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CLASS INSTRU CTOR arul stucle nts pre paring to le a ve f o r De tro it f o r acl van cecl wo rk in h e a vy traffi c areas. HE Lea.d er-Dog League for the Blind was incorporated in the spring of 1939 as a national social agency to train dogs to serve as guides for the blind and to educate eligible blind men and women in the proper use of Leader-D ogs. The League is sustained throu ah the annual dues of its members and by donations from clubs, organizations, business firm , fo und at ions, etc. Membership dues, donation , a nd contributions are tax free.

T raining headquarters are located ju t outside Rochester, M ichi aan , where the Leaaue owns several acres of land and where the kennels and students' dormitories and other nece sary buildings a re located . In the intere t of economy and clo e control over opera tion by the executive office, no branch offi ce or training center are main tained . Alpha Siama Tau has contribu ted enouah money to furn i h a room fo r a trainer.


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1948 July ANCHOR