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Alphas are very proud of Cindy Jamison who was elected president of the Student Government Association. Alpha Alpha took first place in Miami's College Bowl during Greek Week. Kathy Hard and Patricia Terpack teamed with members of Phi Delta Theta to defeat their opponents with a score of 105-20. Connie Fickle was crowned Alpha Beta Sweetheart at their annual Sweetheart Dance. Her attendants were Martha Acuff and Maureen Fitzhenry. The theme was "The Days of Wine and Roses."

Homecoming Queen and the chapter received the Homecoming Supremacy Award as well as the Greek Women's Scholarship trophy. The annual TKE-AL.A orphan party at Christmas was a success. The chapter is proud of Best Dressed Coed, Betsy Thompson, and first runner-up, Phyllis Abersold. Chi Chi Julie Seal was elected to Freshman Senate. She received the third highest vote which made her treasurer and a member of Student Senate. Happiness is helping-and the P si Psis are doing just that. They sent toys to the children of Pinecrest State School at Christmas time. In the spring toys were given to the newly established Speech and Hearing Center at the college. To help with the expenses of their annual spring formal, Beta Gamma sponsored a work week. Baby sitting, car washing, and house cleaning were only a few of the services performed by the members. The boost in the treasury helped make the dance, "The Streets of Paris," a memorable night.

Alpha Gammas are proud of the gold tray presented to them at the National Convention to commemorate their 50th Anniversary. They were equally honored when Dr. Joy Mahachek, former adviser, received the Wilma Wilson Sharp Award. The Denver Panhellenic awarded Beta Beta chapter a silver tray for the highest scholastic average. Sandie Konishi was elected president of A WS Council and Carol Schank was elected Miss CCC. The chapter sponsored an excursion and party for the children from the Cerebral Palsy Center and the Greeley Arts CenFour Beta E p silons, Sandy Leathers, Barbara ter. Epsilon Epsilon celebrated its 50th An- Kay Tourgee, Sandy Whitmer and Lila Solar, niversary in March. Distinguished guests at the were chosen for May Court. Karen Anderson luncheon and reception included National Offi- was elected president of Honor Council and Concers and Miss Catherine Strouse, recipient of the nie Bass was Miss Madison. Beta Zeta has first Epsilon Epsilon chapter pin. inaugurated the Phoenix Award which recogHonors received by Zeta Zeta this year in- nizes an outstanding member monthly who uncluded Chris Roose, Susie Rustman and Carolyn selfishly gave of herself for the improvement of Montesano, chosen for Who's Who; Marilyn the chapter, university or community. Beta E ta Hancock, Linda Kedigh and Anita Boals, elected chapter was proud to receive the campus scholarcheerleaders; Margot Campbell, among the Top ship trophy for the third consecutive time. The Ten Best Dressed Girls; and Faith Lunblad, overall average for the fall quarter was 2.96. For chosen as Acacia Calendar Girl of the Year. Eta their philanthropic project they have had several Etas entertained mentally retarded children with opportunities to help mentally retarded children a Christmas party. Members who received hon- bowl. ors included Cathy Burnett, named to Who's Beta T heta received two honors at the NaWho; J anet Bass, chosen Homecoming Queen; tional Convention. They were awarded the Barbara Potter, selected Best Dressed Girl; and Scholastic Improvement trophy and were recogMeillyn Rand, AL.A Sweetheart. nized for having the most representatives of any The Nu Nu pledges captured the Carnival other chapter attending. Betty Forbes of Beta Swing trophy for the chapter for the second year Iota was chosen to represent Radford College in with their booth "The Pot Shop," a psychedelic the annual Glamour magazine Best Dressed conbody-painting shop. Sandra Speers, Kathy Lull, test. Winter Frolics was a welcome break in midand Vi Adams were selected for Who's Who . winter for Beta Kappas. They entered every Rho Rhos assisted in the campus blood drive event and received a lovely trophy for active parand the United Fund. They had parties and ticipation. Marsha Miller was chosen Miss Frostvisited with the children at Cammack Children's bite and Penny Scalon was a finalist on the Royal Center. Donna Merritt of Phi Phi was crowned Court.


SUMME R 1968

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 53 no 4 summer 1968  

Asa phoenix vol 53 no 4 summer 1968