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Virginia is to· have 1 t ANNUAL in · spite of the war. SUch exas there. uas when the \VOrd was passed around and the voting for the wiUi~st, the prettiest, and such enthusiasm vnthin the when the l1sts were posted. I knon tha.t our Alumnae will be 1nterested . as we ourselves over what A.S.A. drew. JUlia stover 7oted the,most popular student, Frances Robinson the biggest gig-now don t you thinkthat was wonderful for a Chapter Treasurer-Gr~gory the mos~ talented, and Inza Lea the most striking and the ind.if"ferent • . \Ie are expecting just as big a re1'resentation next too, for our pledges are really the best ever. Alpha -rras happy beyond words to wear the white and gold in of the new chapter at Emporia and extends to Epsilon Epsilon a hearty welcome • Here• s to more of her kind. 11e want a. lot like her. Huldah Daniels, Historian. ';IAMMA GAMMA

Practically the whole school turned· out to \-re lcome the delethat_had gone over to the installation at Emporia. It just at as tho the other aorori ties Fould never g1v1, us a · to have our girls to ourselves. sss uanted to our bunch l liaatllgllt of i>beir cha.pter at Emporia and so did DSE. ./hen the lat ter about the AGE· of our Kansas group, they said, " '~:Te ll, you ASA s always seem to get the best of everything". \7hat could we do agr~~?

Gamma Gamma celebrated its Founders' Day with a four course rat th~ st. Nicholas Hotel. Belle Chesnut , Esther Delzell, ldred Foster, Hilda Rank, Lucy Reed and Elsie solf were the alumnae biOk for this jollification. \ie w·ere right sorry that more could not present in person, tho their letters shone d clearly enough that they with us in s'prit. The afterdinner toasts by alumnae and Patrons i'lere unusually good this year, and the new songs brought over Emporia called forth unbounded enthusiasm. The \linter Tezlm opene·d on December 3d. It saw but a small lment, because so many of the boys are in camp, and so many gi:ls needed to take the places of the men teaehers in t he surround~ng triet who were called to the colors. In spite of the fact tha-r. "'e only about 250 students, vre raised $676 for the Y. M. C. A. _uar_Funa . there was a liberal taking of Liberty Bonds, and every g1rl 1s ly knitting and doing her share in the Red Cross nark, so, tho off in Alva we are pretty far from th~ heart of things , it waul~ s eAm there is a very vital c~ction between this l itt le commun1ty the dynamos of effort tha~~roviding such po~er fo r the Army and Mrs. Faulkner, -r1ife of the President , is quit~ the most wonPatroness thatGamma Gamma ever had . She seems l.n_lo~e.Fith girls anft is always doing the nicest things for them l.nd: Vl.~Ual~y as a chapter . It is rather startling the way aho has mc.·::mved t..O so cloee to us. I vrish that every ASA had the p leasur ~ of kno....-Tng her. Gar::II1la has had to give up its ?resid~nt, Mr s, .~.Je~ li_;. le, this Term on account of home duties, but sh~ -;nll be back o .i l.n·1 1 later She needs only a fen credl. t s to graduate. .. cours~ • · · Annabel Lee Harr1.s, secre t ary.

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Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918