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AooRESs CoRREcrroN REQUESTED: Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1201 E. W alnut Springfield, Mo. 65802. Use form 3579.


SUMMER, 1968



BRIDGE '!'HE GAP Collegiate ... to ... A lumna Today as we hear of the problems of the socalled generation gap, we need to be on the alert in order to be able to meet these problems with an open mind. The fraternity world today has been faced with the changes of our affiuent society more than at any other time in its history. Students want to assert themselves as individuals since for most of them it is their first opportunity to be away from home. The fraternity system can help channel these students in the right direction. Even though it may be hard to communicate with each other we must try to work together as alumnae and collegiate members to strengthen the fraternity system. as a whole. As alumnae you can serve in the role of public relations officers by speaking out on the values of sorority membership. Everyone of you probably knows a recent high school graduate who will this fall be entering the world of higher education in search of knowledge and a sense of freedom- freedom of thought, word and deed. Membership in a sorority will give the closeness of a home away from home while filling an important role in developing campus leaders. As collegiates you cannot rest on the accomplishments of those who have developed a strong chapter for you. You must constantly strive to achieve recognition on the basis of merit. Think positive and be a contributor.

Your membership in a sorority will extend beyond those hectic days of pledging and proud days as a collegiate. We want you to think in terms of a lifetime as an Alpha Sigma Alpha. To some of you this may seem too far away to consider but to others it will begin next year as you graduate and prepare to acclimate yourself to a new way of life in an age that is different from all that. have gone before. You will want to use and develop the talents you have learned as a college student and graduate. Perhaps there is no time in your life when the changes are so great as right after college. Some of you will tuck away your treasured sorority pin as the demands of a new job in a new city among new friends fill your busy and happy days. You will have a career to pursue whether it is in the business or educational field or as a busy homemaker and mother. Even though there may seem to be this generation gap, accept your alumna responsibilities and take up where you left off as a collegiate. Renew your vows as an Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna. The pearls and rubies that frame your pin will take on a new glow as an alumna. The friendships that you make will last longer and remain dearer than you had ever thought possible. There is no generation gap for sorority membership. There is instead the common bond of sisterhood that grows stronger with each passing year.

THE PHOENIX OF ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA is published in the fall, winter, spring and summer of each year at Eden Publishing House, 1724 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis Mo. 63103, official publishers for the sorority. The subscription price $1.50 a year. Send change of address and business correspondence to the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Headquarters, 1201 East Walnut Street, Springfield, Missouri 65802. Address all correspondence of an editors! nature to the editor, Mrs. Stewart Koenemann 1230 Hoyt, St. Louis, Mo. 63137. Second-class postage paid at St. Louis, Missouri. Postmaster: Send Form 3579 to National Headq uarters, 1201 East Wa Inut Street, Springfield, Missouri 65802.

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Asa phoenix vol 53 no 4 summer 1968  

Asa phoenix vol 53 no 4 summer 1968