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GIRLS OF BETA CHAPTER R elaxing in their New Sorority Room- " Tau Haven"

Madison College A State College for Women Harrisonburg, Virginia DEAR R EADER:

We are collaborating in praise of Alpha Sigma Tau, both the local chapter and the national board. We have had much experience with sororities, as student members and as faculty advisers. We must acknowledge our genuine admiration of the constant and stimulating help the national officer of Alpha Sigma Tau give its chapters. The wisdom and inspiration of Alpha Sigma Tau 's national leadership are evident in the strength of the group here at Madison College. The girls seem to be thoroughly indoctrinated in the high standards of the organization ; and the re ults show. It is a well co-ordinated group, and at the same time, it live up to the sorority's and the college's principles of democratic spirit and practice. There is real effort. for hi gh scholarship , and it continues to be progressively high. There is interest in campus activities, such as, orchestra, glee club, and various honorary and ocial clubs, and there is wide participation in them. It seems to us that this group, talented , purposeful , and with high tandards of behavior, has valuable repercussions on general campus li fe. Since this chapter is a sample of Alpha Sigma Tau in general, we believe any campus would gain b having Alpha Sigma Tau represented. Very sincerely your , H ELEN H ELE




Advisers P i Chapter, Alpha


igma Tau

1948 July ANCHOR