILE on Down Syndrome.

Epsilon Sigma, Bridgewater State University The ladies of Epsilon Sigma recruited 23 new members this spring. They are also looking forward to a Habitat for Humanity build and a summer full of Red Sox games and beach trips!

S P R IN G 2017

Epsilon Xi, Gustavus Adolphus College Epsilon Xi Sisters are focused on helping and strengthening women. They will hold their annual Take Back the Night event and sponsor a drive for hygiene items for Committees Against Domestic Abuse (CADA).

NIGHT TO REUNITE Grab a Sister and do something fun!

April 6, 2017 | #ASTreunite


The second annual Night to Reunite was a big hit!

28 S P R IN G 2017

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who hosted and attended a Night to Reunite event on April 6. More than 50 communities across the country held one! Sisters got together, had fun with old friends, and made some new ones!

Tuscaloosa, AL

Denver, CO


Durant, OK

Erie, PA

See photos online at and! Stay tuned for an announcement soon about next year’s Night to Reunite.

Just like you, we stand for something bigger. The connections you make in college and beyond help you move forward with your life. Our connections make us more than just a business, but rather a company that cares.

Learn more about our partnership.

Nationwide Insurance has made a financial contribution to this organization in return for the opportunity to market products and services to its members or customers. Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Home Office: Columbus, OH 43215. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Š 2017 Nationwide AFC-0286AO (02/17)



Alumnae Chapter Updates Alumnae chapters/associations are gearing up for spring and summer after an active fall and winter. See what they've been up to and what they have planned for the warmer weather - which is just around the corner! holidays at Sips ‘n Strokes and attended a basketball game at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (home of the Beta Zeta Chapter) in January. April events include Tea with a Tau and our Night to Reunite at a local restaurant. In May, sisters will enjoy Thirsty Thursday at a Birmingham Barons baseball game. Our business meeting in June will include the election of new officers. T H E AN C H OR



S P R IN G 2017

The Baltimore alumnae chapter had a quiet winter. Sisters braved the ice to venture to our cookie exchange in December. We kicked off spring on an unusually warm February day with our anniversary brunch at The BoatHouse Canton. We have an event-filled spring and summer planned with a champagne brunch; picnic at Boordy Vineyards; multiple book clubs; a Night to Reunite happy hour; lunch and Beauty and the Beast movie viewing; and our end-ofsummer pool party.


Though it’s still a bit chilly in Buffalo, our sisterhood enjoyed a January luncheon meeting at Bing’s Restaurant and a February meeting at the Anchor Bar—originator of the chicken wing! We look forward to a number of springtime activities, including a March program devoted to national service and Dress for Success, an April reception for graduating seniors from area colleges, the annual Greater Buffalo Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Fundraiser, and a social event with a collegiate chapter. Upcoming volunteer opportunities include the Junior League Decorators’ Show House in April and May, and Cooks for Kids to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western New York.



Since the National Council approved our petition to form an alumnae association in September, we have been going nonstop! In September, sisters participated in Head Over Teal, a 5K run/walk to support the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation for ovarian cancer research and awareness. In October, we tailgated with the Gamma Gamma chapter at their Homecoming and celebrated Founders Day with a lovely luncheon at Grille 29. Sisters brought memorabilia from their collegiate years to display. November took us back to the University of West Alabama for Gamma Gamma initiation. We celebrated the

Boston alumnae chapter members welcomed Executive Director Jim Paponetti, National President Tiffany Street, and NPC Delegate Jamie Jones Miller to Boston for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors annual meeting in December. The chapter is planning fun spring activities, including a Night to Reunite dinner in the city, and bowling and pottery painting events this summer.

Central Indiana

The Central Indiana chapter held their midyear potluck in January. It’s still pretty snowy here, but we are looking forward to a Night to Reunite dinner in April and a bowling outing in June.


Food, fun, and festivities have been abundant in the Windy City! For the holidays, the chapter had a white elephant gift exchange and enjoyed a delicious holiday feast hosted by Jen Lapacek. The

Alumnae Chapter Updates ladies then re-convened in February to enjoy homemade cheese and chocolate fondues at Diane Rand's home for hours of stories and good laughs. Night to Reunite plans were discussed and everyone enjoyed reuniting again for the second annual event!

Lehigh Valley

Detroit Metro

Northern Virginia

Garden State Edwardsville

The Edwardsville alumnae chapter is looking forward to spring with some terrific events planned. We are going to a Sips and Splatters Paint Night in March. In April we will attend the production of The Drowsy Chaperone at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus. In May we will have dinner at Lascelles in Granite City to plan our summer and fall events. We welcome any AΣT alumnae to join us. Our Facebook page is “Alpha Sigma Tau-Edwardsville Alumnae Chapter.”

