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Alpha Sigs rise to the challenge and “Raise the Bar” BY LORI E. WHITE SCOTT,

National President Vision. Strategic Planning. Values-based decision making. Recruitment. These leadership tools were not common place or likely associated with women leaders in 1901, yet our Founders employed these tools to start an organization that is thriving 106 years later. Our Founders were trailblazers. They weren’t content with the status quo. They forged their own path and created a sisterhood that continues to thrive. Each of our Founders had attributes that contributed to the start of something great —Calva Watson Wootton was intellectual and efficient; Juliette Hundley Gilliam was confidant and visionary; Virginia Boyd Noell was charming and sophisticated; Mary Williamson Hundley had a keen sense of humor and was adventurous; Louise Cox Carper was skeptical and lively. The spirit of these five incredible women sustains us and encourages us to this day. If our Founders were here, what would they say to us now? I can hear Calva now, whispering in my ear, “Raise the bar. Don’t be content with the status quo. Aim for excellence. Ensure a prosperous future. Alpha Sigs will rise to the challenge.” And so, we are compelled to “Raise the Bar.” Our Ritual charges each member with ensuring the vitality and future of our beloved Alpha Sigma Alpha. As we mark the 106th anniversary of our founding on Nov. 15, 1901, let’s examine our future and where this great organization is headed.

“Our Founders were trailblazers. They weren’t content with the status quo. They forged their own path and created a sisterhood that continues to thrive.” — Lori Scott,

We will be BOLDER Social responsibility. Our members will be making a difference through their active involvement in community service. Louise whispers, “It is better to serve than to be served. Alpha girls have always been the most generous girls I know.” Leadership and personal development. Alpha Sigma Alpha will offer exceptional opportunities for women to be fully themselves, to lead, to serve and develop into women of poise and purpose. Calva whispers, “Pearls grow and that is what we expect our sisters to do. Never stop growing!”

We will be BIGGER

We will be STRONGER

Membership. As a member-focused organization, we will be successful at membership recruitment and possess strong membership retention. Juliette whispers, “The more the merrier, I always say. New members are like fresh air and breathe new life into our Sorority.” Volunteer development. We will recruit and develop strong and enthusiastic volunteers and advisors to work with our chapters to perpetuate our organization. Louise whispers, “Our volunteers have always given full measure. When it seems they are about to tire or run out of steam, they just give more.”

We will be BETTER

Administrative. We will have the facility, personnel and financial resources necessary to meet our goals. “Well, I’ll be,” Mary whispers, “we would have loved to have the great staff you have. And, a new headquarters building—amazing!” Organization image. Alpha Sigma Alpha will be a recognized leader on campus and in the community. Juliette whispers, “You are making us proud. The name Alpha Sigma Alpha will always be a respected one.” Governance. Our leadership will be well educated and dedicated to governance and strategic planning. Virginia whispers, “I know what it is like to take the lead. Trust your instincts and never give up.”

Ritual, values and heritage. Our members will exemplify the founding principles and appreciate the history of our Sorority. “Mercy Me,” Mary whispers, “It warms my heart to know our members cherish and honor the bonds of our sisterhood.” Academic excellence. Scholastic achievement is a priority for our members. Our members will seek to excel above the all-women’s grade point average on their campuses. Calva whispers, “Amen, sister!” Informed and connected membership. Communication tools like the Phoenix, our web site and Sister Circle will keep our members informed and connected. Virginia whispers, “I always loved knowing what everyone was doing and thinking.”

Our Founders, buoyed by the founding principles of love, humility, patience, generosity and unselfishness, were able to make great things happen. They made a difference. These timeless principles remain unchanged and compel us to make a difference today. Our past, glorious as it is, pales in comparison to our future. I believe that our Founders, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Louise Cox Carper, Calva Watson Wootton, Mary Williamson Hundley and Virginia Boyd Noell would approve of this vision for the future. Calva whispers in our ears one last time, “You go, girls!”


FALL 2007


Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2007  

Volume 93: Number 4

The Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha: Fall 2007  

Volume 93: Number 4