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located. This can be held eith r on ational Founders' Day or on Chapter Founder ' Day.


then are later adopted by other chapters. In this way many lovely ceremonies and ervices become national traditions. These traditions deepen the feeling of national unity and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Alpha Sigma Tau has many traditions such as:

In M emoriam At each national convention memorial services are held for those sister who have passed away during three intervenin g years. The national chaplain arranges the program for the service .

National Founders' Day Alpha Sigma Tau was founded November 4, 1899, at Ypsilanti, Michigan. On that day every year each chapter has a banquet followed by a suitable program. Alumnre chapters, if near the college town, have their Founders' Day celebration with the collegiate chapter.

Daughters' Club Alpha Sigma Tau member who e mothers also belonged to Alpha igma Tau belong automatically to the Daughters' Club. A lumnce Cards Each alumna sends at lea t two card a year with news about herself to her chapter alumnre representative : one at Christma and one during the summer.

Chapter Founders' Day Each chapter has a celebration on the day when it became national, reviewing its history and honoring its chapter founders.

The Candle Lighting Service A candle lighting service based on lpba Sigma Tau ideals was originated by Pi Chapter. It i used after initiation service and at banquets.

Homecoming Each year on a traditional date every chapter has a homecoming for its alumnre held at the college where the collegiate chapter is


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