31 S P R IN G 2017

The Detroit Metro alumnae chapter celebrated Founders Day with a luncheon with other alumnae and collegiate chapters. We welcomed spring with our annual February Night Out, which included “fowling” (football–bowling) followed by authentic Polish food at a local restaurant. In March, we volunteered alongside the Delta Tau Chapter at our Focus Hope event, where we pack more than 1,000 boxes of food annually. To welcome new alumnae and the beginning of summer, we’ll host our annual ice cream social at our June meeting.

This holiday season, the Erie alumnae chapter members got crafty and held a Pinterest Craft Night where we made sock snowmen. They were so fun and easy that we plan to use these as a fundraiser next holiday season. We also attended a wreath-making workshop. This spring, we look forward to our annual horseback trail ride and seasonal highway cleanup event. We also plan to pair with our local Dress for Success affiliate for their annual charity event, and we are working on a few fundraiser ideas to support them. We are super excited about this new partnership!

The new alumnae association in New Jersey has been busy making ribbons for the new Rowan University colony and hosting sisterhood events. If you like wine and cheese, or just meeting fellow alumnae, search for us on Facebook. We’ll have updates about upcoming service projects, socials, a networking brunch, and Night to Reunite events!



With snow still on the ground, the Lehigh Valley alumnae chapter is looking forward to spring. Among our planned events are family festivities at the Allentown St. Patrick’s Day parade in March, our annual Easter candy making in April, and our spring potluck/annual meeting in May.

The Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter closed out winter with fun indoor events such as Trivia Night and an awesome play at The Little Theatre of Alexandria to support the Northern Virginia Alumnae Panhellenic Association’s scholarship fundraiser. We are ready to celebrate spring with a local Night to Reunite as well as an afternoon tea in April. If you are in the area and would like to join us for these events and more, please contact us at Happy spring!

Alumnae Chapter Updates Tidewater

Southeastern Louisiana Phoenix/Valley of the Sun T H E AN C H OR

32 S P R IN G 2017

The Sisters in the Valley of the Sun had a great year in 2016. Our highlighted event (pictured) was an outing with the Epsilon Alpha Chapter, where we enjoyed fun games and delicious food, and wrote cards to military members overseas. We are preparing for our final months of cool weather by taking a Sisterhood hike the morning of Saturday, March 25. This hike is family-friendly and all sisters and their families are welcome to join in the fun! The Sisters celebrated Night to Reunite on April 6 at the historic Arizona Biltmore resort. All details for our upcoming events can be found at phxvalleyofthesunastalum.

The Southeastern Louisiana alumnae chapter hosted a Book TAUlk at Linda Talbot’s home featuring Carroll Devine’s book, Sleeping Between the Rails. Carroll (a Phi alumna) read passages from her book and answered questions from attendees. Our annual banquet and officer installation took place October 23 at Murphy’s Seafood of Hammond. Thanks to all our outgoing officers and congratulations to our newly elected 2016–17 officers. Kari Stentiford received the Top Tau award and Rita Anne Bertolino was recognized as past president and presented with a gift. In December, we gathered at N’Tini’s for a Christmas luncheon, where we collected items to donate to the Homeless Veterans Association in Denham Springs.

The Tidewater alumnae chapter had a lively Christmas party and a January meeting with 23 sisters attempting to knit “arm scarves.” Sisters have given generously to the local Beach Bags Program to benefit Virginia Beach high school students during weekends. We are planning an Irish pub night for our March outing the day before St. Patrick’s Day, and plan to wrap up spring with the annual Tidewater Alumnae Panhellenic Association luncheon in April, a wine tasting event, a Paint Night, and a yard sale fundraiser in early May. We look forward to meeting more collegians from Radford, Longwood, and other schools in the future!

West Michigan

St. Louis

Chinese New Year is a holiday to welcome spring. The St. Louis alumnae chapter usually celebrates at a Chinese restaurant or buffet, but this year we went to Shogun Japanese Steak House, where the chef entertained us by grilling at our table. Sisters received favors with a Year of the Rooster theme. For a short time, we forgot about the cold weather. Our summer plans include a garden tour and talk by Carl Wrather (the “Daylily Man”) at his home in Kimmswick, a Greek luncheon at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, and an Owl Prowl with naturalist Mark Glenshaw to observe the great horned owls of Forest Park.

Tampa Bay

We are so excited to now be known as the Tampa Bay Alumnae Association! We recently enjoyed a night out with a black light party and painting at Pinot’s Palette in Wesley Chapel. We’ll attend another painting event as a fundraiser to benefit Sunrise of Pasco County, Inc. during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. We look forward to enjoying springtime weather very soon with an afternoon at a local park, where we’ll have a picnic and good times with AΣT moms and their little ones.

