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.n4 ideals that seemed to be enjoyed as nuCh· by our guests as by

ves, at least the Tr Sigs _said that they never had passed a evening. SUnday \7e had to ·resign Miss Jewett to Miss Peck nho want t.:> with her and. entertained her at dinner.. In the afternoon, howshe was back w1 th ua. After supper she showed us the contents of t wonderful _T~~-· Thoso satin gowns, the oobroidered altar cl oths all the other loveliness quite took our breath away, but Alpha is lvcd to duplicate everything in the near future for our s ervice :rves such a. setting and 1rro want futuro i ni tiatc~ of tho Mother · to hav? ·nos ioprC?ssivo an initiation as the gthor groups are inti to tho1r new monbers. Later on in the evening we sang our te sones to the accompaniment of Anne Gregory on the guitar, af'Ur we adjourned to Senior Parlor, -r1hich is such a pretty custom. at lle that we think you would like to hear more about it. Every SUnday evening the seniors get together in one of the attractive ~-~ .. rs. There is usually an im~t~ptu ontertain~ent by students, and - ooaeion talented members of the faeulty will contribute t o the enof the evening. This time it was a reading by our neading Bt'Uia.,..,,..,sor, uho pre sontod "Tho story of tho Other Yli so Han 11 , a most -.rPn!~1 selection for tho Christmas season. Then our orm Inza sang in her sweet, unaffected way that everyone so much enjoys. There were classes on Monday, of course, but ue uere glad of opportunity for Miss Jewett to sec something of the wo rk dono here, our sChool ranks nigh and is gaining n ew prestige fo r itself ouch There were many times during the day, when some of us had fr ee •~~~ods, and every one of those was usod to good advantage for pertalks -vdth chapter officers. we had hoped to keep Miss Jewe tt ---~~1 late Tuesday, but the uncertainty about trains and the making of made it seem best for her to leave Farmville earlier in the day. we did hate to see her go! .And wha.t a big vacancy there v:as after had gone! But how thru1kful we all were that she had been able to to us, to bring us the vision of the· larger nationalism. · Not tha+, did not -realize before she came what being part of a big organizameant~ because we did in a way understand that, of course, for ono d not read the PHOENIX and not grasp the signifi cance of the more ly extended m~mbership. But Miss Jewe tt~s coming has made the sorority a very VITAL thing, and we are feeling as never bewhat night be called its dimensions,-its length! its_hrea~th, its , and she visualized for us the unseen fourth d1mens1on, 1ts . WBILEh~SS. some how after she came Christmas lost a lot of 1ts quality. The big eagerness "':ms no longer for the quick apof the holidays. .our thoughts ran past them to ~he l' EW YE~, we ware to really try out all the splendid suggestions _that H1s s had made for the improvement of the chapter and fo r 1ts larger ln the school and the sorority. . There was ene thing that Miss Jewett misse d ~hat we , sno~ld been so glad for her to see. That was the Dramatlc ~lub s blg_ cess,which was pulled off only the week before her arr:-1v~l, a~1 d ln ch success .ALPHA girls had so large a share. It was JUs~ a comedy-"Gre:m stocldngs" -but it furnished an eve:1H~1? of gay . rtain:nent. The :-)hief leads vre re talren by ASAs, l,~artlla. Fl tzgera.l n. a:':"i!'fS ~. s the o.ashiYlg soJ.cUer hero, Capt. Smith, Ma ry Le!.gh a3 ~he • . • · f' . th ,.. sus·' e ~nead as the ~erpe!'y old bachelor· , Capt. Gr .1. ce, .... no s -·51~eve::-1s, a. e- ' a new .J. ""' G.:•a.r,e J?ledge, as t .•"le . f o::,_J, a mos t d 1· ff l· cu 1 t par""._, na.1::~tor



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Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918  

Asa phoenix vol 4 no 13 16 jan 1918