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Y/aliona/ Sororillj ?

(Excerpt from the script w路r itten by Clti Chapter of Shepherdstown, W est Virginia and b1路oadcast by the girls on a half hour radio program) Wanda: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Chi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is going to present an informal discussion about its organization. Picture to yourself a group of Freshmen ; faced with the problem of whether or not to join a sorority. What would they want to know about the sorority? What facts would they be interested in learning ? Certainly their minds are full of unasked questions concerning the organization. We have used this situation as a basis for our discussion this afternoon. , , , Elizabeth: When your sorority was local, how did you contact the national sororities in which you were interested? Polly : Why Elizabeth, that wasn 't at all difficult We had received literature before from ororities existing on the campuses of other colleges, which were interested in establisting a chapter at Shepherd. In this way and by writing to others we were able to learn of their req uirements. When several had been selected as possibilities we contacted them, and field agents were sent to our campus for further discussion and investigation. After all this, we then voted to petition Alpha Sigma Tau for membership. Wanda: What made you choose Alpha Sigma Tau, as the sorority you wanted to join? Margaret: That is a rather difficult question to answer, and it involve many different factors. We, of course, investigated the history of the sororities, and learned that Alpha Sigma Tau, founded in 1899, was one of the older, firmly established groups. Georgia: I woul d like to add something to that, Margaret. Merits of the national organization were not all we considered in choosing this sorority. Above all we wanted a sorority that would prove to be an asset to the college, and would work in every way with the college authorities to further the aims of the college a a whole. We found that this was a

part of Alpha igma Tau. We found that financially, scholastically, and ocially lpha Sigma Tau would fit in with the policie of hepherd College. For these reason , too w selected Alpha Sigma Tau . Janet: We also found that there exi t in the sorority a fine pirit of friend hip and fellowship not only in the individual chapter but among all the chapters. One way of expressing thi i through the so rority ong . This has become an integral part of the organization. Margaret Smith will ina for you " Rose of Alpha igma Tau," which wa written and composed by arah Perrine of Alpha Chapter at Flint, Michigan. Song: , . ...... , , . ........ , .. , . , ..... . Elizabeth: That was a very lo vely ong Margaret, and served to show that every activity has a place in sorority work . . . . Wanda: What is the purpose and what are the aim s of Alpha Sigma Tau? Georgia: The purpose of Alpha igma Tau , Wanda, is to promote the ethical, cultural and ocial development of the members. Through formal and in formal parties dance and tea a sorority member has every chance to develop social graces. The ethical trainin a i promoted by means of pledge tudie th ; ideals expressed in the ritual , and chaplain ' devotions. Culture is brought to member through the activities mentioned before and especially by means of the proaram that are a part of the regular bu ine s meetina . Polly, suppose you tell Wanda what the aims of our orority are. Poll路y : Well , Wanda, probably the best wa_ to tell you of our aim i to quote from a speech made by Dr. Ruth carborouah who is one of our patronesse . In it he aid Your motto i made up of three de cripti e adjectives ; active, self-reliant tru tworthy- three mall words, but powerful word packed with meanina. You will be expected to be active


1948 July ANCHOR  
1948 July ANCHOR