The West Michigan alumnae association has been busy this year participating in activities with its alumnae as well as the Grand Rapids Alumnae Panhellenic. In November, we joined the Panhellenic group for their annual luncheon, which helped to support the West Michigan YWCA’s domestic violence shelter. Departing from our traditional ornament exchange, we celebrated the holidays with a sock exchange. To warm up in February, we visited a local distillery for a Girls’ Night Out. For spring, we are planning an event for the annual Night to Reunite in April, as well as other fun activities exploring sisterhood and all that West Michigan has to offer!

Anchoring Thoughts By Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta, The Anchor Editor College is where most of us begin our AΣT journey. We make a lifelong commitment. We meet Sisters who turn into friends. We plan recruitment parties, hold leadership positions, and attend philanthropy events. We earn high GPAs, participate in extracurricular activities, and build our résumés. We prepare for the rest of our lives. And fortunately, for the rest of our lives, we are – and have – AΣT Sisters. A few collegiate chapters participated in our second annual Night to Reunite on April 6. For alumnae, this night can be a way to reconnect. For collegians, it's a way to build lasting connections. Even with other Sorority events already fit into a busy semester's schedule, collegians committed themselves to being together for one more special night – a night to be followed by many more nights, for many more years, surrounded by so many Sisters.


34 S P R IN G 2017

Epsilon Phi, Winona State University

Alpha Psi, University of Northern Iowa

Epsilon Psi, Rowan University

Beta Eta, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Epsilon Theta, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Officer, Volunteer, and National Staff Directory NATIONAL COUNCIL National President Tiffany Street, Delta Mu National Vice President Sara Brown, Gamma Pi National Vice President Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho National Vice President Jenni Kemmery, Delta National Vice President (Collegian) Kristin Palmsiano, Delta Delta National Vice President Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi



VOLUNTEER PERSONNEL Academics Coordinator Amy Sherman St. John, Zeta Tau Music Coordinator Vacant New Member Coordinator Jennifer LaBonte, Delta Omicron Master Facilitators Melissa Hatfield Atkinson, Gamma Mu; Lauren Bolden, Alpha Phi; Jennifer Cohen, Gamma Rho; Lisa-Marie Cox Fredericks, Beta Xi; Jenny Greyerbiehl; Grace Johnsen Nelson, Beta Eta; Kathleen Wheat Perschbacher, Gamma Xi; Jade Silva; Nicole Turnage, Beta Rho

THE ANCHOR Editor Kate Sweeney, Gamma Theta Alumnae Editor Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta Collegiate Editor Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho Collegiate Editor Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon Collegiate Editor Kelli Purcell O’Brien, Delta Eta Photo Editor Melanie Martin, Delta Eta Staff Writers Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon; Darcy Coulter, Epsilon Xi; Tori Dixon, Epsilon Gamma; Shanee Frazier, Gamma Rho; Leah Hollingsworth, Delta Upsilon; Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi; Lauren Irby, Zeta Tau; Beverly Singel Molnar, Delta; Samantha Rill, Delta Delta; Elizabeth Schilling, Delta Upsilon; Elizabeth Miller Villegas, Delta Rho; Lauren Crawford Welch, Delta Psi;

NATIONAL FOUNDATION BOARD President Kristin Haskin, Beta Pi Vice President Rita Bertolino, Phi Vice President Jamie Jones Miller, Psi

Chair Katherine Onyshko, Delta Phi Members Ashley Hoogstraten, Beta Pi; Tara Shaffer, Gamma Pi; Kristina Moron Eaton, Gamma Delta; Ashley Harris, Zeta Tau; Amanda Gelbart, Delta Phi

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chair Patricia Nayle, Phi Secretary Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha Members Amy Brooks, Alpha Xi; Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho; Carol Cooper, Zeta Tau; Cynthia McCrory, Alpha Alpha; Emily Ashby McIntire, Alpha Lambda; Patricia Klausing Simmons, Delta


Executive Director Jim Paponetti Associate Executive Director of Member Services Angie Bong Director of Meetings and Events Rachel Bourgeois Green, Phi Director of Development Emily Kindred, Beta Delta Director of Operations Holly Morris Director of Finance Pam Myhre, Gamma Theta Director of Marketing and Communications Ben Nemenoff Growth and Extension Coordinator Ashley Smith, Psi Chapter Services Coordinator Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi Chapter Services Coordinator Alex Kennedy Member Engagement Coordinator Justina Solties, Gamma Theta Member Engagement Coordinator Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi Accounting Specialist Suzette Greene Communications Specialist Michelle Zewe Markley, Alpha Tau Educational Consultant Kendal Adams, Beta Omega Educational Consultant Emily Boockoff, Epsilon Sigma Educational Consultant Danica Davis, Epsilon Sigma Educational Consultant Sarah Pinkerton, Delta Pi Educational Consultant Megan Smith, Gamma Rho Administrative Assistant Jessi Zabriskie

