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At the Reddie Day celebration the Alpha Sigs were well represented and won many of the games. The most important award we received that day was that given for the Song Fest. At the end of the day's activities three girls were tapped by Heart and Key. They were Marietta Bell, Ginger HefEn, and Carol Ann R ogers. Judy Harrod, Charlett Billstine, and Diane Funk were chosen as Henderson cheerleaders. Carol Ann Rogers has been re-elected to her position on the Senate. The Alpha Sigs also received the First Place trophy in the basketball intramural games. Our budding artist, Tina Kurlas, received the first place award of $25 in a sidewalk art exhibit. We are quite proud of the honors we 路have received this year, and we are in hopes that the next year will bring with it more and more honors for Alpha Sigma Alpha. We have completed our magazine drive and are now planning many philanthropic activities for the conclusion of this year and the start of next. We plan to have bake sales and rummage sales and sell sandwiches in the dorms on Sunday night. The Beta Mus are starting a new program now. Once a month we have someone come and talk to us about such things as grooming, political issues, trips, etc. Recently an instructor on campus showed us his slides on Europe. We all found his explanation of the customs of other countries very interesting and amusing at times. The scenic countries were quite breathtaking. Recently we had our Panhellenic workshop. We accomplished many things and solved some problems concerning rush. We feel that these workshops contribute a lot to the unity of the Greeks on campus. CHRIS WooLsEY

Beta Pi Concord College Athens, West Virginia The spring semester was a busy and exc1tmg one for Beta Pi, and it has left us with many memories. Things got off to a wonderful beginning with the excitement of formal rush. We had several parties to get to know the rushees better and for them to get to know us. Th!! last party was our formal rush party, and it was a big success. The theme was "Prohibition to A-go-go," starting in the 30's with the days of prohibition and progressing up to the present with the discotheque. We were entertained by such acts as AI Jolson, Harlow, jitterbug dancers, folk singers, and the Supremes, each portrayed by the sorority members themselves. As favors we gave big A'2A ashtrays and mugs with Alpha Sigma Alpha Prohibition party engraved on them. In February we co-sponsored the Twin Twirl Dance with the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity. The decorations included a huge white heart tinted red hanging from the ceiling. The dance was a big success. The pledges gave the members a party in April. The theme was "The Big Top," and all the members came as clowns. The pledges furnished the typical circus entertainment. Refreshments of corndogs, popcorn, and snow cones were served. There was fun and games all evening. The highlight of the year was our spring formal, the "Crimson Ball." A turkey dinner preceded the dance which proved to be a big success and so did the favorselectric cordless cocktail mixers with the A'2A crest on top. During intermission we announced our Sweetheart, Jim Gilbert.

FALL 1966

Concord's First Annual May Weekend was held this spring. The Alpha Sigs were well represented at this big event. Our candidate for May Queen was Sue H opkins, and the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity sponsored Liz Umnik. Our sorority rated high in the Olympic Games by coming in first place in three events and ranking second over all the other sororities. The big event of May Weekend was the Annual Spring Sing with all the sororities, fraternities, and other groups presenting choral numbers. We sang "Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo" in three-part harmony, with an accompaniment of bongos and moroccos. You can imagine how happy we were when the judges announced we won first place and presented us with a beautiful trophy. After the Spring Sing, we had our Annual Mother-Daughter Tea. May Weekend at Concord proved to be a very profitable and happy one for the Alpha Sigs. At Concord's Annual Awards Assembly, the Alpha Sigs were presented the Scholarship Award for having the highest over-all scholastic average of any other social organization on campus. Our name was added to the plaque hanging in the College Center. At the end of May, the members gave the seniors a surprise picnic at the home of our adviser, Dr. Ruth Mills. We grilled hamburgers and had a wonderful time. The Alpha Sigs will be well represented on campus for the fall term. Anita Roncella will serve as president of the Panhellenic Council, Andora Lilly was elected president of the Upperclass Hall for Women, Susan Ryan was elected as first vice-president of the Upperclass Hall for Women, and Sandra Epling was elected to represent the Upperclass Hall in the Student Government Association. Frances Roncella has been elected as secretary of the Association of Women Students, Sandy Short will serve as president of Kappa Omicron Phi, the national home economics honorary fraternity, and Nancy Grimmett will serve on the College Center Governing Board. This year has proved to be a successful and enjoyable one for Beta Pi chapter. Plans for next fall seem to be most encouraging and exciting.- Juoy HELMS

Beta Rho Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois The Alpha Sigs of Beta Rho have had an exciting spring semester here at Northern. Everyone had a lot of springtime fun when we had pledge exchanges with the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Kappa Theta, and Delta Upsilon. Each exchange started 路with an early breakfast at the student union, continued through a whole day of fun, and drew to a close with an exciting party. Greek Week was a thrilling success for the A'2As. We were honored with winning the Scholarship Award for maintaining the highest academic average among the sororities on campus. We also added two trophys to our collection by winning the Chariot Races and having the "most beautiful" chariot! Marcia Zabinski was cochairman for this great week. All of the girls looked radiant at our Spring Formal held at the Baker Hotel in St. Charles, Illinois, this year. Fred Worner was chosen as our sweetheart, and as we sang the sweetheart song, we presented our dates with favors, wooden ice-buckets with our crest engraved on the silver covers.


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Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966  

Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966