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Southeastern Panhellenic Conference

Alpha Sigma Alphas attending the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference

The 1966 Southeastern Panhellenic Conference was held March 4-6 at the University of Kentucky at Lexington, Kentucky. Miss Mary C. Goeke, National President, and Mrs. Kendall F. Bone, National Historian, were in attendance. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Jacqueline Sterner, Dean of Women, University of Arkansas. She spoke of the origins of the National Panhellenic Conference and how it has developed into the organization that it is today. Workshop topics covered were: Public Opinion, External Pressures, Federal Legislation, Fu-

ture Trends, Rush, Communications, Sorority Strengths, Panhellenics, Programs, and Chapter Structure. Certificates of Attendance were presented to each college Panhellenic represented and to each National Sorority represented at the closing banquet. Dr. Doris Seward, Dean of Women at. the University of Kentucky, was the speaker. Her topic dealt with the various influences that affected sororities and the necessity for carefully investigating each challenge before making a decision as to the course to be followed.

BETA SIGMA PLEDGES HOLD CARNIVAL Cotton candy, a spook house, and a kissing booth were some of the highlights of a carnival given by the Beta Sigma pledge class at Southwest Missouri State College. The pledges began planning and work ing in early April for the carnival, held May 19. Under the fine leadership of Cindy Roberson, pledge president, and Connie Briscoe, pledge trainer, the pledges' efforts resulted in a carnival which was fun for all. Good publicity was significant in making it a big success. Pledges made several clever and colorful posters, and placed them around the SMS campus. They also telephoned and visited all Greek organizations on campus, inviting everyone to come. Then, on the big day, they piped out carnival music from the Beta Sigma 22

house. Pledges, dressed in clown outfits, walked around the campus, selling balloons and inviting everyone. The booths included a dart throw, ring toss, sponge throw, bottle throw, dish toss, and a mudshaving cream-water throw. In addition, there was a horrifying spook house and a kissing booth. Cakes, popcorn, brownies, cotton candy, and cokes were sold by the pledges. Prices varied from five cents in the sponge throw to fifteen cents in the kissing booth. Each girl in the pledge class was held responsible for at least one booth or project. This meant that she was required to plan, gather materials, and construct her booth. On the day of the Carnival, the girl in charge of her booth was responsible for see ing that it was set up THE PHOENIX

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Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966  

Asa phoenix vol 52 no 1 fall 1966