35 S P R IN G 2017

1984-1986 Gail Shockley Fowler, Alpha Lambda 1986-1992 Patricia Nayle, Phi 1996-2002 Martha Drouyor DeCamp, Alpha 2002-2008 Patricia Klausing Simmons, Delta 2008-2014 Christina Duggan Covington, Alpha Lambda



NPC 1st Alternate Delegate Elizabeth Knaus McOsker, Alpha Lambda NPC 2nd Alternate Delegate Carol Zorger Mooney, Alpha Lambda NPC 3rd Alternate Delegate Joanne Rupprecht Walter, Psi

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Chair Shauna Heinsler Jackson, Delta Alpha Members Shae McLin, Phi; Rachel Roller, Delta Pi; Pam Steele, Psi; Dr. Kristin Walker, Alpha Lambda Alumna Alternate Vacant Collegian Alternate Taylor Hogg, Zeta Tau

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National Headquarters 3334 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268

Special Thanks to Our Active Recurring Donors Having a consistent donation base each month helps the Foundation plan and operate more efficiently, and helps us give you, our generous supporters, the best return on your investment. Special thanks to the following individuals, who have an active recurring donation set up with the Foundation as of March 23, 2017. Mary Askins, Alpha Lambda Alice Ball, Epsilon Gamma Carol Baril, Beta Zeta Joanna Barrett, Epsilon Epsilon Rebecca J. Bathon, Beta Pi Sally Brancheau Belknap, Alpha Angie Bong Tamara Stegehuis Bonifield, Beta Xi Emily Boockoff, Epsilon Sigma Michel Brindell, Beta Psi Cayte Merryman Brown, Psi Erika McManus Bukva, Delta Rho Desiree Caro, Gamma Upsilon Jennifer Cohen, Gamma Rho Jennifer Cornelius, Beta Eta Christina Covington, Alpha Lambda Amanda Davis, Delta Upsilon Lindsay McDowall Davis, Gamma Mu Sarah DiDavide, Delta Delta Lettie Cottrell Dreyer, Delta Delta Kristina Moron Eaton, Gamma Delta Allie Ellis, Gamma Gamma Meilyng Gonzalez-Adams, Gamma Theta Anne Curran Gruber, Alpha Kris Haskin, Beta Pi

Kirsten Heck, Gamma Pi Sarah Hinshaw, Delta Nu Angela Holeczy, Gamma Theta Ronica Jackson, Epsilon Beta Cory Jurentkuff, Psi Jenni Kemmery, Delta Karen Laursen Kessler, Beta Xi Emily Hamsher Kindred, Beta Delta Canda Kroger, Rho Jennie Wysocki Kuhns, Gamma Rho Jenna Lewis, Gamma Gamma Megan MacFeat, Beta Mu Michelle Zewe Markley, Alpha Tau Andrea Rogers Mersiovsky, Rho Alli Miller, Phi Jamie Jones Miller, Psi Beverly Molnar, Delta Carol Mooney, Alpha Lambda Meredith Rambo Murray, Gamma Pi Ben Nemenoff Kelli O'Brien, Delta Eta Melinda H. Oates, Gamma Gamma Christina Alexandria Oates, Gamma Gamma James R. Paponetti Sara Wilson Perez, Beta Delta

Rachel Presskreischer, Delta Phi Debi McCain Pyszka, Alpha Nu Debbie Ray, Alpha Emma Bunnell Rice, Phi Samantha Rill, Delta Delta Jamie L. Rossi, Gamma Theta Briana Simko, Beta Delta Ashley Smith, Psi Leah Smith, Beta Delta Justina Solties, Gamma Theta Joell Sperry, Gamma Theta Kimberly Topel, Gamma Rho Diane Marie Wehby, Gamma Xi Kate Wehby, Gamma Xi Bethany Nicole Yost, Beta Delta Jessica Leigh Zabriskie *Quarterly Recurring To become a recurring monthly donor, please visit give-now or call Emily Kindred, Director of Development, at 317-613-7566.

The Alpha Sigma Tau National Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to fund initiatives that impact the lives of members of Alpha Sigma Tau. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

The Anchor: Spring 2017  

Spring 2017 issue of Alpha Sigma Tau's member magazine, The Anchor.

The Anchor: Spring 2017  

Spring 2017 issue of Alpha Sigma Tau's member magazine, The Anchor.